438 Side Story: Delta City

    \"Here is your toast!\" Suzane grumpily slammed down a plate on the dining table.

    Morgan was dumbfounded by her ill-mood, but he didn't dare say anything. He silently brought the plate in front of him and looked at the toast.

    It was charred black.

    \"The toast is burned,\" Morgan complained in a low voice.

    \"What did you say?\" Suzane has just left the dining range and she heard his words clearly. \"I make breakfast, maintain the apartment, and do everything to keep the family running. Now, just one mistake, and you are complaining.\"

    \"H-honey, I didn't mean to complain,\" Morgan might be an investigator from World Government, but in front of his wife, he didn't dare argue.

    \"You are complaining,\" Suzane said angrily. \"If you don't like my efforts, you are free to prepare food.\"

    Suzane took away the toast and left the dining room.

    \"...Just what is going on lately?\" Morgan was worried.

    In the last few weeks, his wife has been pissed and ill-tempered. She would get angry for nothing and vent her frustration on him or their children.

    And now, the effect of her mood was even showing on her food and behavior.

    Next to him, Olly and Loren were sitting. Loren was similarly bewildered and looked puzzled.

    Olly, on the other hand, was sweating.

    \"This is because of Kiba's disappearance!\" Olly was sure of it.

    In the first two weeks of Kiba's disappearance, his mom didn't show any reaction. She was the same kind and loving woman he and his father has known.

    But as more weeks passed, her attitude began to change. It was like she was suffering from bipolar disorder or something.

    \"Just what has Kiba done to her for her to miss him to such an extent?!\"

    Olly questioned to himself, but the very next moment, his heart sank. He obviously knew the answer. He has witnessed what Kiba has done, and even helped Kiba in doing what he has done.

    Those scenes made him teary-eyed.

    When Kiba disappeared, he was truly happy. He even celebrated the event by giving himself a nice treat in Sweet Love club owned by Zed.

    But now, he thought he celebrated too soon. That evil demon's effect was still alive on his mother.

    \"God, I know I shouldn't wish such a thing, but please don't make Kiba return!\"

    He was sorry for wishing a thing that would destroy his mother's happiness. But he has no choice. His own happiness and his clueless father's happiness depended on this.


    In the evening.

    Suzane laid down in her bed, naked. She cupped her milky-white breasts and thought of the times they were fondled by expert hands.

    \"Oh, Kiba!\"

    She muttered and caressed her heavy tits. They were the biggest natural breasts he has got his hands on, and she knew just how much he appreciated them.

    Thinking of him, she started playing with them. She stroked her nipples between her fingers and a chill passed through her spine.

    She lowered her head and brought her tits to her mouth.

    \"You love them, right?\"

    She flicked her tongue on her nipples, teasing them. Her rosy lips parted and she began sucking her nipples; remembering the masterful tongue and warm mouth.

    She imagined it to be him, treating her nipples with the care they deserved.

    \"You want to ** them, don't you?\"

    Suzane grinned and then rubbed her breasts with each other. She visualized her breasts sliding up and down his enormous cock.

    A tantalizing current passed through her body and she gasped in pleasure.

    \"Don't stop! They are yours! Fuck them!!\"

    She moaned and pumped her breasts up and down at a faster pace. Slowly, a wet but warm sensation began to build between her legs.

    \"You can't wait?\"

    Suzane slid down a hand between her thighs and guided her fingers to the wet folds of her pussy.


    A fingertip slipped into her wet pussy and slowly, she shoved the entire finger. She began to finger in and out of her slippery pussy.

    Her heart raced and her face flushed. She imagined her finger to be his tongue, sliding in and out of her moist flesh, licking her delicious juices.

    \"Kibaaa! Eat me!\"

    She could hear the sound of his mouth slurping on her pussy. He would suck her crimson slit between his lips and then her clit.


    She started grinding her hips and then thrust another finger inside. Her wet flesh trembled and her back arched with the sensual feeling building up.

