424 Master & Slave

    As the era progressed, the thirst for knowledge and research increased. Scientists and researchers were in constant need of human specimens for research and experiment purposes...

    One of the many wonders of science made it possible to delay death. This usually involved replacing defective organs of an individual; either through cloning or with compatible organs of another person. The former has minor side effects while the latter almost none.

    This meant a heavy demand for organs...

    If history has thought something, it was that whenever there has been even a slightest need or demand for something, shrewd minds would turn it into a successful business model.

    Prostitution, health, education, food, water...

    The same applied to demand and need for organs and specimens. Human trafficking and organ harvesting have bloomed into an illegal but wonderful business.

    Ruby worked for a firm involved in such business. With help from her companions - Xander and Kyron - she would execute 'knight-in-shining-armor' scheme to capture mutants.

    In the time she has been in the business, she has trapped over twenty mutants. No target ever escaped this simple but effective scheme thanks to its focus on the basic principles of psychology.

    After all, which man didn't secretly desire of rescuing a beauty and earning her favor?

    Sadly, this perfect record was broken when they targetted the master of psychology - Kiba! For an expert seducer like him, their trick didn't fool him even for a bit despite the hard work they put to make a realistic scenario.

    They didn't realize this though...not until it was too late! This resulted in the deaths of Xander and Kyron, and Ruby having no choice but to become his slave...

    In the present.

    Ruby silently listened to her 'boss' Byron and his trusted-aide Cindy discussing Kiba. She could feel their greed, desire, and even confidence in capturing Kiba.

    "Haah~ I was just like them," Ruby thought with a faint smile.

    From the upcoming mission, her 'companions' wanted to gain wealth and resources, but unlike them, she only wanted to gain one thing, and that too, at their expense - a feeling of schadenfreude.

    Humans often want others to experience the misfortune they have suffered from. In most cases, even if one hasn't suffered anything, it wouldn't stop him/her from wishing others ill. There was happiness that could be only experienced by seeing others in plight.

    Ruby was the same. She wanted her surviving companions to experience the dread and despair she has experienced at Kiba's hands.

    And knowing his character, she was confident that their fate was anything but good.

    "Ruby," Byron broke her out of trance. "It has been such a long time but we haven't heard from Xander and Kyron."

    "..." Ruby looked at him. "And what can I do about it?"

    "Nothing," Byron sighed before continuing. "But since they left your company so that you can trap that Kiab guy, I reasoned we would have met them by now."

    Byron recalled his first meeting with Kiba.

    Back then, Kiba has 'misidentified' him as the father of Ruby. Byron instantly realized that Ruby has changed schemes to trick Kiba. She was pretending to be his girlfriend and explore the forest so that she could overpower him at the right time.

    But when Byron came to know about Kiba's strength as an Alpha, Byron and Cindy decided to change the scheme. They would divide Kiba and Ruby for the time being, and then, later on, would bring him to Pond of Lust.

    This was bound to be effective.

    After all, Kiba has truly fallen for Ruby! He was looking at her with loving eyes, and even calling Byron as future father-in-law!

    He even promised Byron a trip to wonderland just like the one he sent to Ruby's 'brothers.'

    "Either they are nearby or..." Ruby trailed off in between.

    Byron's expression turned downcast. He was also thinking on the same lines. There was a strong possibility that Xander and Kyron might have died while exploring the forest or core region.

    "No time to think about them," Cindy stepped towards the pond with a few crystal coins in her hands. "We have to focus on our present task."

    "Yeah," Byron agreed.

    He turned towards a woman in the late twenties, named Katrina, and said, "Help Cindy while we continue as per the original plan."

    "Sure," Katrina tucked a strand of her dark hair behind an ear and joined Cindy.

    "I will look over from there," Ruby pointed to a broken relic around a mile away. "And signal you if I notice our companions."

    Byron nodded and told her to proceed. He commanded three other members to move to their respective positions in other directions.

    Weeks ago, he has sent a few members acquainted with Kiba to participate in the trial zones so that if Kiba has gone there, they could bring him here by using Ruby. While leaving the trial zone was next to impossible, it was still possible.

    Ruby made a hand gesture, and from her pockets, steel nails swept out. They joined together to turn into a makeshift board upon which Ruby jumped.

    She transferred some energy into the nails, and the board flew up into a distance.

    Ten minutes later.

    Ruby sat on a boulder with her face resting on her hands. She was bored and had nothing better to do than look in front.

    There was nothing but desolate land as far as her eyes could see. She blinked and when her eyes opened in just an instant, a familiar figure overshadowed everything in her field of vision.


    Ruby was dazed. She rubbed her eyes and looked again.

    Golden hair, half-blue & half-golden pupils, a godly physique that clothes could do little to mask, and a depthless sense of dominance radiating from every fiber of body!

    "M...Master Kiba!" Ruby was shocked.

    "Slave," Kiba curved a finger up, and an attractive force enveloped Ruby. By the time she felt it, she was standing in front of him.

    Kiba's eyes moved from her head to toe, observing the body he owned.

    Her dark brown hair, her glasses, her B-cup breasts, her slender but firm waist, and a perfectly rounded ass supported by stunning legs.

    Even though Ruby was fully dressed, she felt completely naked under his examination.

    "You seem to be taking good care of my property, slave."

    Kiba moved a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her face closer to his. As her lips became dangerously close to his, her heart began to race.

    She closed her eyes and waited to savor the kiss to come. But much to her surprise, his lips didn't lock into hers.

    Disappointed, she opened her eyes and saw him gazing into her eyes... their eyes just a few inches away from each other, divided by her glasses.

    "You look disappointed," Kiba observed with a smile. "Why is it so?"

    As he spoke, a misty, refreshing breath came out of his mouth, and brushed on her lips. Her cheeks flushed and her breathing turned ragged.

    She lowered her head, no longer able to maintain eye contact with him.

    "You are being so unresponsive," Kiba lifted her chin and stared into her eyes.

    She gulped down and began opening her lips to respond, but just then, he planted his lips on hers.

    All words died in her throat, and goosebumps sprang on her back...
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