428 A Helpful Man And Three Needy Women Part III / III

    Cindy squirmed, her tight asshole filled with a burning sensation that was strangely soothing. Her arms and knees supporting her body weight quivered every moment as Kiba pounded her from behind.

    The enormous cock invigorated and inaugurated her ass with a delightful sensation.

    She felt worn out, exhausted, and yet, happy. Never in her life, she thought losing her anal cherry would result in such contrasting sensations.

    "Oh..! **!"

    Cindy literally felt like a bitch in heat as he continued to pump harder and harder into her in doggy position.

    He grabbed her waist and then shoved in, with no mercy, his strokes long and fast. Her breasts moved up and down with every thrust, following the movements of his hips.

    "Damn you! You are **ing me with vengeance!"

    Cindy whimpered even as she enjoyed the delightful strokes that stretched her little hole.

    A small part of her mind wondered if he was aware of the scheme she has cooked up, and **ing her in this way was a revenge of sort, but before she could contemplate further, the thought was brutally killed with the next stroke that shook her very consciousness.

    The sound of his balls slamming against her pussy sounded like claps of thunder, sending a chill down her spine.

    She lifted her head up and screamed as the sensation she was desperately seeking, flooded again in her body, this time originating from her ass.

    Her hips gyrated as waves of orgasms erupted from her ass, crashing into her soaked pussy and other parts of her body. She yelped and her eyes lost focus as her consciousness swept into the orgasm.

    Her last thought was - if this was revenge, she was grateful.

    Ria gulped down, in both fear and excitement, as she saw Cindy collapsing in orgasmic bliss. Her eyes burned with desire as she looked at Cindy's ass connected with Kiba's erection.

    Kiba slowly pulled his glistening cock out of her and turned towards Ria.

    "He is still going strong!" Ria was relieved.

    He was on brink of exhaustion; his entire body sweating from overexertion. But the fire of determination to help the needly women didn't flicker the least bit.

    He was a man with a sense of responsibilities and he wouldn't back down even if he lost his life.

    He raised a finger and the ground around him turned into a sofa. He sat on the sofa and grabbed Cindy by her hair.

    "Suck me," Kiba ordered her.

    She was savoring the clusters of orgasm, in an extremely sensitive state, but still, did as he asked. She kneeled in front of the sofa and stroked his erection with her delicate fingers.

    Then, she parted her lips and took his shining cock into her mouth. His cock was clean, with no foreign impurities attached, and all she tasted was her juices.

    At the same time, Ria got on the sofa, her feet resting on either side of Kiba's thighs. She leaned her hips forward and planted her moist pussy on Kiba's face.

    Kiba plunged his mouth on her wet slit, shining with slick juices. He greedily devoured her sweet nectar before shoving his tongue out.

    His tongue circled between the wet folds of her pussy, licking them in a teasing manner.

    Ria entwined her fingers in his hair, and writhed in deep pleasure as he ate her delicious cunt. Her scent of arousal flared his desires further, turning him into a wild beast, and he took her clit between his lips.

    "Oh **ing god!"

    Ria moaned in ecstasy. Her body was convulsing with mini-orgasms.

    Soon, Cindy got him ready, covering his cock with drips of saliva.

    "Move back," Kiba said as his mouth parted from Ria's pussy.

    Ria nodded, her breathing heavy. She moved her hips backward and began sitting down on his erect cock.

    Cindy gripped Kiba's cock and guided it to the wet entrance of Ria.


    Ria shuddered as the mushroom head entered into her. She stopped and enjoyed the moment, allowing herself to grow used to him.

    Then, she further lowered herself, gripping his cock with her tight pussy.

    "I shouldn't be doing this but...! This feels so good!"

    Ria snapped her head back and started pumping his cock; grinding her hips in circular motions. Almost a great part of his cock disappears into her tight, little pussy as she took him to her limits.

    Her small breasts swing with her up and down motions, making an erotic picture.

    Cindy leaned her head down and opened her lips, taking his balls in her mouth. She sucked them, covering it with her warm saliva, even as his cock rode into Ria's pussy.

    The sensation was heavenly for Kiba and he was having a hard time controlling himself. Still, he didn't falter and persisted, allowing both women to use him for their pleasure.

    Kiba's hands wandered from her flat belly to her breasts, cupping them.

    His palms rubbed against them; caressing and teasing them. Slowly, he took her nipples between his fingertips.

