448 Destruction of The Core Region Part II

    The core region or the meteorite was divided into two parts. One was where Zed, Sophia, and 90% of mutants went - the trial zones. It was vast - as big as hundreds of cities combined into one - with multiple layers. It was in this area that the so-called treasure vault existed... the ultimate place everyone desired.

    The second part was the fantasy land where a negligible amount of mutants came. The fantasy land was equally vast, with multiple statues, ponds, gardens, ruins, fragments, spaceship relics, etc.

    At the end of the biggest spaceship, there was an endless tunnel which lead to a separate space where the nanite mountain existed.


    There was a complex look in Kiba's eyes as he glanced at the nanite mountain. He knew once he started, there would be no point of return.

    He locked his eyes on the mountain and suddenly, it was replaced with a scene of Felicity... lying in a bed; under medically induced slumber.

    If she wasn't cured, she would forever be a handicap. For someone like here, it was a punishment worse than death.

    The scene changed and he now saw the first time Zed met her. It was in Royal Heart Academy after he has left the slums and acquired Cosmic Spark.

    The encounter was a rather bewildering experience for him.

    His first impression was she was a weirdo! That impression changed to psycho when she took him to Thrill Part the same day!

    The scene was now replaced with the time they became friends. More scenes appeared, and in every scene, there was one common theme.

    She cared for him. Her ways of caring were strange though... trying to make him realize the importance of thrills and dangers.

    And in the last scene, he saw that fateful day where they made a promise. It was that day they changed from friends to siblings...

    The day they promised to be there for each other... and never shying from taking each other's help.

    The nanite mountain was in front of him again.

    "I'm doing it for myself," Kiba reminded himself. "Not for her."

    A flash of light conjured in his hand and transformed into a silver ball. He shattered it, and the ball disintegrated into silver particles that whirled around him, forming a thin layer on his body, like an armor.

    At the same time, Cindy and other slaves were stepping ahead. As they proceeded further, Cindy stopped with a jerk, and quickly, she stopped others.

    They instantly realised the mountain structure was tempting them. It was similar to Pond of Lust.

    Cindy turned around and said, "Ki...Sir, this mountain is strange."

    "Indeed," Kiba agreed before lifting a hand and aiming at the mountain-like structure. "Let me destroy it for my lovely slaves."

    The words were full of love but Cindy and others felt something amiss when they saw the silver layer.

    Behind Kiba, the twins smiled from ear to ear. Without wasting any second, they hugged each other.

    "Daddy is going to do it!" Lillian muttered in Madison's ears. "Are you ready?"

    "I always am!" Madison replied. Her eyes glowed with crimson radiance.

    Meanwhile, on Kiba's palm, energy particles concentrated to form a golden orb.

    The land around him began to crack apart and the air whistled forward as the orb conjured. He was summoning every bit of his strength that his present form could allow him to!

    Even though energy was concentrated and not wasted, it still resulted in sharp winds that rustled throughout the area.

    As the energy orb formed in his hand, Kiba's eyes flashed, and the orb shot out. The ground caved in as the orb flew further, and in not even a second, it brutally smashed on to the ethereal layer surrounding the mountain.

    Destructive, resplendent lights spread out, but they were quickly sucked by the ethereal layer. Just as the lights disappeared, another orb slammed into the same spot, and this time it was far more powerful.


    The destructive waves were absorbed, but a blast of sharp heat pulsed out and sliced through the layer, forming a crack that was the size of a pinpoint.

    It was negligible, like a hole in a dam, but the moment it was formed, the nanites particles inside the mountain turned volatile. They began to rush out, and the resulting momentum expanded the crack.

    A small crack can rip apart a structure...

    The slaves were just some four hundred meters away from the mountain. The moment they saw the crack, they shuddered and fear clenched their souls.


    The sudden burst of fear petrified them. And then, they saw blue particles jumping out of the negligible crack.

    Cindy cried out as she saw the mass of nanites approaching her at supersonic speed. Her eyes constricted as the nanites completely enveloped her; not giving her any chance to defend herself.

    "You miss Byron, right?" Kiba's voice entered her mind as the nanites entered through her skin pores and sipped into her bloodstream. "Now you don't have to."