    \"I can't wait!\"

    With her other hand, she grabbed a clean carrot on the bed. She parted her pussy lips and then pushed the carrot inside her.

    Almost half the carrot disappeared into her, and she began to move it back and forth, stroking into her hungry cunt.

    Her breathing turned heavy and sweat began to drip down her lustful figure.


    She pushed her ass into the air and hammered the carrot deep into her. Slowly, she began to reach the height of her climax and her nipples swelled from expectations.


    Just then, the knob of the bedroom door turned, and the sound of it entered Suzane's ears like thunder. Startled, she covered herself with a blanket and grabbed the carrot out.

    And just then, the door opened and her husband entered.

    \"Honey, I came earlier!\"

    Morgan announced as he stepped into the room with a bouquet of roses. The first thing he saw was Suzane on the bed, covered with a blanket up to her neck, and a carrot in her raised hand.

    The hand was out of the blanket and near her head.

    \"Honey,\" Morgan looked at her flushed face with sweat droplets. \"Are you sick again?\"

    \"Yes, because you came earlier and I didn't cum at all,\" Suzane muttered.

    Morgan didn't hear her words but he saw her lips moving.

    \"Did you say anything?\" Morgan asked he stepped forward.

    The room was equipped with air fragrant so her scent of arousal wasn't clear.

    Suzane didn't answer and slipped the carrot into her mouth. Her sweet taste greeted her tastebuds as she took the carrot into her.

    \"You are eating carrot again?\" Morgan has seen her bringing carrots into their bedroom every day. \"It is a good thing. They are really beneficial for health.\"

    \"Thanks for stating the obvious,\" Suzane took out the carrot and placed it aside.

    She decided to buy a sex toy... carrots were not helping at all. Till this time, she was shy and worried her husband might discover if she purchased a sex toy.

    But she no longer cared for that. Though she also knew that no toy could give her what she needed.

    She was caught in a dilemma.

    Morgan was stunned by her grumpy mood again. He has brought the roses to be romantic but from her attitude, it seemed he was destined to be failed.

    \"Just what's going on with her?\"

    Morgan was bewildered again. She used to be such an ideal loving wife until a few weeks ago.

    Now, she was always pissed even when he tried to be romantic. And as he thought of romance, he remembered they haven't been romantic over a month.

    Her mood was such that she would tose him out of the bed, as if he was a useless log. He didn't mind if she was in no mood for romance, but at the very least, he wanted her attitude to change.

    \"God, please bring back my loving wife!\"

    Morgan begged in his heart. He decided to light a candle in the local church to pray to the Lord.

    For the time being, he decided to suggest a better method for her to get well soon.

    \"Honey, you should rejoin the gym. Exercise is the best medicine.\"

    Suzane glanced at him and nodded.

    \"I will join in due time,\" She said after which she signaled him to leave. Her good husband silently left the room.

    Suzane took her smartphone and opened 'Fitness Goals'. The moment the app opened, a pop-up flashed on the screen.

    [Fucking is the best exercise.]

    Suzane couldn't but agree. Her husband was really correct when he said exercise is the best medicine.

    She selected the chat option, and the chatbox opened. It only contained earlier training conversations.

    \"Sighs~ He hasn't returned so no use of going to the gym.\"

    She wasn't worried about her husband reading the chat or finding anything amiss. The app has an 'anti-husband' privacy feature.


    Dream Rise House.

    In the living room, Agatha sat on a sofa. In front of her, there was a table upon which two humanoid droids placed down delicious and nutritious dishes.

    [[Lady Agatha, the dinner is ready.]] Claudia's voice came from the hidden speakers embedded in the room.

    \"Thanks,\" Agatha absentmindedly looked at the mouth-watering dishes.

    [[Are you again being concerned about master?]] Claudia enquired.

