420 Mirage Thief II

    The entire palace was haunted by the strange case of items disappearing. Beasts, birds, and humans alike found themselves to be victims of this strange case.

    Perhaps, in recent times, it was the only incident that affected all races without any discrimination. There were no partiality or bias towards anyone.

    The culprit of these actions expected praise and gratitude, but sadly, the world once again disappointed him.

    The entire palace was filled with gasps, curses, words of grief, and consolation. There was not an iota of praise or gratitude!

    "My Dark Matter Armor disappeared! Just a moment ago, it was in my hands!"

    "Where did Tritanium Shard go?!"

    "Morticulator Ray also disappeared in thin air!"

    "What the hell is going on here?!"

    "All I saw was a golden flash and nothing else!"

    "I didn't even noticed that!"

    "We are being robbed!"


    "Most likely by a speedster!"

    "Right! He/she literally left us in the dust!"

    "We need to capture that thief!"

    "But we don't even know who it is!"


    Everyone was red in anger. They had spent a lot of efforts and hard work to reach this stage. Now, even after coming this close to treasures, they were left empty-handed.

    The feeling was as bad as blue balls. They wanted to vent the anger and rage building, but sadly for them, they neither had a chance nor opportunity.

    "Just who could this speedster be?!" A middle-aged mercenary asked while gritting his teeth.

    "No idea," His companion answered. "But this style of robbing is almost similar to her!"

    "Her?! Don't tell me you mean...?!"

    "Mirage Thief!"

    The middle-aged mercenary was both terrified and awestruck.

    Mirage Thief!

    She was a legend among thieves!

    The only thief to successfully steal from World Heritage Museum, right under the government's eyes!

    "Damn! She shouldn't target lowly people like us!"

    "Right! She should have high standards!"

    "She is a thief so you are asking for too much..."


    In some nameless town on Earth.

    A stunning woman - dressed in a black minidress - was sitting in a bar. She has dirty blonde hair, ivory skin tone, and yellow eyes.

    The men in the bar drooled with desire as they checked her out. Their minds flashed with not-so-pleasant thoughts as they examined her figure.

    She was alluring, radiating sexiness. Her entire body was incredible, but if men have to pick one particular feature, it would definitely be her perfectly sculpted breasts.

    Even though she was dressed, people could still see the soft swells of breasts. They could only leave the rest of breasts onto their imagination.

    "Can I have a drink?" She called out the bartender.

    The moment she spoke, a gang of muscular men quickly rushed towards her and offered to buy her drinks. They showed obvious interest in her and used flirty words while buying drinks.

    The woman was both amused and flattered by the attention she was getting. The men encouraged her multiple drinks and she didn't decline their kind intentions.

    Almost every man had a suppressed grin when they saw her emptying one drink after another. She was getting tipsy but they requested her to drink more.

    And she obliged!

    Her face flushed and she start turning dizzy.

    "We are going to get lucky!" The men thought as she fell on the table.

    A hulky man came behind her and stretched his hands to grab her tight ass. The other men were just as eager as they rushed to take advantage.


    The gang felt rustling of winds, and the next moment, they felt nothing, nothing at all. Because in less than a second, a shocking event happened.

    No one knew what actually happened or how, but the gang members were lying in different corners of the bar. Some had teeth missing while a few had arms dislocated. A few unlucky ones even had their crotch smashed.

    Not only that, but the entire gang was naked, without a single piece of clothing.

    The bartender's jaw dropped and he looked at the scene with wide eyes. He hasn't even blinked his eyes, and yet, by that time the powerful group of men was ruthlessly beaten.

    What happened?!

    The bartender was sure he saw nothing. One moment the gang was about to get lucky and the next moment they were...

    As the bartender thought this, he turned around while gulping a mouthful of saliva.

    "I love free drinks but that doesn't mean you are getting lucky," The woman was still on the table as she spoke while yawning. "Only I decide who gets to review my soft pillows!"

    As she said soft pillows, she pressed the side of her breasts. Her dress might be confining her gorgeous breasts but just her action was beyond tempting.

    Not even a naked woman could create such effect.

    Sadly, there was no one in the bar to appreciate this spellbinding scene.

    Suddenly, the woman hiccuped.

    "Now who is remembering me?"

    She thought with a frown.

    "I haven't robbed in weeks!"

    She was obviously none other than Hollie! The Mirage Thief!

    "Oh well, thinking of my last robbery, how is that shameless Kiba guy?"

    Hollie recalled how she asked Kiba to give her a review of her soft breasts.

    It gave her thrill when she remembered how she robbed him while his face was smashed between her breasts.

    But the thrills disappeared when she recalled how ultimately, the robbery failed and that too, in an embarrassing way.

    "Unlike others, I even gave him a chance to feel my pillows. It was only for a moment but he should have been content! Instead, he was like it wasn't enough for him! How shameless!"

    He had demanded her to make him experience her tits fully so that he could give a detailed review! And he did it with a straight face!

    Like he was a true Tits Specialist!

    "He must be in the core region now," Hollie thought aloud. "I should have gone there and made him realize that last time I allowed myself to be caught!"

    She let out a barely audible sigh and took out a scroll. This scroll was the reason why she carried out a robbery in World Heritage Museum and irked the World Government.

    If Zed was to see the contents of the scroll, he would be shocked. A part of its content was the same as he read from an incomplete, ancient tablet owned by Carmen.

    "In the midst of great disaster, you shall find what you have sought from ages past.

    "In the middle of death, you shall discover what binds the living to...

    "Life begins from death...

    "Flames of nirvana shall mold what has long ceased to exist, to bring the era of..."

    Hollie read the part of text exclusive to the tablet.

    "If I'm not wrong, I need to find a strange tablet that could be fused with this scroll... that tablet should have this text."

    Hollie sighed and got up again.

    "And then I would have the chance to retrieve the greatest treasure on this planet!"

    Hollie hoped for Lady Luck to shine on her and help her find the tablet. And if it was found by someone else, she prayed to get an opportunity to meet its owner. She promised to be nice!


    At the same time.

    Central Zone, Core Region, Desolate Blood Forest.

    Carmen was exploring a room in the vast palace. He was alone and he was happy about that.

    Ever since he met disaster named Zed, his luck has turned from average to bad to worse.

    The worse part was when everyone began accepting his 'strange' sexual orientation. He liked women, and yet, now everyone believed he was a gay and in love with Launcelot.

    Everything because an overly kind and sincere guy requested everyone to accept him for what he was!

    "I'm not a faggot!" Carmen swore in anger.

    He hated others' presence because they would show him special attention so that he doesn't feel left out.

    But he wanted to be left out! He didn't want any special attention or acceptance for something he wasn't!

    Sadly, no matter how he tried to explain to others, no one believed it. While they say they understood, what they understood was that he was trying to go back to closet!

    "Everything is his fault!" Carmen cursed loudly while grabbing a lantern.

    Just then, a hand landed on his shoulder.

    "Nice meeting you here, my queer friend," A voice ringed in his ears like a clap of thunder.

    Carmen was dumbstruck...Mirage Thief aka Hollie. First appearance in Chapter 273-274 where she robs Kiba in a unique manner
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