439 Entering Spaceship Relic

    In the end of the spaceship relic that Ashlyn was in, there was an endless tunnel that stopped at what appeared to be a vast mountain.

    It no soil, rock, or any features exclusive to a mountain beside the shape, sloping sides and rounded ridges.

    This mountain-like structure was a mass of hexagonal prismatic glowing blue cells; layered with a transparent and incorporeal coating.

    From far away, it appeared to be a mountain made of blue honeycombs; completly harmless and inviting. The alluring radiance emitting from the cells made the mountain seem beautiful and hypnotizing.

    [[Most beautiful things in nature are often the most dangerous. Humans were right at least in this.]]

    Enchantia's phantom existence appeared in front of the mountain. The space next to her flickered and a gigantic, ancient snake teleported; unrestricted by the spatial laws in the core region.

    Enchantia brought her focus from the mountain to the snake.

    Its body radiated an aura of vicissitude and decay, and yet, its presence shook the space.

    It was the same snake that tried to protect Count Viper. The one Kiba addressed as Old Snake.

    "What are you doing here?" The ancient snake asked.

    [[Kuraokami.]] Enchantia observed the male snake for a few moments before continuing. [[The time has come for you to leave this so-called core region.]]

    Kuraokami's elliptical pupils shrank in shock.

    For countless centuries, he has been sealed in this World Fragment, the one humans referred to as core region. Now, out of blue, she was saying the time has come for him to leave.

    This was no less than a world-shaking event for him.

    [[Despite all the distractions in between, he would reach this place in 4 days]]

    Enchantia ignored Kuraokami's dumbstruck state and continued.

    [[So, you only have 3 days. Make the best use of them.]]

    "He?" Kuraokami looked puzzled. Just who was coming here for her to ask him to leave.


    Transparent water ripples conjured in thin air. Upon them, a scene was projected:

    Kiba entering into the entrance of the broken spaceship. He was accompanied by a quiet lot of female followers.

    Kuraokami was shell-shocked when his eyes registered Kiba.

    "That damn kid!" Kuraokami cried in amazement.

    [[You have met him?]] Enchantia was surprised.

    "Yes, but as an astral projection," Kuraokami quickly mentioned how he projected himself in Desolate Blood Forest to help Count Viper.

    [[Ah. No wonder I didn't know about it.]] Enchantia could observe everything within World Fragments, but not outside them. After all, her dimension was only linked to the World Fragments.


    [[Regardless, you should leave this place.]] Enchantia reminded him of her original intentions.

    "You want me to use my remaining lifeforce to destroy the seal and leave?!" Kuraokami refused to listen to her.

    Kiba was strong, but Kuraokami didn't fear him.

    [[Given your strength, and the fact that your astral projection has met him, I'm sure you are aware of why you SHOULDN'T fight him.]] Enchantia said with a faint smile on her face.

    Kuraokami's body turned cold as he recalled what he has sensed from Kiba.

    A cell-like gray particle, caged by a bolt of golden lightning.


    The word itself horrified him to no end.

    Living beings, especially humans, often mistaken death as the most horrifying fate.

    But not Kuraokami.

    He knew a fate far terrifying than death. And the herald of that fate was sealed in that damn kid's brain.

    "Why does he have to be infected with Genesis?"

    Kuraokami was angry but also helpless. He didn't dare do anything that might make Genesis leave the host body.

    What was the guarantee that Genesis might not target him if he killed the host?

    No matter how brave he was, he didn't want to find out.

    "There is no real enmity between me and that kid," Kuraokami said; his pupils locked on Enchantia. "So why do I have to leave?"

    [[Because of what he wanted to do.]] Enchantia moved her eyes on the mountain-like structure. [[This World Fragment would continue to exist, but it would no longer be habitable.]]

    Kuraokami froze as he thought what her words implied. He looked at the glowing hexagonal prismatic cells and muttered, "He wants to free Evesium?!"

    [[Well, something like that.]] Enchantia answered vaguely.

    Her incorporeal face flashed brightly as she examined the cell-like particles that humans called nanites.

    Evesium - The destroyer and exploiter of genetical potential.

    It was beyond her understanding why humans gave it a stupid name such as nanites. There was just no beauty in human language.

