430 Final Struggle

    Pussy sore, breasts swelled, nipples glistening with cum stains, and neck marked with hickeys.

    Cindy sighed in content. She has never experienced multiple orgasms in one day, and that too, of such shocking intensity. Neither has she felt so alive, refresh and happy.

    This was definitely the best day of her life, no questions asked.

    Byron, on the other hand, felt this as the worse day of his life. The sight of Cindy, who was not only his trusted-aide but also his girlfriend, showered in the cum of another man... was not something he could appreciate.

    The nerves inside his body reached a breaking point when he saw her pussy - throbbing, pulsating and used.


    Byron swore in both anger and a sense of hopelessness. He has never made her pussy look like that, never.

    "Cindy! Is this how you reward my commitment?!"

    Byron's voice ringed out like a clap of thunder.

    Cindy was stunned and she finally noticed him. The orgasmic glow on her face was replaced with shock and anguish.

    The aphrodisiac mist has faded, and now that its effects have ended, she regained her usual personality. All her inhibitions returned and her heart sank as she thought of her actions.

    The orgasms were mind-blowing, the types she never even dreamt in her fantasies, but that couldn't justify her actions.

    She has been in a committed relationship with Byron. And yet, she has betrayed him in the worst possible way.

    She wished she could justify it by blaming it on the mist, but she knew that was impossible.

    The mist only made her free, unfettered, and gave her guts to pursue the darkest of her fantasies. That was the nature of aphrodisiac elements in the mist. It didn't make her do something she didn't want to do.

    Every living being, even the most righteous ones, have secret fantasies that were opposite to their nature. Of course, these fantasies were the types they would never pursue due to their moral compass.

    The fact that she jumped on Kiba and made him ** her senseless could only mean that she has thought of cheating on Byron.

    Cindy obviously knew this. But she wanted to let Byron know those thoughts were just nonsense and she never wanted to turn them into reality.

    She opened her lips, and said, "I---"

    She wasn't even able to utter two words, because, by the time her lips parted, Kiba's flaccid cock entered her mouth.

    Even his flaccid cock was as big as the erection of most men.

    Kiba rubbed his cock against the inside of her cheeks and wiped the coating of cums. He has squeezed final drops of cum on her tits and nipples, but a negligible amount remained, glistening the tip. Naturally, he didn't want to waste it, and seeing Cindy opening her lips, he naturally felt she was demanding it.

    He hasn't denied any request of hers, so how could he do it now?

    By the time Cindy realized what was happening, Kiba has retraced his cock. Saliva dripped down from her chin, and a few strands connected with Kiba's cock.

    "Bastard!" Byron shot forward like a bullet.

    Her lips were only for him, for kissing and loving him, and yet, even they weren't spared! This was besides her nipples which he so lovingly used to suck... the beautiful nipples he believed his children would get nourishment from! He didn't even want to think about that pussy!


    Calin quickly grabbed Byron and pinned him down. They were just twenty steps from Kiba when Calin was able to stop Byron.

    "Get lost!" Byron lashed at him angrily.

    But his hands paused when Calin reminded him of something he has forgotten, "Don't forget he is an Alpha!"

    Byron's face turned unsightly.

    He realized he was throwing himself to certain death!

    "Father-in-law?" Kiba was confused by Byron's curses and anger. But after pondering for a bit, he obviously realized it was his fault.

    "Please, believe me, I'm not cheating on Ruby!" Kiba tried his best to clarify his intentions again.

    "Fuck Ruby!" Byron shouted. "How could you do it to her?!"

    Byron pointed a trembling finger at Cindy.

    "Do what?"

    Kiba was puzzled.

    Why was his future father-in-law only pointing at Cindy, and not the other two women? He has helped all three of them equally...


    His eyes flashed with understanding and a look of realization appeared on his face.

    "You mean ramming her sweet, little asshole?" Kiba's voice was filled with guilt at what he has done. "But how was I to stop myself when she raised her enticing ass? I know anal sex is taboo, and rest assured, I will never do it with your daughter."

    Byron only heard the first half of Kiba's statement. His ears ringed by the mention of 'sweet, little asshole', and he felt faint.

    His expression looked far worse than crying.

    "She offered her ass?!"

    Byron couldn't believe it.

    So far, a part of him was on surviving on hopes of forgiving her and continue their relationship. After all, love was not something that could be easily turned into hatred, at least not his. His relationship has survived in an organization that focused on organ harvesting and human trafficking.

