450 Destruction of The Core Region Part IV

    Hall of Legacies.

    Above the endless lake, Fiona floated among infinite Legacy Orbs. She has been here for almost ten hours after achieving what she wanted.

    Enchantia has stopped her temporarily from leaving.

    Fiona looked at multiple ripples on the lake and realized why Enchantia didn't allow her to go. Each ripple showcased a particular area of the core region. Most of the ripples showed a dazzling blue mass. Only a few ripples showed a completely safe area; like the world of crystal.

    Suddenly, her attention went to one ripple which showed a region in what appeared to be space shuttle. There were four people in it, and the moment she saw them, she was stunned.

    "Dark Stars!" Fiona muttered.

    [[You humans sure are arrogant.]] Enchantia's ethereal figure appeared in the dimension. [[Giving yourself such overpowering titles despite being so weak.]]

    "..." Fiona didn't know how to counter that.

    [[Then again, that's the sole reason I like humanity. You consider yourself infallible and I love the moments when you realize your true place.]]

    Enchantia focused her senses on the ripple Fiona was looking at.

    The area where the so-called Dark Stars were in was at the border of the fantasy land and trial zones. There was an underground space shuttle that no one knew of... well, except for the Dark Stars.

    [[That kid must be also relying on these four to share the burden.]]

    Enchantia made an observation based on their strength. They were either at level V or infinitely close to level VI. In the core region, besides Kiba and the twins, they were the strongest bunch from Earth.

    She didn't really care about the deaths or what he was doing. She was enjoying the show.

    [[What he has done is evil by hypocritical humans' standards. The same humans who have wiped countless species for their rise and progress.]]

    Humans didn't care when they killed an inferior species whether it was an ant or an insect. This was one of the reasons she loved to see humans suffer, especially at the hands of Kiba who was no longer human in the evolution hierarchy. As far as she was concerned, he belonged to an entirely new species!


    Presently, in the part of the space shuttle.

    Myiesha was dressed in a white gown with her face covered by a veil. A green monster with venom dripping from its body pounced on her. From behind, another monster with similar facial features also jumped on her. Their mouths salivated, and as the droplets of saliva fell on the floor, the tiles released hissing sound.

    Myiesha didn't show any fear or concern. She stretched her hands towards the coming monsters, and from her palms, flashes of energy emerged.

    Just as the monsters were about to land on her, the flashes of energy entered into their bodies. The body cells, composed of atoms, began vibrating and shaking. In the flicker of a second, the biological reaction of cells accelerated to such an extent that they began combusting.

    With a rumbling sound, the monsters exploded into green vapors. The atoms inside the vapors disintegrated, and in the same moment, the vapors disappeared, as if they didn't exist, to begin with.

    Alongside, her brother, Harith Noach - the complete opposite of her in physical appearance - embedded his body with glowing energy. The chains on his muscular arms chains swirled out, and whipped the monsters attacking him.

    The monsters burst into pieces by the strength inside the chains.

    Harith lowered his hands and retraced the chains, wrapping them back on his arms.

    "We will find our parents soon," Myiesha arrived next to him and placed a hand over his arm. "So there is no reason for you to be worried."

    He looked threatening with his physical features, but he was her brother, her blood. She felt warm in his presence. And now, she could feel his worry and concern as they stepped closer to their goal.

    Harith just nodded without replying.

    Some distance away, Anamarie and Mendel stood, destroying more monsters with their respective abilities.

    "We appreciate your support," Myiesha said as they ripped every monster in this part.

    Anamarie's ugly face flickered and her prehensile hair whipped around as she replied, "As long as you pay us... that's the only appreciation we need."

    "Same," Mendel added, his eyes sad. Ever since Ashlyn destroyed his balls, he has lost all his arrogance and attitude.

    Myeisha nodded in acknowledgment. No one in the world does anything for free or appreciation.


    Without any warning, the area began to tremble fiercely and a shocking boom reverberated in their ears.

    "What was that?" Anamarie and others turned around.

    Myeisha's face twisted into horror.

    As she has the ability of Leptokinesis, she could feel the change in molecules. She sensed nano-size particles rushing through the open vents and doors at a speed that resulted in sonic booms.

    Their destructive might didn't destroy the highly enhanced space shuttle, but other than that, everything else was disintegrated. The blue explosion swallowed monsters, gadgets, and robots without any mercy.

    "It is nanites! Retreat!"

    Myeisha turned around and dashed forward.

    The mention of nanites was more than enough to make others terrify. They obviously knew about the method employed by revolutionaries to carry out explosions in cities to destabilize World Government.

    Her brother and other Dark Stars also ran at full speed.

