427 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part II / III

    The only similarities Ria, Katrina, and Cindy shared was slender and gorgeous figures. Otherwise, they were completely different no matter skin tone, breast size, pussy texture, pubic hair, etc.

    Out of them, Katrina has the biggest, perfectly-shaped breasts. Her warm ivory skin tone gave a nice hue to her flat, toned belly and trimmed pussy hair.

    Perhaps her magnificent tits were the only reasons why Kiba continued to make out with her, and only sending his fingers to relieve Ria and Cindy.

    Ria and Cindy didn't seem to mind though, not after experiencing the splendid orgasms. They gasped for breaths and savored the fleeting waves of climax.

    The mist in the air excited them once again, making them thirst for more pleasure, even as their pussies rippled with vibrations of orgasm.

    Kiba, in the meantime, kissed Katrina with more intensity and passion. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, but sadly, his shirt stopped him from fully appreciating the feeling of her soft flesh.

    Katrina rolled her tongue with his, not caring about his fixation with her breasts, and shared strands of saliva.

    She felt breathless, excited, and thirsting for more than an amazing kiss. Her mouth reluctantly parted from his, and moved away.

    Her cute nose inhaled air as her eyes looked at him. She had never a word with him as their first meeting has been fleeting, and now, he was her target, but for a different reason than she initially planned.

    She parted her lips to speak, and as her mouth slightly opened, she felt him shoving two glistening fingers between her lips. She could taste warm juices of a woman on his fingers, and knew it either belonged to Ria or Cindy.

    Katrina didn't consider herself to be a bisexual, but after the mist brought out her innate desires, she was no longer sure.

    She allowed his fingers to move further into her mouth, and then, closed her lips. Her closed mouth bobbed up and down his fingers, enjoying a different type of sexual delight she has never known.

    At the same time, Cindy and Ria traced their hands over his arms and shoulders before moving on his white shirt.

    Cindy grabbed a button on the bottom just as Ria unbuttoned the top button. Slowly and luxuriously, they opened his shirt, admiring the sight of his natural, divine physique.

    His well-defined, wonderful pecs and ripped six-pack abs.

    Cindy's fingertips felt the texture of his strong chest even as she unbuttoned his shirt. Ria rubbed her palms against his awe-inspiring abs and felt weak in her knees.

    He has both looks and body that could make a woman aroused without doing anything.

    Ria was trembling by the time his shirt fully opened. She pulled his shirt out through his arms, making his fingers part from Katrina's mouth.

    She tossed the shirt away and feasted her eyes on his imposing body. Slowly, her eyes wandered from his chest and abs to his pants.


    Cindy gulped as she also brought her vision on his pants. A well-shaped erection was bulging against the pants, threatening to rip the fabric.

    She reached down and unsnapped his pants along with Ria. They both then unzipped his pants and yanked it down.

    His enormous cock sprang out, standing straight as if defying gravity.

    "It's not big, but **ing huge!" Ria thought as she kicked his pants away, her eyes glued on his erection.

    Her soft fingers touched the mushroom head, feeling the pulsing heat. Just the width alone couldn't be wrapped by her fingers.

    She sank down to her knees and so did Cindy.

    Ria brought her face close to his hardon and felt the radiating warmth rippling on her cheeks, making her flesh tingle with arousal.

    She opened her lips and gave the mushroom head a long, wet open-mouthed kiss. Precum dripped from the tip of his cock and fell into her mouth.

    At the same time, Cindy brushed her lips along the length of his shaft, moving back and forth. The tip of her tongue would often come out and rub against his shaft.

    Her lips moistured his entire shaft just as Ria did the same to his thick head.

    Kiba took Katrina into his embrace, making her wrap his legs above his torso. He cupped her ass cheeks to elevate her further and buried his face between her breasts.

    He started planting butterfly kisses on her breasts, caressing her smooth skin with his lips. His lips explored every corner of her breasts, experiencing the charm of her alluring breasts in full glory.

    Katrina arched her head back and ran her hands through his hair as his lips arrived on her left nipple.

