422 Would Daddy Try To...?!

    Madison was very happy with the sensation she was feeling. Her sweet daddy was near.

    Lillian was equally pleased. She would no longer have to be worried about the men with nefarious intent as long as she was under his protective embrace.

    The Beta-rank opponents didn't know how to react. The twins were literally shedding tears of happiness! They even had a sexy glow on their faces!


    They were really crazy!

    "Creepy uncles, daddy should be here in an hour or so," Lillian's eyes twinkled as she continued. "Could you wait for daddy to arrive and save us?"

    In response, the Beta-rank opponents fired beams, blasts, and bolts on her.

    "We are not creepy uncles!" A man shouted as he projected out a plasma force along with the other attacks.

    Lillian pouted sweetly and tapped a hand in the air. A transparent, ethereal barrier appeared around her.


    The attacks slammed on the barrier, creating shocking ripples. Dust and energy particles boomed out in the air and the land shook.

    Lillian shut her eyes and waved her other hand.

    The eyes of her opponents shrunk rapidly and their faces lost color. The attacks they have just launched were coming back on them.

    And even though the attacks should have lost power by the collision with the barrier, their strength was actually far greater!

    It was like the attacks were absorbing free energy in the environment to turn stronger, and rapidly bounce back on their original creators.

    A raging blast exploded out, sending the five mutants flying as blood splashed out of their bodies.

    Lillian smiled and pointed two fingers at them.


    The free energy in the air concentrated around them, turning into a force field. They were struck in the materialization of energy, confined in the air, almost caged.


    The men cried as the force field shrunk in size. It was like they were hammered from all sides, crushing their bodies.

    The men were Beta-rank and they refused to let a woman get the best out of them. They retaliated out with attacks, but much to their horror, the energy particles in the attacks turned volatile... exploding right inside the force field!

    Miserable cries ringed out along with showers of blood and gore.

    "Creepy uncles, are you fine?" Lillian asked out of concern.

    "Not uncles, but only uncle," Madison corrected her innocent sister as she appeared in front of the broken force field.

    Only one man in the early thirties, named Riddick, has survived. Even though half his body was ruined and broken, he wouldn't die.

    Madison crouched in front of the injured man. She poked a finger at an injury and asked, "Uncle, does it hurt?"

    Riddick screamed because the moment her finger touched, the blood inside his body raged. It was like it was burnt, making his wounds hurt far more than before.

    "I guess it does!" Lillian guessed, her eyes shut.

    "Seems so!" Madison poked at multiple injuries and asked the same question. Riddick responded with the same answers - miserable cries.

    "Uncle! I have a healing pill!" Lillian took out a regeneration pill. "We can give it to you!"

    "We can?" Madison asked.

    "Yes!" Lillian ignored her sister and continued, "Of course, since you are evil, we can't give it for free. Help us and take the pill!"

    Riddick nodded. He would do anything to live and escape from the pain he was feeling thanks to the other twin.

    "Answer a question rightly and the pill is yours!" Lillian jumped on her sister's lap before continuing. "Deal?"

    "Y-yes," Riddick replied, blood dripping from his mouth.

    "Would daddy try to defile our sweet, little holes?" Lillian enquired, her expression serious.

    "What?!" Riddick was shocked out of his wits. He couldn't believe the question he has heard.


    'Surely my ears must be ringing from the explosion!'

    Riddick remained silent and didn't dare say anything. He was sure he has misheard and asking for the question to be repeated might offend the twins.

    "You don't know little holes? Let me explain!"

    Madison brought a hand on the black shorts her sister was wearing. She slowly rubbed Lillian's crotch through the fabric, making her gasp.

    Madison then asked the question in simple words.

    "Would our daddy make an attempt to send his enormous dragon here to break the seal, and explore the unexplored?"

    Riddick gulped down, swallowing blood.

    What type of question was this?!

    Riddick couldn't believe his fate hanged on this question. He was already feeling dazed and the question further stupified him.

    How should he answer?! Should he say yes... but didn't the sisters say the daddy was there to protect them?!

    But then daddy wasn't really daddy...

    Riddick racked his brains at full speed. He gritted his teeth and answered, "Yes!"

    "Oh!" Madison and Lillian looked at each other and then broke out in sweet laughter.

    "Let daddy appear and we will know if you are right or wrong!" Lillian said, her voice solemn. "But if you are wrong, no pill!"

