423 Pond of Lus

    Riddick continued to wriggle on the ground, clenching his neck tightly. The arteries and windpipe in his neck shattered, by his own hands, but he was helpless.

    He could do nothing as the flow of blood in the neck stopped, bringing him close to death. Just as death was about to consume him, he heard the short discussion between the twins.

    "It was a mistake so nothing to worry about," Lillian assured her sister.

    "Right! It isn't like we broke our promise," Madison was happy. "We did our best to help him, but his luck was poor."

    Their words made Riddick tremble in rage.

    How could they be at so ease and not accept any responsibility for their actions?! They promised a Regeneration Pill but gave him Strangulation Pill!

    Shouldn't they be ashamed?!

    Yet, instead of being ashamed, they were acting as if they did nothing wrong. They even passed the blame on him for having bad luck!

    Riddick angrily pointed a finger at the twins while breathing his last.

    "Why does he look so angry?" Madison was confused by the hateful look on Riddick's corpse.

    "No idea," Lillian was equally bewildered.

    "....." Kiba didn't know whether to be amused or shocked by their behavior.

    Ever since he first saw them in Garrick Angel Inn, he was only astonished by their actions.

    In their first short meeting, out of blue, they declared him as their daddy. After teasing him a bit, they had disappeared, and only met him after he robbed the auction house.

    Even that meeting was short-lived as Dark Stars has interfered. The twins then announced they would protect their daddy from the evil Dark Stars, and requested him to leave!

    Now, it was their third meeting...

    Till now, he couldn't make a sense of anything about them, not even their personalities. They were unpredictable, wild, sadistic, and yet there was an innocence in them.

    "Hmm?" Kiba swiftly turned around.

    Madison and Lillian did the same, and looked at the broken statue of a knight. The insides of the statue were ripping apart from which hundreds of worms were sweeping out.

    The worms were the size of a fingernail, their mouths embedded with ferocious teeth.


    The worms let out sounds resembling beastly roars and jumped on Riddick's corpse. In just a flick of second, the entire corpse was swallowed by the worms, not leaving behind a single trace.

    "How scary!" Madison clapped her hands on her cheeks in surprise.

    "They should be death-eating worms but there is something wrong with them," Kiba thought, his eyebrows knitting.

    The worms growled and lifted the front of their bodies up. Their needle-thin eyes stared at Kiba and others with obvious hunger.

    And just then, the worms dispersed in thin air.

    "Oh?" Kiba's body flickered with a layer of golden light just as twenty to thirty worms appeared above him. The sharp teeth of the worms chewed down on the golden light, breaking it, and sucking it as if it was food.

    "I'm not dead and I have no interest in becoming your food either," Kiba said as golden energy burst out of his body, sending the worms spinning through the air.

    By the time the worms crashed on the ground, they had exploded into ghastly pieces and droplets of black blood, emitting a foul smell.

    Kiba backed away, finding the smell not only unpleasant but also poisonous.

    "Daddy! We shouldn't kill them!" Lillian's words entered his ears.

    He looked at her just as she waved a hand towards the worms pouncing on her. With whistling sound, a force field enveloped the worms from all sides.

    "Yes! We should use them as pets!" Madison added with a cute smile.

    The remaining worms were dumbstruck as they felt the flow of black blood inside them turning slow. Their eyes shut closed as the physical and chemical activities slowed down as a result of the change in blood flow, making them lose consciousness and enter a state of hibernation.

    "We could keep them, right?" Madison and Lillian asked for permission in unison.

    "...." Kiba wryly smiled and nodded.

    He could only sigh at the fate of those who would offend the twins.

    Kiba swept a glance at the broken statue and observed it with his senses. Inside, there was pitch black darkness upon which eggs were planted.

    Between them, there was a pool of filthy black blood that rooted into the layers of eggs.

    "Transmutation," Kiba thought with a serious expression. "Everything here is changing."

    "Daddy!" Madison jumped on his back and wrapped her legs around his torso. "Let's leave this place! There are just too many scary things here!"


    "Do you have a destination?" Lillian asked while hugging him from a side.

    "Well, yes," Kiba replied.

    Then, like a bolt of lightning, he shot into the sky with Lillian and Madison. They transformed into a streak of golden light and flew away.

    Some fifty miles away.

    There was a large pond.

    By Earth's standard, its dimensions were enough to be considered as a lake, but here, it was just a pond.

    The pond was filled with a transparent and ethereal liquid that resembled water. Every droplet sparkled like a dewdrop, glistening, radiating serenity.

    In truth, the liquid offered anything but serenity.

    If one observes the pond for a long time, one would find a spellbinding force that would invoke the primordial desires of reproduction.

    A drop of water was far more powerful than any aphrodisiac on Earth. It was something that no human could handle, much less consume.

    This was why this pond was known as Pond of Lust!

    Presently, the first person to be bestowed the title of a slave by Kiba was standing some hundred meters away from the pool.


    She was accompanied by the human trafficking and organ harvesting team members - Byron, Cindy, and others.

    "We just have to find that Kiba guy and bring him here," Byron said, his eyes flashing with greed. "And then we could exploit the treasure mine known as Alpha!"

    "We will be rich!" Cindy added with a smirk.

    Ruby: "....."Chapter 222-223
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