435 Fate of Cursed Ones Part I

    The core region might be a name for the area inside the meteorite, but it was more than just a simple area. It was a world of its own.

    That was why the laws and the environment were so different than Earth.

    The sky was one such difference. There were no clouds, moon, stars, etc. Instead, it was filled with dimmed dots of light; the dimness signifying night time.

    The soft, transparent dots of light reflected on the ethereal Pond of Lust, enhancing its beauty. Fragrant winds passed through the pond, creating spellbinding ripples in which the reflections twisted in a mesmerizing manner.

    The pond was an absolutely beautiful sight, and one couldn't help but feel a strong urge to step inside, and participate in the magical experience the pond promised.

    "What role does it serve?"

    Kiba wondered as he continued to examine the pond. The reflection of the ethereal liquid surface in his eyes changed, and his mind flashed with sights that made his heart pound loudly.

    He saw himself, submerged in the pool, served by hundreds of royal consorts.

    Beauties washed his strong arms and rugged back with their soft hands, and princesses wiped his chest with their firm breasts. His mouth feasted on forbidden cherries that leaked with delicious juices.

    And his dragon rammed into tight holes, one after another, exploring multiple caves of unique nature.

    It was an absolutely hypnotic sight.

    Kiba's heart rate elevating further and his face turned crimson. His consciousness clouded and his thoughts turned muddy.

    A chill passed through him and the hairs on his body stood up; making him feel the tingling sensation of goosebumps.

    Feeling pond's strong effect, he created a transparent energy barrier around him, and further shielded his consciousness with a psychic field.

    Kiba wasn't near the pond, and yet, he was barely able to protect himself.

    "No wonder those guys felt they have a chance of capturing me," Kiba thought of Byron and others' attempt.

    He was really curious about the pond and its true purpose. He tried to study with his powers, but the moment his powers made contact with the pond, he experienced another hypnotic sight. This sight was far more stunning than before, and he began stepping towards the pond on his own.

    The barrier and shield didn't serve any role.

    He has taken ten steps, when, from the depths of his body, golden energy erupted and jolted him awake. His thoughts cleared and he leaped backward.

    As he landed some hundred meters behind, Lillian and Madison appeared on either side of him.

    "Daddy! Your dragon is trying to barge out, again!" Madison gasped and covered her mouth. "It isn't taking any rest at all!"

    "...." Kiba wasn't to be blamed. He might be exhausted, but the illusions took strength from the depths of his existence, and turned him on.

    He released a cough sound and then looked at Madison.

    He now knew about the crystal coins that could allow one to safely step into this area, but neither Madison nor Lillian had them.  Yet, both of them have stepped without facing any effects. Even the earlier mist didn't affect them.

    His senses examined her, and his eyebrows raised up. Her blood flow was different from normal humans.

    "She has the ability to govern blood...No wonder, she isn't affected," Kiba thought.

    In the end, both the earlier mist and the pond released particles that entered the bloodstream to carry out the intended purpose. Madison overcame this by purifying her blood and controlling the speed of her blood flow.

    "Still, it has to be more than this," Kiba further thought as he began examining her further.

    "Daddy! You aren't checking her, right?" Lillian jumped on his back and hugged him tightly. "I feel left out!"


    Kiba was thinking of scanning Lillian after Madison, but decided not to. He has to respect their privacy, and what he did now wasn't right given the relationship they shared.

    Madison noticed him retracing his senses without trying to examine her powers in depth. A small smile formed on her lips.

    "Daddy really loves me!" Madison hugged him from the front and locked his lips with hers.

    Some distance away, Ruby and the three 'new slaves' looked at Kiba. They were startled and amazed to see him hugged by two twins, from front and back, teasing him.


    Hundreds of miles away.

    There was a broken spherical giant relic, lying in a labyrinth. Inside the relic, there were chambers and sections that had technology far advanced than Earth's.

    Presently, in what appeared to be a corridor, pieces of destroyed robots were lying on the floor. And in between the fragments of robots, a woman was sleeping with her back resting against a wall... her lips stained with blood.

    She was about twenty-one years old with absolutely stunning facial features. Her looks were such that even the sages would salivate and the goddesses tremble in jealously.


    As she slept, she sweated and clenched her hands tightly. The full-body black suit streamed with blue currents and the discs clad on her wrist began rotating.

    "Mom and dad..."

    She muttered while experiencing a dream that was no less than a nightmare... A nightmare that people usually called life.


    Three-years-old Ashlyn, in a pink dress, accompanied her parents to a research lab. The lab was vast with multiple people working on high-tech equipment.

    Ashlyn saw her parents talking with an examiner. He was an elderly man with glasses, and as they talked, she saw the examiner glancing at her.

    A few minutes later, the examiner stepped in front of her. He gave her candy which she happily consumed as he made her sit on an examination table.

    Multiple beams of light wrapped her body, scanning her on the genetical level.

    After hours, the examiner appeared in front of her with more candies. She noticed a bitter look in his eyes as he gave her candies.

    "I'm sorry," The examiner muttered; unknown if he was saying it to her or himself.

    Like any child, she didn't think and started enjoying the candies.

    At the same time, her parents arrived in front of the examiner with expectant looks. The examiner let out a bitter sigh before saying, "She is a Cursed One."


    Ashlyn heard the words and she lifted her head while enjoying candy. She was confused as she looked at her parents.

    Their faces seemed unsightly.

    She was further bewildered when she saw her parents bringing their eyes on her. They were not filled with the warmth she has known. The love she has seen every moment of her life was replaced with something she couldn't identify.

    She didn't know why, but she felt her heart sank. The remaining candies fell out of her hands and landed on the floor.

    "Mom and dad... are you fine?" Ashlyn asked in her teenage voice. She was worried they were sick so she asked.

    "Don't call us as your parents!"

    Alongside the words, Ashlyn felt her ears ring as a slap landed on her face. She was sent flying and crashed on the floor.

    "Stop! It is not her fault!"

    Ashlyn could hear the examiner's voice as pain and unknown sensations flooded her body. She coughed out the pieces of candies along with blood...
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