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    By the time the robot took the last step, its entire chest was hollow and smoke trailed out of it. Like a broken doll, it sumped down on the broken floor.

    Kiba didn't get time to see what happened after he hit his head on the robot's chest. Because the movement his head arched to its normal position, the other robot brought its metallic elbow to smash into the side of his skull.

    Its elbow glinted with metallic lust as it arrived at Kiba's skull. Just as it was about to smash into him, Kiba yanked his head back, and at the same time, slapped a hand down on the moving elbow.

    His small fingers dug into the elbow like a claw tearing through the metallic sheet. Sparks flew out from the torn part and, as his fingers moved downward, he felt electrical wires.

    His fingers didn't stop, and they sliced through the wires.

    The robot refused to just stand still and take damage. It rotated its head and fired a laser beam at his hand.

    Following this, its knee rose up to sink into his kidney.

    Kiba locked his eyes on the incoming laser beam. His pupils flashed with a cold glow and the laser beam froze in mid-air.

    Alongside, he moved his free hand down and smashed against the giant knee. The knee quivered and it backed away in its original position.

    The robot sensed the crisis and it began retreating. It tried to retrace its elbow but without any success.

    A snapping sound reverberated out as its arm was broken into two. The portion below the elbow fell on the floor.

    The robot backed away by ten or so steps and it looked at its ripped arm. Buzzing sound and current streamed down from the elbow portion; revealing the internal wiring and tubes.

    The robot has no emotions like anger or fear, and it only did what it was commanded to do. It raised its other arm towards Kiba, and from its palm, a rope-like wire shot out. The start of the rope was attached with a sharp, triangular arc-like metal, glowing with murderous power.

    The rope moved at a fast speed, and in a moment, the sharp metal surface reached the space between Kiba's feet.

    Just as it was about to pierce into, Kiba caught the rope and yanked it backward.


    A million volts cascaded out of the rope and attacked Kiba. His hand turned numb and senseless, and once again, the sharp metal part of the rope shot forward to stab into him.

    "Annoying junk!"

    Kiba moved his head sideward, and avoided the sharp metal by a hairbreadth. At the same time, he enveloped his hand with a glove made of golden light, and caught back the rope.

    Current streamed out, but it didn't make a difference to him thanks to the glove.

    Kiba grabbed the rope tightly and pulled it with a terrifying force.

    The robot was shocked as its body shot towards Kiba due to the rope. By the time it severed its connection with the rope, the robot was in front of Kiba.

    Quickly, the robot summoned an energy shield as it noticed him throwing out a force, backed by tremendous strength.

    The air whistled as his fist moved forward. And then like a giant hammer, the fist smashed into the shield.


    On the transparent energy shield, ripples swept out like a tornado, and it began to rip apart like a broken mirror.

    From the fissures, dazzling energy beams boomed out like shockwaves, forcing Kiba and the robot to jump back.


    The robot sensed its internal wirings roiling and a crack growing on its chest. It brought its intact hand to stop the crack from spreading, but just then, Kiba appeared like a phantom.

    "Join your companion."

    He flickered a finger on the crack in its chest. The moment his finger touched the rack, a golden spark seeped out of his fingertip and entered the crack.


    The spark was like oil to the fire; creating short circuits and imploding the internal wiring. The robot exploded into a radiant explosion cloud...

    Kiba shot backward and struck a fist on a robot fighting Lillian and Madison. It was already damaged and on brink of falling, and the addition of his punch, made it collapse.


    Madison and Lillian jumped on him for a warm embrace.

    "We knew you will protect us!"

    Lillian kissed him on his cheek.

    Kiba smiled...

    Hundreds of meters away, the slaves looked at everything with shock. They have grown used to Kiba's strength, but they were dumbstruck by what the twins did.

    The two defeated two robots on their own, and even the third was their own kill despite some minor help from Kiba.

    "This entire family is too overpowering!"

    Katrina took a deep breath and her massive breasts shook.

    "Hm?" Madison felt the gazes of her slave and she turned towards them.

    "Daddy is tired!" Madison said with a warm smile. "As his loyal slaves, you should make sure his environment is relaxed."


    How were they supposed to make the environment relaxed?!

    They were in a danger zone! Not some entertainment park!!

    Ruby and others were thinking when Madison disappeared in a crimson glow and appeared in front of Katrina.

    Without saying anything, she splashed out Katrina's big breasts from her blouse. Katrina flinched and she hurriedly closed her arms around her breasts.

    "Don't hide them!" Madison stopped her with a cute smile. "You four showing your lovely tits would brighten daddy's mood!"

    In the asylum Madison and her sister were, the doctors said the secret to good health was seeing pleasant things.


    Ruby, Cindy, Ria, and Katrina had no choice but to oblige. Madison hasn't used any threatening tone but they didn't dare deny her suggestion.

    Kiba was left speechless when he saw them turning topless. But Madison was right. Four pairs of breasts definitely brightened his mood.

    "Daddy! Are your eyes feeling good?" Lillian asked.

    "...yeah," Kiba answered.

    "The doctors were right!" Lillian observed with her eyes closed.

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    A few minutes later, Kiba arrived in front of the damaged door leading to another area. The virtual console was still intact and he moved his fingers on it.

    With a rumbling sound, the door started opening up, and white gases came out through the gap.

    "It doesn't seem anyone has entered here for a long time... at least for a century."

    Kiba thought as he looked at the white gas.

    From experience, he knew the gas wasn't harmful. It was just a residual of the maintenance particles used in the spaceship for the proper functioning of air ducts and oxygen pipes connected to every area.

    A minute later, the gas disappeared and the door completly opened up.

    "You four will be in the lead," Lillian pushed the slaves ahead. "Daddy needs to see more of pleasant stuff inside."


    Kiba wryly smiled as he saw Ruby and others stepping inside with their breasts and back exposed. He followed them with the twins.

    "No wonder we were welcomed by robots," Kiba mused as he observed the inside of the new section they were in.

    It was a hibernation chamber.

    "Castor Damon would be so happy if he saw this."

    Kiba smiled as he thought of the time Zed and Castor Damon stumbled into a hall filled with hypersleep units. It was there he 'betrayed' Castor Damon by using an underhanded means.

    Kiba cleared his thoughts and examined the hibernation chamber. Soon, his pupils dilated in shock.

    The hibernation chamber was empty! There were no alien organisms inside it!

    "Where did they go? And if no one was here, why did the robots attack?"

    Kiba contemplated when he noticed a data matrix in the middle of the chamber.


    At the same time, just a level below Kiba's current location.

    Ashlyn appeared in front of a grand door.

    She tapped a finger on the back of her left hand, and a digital map appeared. She observed it for a few seconds and sighed...
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