432 Get Lost!

    "Master," Ruby respectfully called out.

    Kiba lowered his head and looked at her kneeling figure. Her posture was completly submissive, kneeling with both knees on the ground.

    Ruby took a deep breath and continued, "I hope you have enjoyed my former companions."

    A small smile appeared on Kiba's lips and he nodded in acknowledgment.

    Some distance away, Cindy and others felt their ears ringing. Their eyes turned wide and their jaws fell further, in complete disbelief.

    Ruby's use of 'master' was no less than the sound of an explosion to the group from Polaris. But now, her following statement about "enjoying" and "former companions" was an ear-splitting blast that engulfed them.

    "What is she talking about?! Surely...!"

    Cindy gasped and her guts churned in an unpleasant sensation. Her naked breasts trembled and goosebumps bloomed over her back. She didn't dare believe the conclusion her mind was brought to her.

    "What the hell?!"

    Byron stared dumbstruck at kneeling Ruby. He has finally suppressed the hurt over Cindy's actions and got his senses back, but seeing Ruby's actions, he was knocked out. It was like the air was punched out of his lungs, making him breathless.

    Calin's body turned stiff as he thought of the only thing her actions could mean.


    "No! That is not possible! From the last month, she has been with us! She had made no contact with him! Before that, when we met her and Kiba, Kiba was in love with her! And long before that, she was with us... a part of Polaris."

    Calin refused to believe she could betray them.

    From what he could tell by the timeline, Ruby has been with Kiba for 4-5 days in total, and even that should have been a part of her scheme to trap him with help from Xander and Kyron. So, how could she be acting as a submissive slave?!

    "Just over an hour and a half, Kiba was treating me like a father-in-law and showed horrified expression when I told him Ruby was in danger! He even dashed into this area to save her! Even now, when I confronted him, he was doing the same... That could only mean one thing! He was toying with me!!"

    Byron's face twisted and his heart sank into his guts.

    Cindy thought of the moment the crystal coins she and her two female companions carried shattered. Those coins were a method to ensure they would be unaffected by the aphrodisiac meaning mist and the effects of Pond of Lust. But nothing happened as per the plan.

    Kiba never went to the pond to rescue Ruby, which in turn, prevented him from its strong effect that could entrap even an Alpha.

    But he did go somewhere... on the bank, to "save" them when they were being devoured by their innate lust!

    And he did rescue them in the most profound way!!

    "He must have known from the start about this being a trap!"

    Katrina's massive tits fell up and down as she drew the conclusion. Her nipples swelled and hardened as she felt an unnatural chillness from this conclusion.

    Ria was the same. She felt the love bites on her body burning; making her remember the intensity with which he nibbled down on her and others during the foursome.

    She turned towards Cindy and brought her eyes on her naked butt. Between the ass crack, she could visualize her drilled asshole.

    "No wonder he was screwing her little hole like that!"

    Cindy could feel her eyes and her face flushed. Her poor ass pained as the memory of him pumping inside her flashed.

    Some two hundred meters away, Lillian and Madison broke out in soft laughter.

    "They are not giving credit to us at all!" Lillian remarked, her voice suddenly filled with sadness.

    It was her and Madison that shattered the crystal coins.

    Furthermore, they were the ones who gave their daddy the coordinates of where to go. Though, they didn't inform him of what he will find or what will happen...

    Because that was to be a surprise and a gift from them to their loving daddy!

    "The asylum warden did say women are women's worst enemies!" Madison rubbed her twin's shoulders and tried to relax her. "Women are so patriarchial that they will give all credit to men!"

    "Right! But I don't mind as long as daddy gets rewards for our efforts!" Lillian's cute face radiated happiness again, and she giggled happily.

    "Yes! Everything is in the family!"

    Madison hugged her sister tightly and eyed her drained daddy.

    She felt really pleased by the weakened and exhausted feeling she was getting from him. Because she knew, that weakness and exhaustion have made her daddy the happiest man in the whole wide world!

    And every little girl wants her daddy to be the happiest!

    She and her sister have achieved what very few people could ever achieve! This was something truly worth celebrating!

    A wry smile appeared on Kiba's exhausted face. He couldn't understand what Madison was thinking now, but he has a faint idea.

    He sighed and commanded Ruby to stand up. He then focused on dumbfounded Byron.

    "Father-in-law, please don't misunderstand. Your daughter and I are just engaging in fantasy role-plays."

    Byron flinched. He now knew better than to trust the man in front of him.

    "I must have been stupid to think an Alpha could be deceived by us!"

    Byron felt he wasn't to be blamed.

    Kiba has acted in such a manner that he truly felt Kiba was fooled and in love with Ruby.

    "He could even make professional actors feel envious!" Byron thought, his hands trembling and sweating.

    Meanwhile, Calin secretly took out a small marble-textured ball. He gripped the ball tightly between his fingers, and cursed Byron for bringing them into this crisis.

    The original mission was to focus on an alien organism in this region, but instead, they focused all their energy on capturing Kiba.

    If this failed, there was no they would be able to justify it to Polaris.

    "We have to bet everything! Otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn't leave us alive! And there is a good chance we can succeed!"

    The marble-textured ball crumbled and a fog exploded out. The fog enveloped the entire area in just a second; wrapping it with dust, smoke, and turbulent particles. But the fog was more than just dust; it suppressed senses.

    Ruby was startled. She could neither see, hear, or sense anything.

    "Grade E - Morypto device!" Ruby thought of an item created by Polaris scientists. It played a similar role for humans to what an EMP device played for electronic gadgets.

    At the same time, Calin jumped next to the corpse of Rozin. He quickly took out the latter's watch and placed it on his wrist.

