429 I Will Take Responsibility!

    Byron stood outside the mist region along with his companions. His expression heavy as he looked in the direction of Pond of Lust.

    Two of his companions, Chinu and Rozin, handled a specially created cage used to imprison mutants. Inside the cage, there were various cuffs and restarting devices to ensure a person could never escape.

    Since Byron and others belonged to a powerful human trafficking group, they had access to various resources. This cage was something they got for imprisoning an alien being, but now that they have set their eyes on an Alpha, the target for the cage changed.

    "We have everything ready but there has been no word from Cindy and others," A group member named Calin said.

    "It has been over an hour since Kiba rushed towards Pond of Lust," Byron thought, his eyebrows knitted together.

    "It shouldn't have taken them more than five minutes to overpower him with special properties of mist and pond... So why haven't they made the mist disappear?"

    The crystal coins were the only means to safely enter into the mist area and perimeter of pond. From what Byron knew, these coins were actually identity token, belonging to servant class in Celestial Elysian Plane.

    After all, the pond was for the pleasure of the royalty but it needed to be maintained and taken care of. That's why the crystal coins were created for the servants.

    One of the features of this identity coin could be used to create the ethereal, aphrodisiac mist...

    Byron was contemplating above the mist and pond when he noticed the mist reducing.

    "Finally!" Byron exclaimed with happiness.

    At a rate visible to the naked eye, the area enveloped by the mist was shrinking.

    "Let's go!" Byron commanded his team.

    Calin brought out a large hoverboard from his storage ring and swept it in front.

    Everyone stepped on it, along with the cage, and the hoverboard rushed forward. Its speed was truly fast, covering a distance of hundred meters in just a blink of an eye.

    "What's that?"

    Calin reduced the speed of the hoverboard as he noticed a mummy-like corpse on the ground.

    A companion of his - Mauli - shot a set of wires to turn the corpse around. The group was completely alert as the pale and dry corpse turned around.

    "No way!" Byron's face fell as he saw the face of the corpse.

    It was Towle.

    A group member whom he has sent with Cindy and others to operate the pond.

    Calin and everyone else was shocked by the state of Towle's body.

    Towle has no traces of blood in his body. It was like every drop of blood was sucked out, leaving him to his listless form.

    "How could this be possible?!" Calin asked with horror.

    "No time to think," Byron snapped his teeth and ordered him to proceed. "We can only find out what's going after we reach further."

    Calin nodded and the hoverboard dashed forward, leaving behind fluctuating airwaves. Byron looked ahead and was surprised to see pants, shirt, and shoes on the ground, as if being tossed away.

    "They are Kiba's!" Byron recalled with confusion. "Could anything have happened to him?!"

    Byron internally prayed to keep Kiba safe and sound. If anything bad happened to him, then their entire mission would be ruined.

    Byron was still praying for Kiba when the hoverboard stopped with a jerk. He was stunned when he heard everyone around him sucking deep breaths of air. He even noticed Calin's eyes popping out as if he has seen a ghost.

    "What's wrong with you guys?!"

    Bryon was pissed by their reactions. He shook his head and looked towards the direction where Calin's vision was directed.


    Byron's knees bucked and his jaw dropped to the ground. Just over a hundred meters away from him, a scene he couldn't believe was taking place.

    Kiba was standing, his back straight. He was exhausted and spent, his body glistening with sweat, but otherwise, he seemed alive.

    If it was just this, Byron would be pleased to see his prayers rewarded. But what he saw slammed his mind into a bloody paste.

    Kiba's cock was surrounded by two sets of breasts!

    Cindy and Ria were pressing his cock from either side with their tits, massaging his shaft with their soft flesh!

    Their breasts were completely smashed against each other, and between the slight gap, Kiba's throbbing cock hammered up and down.

    He was **ing their breasts! Not only that, but as he slid his thick cock back and forth between milky-white tits, Katrina licked his balls from behind!!


    Byron cursed, his body shaking from anger. He might be a middle-aged man and a human trafficker, but Cindy was his girlfriend.

    They both have been in a committed relationship from the last two years. This was why he never used her for 'knight-in-shining-armor' and other schemes which required her to develop a bond with their targets.

    And yet, she was giving her breasts for the pleasure of their newest target!

    This made his body erupt with volcanic rage. She has completely shattered the foundation of their relationship by allowing that Kiba guy to ** her breasts.

    "What the hell are you doing?!" Byron screamed, breaking the serenity of the area.

    Kiba was startled. He wiped the sweat off his face and turned his head.

    "Father-in-law!?" Kiba called out in surprise.

    Byron knew he was still mistaking him for Ruby's father, but now was not the time to care about that.

    "Answer me!" Byron demanded as veins bulged out of his face.

    Kiba gulped down, as if realizing his mistake.

    He lowered his head even as his cock rammed between the two amazing sets of tits, and said, "Please believe me... I didn't mean to cheat on Ruby!"

    "I don't care about Ruby!" Byron was trembling from anger and he stepped forward.

    Kiba stammered as he noticed Byron stepping ahead.

    He quickly explained, "These three beautiful women were in urgent need of help, and I... I just couldn't see their pain and agony! So I helped them!"

    Kiba's face and voice were filled with an apology at his conduct, but the actions of his cock were completely different. His huge erection continued to ram between the tunnel created by the breasts of Cindy and Ria.

    "Help?!" Byron couldn't believe what he has just heard.

    Fucking my girlfriend and two other women were considered as help?!

    Are you kidding with me!?!

    Byron was having a hard time controlling his anger.

    "Yes, help," Kiba answered nervously. "Trust me, I'm not lying!"

    His cock, in the meantime, released waves of cum, shooting on the face and necks of Cindy and Ria. His balls clenched tightly as he fully emptied them.

    "So much!" Cindy licked the cum on her lips and sucked it down. The effects of the mist were fading, but the natural orgasmic delight from his release was not something she could deny.

    Katrina and Ria were the same in this regard. The former licked every rope of cum from the latter's breasts and swallowed it.

    "But don't worry!" Kiba continued his words from earlier.

    Alongside, Kiba caught Cindy's breasts, and then rubbed the head of his spent cock on her swelled nipples one after another. Her swollen nipples were no less than magnets; helping him shoot out the remaining ropes of cum.

    Byron was boiling with fury. His eyes were completely bloodshot when he saw Kiba oozing out final drops of cum on Cindy's nipples.

    "I will take full responsibilities!" Kiba completed his words with a grunt.

    Sadly, Byron didn't listen to his last words. All Byron saw was the strands of cum hanging from Cindy's nipples...
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