    He took the nipple between his lips, and sucked on it. And slowly, as his lips left the nipple, she thought he would move on another, but much to her pleasant surprise, he flicked his tongue on the same nipple.

    Her nipple swelled in pure ecstasy and a tingling sensation erupted all over her body.

    Kiba was giving attention to her nipples when he let out a grunt, his body shuddering in pleasure.

    This was due to the actions of Ria and Cindy.

    Ria guided the front of his cock between her lips, and then started pumping him in and out of her mouth. She took almost half of him into her mouth as she bobbed up and down, covering it with her saliva.

    Cindy gripped the base of his shaft with a hand and stroked him, in sync with Ria. She then brought her lips to his balls and swirled her tongue out, licking them.

    Kiba was as close to heaven as any mortal ever was.

    Two stunning beauties worshipping his cock while his mouth feasted on the best delicacy a man ever could feast on.

    Cindy trailed her tongue from his balls to the base of his shaft, licking him slowly, making him bathe in pleasure. Her tongue stopped after she touched Ria's lips.

    Ria swept his cock out of her mouth and brought it to Ria's waiting lips.  Ria licked her lips as the slippery cock appeared in front of her.

    She took the tip into her mouth and grabbed his hips for support. Then, she began pulling her head back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out, almost to the end of her mouth.

    A minute later, Cindy's hand entwined in Ria's hair. She pressed Ria further, allowing Kiba's cock to shove into the end of her throat.

    Ria's mouth was in the shape of 'O' as his cock reached her throat. She felt gagged from the pressure but also excited.

    Her tongue swirled against the lower side of his shaft, rolling along with it, slipping it with more wetness.

    While pressing Ria, Cindy also nibbled on her earlobe. Ria felt as if a current was passing through her head, and the excitement turned into waves of juices that flooded her pussy.

    "This feels so good!" Kiba muttered as his cock treated Ria's mouth as a ** hole.

    His lips moved from Katrina's breasts to the soft skin between her shoulder and neck. He kissed on it, nibbed over it, making her quiver.

    "Oh god!"

    Ria cried as she felt chocking from his erection resting on the back of her throat. She gagged and finally, Cindy allowed her to leave his raging hardon.

    As his cock left her mouth, it was dripping with a mixture of saliva and precum.

    Cindy rolled her tongue out and licked the threads of precum. She then smashed her lips with breathless Ria and shoved the precum on her.

    Meanwhile, Kiba brought Katrina back on the ground. He shoved her down, her back resting on the pillowy ground.

    "Enough of foreplay?" Katrina asked with a teasing smile and slid a hand between her legs, opening her swelled flesh.

    Kiba looked mesmerized as she showcased her pink pussy. She was as aroused as him, her pussy convulsing.

    He nodded, and in response, she parted and raised her legs in V shape. Kiba rubbed his cock along her slit, and then thrust into her eager pussy.

    There was nothing gentle with his first thrust. He slammed so hard that the sound of his balls slapping against her ass ringed loudly.

    Katrina gasped for breath and moaned loudly. His thick shaft coursed into her depths, and her hips bucked wildly.

    Her pussy muscles yearned for his fat cock, and closed around him in deep pleasure. Alongside the ecstasy, there was a slight pain.

    She found it too hard to grow used to his size as he began pumping in and out of her oozing pussy. Thankfully, she was more than enough wet, and her passage was slippery with juices, making her experience euphoria.

    At the same time, Ria rested her chin above Katrina's wet slit. She looked with fascination as Kiba's cock pumped in and out, with long thrusts.

    She pushed her tongue out and flicked the fat surface against Katrina's clit, pushing her to edge. Katrina yelled in delight as she felt Ria moving her tongue further, licking her slit.

    Kiba grunted as Ria's tongue moved along the length of his exposed cock as he shoved in and out of Katrina. His cock rippled with dual pleasure, and it increased his animalistic lust.

    He gripped Katrina tightly and thrust with more force. His hips were a series of blurs as he rammed in and out of sopping pussy.

    Katrina shut her eyes tight, savoring every moment.

    In the meantime, Cindy's mouth has rested enough. She cupped Katrina's breasts and squeezed her rosy nipples.