    Riddick clapped his hands and prayed to every god he knew.

    "Whoever their daddy is... please make him ravish them!"

    Minutes passed and the dread Riddick was feeling turned stronger. His fate hanged on this daddy and he truly wished for this daddy to be a pussy hound.

    A few miles away.

    Kiba was flying through the sky. Winds broke out and air currents brushed against his face as he flew further at supersonic speed.

    Suddenly, his eyes flashed with surprise.

    At the very same moment, a familiar scene occurred.

    Madison hugged him from the front while Lillian floated behind him, her head resting on his back.


    Kiba was left speechless. He didn't even notice how they appeared again in such a manner. The nature of their powers left him stunned but their actions made him astonished.

    "Daddy! We missed you!" Madison said with tears in her eyes.

    "Don't ever leave us again!" Lillian added in the same emotional tone. "The cruel world is filled with pervert men trying to take advantage of your lil' girls!"

    "...." Kiba could only smile.

    Then, he placed his hands on either side of Madison's face, and kissed her on lips. The kiss was as passionate as it could get, and she responded by kissing back, sharing her warmth.

    He licked her lips and sucked her tongue...

    By the time the tip of his tongue entered her sweet mouth, she tingled from head to toe.

    "I missed you as well!" Kiba said as the kiss broke.

    He then quickly turned around in the sky, and wrapped his arms around Lillian, pulling her close to him.

    "And I would never leave my lil' girls behind!"

    Kiba didn't want to be seen as partial and biased. So, he leaned his face close to hers, and kissed her rosy lips.

    Soon, their tongues danced in each other's mouth, sharing saliva and warmth.

    He savored her lips, mouth, and tongue like there was no tomorrow.

    Alongside, his hands moved downwards, exploring her stunning back, before grabbing her tight ass.

    "Daddy's dragon is trying to break out!"

    Lillian remarked as their kiss finally ended, leaving her breathless.

    "Is it?" Kiba asked as he lowered his face and kissed on the outline of her breasts.

    "Daddy! We shouldn't be doing this!"

    Madison floated on a crimson ring and pushed her sister away from Kiba.

    "People would misunderstand!" Madison explained.

    "Really?" Kiba asked while placing a hand on the small of her back, pulling her close.

    "Daddy!" Lillian interjected while pointing a finger on the land below. "There is a guy spying on us!"

    Kiba looked below and noticed Riddick confined in an energy cave. He swept his senses in the area and noticed dry corpses.

    "You have been busy," Kiba observed.


    Lillian and Madison nodded with sweet smiles before disappearing in thin air.

    "Teleportation? No!"

    Kiba was once again surprised as he saw the twins next to Riddick. He cleared his thoughts and flew down.

    Kiba wondered what Riddick has done for him to be given such special treatment. He was still living while others were sent to the underworld.

    "Daddy! Meet Riddick!" Lillian introduced the prisoner. "We made a bet and he won!"

    "?" Kiba looked at her curiously.

    Lillian didn't explain and snapped her fingers. The energy cage faded and Riddick crashed down on the ground.

    "As promised, here is the pill!" Madison gave him the pill.

    "Thank you!" Riddick cried in happiness.

    "You are welcome, creepy uncle!" Lillian replied before turning towards Kiba. "Let's go, daddy!"

    "...Yes," Kiba nodded and followed her alongside Madison.

    Behind, Riddick was relieved that not only the crazy twins were leaving him alive, but they have also carried their part of the deal.

    "Thank god their daddy is as crazy as them!" Riddick muttered as he stuffed the pill in his mouth.

    The next moment, his eyes bulged out. He felt suffocated, and almost as a reflex, he grabbed his neck tightly...


    Some distance away, Lillian and others turned around as they heard a scream. Both Lillian and Madison looked at Riddick with shocked expressions.

    "Madison, you gave him the pill I handed you, right?"

    Lillian asked as Riddick collapsed.

    His face was losing color by every moment and his eyes were turning bloodshot. He looked really pitiful as his body paled.

    "Yes," Madison answered while retrieving pills from her storage item. Her mouth turned wide as she checked the pills.

    "I think I misplaced the pill with Strangulation Pill we took from the asylum!"

    "Ah!  The pills do have similar appearances!" Lillian nodded in understanding. "Well, it was a mistake so nothing to worry about."

    "Right!" Madison sighed in relief. "It isn't like we broke our promise."

    Kiba: "............."
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