442 Chryslia

    The matrix was a ring-like box; placed in the center of the hibernation chamber. Kiba made a grasping motion and the matrix flew to him.

    He grabbed the matrix and examined it with his senses.

    "Haah~ Only someone like Enchantia could analyze it."

    Kiba wasn't able to examine the matrix with his powers. So, for the time being, he transferred it to his storage dimension.

    He wasn't interested in seeking any treasure or knowledge, but if he found something, he didn't mind taking it.

    One could never know when it might come in handy...

    "Perhaps Claudia could examine it."

    Kiba decided to give it to her after returning.

    He then studied the empty hibernation pots and wondered if the beings inside them have left the spaceship.

    "Oh well, no use in staying here any longer," Kiba told the twins who were checking the chamber with child-like curiosity.

    "Ok, daddy!" Madison and Lillian nodded. They then directed the 'family slaves' to take the lead.

    "Yes, my ladies," Katrina agreed nervously.

    Soon she and other slaves moved forward; with their tits and back exposed for brightening the mood of daddy and his lil' girls.

    Half an hour later, as they continued treading the path ahead, Kiba sensed a familiar presence. Someone he has met only once in Desolate Blood Forest.


    The one who tried to capture Red Tiger through her underlings. The one with whom he made a deal.

    She has held her part of the deal by making more mutants visit the core region. In earlier times, the number of people who visited the core region was not even 500, but this time, it was in thousands.

    He obviously knew it was thanks to her. If he has to guess, she achieved it by spreading rumors and sharing fake maps of treasures, legacies, knowledge, etc. It was a very old method but reliable.

    "Well, I do owe her for thousands of mutants here."

    Kiba's body turned transparent and he shot forward, leaving behind a gust of fierce wind. The intensity of the winds made Madison's and Lillian's hair flutter while the other women stumbled back.


    Fiona was cautiously walking ahead with a digital compass in her hand. Suddenly, the compass started beeping and the readings on the screen began changing rapidly.

    She gasped and even before she could fully exclaim, the air in front of her turned blurry as the man she was trying to find arrived.


    Fiona took a step back from the shock of his sudden appearance.


    Kiba nodded and swept a glance at the compass in her hand that was continuously beeping.

    He now knew why in their last meeting she didn't ask for a meeting point in the core region. She obviously had her means to find him.

    "You can turn it off," Kiba said even as she tried to get over her initial shock.

    "Ah... yes," Fiona quickly turned off the compass. She calmed herself and said, "The last time, we met---"

    Before she could complete, Kiba broke her statement and said, "I know. So, let's go to retrieve whatever you want."

    It was obvious the task she wanted his help would be in getting an item or treasure. After all, they were in the core region, and that was the only type of help she could want.

    Fiona was surprised but she quickly nodded.

    Just then, the twins caught up and arrived behind Kiba.

    "Daddy! Don't leave us like that!" Madison hugged him from behind.

    "...Sorry," Kiba smiled wryly.

    "It is fine!" Madison replied on her sister's behalf.

    To make him realize he was forgiven, she kissed him on lips.

    Some five meters ahead, Fiona's jaw dropped to the ground.

    "They are... the crazy twins!"

    Unlike Kiba and most people, she knew about the twins. She wasn't acquainted with them, but she has read about them.

    Her back turned cold as she recalled the crimes they have committed.

    At times like this, she thought ignorance was truly bliss. Otherwise, no one in their right mind would want to be in the presence of these criminally insane sisters.

    "Why is he with these psychos?!" Fiona thought in her heart.

    She was trying to contemplate when Ruby, Cindy, Ria, and Katrina also arrived, their faces drenched with sweat.

    Fiona was again stunned by Ruby and other new arrivals. She didn't know anyone of them, so the reason for her shock was not their background.

    Compared to the twins, her reason for shock was rather simple.

    Ruby and others were topless. Their naked breasts were fully displayed in all their glory.

    "Are they also insane?" Fiona wondered.

    She then saw them being submissive towards Kiba and the twins. She realized why they were topless when she saw the dread in their eyes as they looked at the twins.

    "This is not important!"

    Fiona cleared her thoughts and the thought of the important matter.

    Kiba had too many companions! She didn't care about Ruby and others, but the twins were altogether a different matter.

    She was wary of them!

    "They are unpredictable and crazy! Who knows what they might do?!"

    Fiona thought of their profiles. Quickly, she turned towards Kiba.

    "The place I need your help is very near and it wouldn't take more than 7-8 hours... could you ask your companions to wait here?" Fiona politely asked.

    Kiba observed her for a few moments before nodding in agreement.

    "I will return shortly," He told the twins and others.

    He wanted to be done with whatever task she wanted as soon as possible.

    "Sure, daddy!" Madison kissed him on both his cheeks. "We will wait here!"


    Kiba turned into a stream of golden light and rushed ahead. Fiona turned into a beam of white light and shot forward.

    "Is daddy women magnet?" Lillian wondered aloud as she saw him disappearing with Fiona in the turn ahead.

    "Seems so," Madison tapped a finger on her chin.

    She recalled the only acquaintances she ever seen him with were all females.

    "Daddy is really an inspiring figure in this age of selfishness!" Lillian clapped her hands and blushed with pride. "He loves female gender so much; always helping them!"

    Ruby and the other slaves: "...."

    Love?!  Always help?!

    Yeah, right!

    Cindy could still pain from her tight asshole.


    An hour later.

    Kiba and Fiona arrived on a lower floor. So far, they didn't meet any obstacle or danger.

    After walking for a bit, they stepped in front of a grand, metallic door, engraved with strange signs.


    Kiba knew the signs were a warning for danger. It was similar to how skull was used to imply danger on Earth.

    "Yes, what I want to seek can be considered dangerous," Fiona replied, her eyes locked on the door.

    "And what is it you want?" Kiba asked.

    "An alien, genetic matter!" Fiona answered, her eyes glinting. "People from that world called it Chryslia."


    At the same time, just half a mile ahead, there was a similar door - fortified by an orange barrier. Two blue discs slammed on the barrier and dazzling energy ripples flashed out.

    Ashlyn raised a hand to face the ripples sweeping at her. Alongside, she continued to observe the back of her other hand where a map was displayed.

    A red dot was marked on the map, and above the red dot, there was a word - Chryslia.


    In between the two doors, there were multiple traps and dangers. And in the center space, there was a raised platform upon which a crystal container was placed. The container was sealed from all sides, and from time to time, it glowed - just like fireflies, but with a menacing brightness.

    And the material inside it was sought by two women...
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