425 Sacrificing For Greater Good!

    As soon as Kiba sealed her mouth with his lips, Ruby was dumbstruck with countless emotions flooding her body and soul.

    The man who has changed her life, for better or worse, was here again.

    And much to her surprise, she has waited for him to do what he has done now. To claim her body as his...

    She couldn't think for long because he has started ravishing her lips.

    He took her lower lip between his lips, and nibbled down on it, making her shiver in excitement.


    His hand moved from her chin to the side of her neck, and slowly, his fingertips gently traced over her soft skin.

    Ruby closed her eyes and savored the feeling bubbling inside her.

    He freed her lower lip and swept his tongue out, licking her upper lip. Her moistened lip melted and her cheeks flushed.


    Ruby let out a soft moan as she felt his hand arriving below her blouse. He slided into the blouse and held her right breast.

    The tight blouse gave no space for him to knead her delicate flesh, but his fingers could appreciate the soft firmness of her breast.

    Ruby lost herself by the continuous assault on her mouth and breasts...

    He pushed his probing tongue into her mouth. As his tongue began exploring her delicate mouth, her tongue twirled and closed with his, exchanging ropes of saliva.

    Their tongue twisted with each other, in a dance of passion, and as it continued, he moved his other hand from the back of her neck to her ass.

    He grabbed an ass cheek and fondled it tightly, making her squeak even as their tongues dueled with each other.

    One hand on her breasts, another on her ass, and their mouths planted into each other... the master and slave were joint together.

    "Is she our mommy?"

    A soft, sweet voice brought the slave to reality.

    She opened her eyes, and from the corners of her eyes, noticed Lillian floating beside her. But she couldn't think much as Kiba continued to kiss and fondle her.

    "Daddy!" Madison appeared from the other side, sitting on a floating crimson ring. She sat with her legs closed, and her head resting on her hands as she observed Ruby.

    Kiba broke the kiss, leaving Ruby into a state of ragged breathing.

    "This is Ruby," Kiba made a brief introduction under the scrutinizing looks of the twins.

    "And?" Lillian probed again, her eyes sparkling, "Is she our mommy, daddy?"


    Kiba smiled ruefully.

    Lillian had such an innocent expression on her face that for a moment, even he felt he was her true daddy. He obviously knew the meaning she had used, but he misunderstood it by the innocence in her tone.

    Ruby was astonished by the appearance of twins and their usage of 'daddy and mommy'.


    Just then, a beeping sound came from her watch.

    Her watch had a function similar to a walkie talkie, and could be used to establish contact with her team members in a radius of five miles.

    {{Ruby, have you seen that Kiba guy yet?}}

    Byron's voice came from the watch.

    Ruby felt Kiba's eyes locked on her. She swallowed down forcefully, and answered, "No."

    {{Ok. Others haven't noticed him as well.}} Byron shared information. {{Cindy, Katrina, and others have completed the preparations to trap him. We just need to bring him close to the pond, and everything would be over.}}

    "Got it," Ruby ended the communication, her forehead drenched in cold sweat.

    "Well, this is surprising," Kiba rubbed a thumb over her red lips. "I thought my slave was loyal, and yet, she is planning to harm her master."

    Ruby felt a chill down her spine. She hurriedly said, "I would never do that!"

    Ruby had no intention of betraying him. When she became his slave, she wanted to betray him and harm him, but after witnessing his capabilities, all those thoughts died.

    Now, she has long accepted her status as his slave.

    Kiba observed her for a moment before nodding, "I know."

    Ruby sighed in relief. She didn't want him to misunderstand her intentions.

    "She is a slave?" Madison jumped next to Ruby. "And not mommy?"

    "...Yes," Kiba answered with a forced smile.

    "That means she is our slave!"

    Both Lillian and Madison giggled happily.

    Madison then leaned on Ruby and brought her hands behind her back.


    Ruby was left dumbfounded as she felt Madison grabbing her blouse and pulling it over her head.

    "No!" Ruby jumped back in shock. She quickly put the blouse back, her face flushed with warm blood.

    "She is rather uncooperative for a slave!" Lillian noted with a smile.

    "Whatever daddy owns," Madison appeared behind Ruby and said, "We also own it!"

    Ruby visibly flinched as she felt Madison's lips on her left ear, taking her earlobe between the lips.

    "Stop it," Kiba said with a barely audible sigh.

    "Daddy!" Madison stomped her feet in anger, but nevertheless, she followed his words.

    Kiba turned around and swept his senses into a distance. He noticed Byron and seven people around him.

    Kiba further expanded the range of his senses, but was left surprised. He could feel the outline of a pond and few people but nothing else.

    A strange mist has hindered his senses.

    "What's there?" Kiba asked.

    "Pond of Lust!" Ruby answered, her expression serious.

    Kiba looked at her to explain further. But before she could, Lillian and Madison appeared before him, their eyes flashing with slyness.