    Katrina has never felt this loved before. A huge cock pumping into her, a nimble tongue licking her cunt, and her breasts caressed.

    Just the first was more than enough for her.

    Her back arched up and sweat oozed out of her back, glistening her with erotic beauty.

    "Don't stop!" Katrina muttered as she felt her pussy gripping his cock tightly. "I'm close!"

    "Don't worry!" Kiba replied as he **ed the hell out her.

    Five more strokes and he felt her muscles contracting in spasm.

    "Ohhh yes!" Katrina shouted as waves of orgasm exploded into every fiber of her existence. Her vision turned dark and fireworks flashed in her mind.

    Her body glowed with an orgasmic radiance and she lost her sense of reality.

    Kiba knew she was done, for now, so, slowly, he came out of her, and guided his cock into the waiting mouth of Ria.


    Ria was stuffed with an orgasmic taste of Katrina's juices. She sucked the juices of out his cock and began blowing him.

    Her breasts moved in a spellbinding rhythm as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her hand moved between her thighs, rubbing her crimson slit, swelling it.

    Cindy, in the meantime, moved her fingers on his balls and caressed them delicately as he **ed Ria's mouth.

    "You are turning her into a cocksucker," Cindy said, her personality free of all restrictions.

    In response, Kiba placed a hand behind her neck and pushed her face down. His cock sprang out of Ria's mouth and shoved into startled Cindy.

    She gasped in surprise as his cock rammed into the depths of her mouth, from the get-go.

    "I'm not unfair," Kiba said as he slammed in and out of her mouth. "Or biased."

    She got no opportunity to respond as he planted her face on his cock.

    He **ed her mouth with far strength and vigor than he did Ria's.

    Cindy gagged and saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth. He was extremely rough with her, treating her mouth as his plaything, slamming fiercely into her.

    She felt on verge of passing out, and just then, he gripped her by the waist and rolled her body.

    "Get ready," Kiba said as he raised her ass in the air and made her rest on her arms and knees.

    Cindy was astonished but also pleased.

    She was waiting for this for a long time. He has made her climax from his fingers, but that experience was nowhere near as close as real **ing from a thick, huge cock.

    She wanted to experience what Katrina was feeling. She brought a hand on her vaginal foldings and parted them, ready to take him in.

    Kiba stroked the tip of his cock against her waiting pussy, and then, raised it up.

    Cindy's eyes bulged out and she screamed in both shock and pain.

    The head of his cock has barged into her tight ass!

    Her tight hole squeezed around his cock, and she felt a burning sensation.

    "Wa-wait! I'm not ready for this!"

    Cindy shouted as his cock further hammered into her ass.

    "OH MY GOD! FUCK!!"

    Every inch of his cock penetrating her ass pushed her to edge. Her breathing turned heavy and her face turned red.

    Sweat oozed out of her body crazily and her legs lost all strength. Her breasts quivered and her nipples turned hard from the strange feeling erupting into her.

    Ria, who was looking from a side, was stunned beyond words. Her pussy rippled with excitement as she nervously looked at his cock disappearing into Cindy.

    "It is that painful?"

    Ria wondered in fear.

    The mist has turned her and others into sex craze beasts, but in the end, it didn't do anything they didn't want to do. It only made them free and unfettered, reduced their inhibitions, and gave them a free run to pursue their secret sex fantasies.

    Ria has wanted to know how anal felt like but after hearing cries from Cindy, she was not so sure. But then her opinion quickly changed as she heard moans of pleasure from Cindy.

    "Is it that pleasurable?"

    Ria again wondered, with just a change of word. She rubbed her pussy and gulped, not knowing what to do.

    Cindy kept on screaming and moaning, her cries mixed with pleasure and pain.

    Kiba drove his cock to Cindy's limit. He gripped her butt cheeks and caressed them, helping her ease the pain and appreciate the feeling building inside her.

    His throbbing hardon slowly began moving out of her puckered hole, making her feel bolts of pleasure. And then, penetrated her back, slamming her consciousness into a euphoric state.

    "You are my enemy, but I will do everything for your sake!" Kiba muttered to himself as he started stroking into her ass.
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