431 Master!

    On the bank of Pond of Lust.

    Just as Chinu was about to activate the cage, cold winds drifted by, carrying an unnatural chillness. His face turned pale and his body shivered in terror.

    "You wouldn't do anything to harm our daddy, right?"

    Like a specter, Lillian appeared in front of him, her index finger lightly pressed against his throat. Her finger was slender and enchanting; its beauty further amplified by her vibrant pink nail.

    Despite this, all Chinu felt was absolute dread. Every cell in his body warned him of a deep crisis, saying that if she pressed her finger even an inch further, he would die.

    Lillian patiently waited for a response. Her cute lips spread into a warm smile; making one feel a strong urge to embrace her, protect her.

    But Chinu didn't dare trust the feeling emitting from her, and instead believed the deep crisis his body was warning him of.

    "Y-yes," Chinu answered.

    Lillian nodded happily.

    "I knew it! Uncle is a good guy!"

    At the same time, everyone else was gobsmacked by the sudden arrival of Lillian. None of them noticed how she appeared, without releasing any sound or energy fluctuations.

    A few steps away from her, Rozin was standing. He similarly had the controls of the cage, and seeing Chinu's hesitation, he decided to act up.

    "I just need to activate it!"

    Rozin was sure he could do it without bringing any attention.

    "And then the cage would shot to capture Kiba... one second would be enough!"

    Rozin continued to look straight while moving a finger towards his watch screen. His fingertip basked in the digital light from the watch as it reached above the screen, just a centimeter away.


    A tapping sound ringed out.

    Rozin's eyes narrowed and his pupils dilated. The sound of tapping was not from his finger touching on the watch screen, but rather, from a finger tapping on the space between his eyebrows.

    A feminine, beautiful finger; nail polished with glinting maroon color.

    The moment the finger tapped, Rozin's body froze with a chilling sensation. Much less pressing on the watch screen, he couldn't even move by a centimeter.

    He felt as if his skin was bathed in freezing ice water and he shivered. His legs turned pale, then his torso, chest, arms, neck, and finally face.

    None of this was due to cold but rather because of the blood flow in his body. All the blood left the various parts of his body, and quickly, rushed up to the space between his eyebrows.

    A crimson ring, the size of a gemstone, flashed out.

    Alongside this, the listless body of Rozin crashed down. He has died; his corpse as dry and pale as a century-old mummy.

    "What?!" Calin was shocked by the sudden death of his companion.

    Just a few second ago, Lillian has arrived, and he was focused on her. She was still standing there, and he tried to study her.

    He only noticed Rozin when the latter collapsed.

    Calin swallowed a mouthful of saliva and darted his eyes on a woman standing in front of Rozin's corpse.


    The crimson ring floated in front of her, but she seemed to be focused on Rozin. She blinked her eyes in puzzlement as she looked at the dry corpse.

    "Uncle, why are you laying down?" Madison asked. "This is no place to sleep!"

    Madison informed him, her face filled with genuine concern.

    "Is she crazy?!" Calin wondered.

    Some distance away.

    Kiba stood alongside naked Cindy, Katrina, and Ria. The three women were similarly stunned; their mouths agape in shock.

    Byron, who was only looking at Cindy and nothing else, barked angrily.

    "Bitch! Why are you opening your mouth again?! Do you want to suck him that much?!"

    He could still remember how Kiba shoved his cock into her open mouth. And now once again, she was opening it wide while displaying her naked body.

    Shouldn't she be trying to cover her body and not stimulate him?!

    Instead of doing that, she just stood next to naked Kiba, opening her mouth like a hungry slut!

    What a shameless whore!

    "...." Cindy was both embarrassed and speechless.

    A part of her was really worried that Byron might be right and she closed her mouth.

    If it was earlier, she wouldn't do it due to basic assumptions of propriety and such. But after getting her ass drilled due to a wrong assumption, she didn't dare assume things any longer.

    One should never leave such things to chances!

    And as much as she would love having Kiba's fat cock down her throat, she wouldn't cheat again. Her mission was to capture Kiba and assure Byron she was still committed to him.

    She quickly cleared her thoughts and focused on the newly arrived women.

    "Damn! Everything is failing!" Cindy was worried.