    "Daddy! No need for any details!" Lillian said, her voice innocent.

    "And don't concern yourself with minor stuff," Madison added, her chest raised, "Your lil' girls will take care of everything!"


    An hour later.

    A few miles away, Byron noticed Ruby rushing towards him at full speed.

    A few minutes ago, he has got a message from her that she has noticed Kiba speeding in this direction, alone.

    Byron reasoned that either Kiba was messaged by the guys he sent, or he was coming in this direction coincidentally. Either way, the plan would work.

    "He should be here in 15-20 minutes," Ruby said as she arrived in front of him, her breathing heavy.

    "Don't worry," Byron assured her. "We are ready for him."

    He then signaled her to move towards the pond.

    "Go there now," Byron commanded her.

    "Yes," Ruby brought a few crystal coins in her hands and dashed forward.

    The pond was just a mile away from this point. But the path ahead was completely shrouded in a mist, making it impossible to see ahead.

    Ruby knew the path so she wasn't worried. She gripped the coins in her hands and moved ahead.

    "The presence of the mist would mean Cindy and others are ready," Ruby thought with a smile.

    She has moved by a hundred meters when two silhouettes appeared in front of her.

    Lillian and Madison.

    "You aren't going to join those four ahead," Madison said.

    "Actually three," Lillian corrected with a wink before turning towards Ruby. "Just stay here while we take care of the rest."

    Ruby's heart skipped a beat. She was completely left dumbfounded by the appearance of the twins here.

    "Just how can they resist this mist?!"

    Ruby wondered, her body shivering in horror.

    "Should we also join?" Madison asked as she rushed towards the pond.

    "I haven't decided," Lillian replied, her cute face filled with doubts. "But everything depends on Daddy!"

    "Yes! Everything depends on how daddy reacts!" Madison agreed.

    She suddenly turned around and made a gasping motion. Ruby felt a strange pull from the blood inside her body.

    "Hemokinesis!" Ruby muttered as her body flew towards Madison.

    "Thinking further, maybe you should accompany us," Madison said, her voice sincere. "Now, dear slave, should we join those three?"

    "?!?" Ruby was bewildered. The twins were not making any sense to her.


    Meanwhile, Byron called out Kiba as he saw the latter speeding some distance away.

    "Byron?" Kiba's expression flickered with astonishment. "I mean Father-in-law!"

    "He must have come here by coincidence!"  Byron thought while rushing towards Kiba.

    The seven members also rushed alongside him, their faces pale and covered with blood.

    "Son, you have to help my daughter!" Byron shouted, his voice heavy with emotions. His body emitted a sense of weakness and injuries.

    "Daughter?! You mean my Ruby?!?" Kiba looked crestfallen by his statement.

    "Yes! There is a pond in distance!" Byron knew the only way to fool Kiba was to use the element of surprise and urgency. "A monster has caught her... We tried to help---"

    Kiba didn't wait for his words to complete. He charged in the direction of the pond, leaving behind a series of afterimages.

    A smile appeared on Byron's face and he rubbed his hands in excitement.

    "Fufu, an Alpha would fall because of his confidence in strength!" Byron smirked. He then ordered his team to get ready with cage and other items.

    "We are going to be rich!"

    Byron laughed coldly. He has complete faith in his team members, especially Cindy with whom he has a personal bond.

    "Cindy, after this, we can finally settle down!"


    At the same time, near the pond.

    The bank of the pond was soft, firm, and smooth. It offered comfort far better than any bed could, suiting the atmosphere offered by the pond.

    Cindy, who was in her early thirties, rubbed her bracelet into which she has stuffed three crystal coins. The coins were something that could help one resist the effects of the pond.

    Near her, Katrina and Ria stood, both in the late twenties. They too had crystal coins, protecting them from the pond and the mist.

    "Huh?" Katrina was a bit surprised as she looked nearby. "Where did Towle went?"

    "No idea," Cindy replied. "Let's not think about him, and instead focus on the task in hand."

    "Yeah," Katrina agreed.

    She has a stunning figure with massive breasts - something that was a point of envy among her contemporaries.

    Ria spun the coins in her hands and said, "The communication here is severely restricted, but from the flare signal we saw earlier, that Kiba guy should be nearby."

    Ria has joined the trafficking group around a year ago. Since she was gorgeous, the group used her to orchestrate most of their schemes just like Ruby and others.

    "He is handsome so it is going to be a pity," Ria said with a sigh.

    She has met Kiba alongside Byron and Cindy, but had no conversation. While she felt pity, she didn't have any hesitation.

    Body trafficking and organ harvesting was not a business anyone could handle. It required a firm heart and strong determination.

    Some hundred meters from her position, Pond of Lust stood in all its glory. The ethereal liquid continued to offer serenity, but in between, there was a silhouette of Ruby drowning.

    This was something Cindy created through a holographic projection.