    "... Where should I go?" Kuraokami asked.

    [[Earth is vast. Let me show you images of your options. A Councilman from World Government 'sold' me these images a few years ago.]]

    Enchantia replied and the ripples flashed with images of various places on Earth.

    Atlantis - the lost city in the depths of the ocean. The royal kingdom ruled by Poseidon and overseen by Holy Seer.

    The State of Avalon - the power center of humanity and the seat of the World Government.

    Lizeana - the home of those who call themselves revolutionaries.

    Stormseal Island - the maximum-security prison.

    Black Sea - the entrance to Paradox Dimension - the most dangerous place on Earth.

    More and more locations appeared.

    Even meteorites aka World Fragments were shown in the images except for BSE-79.

    "... Thanks," Kuraokami said.

    [[You are a slave of Her Highness Scarlet Leila De Rose, and by warning you, I have completed my obligation.]]


    [[Just try to avoid that kid when you get out.]]

    Enchantia then faded into starry sparkles.

    Kuraokami also teleported and appeared in a huge cave a few miles away. There were countless devices and treasures lying around along with mysterious eggs and so on.

    He ignored them all and rushed to the end of the cave. The end was sealed by an ethereal barrier from all sides, and inside it, a creature was on his knees. The creature has features of humanoid snake, like a viper, but its skin was glowing with an ominous blue radiance.

    The same radiance as Evesium!

    "Argh!" The creature grunted in pain.

    "It has been many weeks, but you are still in agony," Kuraokami noted. "That damn kid really got you."

    Those words were like an avalanche and the creature's eyes flashed with venomous hatred.


    The creature shook and coughed up blue radiance.

    "Don't let emotions affect you," Kuraokami said with a sigh. "Otherwise, the transmutation might fail and you will die just like that kid wanted."

    This creature was obviously none other than Count Viper!

    Back then, Count Viper thought he was safe when Kuraokami began teleporting him away through Space Gate. But at the final moment, Kiba tossed a container filled with nanites and it landed next to him just as the Space Gate disappeared.

    The nanites were something Kiba got from the revolutionaries who targetted Delta City. And as an honest person, he felt his responsibility to return the lost items to their rightful owner - a revolutionary.

    At least, that's what Count Viper felt from Kiba's sincere and convincing tone.

    Not like Count Viper wanted the nanites in that way...

    The container exploded and he was enveloped by the nanites. The nucleotides in his genes began breaking apart and the power from the breaking was used as a fuel to power the nanites.

    Just as he was about to explode, his body resonated with Evesium's mountain-like mine and he started transmuting.

    It was like he was evolving but also degrading. His genes were continuously breaking and rearranging with nanites.

    If not for the help from Kuraokami, he would be dead from the process alone.

    "What should I do with you?" Kuraokami wondered aloud.


    Kiba jumped into one of the entrances of the spaceship. Madison and Lillian walked alongside him while Ruby and other slaves followed from behind.

    The path they were trading was a metallic floor. The ceiling splashed glow on the floor as per the movements of the visitors below.

    "Daddy," Lillian leaned her head on his arm and asked. "Is your destination dangerous?"

    Kiba turned his head and brought his eyes on her cute face.

    "Yes," Kiba answered.

    "But you will protect your lil' girls, right?" Madison asked from the other side.

    "I doubt you will need my protection," Kiba mused with a smile.

    He wasn't sure of anyone's safety in the core region, even the alien lifeforms, but was confident of twins' safety.

    No one could escape from nanites' power; not even him. The twins, though, can fool the nanites and survive for a few moments as long as they used their powers wisely.

    "Of course, I will," Kiba answered Madison's question.

    The twins giggled and hugged him.

    Ruby, Cindy, and others were worried. He hasn't said anything about their protection.

    "Master wouldn't discard me, right?" Ruby prayed for a positive result. She decided to show she was useful in the only way she could...

    As Kiba and the rest continued to step forward, a soft sound clanked through the floor.

    Hundreds of thin white rod-like bars began to rise from the floor. The bars had circular holes at a regular gap.

    Everyone was encircled by these bars. It happened quite rapidly, within a second, catching everyone off-guard.

    "We aren't welcomed here."
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