    "There is a vacuum chamber ahead!" Myeisha recalled the map of the space shuttle and she charged in that direction.

    She sensed the nanites catching up, and having no choice, she snapped her teeth and tapped her fingers in the air.

    The molecules in the air joined together, and the resulting fusing created a burst of kinetic energy that pushed her and Harith forward at an explosive speed.

    Alongside this, she made the molecules to stay together to form a force field as they both sped forward. They both covered a distance of hundreds of meters in an instant.

    Behind, Anamarie summoned her hair domain as she realized she couldn't overrun the nanites. Mendel was in similar condition as he launched his phantom red dragon.

    Anamarie was surrounded by needle-thin hair that made the air shimmer as if countless swords were standing.

    "Even Gamma and low-level Beta mutants could delay nanites in the explosions that took place in cities... And unlike those mutants, I have a domain!"

    Sadly for her, the nanites have absorbed a lot of untapped potential from thousands of victims. Even if not for that, the nanites here were in the natural state unlike the ones used by revolutionaries so they were far more dangerous.

    So, when the nanite explosive waves swept at her, her domain torn apart in a flicker of a second.


    Anamarie let out a heart-wrenching scream as the nanites crashed on her. Her body began to inflate and she felt twisting pain as her genes began to combust.

    She didn't know why, but as the nanites began to use her as fuel, she suddenly remembered what Kiba did after he defeated her in a matter of seconds. He didn't kill her despite the overwhelming difference in strength and simply tossed her away by saying:

    "You are living because I want you to. So appreciate the time you have."

    With these words ringing in her soul, she exploded into a shiny blue mass... Alas, she never got the time to appreciate the little time Kiba gave her.

    Mendel's projection of Red Dragon broke apart like glass and disintegrated into energy particles. In the end, it wasn't a real dragon, but just a manifestation of his strength.

    Unlike Anamarie, he didn't recall any scene as he exploded. If he could remember, it would be the moment when his balls were disintegrated by a vicious kick.

    A few hundred meters ahead, Myeisha arrived in another corridor and pressed on a virtual board to activate the vacuum seal.

    Her brother was only a meter away, and as he jumped in, the door started closing. A part of his leg was behind, and Myeisha felt nanites enveloping that part.

    "No choice!"

    Myeisha quickly lowered a finger. The molecules from the thigh portion broke apart, and Harith grunted in agony.

    His leg was practically sliced, and he collapsed in the corridor just as the door closed. Behind, the cleaved leg disintegrated.

    "That was close!"

    Myeisha sank on her knees. Knowing she has lost two companions, she could only sigh. She has barely saved herself and her brother, and she knew if she tried to save everyone, they all would have died.

    Harith looked at her. He didn't like speaking but he wanted to relieve her. So, he said, "At least, we don't have to pay them."

    Myeisha chuckled despite the dry humor.

    "Rise up," She said after a few minutes. "We have to find our parents!"

    Harith let out a grunt in agreement. He consumed a regeneration pill.


    Meanwhile, inside the mountain-like structure.

    The glowing nanites dimmed down as Purgatory - Eclipse came in the picture. The entire mountain turned dark as if overshadowed with endless darkness.

    A streak of golden light flashed across the darkness, and all the sounds disappeared.

    In the same instant, a thin crack ran throughout the streak of golden light; showcasing a depthless space filled with multicolored energy stripes that were constantly twisting to form myriad patterns.

    The vague shadows of demons and ghosts floating inside the patterns howled excitedly.

    The countless nanites chasing Kiba from all sides froze, as if time has stopped.

    Even though there was only one golden streak, but by some complex spatial law, it became superimposed throughout the mountain. A warping force radiated out of the thin crack, and pulled the nanites into the energy stripes.

    Then, the crack disappeared, and the golden streak vanished. Everything returned to normal...


    Kiba wiped sweat drenching from his face. He was exhausting his energy rapidly.

    "Is no one else facing the nanites in the core region?! Otherwise, why the hell I'm handling so much pressure alone?"

    Kiba wondered as he flew up. More nanites came out of the hexagonal blue wax. They were truly never-ending just like the vastness of this mountain.

    Gravity Cage continued to support him as he shot further and further up, disintegrating the nanites coming at him.

    Suddenly, his body jerked and he looked down. Through the infinite blue mass, his vision passed by and stopped on the crack in the layer sealing the mountain. The crack was no longer expanding, and rather, it started filling up; albeit very slowly.

    "No time to waste!"

    His eyes shined brightly, and a golden column of light surrounded him. He rushed up, passing through a sea of nanites and depleting his energy quickly.

    Twenty-second later, his body stopped as he sighted what he has long sought.


    In the midst of endless blue, a small area was clear... glowing with a serene radiance.
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