    But Kiba's words on her ass were like a hammer. They completely smashed all chances of hope.

    Her ass was something she has never allowed access to! She always said she was not in anal sex, and that her anal would forever remain chaste! Her commitment was such that she didn't even allow him to finger her ass!

    And yet, she allowed Kiba to ** her ass?!

    "That bitch!" Byron was red in rage. "I never knew she was such a whore!"

    Cindy gulped down, swallowing the cum drops by mistake.

    The mention of her ass made her little hole burn with pain. Anal sex felt really good, but now that sex was over, her asshole was in agonizing sensation.

    She could barely stand with her tight hole stretched far beyond its limit.

    This was the reason why she never wanted to try anal sex. And she was committed to that... but how was she to stop Kiba when he has already plowed into her ass without asking?!

    He did say her to get ready, but she assumed it was for **ing the hell out of her pussy. Not ass!

    She now realized that assuming certain things wasn't a smart thing to do. One must always confirm!

    Sadly, she learned this valuable lesson far too late, at the cost of her innocent ass.

    In the meantime, Katrina and Ria regained their senses back. They were also in a state of disbelief at what they have done, that too with someone they had to capture!

    "Damn! The sex was awesome but...!" Ria thought as she glanced at the naked Kiba. "We have screwed up!"

    Neither she nor her female companions were what society usually considered as good women. They were evil thanks to their involvement in criminal activities.

    But Ria didn't agree with those views.

    In this world, the only way to reach top was by using others as steps. This has been true even before the era of evolution where human kings or noble houses would make their grand palaces and houses with the blood of poor and marginalized.

    Thousands of innocents were killed and yet those kings and nobles were revered! They enjoyed lavish lifestyles!

    The same was happening in the present era.

    Those at the top of the hierarchy have killed countless, most often indirectly through policies and corrupt practices. It didn't matter if these echelons of the world belonged to the World Government, business houses or mutant organizations.

    Yet such people were envied instead of being hated or considered evil!

    So why should human trafficking and organ harvesting be given a bad name?

    "The elders of Polaris would be pissed if we fail!"

    Ria was worried about the reactions of her organization - Polaris.

    "We discarded the original mission and focused on capturing him, and now..."

    Katrina was similarly worried. Her massive, naked breasts fell up and down as she took deep breaths; trying to think about what to do.

    "Damn! I'm naked!"

    Katrina wrapped her arms around her breasts and shut her thighs tight.

    The post-climax state has slowed her thought process considerably, and when she regained clarity, she only thought of her mission... forgetting about her lack of clothes. Now that she realized her condition, she felt embarrassed at being naked, that too in front of so many people.

    Katrina eyed Kiba and felt something amiss by his body language.

    He was naked, his awe-inspiring body being displayed in full glory, but there was not a single sign of nervousness or embarrassment.


    Much less embarrassment, he was completly at ease.

    That too after being caught by Byron and other men in compromising act of **ing Cindy, Katrina, and Ria!

    It was as if he has grown used to being caught in such activities!!

    "I must be imagining things!" Katrina didn't believe her thoughts.

    At the same time, Calin contemplated how to proceed further. He knew they couldn't realize on Byron any longer now that his judgment was clouded with anger.

    "That Kiba guy is Alpha, but when it comes to sexual activity, every living being undergoes similar body reaction... After all, sexual activities are unaffected by mutation power."

    Calin thought of biological and chemical reactions a body undergoes during and after sex.

    It didn't matter how strong you were, your body would lose energy and stamina, and feel dizzy. Because even if you were strong, the body reactions would similarly be strong. Everything was relative, which in turn strangely made the effects same on every living organism.

    "He is exhausted & worn out!" Calin thought while sweeping a glance at the naked Cindy and others. "And for good reasons actually!"

    Calin looked at Chinu and Rozin from the corners of his eyes. He gave a slight nod, trying his best to be not noticed.

    Chinu and Rozin understood his meaning. Chinu tapped on his digital watch and an option appeared.

    At the same time, the small cage created by the top scientists of Polaris began coursing with bolts of strange energy. The energy bolts has the ability to overpower the mutated energy and make a mutant enter a state of trance for a second. And in the present, a second could make all the difference.

    Chinu lifted his finger and brought it on the option - Activate. He began pressing down and just when his fingertip was about to tap on the screen, a chill passed through his spine.

    His hairs stood up and his body turned white from terror.

    Everything because of a feminine finger pressing against his throat!

    "You wouldn't do anything to harm our daddy, right?"
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