433 Extra Person!

    "Bitch! Get lost!"

    Cindy was hugging the love of her life when she heard these words from him. She was startled by the venom in his voice, and before she could respond, he pushed her away.

    Cindy was caught off-guard and she lost her balance. She stumbled backward and crashed on the ground in a compromising position.

    Byron huffed in rage.

    Her mouth was filled with the fragrance of another's man cock and cum, and yet, she dared hug him tightly; bring her lips close to his face, and making him smell the fragrance. If this didn't make his blood boil in anger, then he wouldn't be a man.

    He looked at her, and a great part of him feel sad at both her and his actions. He has spent years loving her, and over a decade year gap didn't make the least bit of difference in his feelings.

    His mind knew she wasn't at fault but he couldn't stand the disrespect, even if it was unintentional.

    "No! I love her! I have to forgive! She has been my trusted-aide for too long!!"

    He gritted his teeth and thought of apologizing, but just then, his mind fully registered her body. Since she has fallen down, with her legs parted, he could see her agape asshole, convulsing.

    It made him visualise of what she has done, and how. He could imagine the screams of pleasures she let out as another man drilled into her, taking what should have been his, and his alone!

    "Cheating cunt!" Byron snapped at her.

    Cindy shivered and her guts churned. She knew her actions wouldn't be easy to forget, but she didn't expect such anger.

    "Byron, I..."

    Cindy didn't know what to say. She was offended by his anger but she didn't want to say anything that could turn the situation worse.

    Both lovers looked at each other, parted by the gap in their hearts.

    A few seconds later, Byron swallowed his anger and decided to support her to get back on her feet, but just then, a man grabbed her by her shoulders and made her stand up!


    Byron's face flared, and veins of blood covered his eyes.

    Cindy was surprised to see Kiba getting her back on feet. It was the last thing she ever expected.

    Wasn't he fighting others?!

    She swept a glance in the distance, and saw the mutant with optic beams ability. That mutant was dead with his brain matter and blood splattered on the ground.

    "I hope you are not hurt," Kiba's words brought her attention back on him. Before she could reply, he moved his hand on her ass cheeks to brush away the dust from her fall.

    "Let me clean the dust," Kiba continued, not waiting for her response. "Dust doesn't suit on these milky-white buns."

    Cindy gasped in shock.

    Byron froze on spot, in total disbelief.

    This couldn't be happening! That **er couldn't be grabbing my girl's ass, right in front of me, and that too, because of me!

    At the same time, as Kiba 'cleaned' ass cheeks, a mutant aimed a rocket launcher on him. It was a powerful weapon, capable of harming a Beta.

    The mutant pulled the trigger, and the launcher started charging up.

    With an ear-numbing sound, a black rocket shot out. The launcher fell off from the hands of mutant, spewing fire and smoke.

    "Hope it works!"

    The mutant prayed. He was betting on Kiba's exhausted and tired body.

    There was no way he can continue to face all attacks like nothing!

    Byron has just taken a step to move Kiba away from Cindy when he heard rattling sound. His eyes turned wide and he leaped backward.


    Cindy felt a blast of hot air, the next moment, saw a dazzling, explosion cloud enveloping her and Kiba. Her ears rattled and she shut her eyes; her body trembling in horror.

    Despite all this, a hand continued to remain on her ass, 'wiping' the dust entirely. To her, it felt more like fondling, appreciating her firm ass.

    At the same time, a ripping sound came from the explosion cloud.


    The eyes of the mutant who launched the rocket popped out. He looked in total disbelief as a finger came from the explosion cloud, severing the destructive energy cloud, bisecting it diagonally.

    And even before the mutant could contemplate the scene, simultaneous to the ripping of the explosion cloud, a gushing sound came from his body.

    He lowered his head and looked at his chest where a diagonal slash has appeared.

    Blood splashed out like a fountain!

    He felt cold and collapsed on the ground.

    "Just like that?! Monster!" Byron took a deep breath of cold air.

    He thought he has an idea of the power of Alpha, and felt that the exhaustion and dizziness from sex should have made Kiba as weak as a Beta.

    No living organism was immune to the physical and chemical reactions from sexual activities. That's why, whether it was ordinary humans or mutants, they didn't engage in any heavy physical activity just after sex, at least not without proper rest.

    And this was also the reason, why no human in the forest or core region engaged in sexual activities. No one could afford the loss of energy and stamina in such dangerous places.

    And yet, despite being drained and suffering from the side effects, Kiba continued to kill one person after another, without any difficulties.

    "Just how powerful an Alpha is?!"

    Byron stumbled backward, not daring to stay any longer. He didn't care if higher-ups of Polaris decided to punish him for ruining the original mission.

    But before he could, a feminine hand stopped him.

    "Uncle, you are my daddy's father-in-law," Madison asked with a smile. "So how can you leave without giving your blessings to daddy?"

    Byron trembled. Simultaneously, he remembered he has forgotten Cindy.

    "No! I have to save her away as well!"

    Byron tried to think of what to do as Madison continue to stop him.

    From another direction, a mutant was planning to toss a plasma bomb on Kiba, but seeing what just happened he didn't dare.

    Alas, much to his terror, the bomb activated on its own. He tried to deactivate it and throw it away, but couldn't. It was as if the bomb was glued to his hand.

    He was blasted in waves of plasma...dissapearing in a mass of blood and gore.

    Thirty meters away, Ria and Katrina shivered. They didn't participate in attacking Kiba or the twins because they were far too exhausted, and seeing the outcome, they felt relieved. They were sure of what would have happened to them if they tried to attack.

    "But our fate is still in their hands!" Katrina couldn't even bother to cover her private parts any longer.

    "What should we do?" Ria thought, her brain running.

    Some distance away, Lillian killed another opponent that planned to attack her daddy.

    She swept her vision and saw Kiba with Cindy. A few meters away from him, Katrina and Ria were standing, shell-shocked.

    "Now only three," Lillian said with a smile but then a frown appeared on her forehead. "No, if I include daddy's father-in-law, then four."

    Her body blurred and she appeared in front of Kiba.

    "Daddy! I thought only three remained," Lillian pointed to the female members of the surviving team.

    She didn't include Ruby as she wasn't a part of that team.

    "?" Kiba looked at her in confusion.

    "But there are four on the second count!" Lillian said in a sad voice. "Is my initial calculation wrong?"

    "...." Kiba was left speechless by what she wanted to imply.

    Still, a devilish smile appeared on his face as he replied, "Of course not. My lil' girl could never count wrong."

    Suddenly, Byron stiffened and felt a crisis like never before. His face twisted as Madison made him turn towards Kiba.

    At the same time, Kiba poked Cindy and said, "We are having an extra person here."

    Cindy looked at him in bewilderment; not able to understand what he meant.

    Kiba ignored her confused face and brought his eyes to Byron.

    "Father-in-law, as per Lillian, there is an extra person here."


    The loving couple - Cindy and Byron - gasped in shock as they realized what he meant. Their senses rattled, and they lost their footing as if an earthquake was passing below the land.

    Cindy's face paled and she eyed the love of her life. He was doing the same, and she saw her despair reflected in his eyes.

    "I wonder who is the extra person?" Kiba thought with a pondering expression.

    He passed his gaze between the loving pair and wondered aloud, "Could you correct the count?"

    The couple shuddered and their hearts twisted in despair.
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