426 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part I

    Pond of Lust and its bank were created for the pleasures of royalty belonging to Celestial Elysian Plane. The royalty would use the bank as a bed while the pond would add to the pleasure through its etherealness and serenity.

    Presently, the pond wasn't in any use but the bank was a different story altogether.

    On the bank, three naked women - Ria, Katrina, and Cindy - were crazily making out with each other. The exquisite mist did little to hide how they cuddled, caressed, or held one another while trying to desperately climax.

    Sadly, their efforts weren't rewarded with an orgasm. If anything, the more they made out, the more desperate they got for a release.

    The excitement of being pleasured was turning into throbbing pain. They needed someone who has the capacity of turning the tide, someone who can turn the pain into pleasure.

    Alas, there was no one with such powers.

    Just as the three women were on brink of hopelessness, they heard a faint sound of steps.

    Katrina lifted her head and parted her legs to look further ahead. Ria's mouth left Katrina's enormous tits and she turned around. Cindy's tongue parted from Ria's wet flesh as she too turned around.

    They all noticed a golden-haired man slowly stepping towards them.

    A man with the most handsome facial features they have ever seen or know. A man with the most imposing physique and aura.

    "Kiba," Cindy muttered, her voice strained.

    A part of her mind called him as her target, but the rest of her body, especially her existence as a woman, called him the man she needed.

    She was not the only one. The other two women felt the same.

    The hormones, pheromones, and everything that made them women resonated with his grand presence. It was like their bodies were saying, if there was ever a male who could satisfy them in the way they deserved, it was the man across them.

    This was a unique, innate feeling born out of their very existence.

    Maybe it was due to his status as an Alpha, his hunk frame, the demeanor with which he carried himself, the attitude his personality was born with, or perhaps for no reason at all.

    The feeling was something that no other man could ever create.

    Kiba moved forward, slowly.

    His expression was steeled with determination to sacrifice himself for the needy women, even if they were his enemies.

    A true man doesn't make any differentiation between friends and foes for such an important matter.

    Cindy's body turned into a transparent specter and she appeared before him.

    Without saying anything, she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his.


    As their lips smashed against each other, a warm sensation erupted between her legs.

    Her perfectly shaped breasts squeezed against his chest as she kissed him with more passion than she was capable of.

    Her nipples hardened and swelled as if electricity was flowing through them. The non-existent hesitation and reasons of why she shouldn't be doing this disappeared.

    Her wet lips trembled in obvious excitement, and she pressed more firmly against his lips, begging for him to respond but with no result.

    And just as she thought he didn't find her desirable enough, his one hand tugged her hair back, and kissed her lips fiercely.

    Her lips felt wonderful against his, and he savored her taste. The taste contained a large part of Ria's nectar juices, tasting both sweet and sour, forming an amazing combination with the flavor of her lips.

    She parted her lips eagerly as she felt his tongue sweeping out.

    At the same time, his free hand grabbed her smooth, round ass. His fingers dug into her skin, making her open mouth let out an inaudible moan just as his tongue began exploring the insides of her mouth.

    His tongue darted through her mouth before clashing with her tongue, sending a chill of ecstasy down her spine.

    Cindy was on cloud nine and prayed for this wonderful sensation to never end. Her body relaxed and her hips pressed against him tightly even as his fingers dug further into her ass cheek, making her gasp.

    As this continued, she felt two nimble tongues attacking her and Kiba's sealed mouths from either side.

    She didn't need to see it with her eyes to know the tongues belonged to Ria and Katrina. The newly arrived tongues brushed against the mouths of the kissing pair.

    Kiba found himself in an envious position. Three pairs of breasts were pressing and squeezing against him from three directions.

    The new tongues made him part his mouth from Cindy, much to her disappointment.

    He couldn't handle the plight of newly arrived women, and as such, he took turns to kiss them. He gave each one of them special attention; savoring their lips, exploring their mouths and dueling with their tongues.

    As Cindy thought of expressing her displeasure, her eyes turned wide and she let out a cry of surprise. As if expecting her displeasure, his fingers slipped between the wet folds of her pussy!


    His fingers began working on her pussy even as he gave a wet, sloppy kiss to Katrina. Cindy moaned and opened her legs to give his fingers free access.

    His two fingers slid through her moist cunt and begin pumping in and out. Her breath turned heavy and her face flushed with warm blood.

    Her pussy began convulsing as the pace of his fingers changed. Wet juices dripped out along the length of his fingers as he thrust in and out, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast.

    Alongside, his thumb moved over her clit, in small, circular motions.

    Her back arched and she squealed as if a current was passing through her rippling pussy.

    Cindy wasn't the only one to feel the magic of his fingers. The fingers of his other hand were giving the same special service to Ria; not giving Ria a reason to complain as his mouth fully sealed with Katrina's.


    Katrina gripped the sides of his face and shoved her tongue into his mouth, taking charge with wild passion.

    His free hands continued to treat the two pussies, almost as if his fingers have eyes of their own, knowing how to treat the sweet, little holes.

    Ria's hips moved in a circular motion, in sync with the movements of his fingers. His thumb teased her pink clit, sometimes by rubbing hard and sometimes by just glossing over it.

    There was nothing predictable in his simple actions of fingering two pussies at the same time. They could only yelp and gasp in pleasure.

    The wet flesh of both women swelled as his fingers continued to dance inside them, treating them as a dance stage.

    Their pussies released wet, slippery sounds and goosebumps sprang throughout the bodies.

    Cindy rested her head on his shoulders just as her legs began quivering from the warm, wet feeling between her pussy.

    His thumb flicked the hard nub of her clit, pushing her to edge. She forgot to breathe as delicious waves of orgasm crashed over her senses.


    Ria clamped her legs shut, locking his fingers into her swollen flesh, and let out a cry from the impending release. She gripped his hand and her toes curled up as her wet flesh erupted into a delightful orgasm.

    Even as Kiba continued to kiss Katrina and feel the release of two women, he knew there was no reason for him to be happy. The first round has barely started... He was destined to be sacrificed.
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