440 Attack By Robots

    Inside the holes, yellow mist-like energy appeared like a ball. The same happened in every hole and bar surrounding Kiba and others.

    By the time they saw the mist-like energy, it rushed out like currents to smash on them.

    "Back off," Kiba snorted coldly and waved a hand to the side.

    Dozens of mist currents rushing at him stopped in the path and then, simultaneous to his hand movement, they smashed on the floor.


    The durable metallic tiles crumbled into pieces and splinters rose up in the air. The fact that the mist currents could smash the alien matter tiles denoted just how powerful they were.

    More mist currents dazzled out from the bars encircling him, and this time, realizing his strength, the mist currents fused together to turn into a net.

    The mist-like net shot at Kiba, flying at supersonic speed, screeching through the air.

    Kiba outstretched a hand and streams of golden light flashed out.


    An ear-piercing explosion ringed out, making the floor tremble.

    At the same time, some distance away.

    Ruby's eyes widened as she saw the mist currents charging at her, ignoring the nail shield she created. Just as she thought she was dead; she felt a feminine hand on her breasts and a pretty face close to her left ear.

    "Slave, you can't die yet," Madison said after which she took Ruby's ears between her lips.

    Ruby froze in disbelief. She was having a hard time believing that Madison has time to molest her in middle of a crisis.

    As she thought of the danger, she looked in front and felt bright crimson glow straining her eyes. In front of her, there were ten crimson rings, forming a barrier upon which mist currents bombarded.

    Destructive ripples swept out and sparks flew, but the crimson barrier stood intact without any cracks.


    Ruby cried as Madison brought both her hands on her breasts, over her clothes, and then pinched on her nipples.

    "They feel wonderful," Madison praised while snuggling over Ruby's neck. "Daddy loves to suck on them, right?"

    "...yes," Ruby answered helplessly.

    "Then service him well," Madison rubbed Ruby's breasts with each other.

    Meanwhile, Katrina, Cindy, and Ria were protected by Lillian. The latter repelled the mist currents, which then bounced back on the white bars.

    With a bang sound, the bars disintegrated into pieces.

    Before Katrina and others could sigh in relief, Lillian planted her face between Katrina's massive tits.

    As she felt her soft but firm breasts pressing on either side of her beautiful face, Lillian couldn't help but mutter, "No wonder daddy kept you as his slave!"


    Kiba looked at the twins and smiled. The way they acted was just like him.

    "They have nice personalities," Kiba was proud of them.


    The explosion of his earlier attack faded and the bars collapsed.

    Kiba's eyebrows knitted and he lifted his head. The ceiling opened up and like flickering shadows, five silhouettes rushed out and landed on the floor.

    They were humongous battle robots.

    The moment they landed, they charged at Kiba and the twins, ignoring the others.

    Two robots arrived in front and back of Kiba, surrounding him. Without any sound, they swung their mechanical arms to smash him to a bloody pulp.

    Kiba tapped a foot on the floor and jumped up just as their arms reached him. Perhaps expecting his movement, from their mouths, bright beams boomed out.

    Kiba's expression flickered in surprise and he forcefully stopped in mid-air, He landed back on the floor.

    Simultaneously, the bright beams bent down and rushed at his head.

    Alongside, the robotic arms closed in to his chest and back. He twisted his body and began to spin around like a vortex, avoiding the impact of arms.

    The beams were sucked into the spinning vortex, and broke into dazzling sparks.


    The fists of the robots opened up to reveal a cannon-like device. Kiba, who was spinning, sensed energy charging in the cannon-like device, and he stopped.

    As the cannon-like device began to fire, he rushed through the slight gap between the robots. The robots aimed the cannon-like devices on him and fired bright cannons.

    Kiba twisted his direction but the cannons continued to follow him, increasing their speed.

    "Well, let's see how powerful they are."

    As he was speeding forward, with the cannons behind him, he spun around. And then, like a bolt of lightning, he sped past the cannons and flew towards the two robots.

    The cannons made a curve in the air and followed him.

    The robots sensed what he planned to do and they quickly formed a shield just as he appeared between them.

    Without saying anything, he grabbed the arms of the robots. He was a little over 6 feet and they were 12 feet. He looked like a child in front of the giants, but he has more than enough strength to bring the robots together.

    By then, the cannons arrived and smashed on the shields guarding the robots.


    Cracks appeared on the shields and they began to crumble into chunks. Violent shockwaves erupted that made the titles and walls collapse.

    Even the thick door at the end of this area has fissures.

    "Rather powerful," Kiba remarked at the power of the cannons.

    At the same time, the robotic droids began to emit vibrant currents from their arms.

    Kiba felt his hands turning numb and he freed the robots.

    Just as he freed them, metallic spikes protruded from both robots to stab into him.

    "Sighs~ It sucks to not use my offensive abilities," Kiba formed a transparent, golden barrier around his skin just as the spikes were about to pierce him.

    He didn't want to use Alpha-rank techniques like Gravity Cage, Purgatory - Eclipse and other destructive abilities because of his location.

    He was in the entrance of a spaceship, and using truly destructive abilities would ruin a large portion of the area he was in.

    That would result in more trouble and hindrance than it was worth it. He has learned that from his experience in BSE79.

    So, he has to limit his fighting methods.


    The metallic spikes began to crack apart as they crashed on the barrier.

    Just as the spikes disintegrated into fragments, and before the fragments could land on the ground, one of the robots bent its neck and smashed its head on Kiba's with a powerful force.

    The robot expected his head to explode like a watermelon, but much to its amazement, as its head smashed on to his, terrifying force waves - visible to the naked eye - cascaded out.

    The force waves wreaked havoc in all directions. The entire area rumbled as if an earth-shaking earthquake was passing through it.

    The robot looked at the human in shock.

    There was not a single scratch on his head, but on its own head, a huge dent has appeared!

    Kiba might not be using Alpha-rank abilities, but he was still an Alpha!

    Most times, he has his powers and aura suppressed, so it was possible to land injuries on him. But now, he wasn't suppressing his physical strength any longer.

    "Metallic piece of junk, get lost!"

    Kiba arched his head back and then rapidly lowered it to smash on the chest of the robot. The moment his head banged against the robot, a golden energy ripple swept out from the point of contact.


    The robot stumbled backward by almost a hundred steps. With each step, a violent buzzing sound emitted from its chest, and internal circuits imploded...
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