444 Meeting Again Part II

    Ashlyn's eyes flashed with dazzling blue radiance as two of the seven seals shattered. The moment her seals broke, two droids charged at her from behind.

    Their enormous fists began slamming downwards towards her head, and the resulting momentum created strong winds, making Ashlyn's hair adrift.


    Sparks flew out and two enormous arms blasted upwards. Alongside, blue discs whistled through the air and arrived in Ashlyn's hands.

    The droids were dumbstruck as they found their arms sliced.

    Hundreds of meters away, humongous robots were similarly startled. The two discs were attacking them, but in just a moment, when Ashlyn was about to be attacked by the droids, they whistled backward like bolts of lightning; ripping through the droids' arms before their fists could touch her body.

    A second later, the robots and droids rushed at her again. She tossed the discs and they propelled through the air with blinding blue radiance.

    One disc charged at the droids while the other swept at the incoming robots.

    Meanwhile, Ashlyn's cold, poker face flickered and she leaped high in the air. The moment she did, the floor opened up and a metallic whip lunged at the position she was earlier standing.

    Thousands of meters away, a new robot has appeared with its hand on the floor. Seeing its whip attack failed, the robot retraced its whip.

    At the same time, as Ashlyn arrived high in the air, she lifted her right leg and kicked out.


    A humane sound came out and a man appeared in the air. He has laser guns in his hands, aimed at Ashlyn, but when the kick landed on his stomach, the guns were send spinning out.

    The man was shocked. He has also entered this area but used a device to hide his presence and turned invisible. So far, he has avoided the traps, and when he noticed Ashlyn fighting droids with such power, he was worried that she might hinder him in the future. He was sure her aim was the same as him - the alien, genetic matter.

    This was why he has locked his guns on her, but he never got the chance. As he began falling down, Ashlyn rolled through the air and placed her feet on his chest.

    A cracking sound ringed out as his bones fractured and he coughed up blood. His agony has started as then he crashed on the floor with a banging sound. His vision turned blurry for a moment and he opened his mouth to curse.

    "You bitch---"

    He never got to complete whatever he wanted to say. Because the next moment, a kick swept out and landed right on his crotch.

    Every word died right in his thought as a terrifying, volcanic sensation washed over his body, making him shudder. His face turned deathly pale, eyes popped out, and foam sipped out of his mouth.

    My balls!

    He couldn't feel them at all.

    Ashlyn swept her leg back and eyed the man who has killing intent towards her.

    "I apologize," Ashlyn made a slight bow.

    The man was wriggling in pain but when he heard her apology, he was stunned. He couldn't think and when he opened his lips to speak, she completed her words.

    "For missing the first time," Ashlyn completed her sentence.

    Her voice was cold but there was genuine sincerity in her voice.

    What the **?!

    The man was dumbstruck.

    You are apologizing because you missed the first time?! Does that mean the first kick high in the air was aimed at my poor crotch?!


    I was already defeated by the first kick. Why kick again?!

    Don't tell me just because she missed it the first time, she felt it was some duty of her attack to kick till she succeeded?!

    He couldn't think much through the pain tormenting his body. But he has a strange feeling he was right...

    He indeed was right.

    Ashlyn was the type of person who took her training seriously. Seeing her first Nutcracking Kick failing, her innocent but determined personality required to correct her mistake. Only then could she evolve and develop her Nutcracking Art further...

    Ashlyn sincerely apologized and then retreated back as the robot with metallic whip connected to its hand lunged at her.

    The whip buzzed with electricity and as it missed her again, it lashed on the man lying on the floor. His vision completly darkened as the whip ripped through his neck, tossing his head away.

    At the same time, the other hand of the robot opened up and shoot out a wisp of green gas. The gas seemed to have its will, and quickly, like a bullet, it rushed at Ashlyn.

    She twisted her body and jumped to the side like an expert gymnast. Alongside, her left hand made a grasping motion.

    With a screeching sound, one of the discs spun through the air at incredible speed and arrived in front of her.

    Just as the gas was reaching her, she swept the disc, and blue ripples cascaded out. The ripples rotated like the scythe of a grim ripper and completly dissipated the gas particles.

    Meanwhile, the whip charged at her neck like a viper. From the other side, a robot fired plasma beams on her.

    Ashlyn's face remained the same. She arched her neck and narrowly avoided the whip. Alongside, she tapped her feet on the floor and backed away.

    The disc flew out at the robot firing at her with lasers. Bright destructive waves flashed out through the area as lasers clashed on the disc; making the air vibrate with dazzling colors.

    The disc spun faster and its sharp edges sliced at the chest of the robot...

    Ashlyn, in the meantime, appeared in front of the robot with the whip.

    Her full-body black suit crackled with blue energy streams, and she slammed an elbow at the part of robot's hand where the whip extended out.

    The metallic hand ruptured but the robot didn't stop for a moment. As its hand was destroyed, it threw a punch with the other hand.

    Ashlyn spun her body like a twisted gale at an insane angle, and avoided the punch. She retaliated by bombarding with her fists.

    Some distance away, the discs ripped through many robots and droids, sending them crashing on the ground.

    As the discs completed their task, they made a curve in the air and flew back.

    Just then, Ashlyn sensed something and she jumped back. The robot she has just destroyed self-exploded into metallic splinters.

    She crossed her arms to protect from the destructive splinters and shockwaves sweeping at her.

    At the same time, from the ceiling high above, seven robots jumped out.

    Ashlyn sensed their presence and she lifted her head up even as she stepped back. She then swept a glance in another direction and saw more droids rushing at her.

    Every one of them were as strong as a level V mutant.

    She felt something amiss by so many dangers for her alone. After thinking for a bit and seeing the number of robots she fought, she felt it was due to presence of others. This would explain why she fought so many robots and droids due to the man who was beheaded.

    Perhaps, there were more people who were invisible and in this area. The sensors must have sensed their presence, and since it couldn't find them, she became the target.


    Ashlyn let out a soft sigh. On the back of her left hand, seven runic seals flashed. Presently, two of them were broken, and she closed her eyes to open another seal.

    She needed a bit more strength to face so many.

    Breaking every seal was like stabbing every fiber of her body to extract more power. It was painful beyond words, but the pain was something she has grown used to.

    It was the only sensation that has accompanied her throughout her life.

    But breaking seal did more than that. It exploited her cursed genes and used her lifeforce... reducing her already short lifespan.


    As Ashlyn closed her eyes, the memories of her adopted parents flashed in her mind. She owed them everything, including her life. Her decision was made. She has to do everything to help them...


    The sound of an ear-ringing explosion reverberated through the air. Ashlyn was just about to open the seal when she heard the sound.

    She opened her eyes and noticed the robots and droids exploding one after another.

    Alongside the shocking explosive ripples, she felt a strong presence in the air. The presence was terrifying, but as she sensed it, a faint smile appeared on her poker face.

    The smile was radiating, beautiful, and spellbinding.

    "You kept your words."
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