    Ria opened her lips and let out a delightful yelp as he started rubbing his fingers on her hard nipples. In between, he pinched and squeezed her nipples, making her body tremble from pain and pleasure.

    Cindy's mouth left his balls after bathing them with her saliva, and now, she started licking them, making him tingle with pleasure.

    After dozens of more strokes, she leaned further and rested her hands on his chest, offering him control.

    Kiba wasn't the type to request her intent. He started hammering into her pussy, and at the same time, lowered his hands, bringing them on her clit.


    Ria squirmed on his cock as he rubbed her clit in small, light circular movements.

    "You aren't showing any signs of stopping!"

    Katrina's voice entered their ears as she appeared behind the sofa. Kiba looked above just as she shoved her tits on his face.

    His vision was filled with delicious sight and he couldn't but lick his lips. He opened his lips and took her right nipple between them.

    Katrina knew he loved her breasts and the eagerness with which he sucked her nipples was the best proof.

    He swirled his tongue around her nipple and then once again sucked on it. A minute later, his lips kissed on the pink circle around her nipple and nibbed down on it.

    Katrina let out a small moan as his teeth dug into her soft flesh. Her sensitive nerves overfilled with overpowering sensation, making her breathless.

    Meanwhile, Kiba continued to slam his cock into Ria's wet flesh, releasing slippery and slapping sounds.


    Ria's body tensed up and her thighs trembled. Goosebumps erupted on her body, and she grabbed his shoulders tightly as she felt a crest of an orgasm exploding out.

    She collapsed on his chest as waves of orgasm rolled through her, making her entire body shudder.

    Kiba took a final stroke into her pussy and pulled out of her. He pushed her on the sofa and freed his mouth of Katrina's massive breasts.

    Kiba jumped on his feet and turned towards the three women. His balls tightened and his shoulders depressed as he felt himself close to release.

    Kiba let out a grunt and his cock erupted out an enormous quantity of cum.

    Ria, Katrina, and Cindy let out delightful gasps as his cum splashed over them, like a jet spray. Thick ropes of cum dripped down their faces, breasts, belly, thighs, and hair.

    Cindy swept her tongue out and wiped a strand of cum from Katrina's thighs. Ria sucked a vast amount of cum from Cindy's tits between her mouth.

    "Haah~ This is far more difficult than fighting."

    Kiba was depleted and weakened but when he saw the three women kissing each other, swapping his cum through their lips, he knew it was all worth it...

    The duty of a philanthropist was using fortune for the benefit of others. He has done that, without expecting anything in return.

    And now, seeing his beneficiaries sharing what they got with each other, without any greed, it made him happy.

    His actions have brought people closer in an era where everyone was selfish and no one was ready to share.

    The sight of three gorgeous women sharing cum pleased not only his philanthropist heart, but also his spent cock.

    Just then, Katrina wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking him for last drops of cum.

    "You taste really good!"

    Her nibble tongue licked his cock head clean, licking away every trace of cum. She sucked him dry, consuming every drop of his cum.

    Kiba didn't reply as he sank on the ground, completely worn out. He didn't bother to see as Ria and Cindy similarly swallowed his cum down... their bodies free of cum stains.


    A minute later, as Kiba took long breaths of air, Katrina lifted his chin up.

    The aphrodisiac mist sprang into her senses, erupting her body with desires.

    "You only gave me one orgasm," Katrina said, her voice filled with accusation as lust burned into her eyes. "Unlike those two."


    Kiba was exhausted but he nodded. He has taken this path despite knowing the risk, and he wouldn't back down, no matter what.

    "As I said before, I'm not biased," Kiba said with a smile.

    In just a minute, under the stimuli of her naked body, his cock came back to life.

    Katrina licked her tongue wantonly, and guided his cock between her lips.

    Her plump lips wrapped up as she started giving him a blow job for the first time. Slowly, as she bobbed up and down into his lap, he tightened his fingers into her hair, and thrust his hips forward.

    Katrina's stuffed mouth smiled in content.

    Ria and Cindy too joined Katrina; wanting more...

    Far away, Lillian and others observed everything with an OMG expression - eyes wide and mouth agape.

    "Daddy is working so hard!" Lillian remarked.

    "Yes!" Madison nodded her cute head in agreement.

    Lillian turned towards Ruby and said, "Slave, you are very lucky to have our daddy as your master! He is doing so much for your companions, without a single word of complaint!"


    Because master has no reason to complain!

    Ruby wanted to say, but looking at the awe on the twins' face, she has a feeling this wouldn't be the right thing to say.
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