    Alongside this, he wrapped his body with a mechanical armor. Like a missile, he shot into Kiba's direction.

    On his armor-protected fists, organic imploding force concentrated, and the air split apart. But since the area was wrapped in fog, nothing could be heard or seen.

    "I just have to launch one attack! And most likely, he wouldn't be affected badly! But that's fine! The cage would do the rest of the work!"

    All Calin wanted to distract his target.

    Kiba didn't do anything but stood in his place, his face expressionless. As Calin rushed forward with great speed, Kiba's aura erupted and his hair started dancing.

    Crackling sounds rang out and currents made of golden energy surrounded him. They arced round him, roiling like lightning.

    The land below his feet cracked and split apart. Tiny specks of dust drifted into the air before fading away; destroyed by the energy currents.

    The churning fog dispersed, making the air clean, showing his face which has a slight smile.

    His present manifestation of aura was not particularly strong, and by his standards, rather very weak. He was both tired and weakened; something evident from his aura.

    But Calin begged to differ. The golden currents whipping around Kiba made Calin feel suffocated. His eyes shrank in terror.

    "Such powerful aura!"

    Despite the armor, the hair on his arms stood up and a chill passed through his spine. The organic energy waves on his hands began fluctuating, dimming down.

    "This is supposed to be his aura in his weakest state!?!"

    Calin's expression turned unsightly. He couldn't imagine just powerful the real aura would be. He realized what the saying - A weak lion is still greater than a strong wolf- meant.

    "I have to back away!"

    Just as quickly, he decided to retreat, but before he could, the energy currents shot out and slammed into his chest.


    Calin's body flickered and he was sent flying backward, spraying blood from his mouth. He heard splitting sound as he tumbled through the air.

    "No way!"

    Calin saw the armor on his chest collapsing like a shattered mirror. This was the most powerful defensive item, and yet, it was thrashed just by aura currents!

    With loud bang sound, he crashed down on the floor.

    At the same time, the special cage rippled with dazzling light stands, and it shot forward. Its front surface open, like the mouth of a beast, to capture its target.

    "Oh my!" Lillian covered her mouth and gasped. "Daddy is being targetted!"

    The cage's speed was incredible, so fast that it didn't even leave behind any trail, as it arrived before Kiba.

    "A cage created from three rare metals - Mislium, Konairo, and Aqulium," Kiba thought calmly. "A wonderful use of these metals."

    Just as the cage closed onto him, he snapped his fingers.


    The cage closed down, completly sealed, and Calin's pupils constricted in shock.


    It was not Kiba that was imprisoned but rather him!

    In the final moment, a terrifying attraction force has grabbed him, and brought him in Kiba's place just as the cage was shutting down.

    Kiba has jumped away through the slight gap, took the watch from Calin, and allowed Calin to be caged!

    The only thought running through Calin's mind was about what happened at the last moment... how could Kiba use telekinesis?! That was not supposed to be his ability!

    But he knew now was not the time to think. He has to get out!

    Calin smashed his fists on the cage to open it, and in response, the cage bars electrocuted him.


    Calin screamed as electricity coursed through him, roasting his flesh. The intensity of electricity was so strong that even his skeleton was visible. He collapsed down, his body charred black, emitting a foul smell.

    "Wow~ The cage is truly impressive," Kiba wasn't stingy with praises.

    At this moment, Byron and others were left with no choice but to take action.

    Retreat was not an option because they knew Kiba and others wouldn't allow it! At least, not Ruby after betraying them so openly.


    Chinu also has remote control of the cage, and he began pressing down on an option to open the cage.

    But just then, like a ghost, Lillian appeared in front of him.

    "Uncle, why do you have to be a spoilsport?"

    Lillian asked with a warm smile.

    Meanwhile, a mutant transformed into a giant beast and charged forward.

    "I will take care of him!" Ruby said.

    Kiba nodded and replied, "Sure."

    Ruby waved her hand and hundreds of nails swept at the transformed beast. She rushed forward to handle him.

    Alongside, another mutant emitted blinding energy beams from his eyes, aimed at her. Her face fell in shock as she felt the melting temperature in the energy beams catching up to her; to destroy her.


    The energy beams boomed down on a hand, and dissipated, without creating a single scratch.


    Ruby's expression brightened as she saw Kiba's hand above her face, protecting her. She didn't say anything further and rushed at the incoming transformed mutant.

    The mutant who has shot energy beams was shocked. He gulped down and began retreating; not daring to face an Alpha.

    Simultaneously, some distance away.

    "Byron! I'm sorry!"

    The naked Cindy jumped in front of Byron and proceeded to hug him.

    She knew it was in the middle of a battle, but she had no choice. She just didn't want him to hate her...

    Byron was angry at her, but he loved her. That's why the betrayal hurt him the most. He swallowed his anger and allowed her to hug him.

    After all, he knew every person has hidden fantasies, and as such, he couldn't blame her for giving in to her desires due to the mist. He felt, maybe, he too, would have given to his lust if he was in her place.

    If not, the Pond of Lust wouldn't be the method they employed to capture an Alpha! A type of mutant they wouldn't dare target otherwise!

    "I love you!" Cindy said as she embraced him.

    She hugged him tightly, her naked breasts pressing on his chest.

    She felt this would brighten his mood and elevate his worry, but unknown to her, he was totally depressed.

    Since her face was near him, he could smell a spicy, alluring fragrance emitting from her lips. A fragrance that was like perfume; delightful and delicious.

    If he was unaware, he would have assumed this fragrance to be from some lipstick or mouth freshener, but he knew better!

    It was the smell of **ing cum!

    "Bitch! Get lost!"
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