    She was feeling dizzy from the sex and knew the same applied to Katrina and Ria. So there were only six members who could actually fight from their group. This naturally was a cause of worry.

    "If only I didn't have that advanced scouter!"

    Cindy cursed the day when she first met Kiba and identified him as an Alpha due to a scouter sensor she got from her organization - Polaris. Had she not known about his power, maybe, they wouldn't have lusted after his Alpha-rank body.

    But then again, she felt their fate would have been worse. At that time, they have thought he was just a Beta fallen thanks to the charm of Ruby. If they had tried to capture him then...

    "Where the hell is Ruby?! That bitch is responsible for everything!"

    Cindy was wondering when she looked into a distance. Ruby was flying through the air, supported by a board made of hovering nails.

    "Finally! She could still save the day by fooling Kiba!"

    Cindy placed her hopes on Ruby.

    "All she has to do is pretend to be angry and shocked at his actions of cheating on her!"

    Cindy was sure it would work. She clearly recalled just how he has fallen head over kneels for Ruby.

    "And by the way he acted with Byron, there is no doubt! His love for her hasn't changed!"

    Cindy secretly sighed in relief. She wished Ruby could flew faster and arrive in a blink of an eye.


    As the board flew towards this area, Madison and Lillian appeared in front of Kiba.


    Madison and Lillian threw themselves into his embrace.

    "We are proud of you!"

    Lillian rubbed a hand across his muscular chest as she continued.

    "Your enormous dragon came to life three times, without any rest, to barge in the open caves of those three women, multiple times!"

    Lillian proudly recalled how her daddy continued to barge his dragon into caves, one after another. This continued even when the women were satisfied with their needs!

    After all, the mist made them thirsty again and again despite being fed with daddy's vital seed. This was why daddy only stopped when every woman's thirst was quenched three to four times!

    "Indeed daddy!"

    Madison agreed with her twin. She brushed her lips against his neck before continuing.

    "In the asylum, doctors said most humans only have small snails in their pants! And those snails could barely get up two times for a short time, without serving any actual use!"

    "Our daddy is truly exceptional!"

    Lillian's eyes sparkled, and her hand wandered down.

    "His dragon screwed three front caves, along with a rear cave, beyond recognition!"

    "Don't forget upper portals and the tunnel created by those melons!" Madison reminded her forgetful sister.



    Kiba ruefully smiled. Even he felt a bit embarrassed by their statements.

    "Ah!" Lillian gasped as her hand slid down his body. "Daddy! Your dragon is rising again!"

    Madison noticed as well as she felt the head of dragon poking against her stomach.

    "Daddy! Your dragon is a monster!" Lillian said as the dragon expanded further. "Otherwise, how can it come back to life again so quickly?!"

    "....." Kiba released a sigh before answering, "Because it is in presence of sweetest caves."

    "Daddy! Surely, you wouldn't let it unseal our tight caves, right?" Madison asked after which she nibbed down on his earlobe.

    Kiba felt current streaming down his senses.

    "You haven't earned the right of passage, so, your dragon can't barge in!" Lillian smiled and ran a finger over his dragon. "You wouldn't forcefully enter, right?"

    "Never," Kiba assured her.

    "You are the best, daddy!" Madison sealed her lips with his.

    A few seconds later, as they both kissed, a plethora of crimson rings enveloped her and Lillian. They disappeared in a splash of crimson glow and appeared some two hundred meters away.

    Kiba smiled and thought, "As expected."

    Despite the short time he has been in contact with them, he has grown used to their teasing nature.

    He shook his head and made a grasping motion. His tossed away clothes returned to him.


    The specially created nanofibers in the clothes split apart, and started spinning around. From all sides, they began wrapping on his body.

    In just a flicker of a second, he was dressed back.

    At the same time, Ruby landed in front of Kiba.

    "What is she doing?!" Cindy was startled; her eyes turned wide and her jaw dropped to the ground.

    She was already having a hard time understanding the present development, but what Ruby did shocked the hell out of her.

    Ruby kneeled down!

    Her knees touched the ground and she lifted her head, looking at the man in front of her.


    Ruby said, her voice respectful.


    Cindy, Katrina, Ria, and even tranced Byron broke into a cold sweat. Their hearts thumped violently...
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