    \"No,\" Agatha answered while starting her dinner. \"Just wondering when he would return. It has been over a month.\"

    [[Master is shameless, has no morals nor any sense of responsibilities,]] Claudia said as she observed Agatha through sensors. [[But I'm sure he would bid by the words he said before he left. So, he would return in two weeks to stay true to his words of returning before two months.]]

    \"I'm also sure of that,\" Agatha agreed with Claudia.

    Claudia examined the child in Agatha's womb. Based on the reading, the child was due in 50 days.

    [[He has a good reason to return in two weeks.]] Claudia remarked.

    \"Of course,\" Agatha gave a slight nod and waved her free hand.

    Claudia has imprinted Agatha's motions in the digital library of the sensors. As such, Agatha could use the technology of the house without help from her.


    A virtual screen flashed in front of Agatha. She tapped on the screen a few times, and then, images of glamorous women appeared.

    The women were in bikini, minidress, skirts, and so on. They were stunning with slender, lustful figures.

    It was hard to judge which woman was the most beautiful.

    \"He really has a good reason to return soon,\" Agatha agreed with Claudia. \"Miss Delta pageant is just 27 days away.\"

    [[....]] Claudia was caught off-guard by her response. [[I meant Lady Felicity and your daughter as the reason.]]

    \"Oh!\" Agatha was surprised but she nodded. \"I also meant them only.\"



    In an apartment somewhere in the city.

    Erone, the devotee of Kiba, sat on a chair with a thoughtful expression. He looked at the wall painted with the conquests of his god.[1]

    \"O' great Lord, where are you?\"

    Erone wondered.

    He then moved his eyes on multiple monitor screens in front of him. On one of the monitors, there were stats of the web portal he created.

    Wife Hunter Society[2].

    An exclusive portal on the works of his lord. It was a place where mortals could appreciate the ways of the Lord and see the wonders he has done.


    Erone's eyes sparkled as he read the stats data. The number of premium subscription and donations were increasing by every day.

    \"If this continues, I can definitely build a church!\"

    Erone looked forward to the day where the ignorant society could learn about the Lord.

    \"But for now, the donations would be used for his devoted follower!\"

    What type of follower he would be if he didn't pursue the path of his Lord?

    So, in the night, he would try to make the girlfriends of his friends and acquaintances understand the path of great Lord.


    A beeping sound disturbed him.

    He looked at one of the monitor screens where a notification has popped up.

    \"This isn't stopping,\" Erone's eyebrows creased up.

    The notification was about a post. He didn't need to open the post to know what it was about.

    \"Ever since the Lord retraced his blessing from the city... people are suffering.\"

    Lord has taken his blessings from the city for about 6-7 weeks, and in this time, women from the upper class were showing withdrawal symbols.

    \"The ways of the Lord are far beyond the scope of mortal understanding.\"

    Erone thought as he recalled posts on how women were lately pissed.

    \"Only when you lose the blessings, you appreciate them.\"

    Erone praised the Lord for mysterious ways in making the women - who have benefitted from his blessings - understand his importance. They were taking everything for granted.

    \"Lord, I know why you did it, but please return soon,\" Erone prayed. \"Otherwise, my web portal might die and I would become bankrupt...\"

    Erone trailed off as he realized he has spoken wrongly. He quickly corrected his prayers.

    \"Women are getting angry. Divorce lawyers are getting broke. Alcohol shops are shutting down now that men have no sorrow to drown in...\"

    Erone hoped the Lord would take mercy on people who were making an honest living due to his blessings.

    Suddenly, his eyes flashed and a chill passed through his spine. He grabbed the keyboard and started writing a post for Wife Hunter Society.

    [Lord will return his blessings within 20 days!]

    Erone posted a brief post.

    Just a minute ago, he has a moment of enlightenment. It was like the universe was impressed with his devotion and rewarded him with this information...

    [1] See Chapter 80

    [2] Introduced in Chapter 137.
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