    The nanites inside Cindy's body bonded with her genes; gluing to strands of nucleotides.

    In simple terms, nucleotides were molecules consisting of a nucleoside and a phosphate group. The blue nanite collided with the nucleoside portion which stored minuscule amount of matter resembling Divine Particles.

    It was this genetic matter that gave mutant their powers. Physically, it was similar to packets of chemical energy, and when the nanites crashed into this matter, this energy turned volatile.

    In time that could not even be described, her genetic potential erupted out, showcasing a power that could even startle an Alpha.

    That was latent potential no mutant could ever exploit.

    A mutant might not, but nanites were a different matter...

    Her genes started combusted, and from every pore of her body, dazzling blue light beams flashed out. She was like a violent blue sun, emitting threatening might that promised to destroy everything.


    Cindy opened her mouth to emit a sharp scream that was chilling to the soul. Besides the scream, her mouth erupted with a bright column of light.

    This took a while to describe, but everything was taking place in a matter of seconds. A period of time that didn't even warrant mention.

    In a flicker of a second, her body cracked apart and she exploded into a radiant energy mass that shook the entire area.

    The energy mass was filled with nanite particles and they spread out. They grew close to Katrina and Ria in a flash.


    Katrina didn't even get an opportunity to shout a 'no' as the nanite exploited her hidden potential and turned her into a human bomb.

    "A pity," Kiba thought as he sensed the nanites' action on her. "She has nice tits."

    Sadly, Katrina never got to hear his words of regret. She erupted into a blinding mushroom cloud; enhancing the might of explosion.

    Ria was the same. She never thought her fate would be this despite being agreeing to become a slave.

    "I hope you had a good time last night," Kiba waved at her as she exploded.

    Ruby was terrified out of her wits. Everything was happening so fast that she couldn't even think. All she could think or feel was terror. Instinctively, she sent thousands of sharp nails out to create a barrier around her, but much to her horror, the surging heat from the explosion melted them instantly.


    She looked at him, hoping for rescue. He eyed her and his words rang into her mind, "For a slave, there is no greater honor than dying for him."

    Her heart sank to her guts and she stumbled down just as the nanites rushed to take her into their embrace.

    She howled in pain as she imploded in a shiny but captivating blue mass. The last thought was of what he said long ago: I never forgive anyone who shows killing intent towards me...

    A loud boom reverberated throughout the neverending tunnel and echoed in the spaceship relic.

    The indestructible surface of the spaceship survived as the nanites rushed through, but wherever there was even the slightest gap, the atomic-size nanites seeped through them.

    In many areas of the spaceships, mutants were trying their luck. As the spaceship suddenly began to rumble; dust, splinters, and fragments of high-tech gadgets flew up into the air.

    "What's going on?!"

    The mutants in the spaceship were all Beta-rank. On Earth, they were considered as the most powerful given Alphas were a rare and almost non-existent species. They deserved respect and reverence from one and the all.

    But now, as the loud rumbling vibrated through the area, their bodies turned cold and they lost all traces of the pride that came with their strength. They were as white as a sheet of paper, totally frightened.

    There was a terrible gut-wrenching feeling boiling through their bodies. It was like their very cells were warning them of a doom.

    A few seconds later, as they tried to find the reason for their innate fear, they saw blinding blue streaming out of the walls.

    The nanites were of negligible size, but combined together, they looked like an enormous energy cloud.

    The mutants retreated, their eyes filled with terror. Sadly, the speed of nanites was far beyond their scope of comprehension.

    In just a second, the Beta-rank mutants screamed pitifully.


    Hall of Legacies.


    Enchantia observed everything. As she saw the nanites' reach expanding further and further, the crystalline pool in the dimension rippled.

    She could feel the despair of humans and hear their heart-wrenching screams. Their cries were hoarse and unpleasant to ears, but for her, they were the best music she has heard in a long while.

    How could one not love screams filled with terror, hopelessness, regret, and rage?

    The Legacy Orbs glowed brightly and dazzling dust flew above the unending pool. Waves began to rise up and crash into the orbs.

    [[Hehe, this is so much fun.]]Their first meeting has been shown in a short flashback - Chapter 101.
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