447 Destruction of The Core Region Part I

    Enchantia recalled he said he will choose a legacy. He never stated when, so, theoretically, he could select any time... even decades later.

    She obviously knew he used the shock element to make her ignore such a big loophole...

    Enchantia was incensed, but also, equally pleased.

    [[You tricked me as no one has.]]

    Kiba smiled and said, "Well, there is a first time for everything."

    He hardly considered it as tricking her and he knew she was the same in this regard. So, he knew there were no grudges between them. After all, what he asked was nothing big.

    Fiona looked at Kiba with a look of pure terror on her face.

    How could he converse with a being like her in such a manner?!

    As far as she knew, not even the elders of her family in State of Avalon would converse like this. This was why she found the present situation far too shocking.

    She was still trying to process things when Kiba waved at her, and said, "Goodbye."

    Fiona was startled. Before she could reply or respond, he disappeared in a blinding flash... leaving her in this ruined area.

    Enchantia didn't vanish and floated in front of Fiona; much to the latter's shock.

    [[Despite the fiasco, you have great potential.]]

    Fiona was astonished by the praise.

    "T-thank you," She hastily bowed down to express her respect.

    Just as she did, a spatial crack formed in the area. The spatial shockwaves were terrifying, but she found soothing protection on her. Surprised, she looked at the crack and saw it was an entrance to a boundless dimension... Hall of Legacies!


    Like a golden beam, Kiba rushed through various sections of the spaceship ruins. Earlier, he has smiled, but now, there was a never before seen sadness on his face. Being a sadist and nonchalant person didn't devoid him of feelings.


    Kiba was frustated. He knew they would part and go to their respective cities, but he didn't expect it to be this soon, and in this manner.

    He didn't mind separation... he never has. What he hated was to whom she was going to.

    Her adopted parents...

    Kiba's eyes flared and a cruel expression formed on his face. Killing intent surged out of his depths and his lips curved up in a sadistic smile.

    "Shaping the worldview of a child to devoid her of all joys... some parents they are."

    What type of parents makes their child have a cold, aloof and reserved lifestyle in which the child just simply existed?

    Ashlyn might not find her life strange or unnatural due to what she has faced as a Cursed One, but not him. Despite knowing next to nothing, he was more than sure she was brainwashed by some twisted people.

    "Twisted... I love twisted."

    He looked forward to meeting her parents and teaching them what real mind-twisting felt like.


    An hour later, Kiba arrived in the zone where the twins and the slaves were resting. His arrival was with shocking speed fluctuations that made the topless slaves quiver.

    "Daddy!" Lillian jumped at him.

    Kiba hugged her and then Madison as well.

    "Girls, give your daddy some privacy," Kiba brought his eyes on the slaves. "There is something I must do before we arrive at our destination."

    In response, Madison and Lillian giggled happily. They kissed him on his cheeks and then closed their lips with his ears.

    "Daddy, go easy on them," Lillian rubbed his pants and felt a throbbing pulsation. "The dragon shouldn't destroy those little caves."

    After saying this, the twins vanished in a crimson flash...

    Ruby, Katrina, Cindy, and Ria looked at Kiba in shock. He looked back at them with a smile, and a chill passed through their spines.

    His gaze was like a predator... a predator their bodies desired to hunt them. A moist sensation developed between their legs.

    Ruby gulped down and looked at his pants. There was an enormous bulge and she knew what he wanted.

    "Don't gulp your saliva," Kiba said as he stepped in front of her. "You have to gulp something else."

    After saying this, he shoved her down on her knees. Ruby quickly unzipped his pants and freed his erection.

    Cindy and Ria kneeled down on either side of Ruby. The latter planted a wet kiss on the mushroom head while the other two ladies kissed the shaft; brushing their soft lips throughout the length.

    Katrina, in the meantime, pressed her large titties on his face.

    An orgy of lifetime started...

    He was like a rampaging beast, sparing no hole, neither their ass nor their pussies. He vented all his frustration on the holes... by being rough from the start, and driving inside with powerful strokes.

    The slaves could only shudder and scream with pleasure.

    Outside this room, Lillian and Madison were happy by the moans and cries they heard.

    "Daddy isn't going easy!"

    They were proud of their daddy. He was being so nice to his slaves... making them experience euphoria with his dragon.


    The next day.

    Kiba waked up, energized. He stretched his hands out and glanced at the four women near him. Their bodies were marked with hickeys and stained with cum drops.

    "This is really the best way to relax the mind."

    All his frustration and sadness on Ashlyn's leaving disappeared. He was fully relaxed and ready to do for the reason he was here.

    "Now, no more time to waste."

    Kiba quickly freshened up and dressed up. The slaves did the same.

    A few minutes later, Kiba walked in front of the twins. He opened his lips to speak but before he could, they kissed him on his lips.

    "Don't stop us, daddy!" Madison said as the kiss broke. "We want to accompany you!"

    He observed them for a few seconds and then nodded. The slaves stepped behind him, and he then waved his hand.


    Filaments of energy rushed out of his hand and swirled around everyone. The energy fragments joined together, and soon, a golden sphere conjured.

    Kiba and others were standing inside the sphere, and without any sound, the sphere flew away. As it speeded ahead, it left behind a column of golden light.

    The speed of sphere was incredible and indescribable, creating multiple sonic blasts in the process. All the dangers and traps in the journey were destroyed by the might surging out of the sphere.

    Almost a day later, the sphere flew through an enormous tunnel that seemed never-ending. The tunnel was dark but in the end, there was soft light that was delightful to senses.

    Three hours later, the sphere flew out of the tunnel and landed on the ground. Kiba made a hand motion and the sphere disappeared.

    Without saying anything, he lifted his head and looked in front. There was a mountain-like structure covered with an ethereal layer.


    A serene blue glow radiated out of the mountain-like structure, extremely inviting.  It was like spring after the winter, the hug of a mother...

    Madison and Lillian stepped next to Kiba and their lips spread to form a smile.

    Behind, Ruby and others were dumbstruck by the sensation they felt from the mountain-like structure. They unconsciously began to step forward, to feel the sensation closer.

    Kiba eyed them and then the transparent layer covering the mountain.

    "Time to end this trip."
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