    "The moment Kiba steps into the pond liquid, he is done for," Cindy rubbed her fingers in nervousness. "The liquid is filled with such strong aphrodisiac that even an Alpha wouldn't be able to handle it! He would lose consciousness in just a moment!"

    "That's to be expected! That pond and the nearby bank was used for the pleasure of the supreme royalty of that world!" Ria added with a smile.


    Cindy has confidence in her plan.

    The mist around the pond has abilities similar to the pond itself. It stimulates innate lust and made one lose in desires.

    The presence of this mist itself would make Kiba lose his guards due to its subtle properties, and leave him with no option but to submerge in the lake to 'save' Ruby -  an object of his desire.

    Even if he didn't love Ruby or realize she wasn't real, the effects would be the same. The Pond of Lust would grip him with its serenity, and tempt with the lust of what he could have.

    Such strong effects were impossible to resist for any mutant, unless he has strong psychic powers.

    But Cindy knew Kiba's abilities. It was a high physical strength and agility. So, there was no way for him to resist even though he was an Alpha.

    "He could still resist if he had these coins," Cindy smiled as she observed the crystal coins. These coins were very few in nature, and even her group had only fifteen.

    Nine were used by the three of them. Three were with a guy named Towele and the remaining three were with Ruby.

    "Poor Kiba," Cindy laughed and lifted her hand to highlight the bracelet. "He would be wishing for these coins."


    Cindy's eyes turned wide and her heart sank. The crystal coins in her bracelet started ripping to pieces.

    "What's going on?!"

    Cindy was terrified. She knew how bad things would turn if she lost the protection of the crystal coins.


    Ria and Katrina were similarly horrified. They noticed a crimson glow enveloping the crystal coins, and the next moment, the coins crumbled to tiniest specks of dust.


    The three women cried.

    As soon as the crystal stones shattered, Katrina, Cindy, and Ria turned into berserk animals.

    The primal instincts took over them, and they lost all signs of modesty that society has conditioned into them. All they wanted was to live the fantasies they had suppressed until now due to fears of world...

    They wanted to be free and unfettered, and the mist gave them the chance!


    They ripped each other's clothes, tossed shredded pieces of innerwear into the air, and jumped on each other.

    Three pairs of breasts smashed and squeezed against each other, making the three women shudder as if a current was passing through them. They entered into a passionate embrace and soon, began kissing and licking each other...

    A few minutes later, Kiba walked into the bank of the pond. The mist has hindered his vision so far, but now that he approached the pond, his vision became clear.

    He was shocked by what he saw.

    On the smooth bank surface that was no less than a bed, the three women were making out.

    Katrina was lying on her back with Ria above her. Ria has cupped Katrina's massive tits, and was now sucking on her nipples.

    Cindy was behind the two ladies, rubbing the wet slit of Ria and kissing on her back.

    Ria's soft lips giving a wet, puckered kiss to Katrina's nipples one after another, and in middle, licked her cleavage.

    Katrina arched her back and moaned, while Ria similarly cried just as Cindy shoved three fingers into her.

    Slick juices dribbled down from Ria's pussy and streamed to her tight asshole. Cindy swept her tongue out, and wiped the glistening juices of Ria's wet hole, sucking them dry. Her fingers rubbed the puckered hole, glistening it with wetness.

    "Poor women," Kiba muttered as the three women continued to make out with each other in a frenzy.

    Fingering wet pussies, flicking rosy clits, sucking delicious nipples, kissing soft flesh.

    The scene promised sensual pleasure, but sadly none of this was truly helping the women participants.

    They needed something that no woman could provide. This was rather clear from their eyes which were filled with desire and lust for a true man.

    And since they were not getting what they truly wanted, their bodies were in pain. They were begging for release.

    Kiba gripped his fists tightly. It pained his heart to see gorgeous women in such pain and agony.

    "They might have been scheming against me, but I can't just stand here and do nothing while they are suffering!"

    In this world, when an accident happens, humans would prefer to act as spectators instead of helping the accident victims. Maybe it was due to cynicism, or for other reasons, but no one wanted to spend efforts for the sake of others.

    This has resulted in the human race being labeled as selfish. A race that only thought about itself and no one else...

    Thankfully, Kiba was an exception to this generalization. Unlike others, he couldn't stand the sight of helpless victims begging for help.

    Every gasp, moan, groan, and cry from the mouths of the three women made his blood flow faster. A strong urge to help the three women gripped his heart.

    "I have to help them!"

    Kiba snapped his teeth in determination. He knew how dangerous it was to help not one woman, but three!

    The path ahead of him was filled with difficulties, and he knew the risks involved, but he just couldn't back away!

    There were times a man has to do what he has to do, no matter the personal cost, and one of the times was now.

    He was ready to sweat, spent all his strength, and suffer terrifying body exhaustion. Maybe he would lose consciousness while helping those three naked women, but he didn't care a bit about his own fate.

    Without wasting any more valuable time, he stepped ahead to sacrifice himself for the greater good...
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