452 Return to Delta City Part I/II

    Kiba crossed hundreds of miles. He passed by the border of the fantasy land and trial zone when he heard something.



    There were requests for help that wasn't even audible if not for his extraordinary hearing that could even hear miles away if he wished. Since he has only reverted to this form recently, his senses were still enhanced. This was why he heard this request without trying.

    He looked down and passed his senses through the destroyed area. Among countless boulders, there was a metallic glint. His senses swept further and realized there was a vast space shuttle. It was hidden deep underground, but with the destruction created by the nanites, it finally came in sight.

    Kiba wasn't eager to help as he has to return home soon. So he flew ahead.

    But then his body stopped with a jerk as his senses passed through the space shuttle and observed the one begging for help.

    It was a woman.

    A beautiful woman with long black hair. Her physical bearings were of a woman in early forties; completely developed but without any sign of aging.

    Her weight was at all right place and she was stunning especially her breasts which were big. A great portion of her skin was exposed and his senses could see her flawless white skin.

    By appearance alone, she was a MILF! A gorgeous MILF!

    Kiba floated in mid-air and repeated the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."

    His decision was made. He has to help a person in need! A delay of an hour didn't matter in front of a life!

    Transforming into a streak of golden light, he shot downward. The boulders crumbled as he flew further down before stopping on the outside of the space shuttle.

    He placed a hand on the exterior wall and a flash of energy boomed out. The metallic wall was strong and highly durable, but with the passing of time and the recent nanite explosion, it has weakened.

    Now, in front of an Alpha's desire to help a needy woman, it didn't survive.

    A hole was formed and Kiba jumped right in. His senses have already determined the location of the woman, and he quickly rushed in that direction.

    A mile away, there was the woman Kiba wanted to help. She was wearing a white robe but it was torn recently.

    Her name was Ivey!

    "Myiesha...Harith...my children... I don't think I will get to hold you in my arms."

    She cried while fighting a bunch of monsters.

    "Guardian Spirit... it is because of you!"

    She was from Guardian Spirit Village and sent here to the core region for a mission alongside her husband. But a calamity fell and she was not only separated from her husband, but also locked in the space shuttle.

    She lived for years by sustaining on medicines and energy capsules she found in the shuttle. There were amenities in the spaceship, so she wasn't devoid of any facility. But she needed her family!

    Sadly, she never got a chance to leave. There were not only monsters but also traps in the shuttle along with the sealed part that locked her in. She was able to survive until now as she learned to avoid the monsters and traps.

    But an hour ago, she didn't know why but the monsters became agitated and ran here. It was like they were escaping from something.

    Since she was locked in, she wasn't aware that nanite particles have infiltrated the space shuttle. Thankfully, this part of the space shuttle has vacuum-tight seals so she never has to know them. This was why the monsters came to this region...to survive!

    Alas, their survival was risking her's.

    Electricity arcs streamed out of her hands and slammed into the monsters coming at her. She was a Level IV mutant, which signified great strength in most of Earth, but here, not so much especially in front of so many monsters.

    She was able to kill over ten, but now she was exhausted and reaching her end.

    "God! Please help me!"

    She didn't want to die without seeing her children. So, she prayed to god for rescue as she lashed with electricity bolts and shielded herself with an electricity barrier.

    A monster lunged at her and its razor-sharp claws ripped through her barrier. The monster was electrocuted as it destroyed the barrier and collapsed.

    Ivey's pupils constricted as she saw another monster slashing its claw down at her throat. She screamed and stumbled down with her eyes closed as death swept at her.


    She was startled to feel no pain.

    Was death painless?!

    She wondered as she opened her eyes. The monster was still in front of her, but wriggling in mid-air, with its neck gripped by a hand belonging to a golden-haired man.


    He felt her gaze and turned towards her while locking the monster in the air.

    "Are you fine?" Kiba asked politely. His face flashed with genuine concern as he stretched his free hand to offer her support.

    "Ah... yes!" Ivey answered; completely stunned.

    The gods have heard my prayers?!

    Ivey thanked the gods while placing her hand on his. He began to pull her up, gently, and just then, from the corners of her eyes, she noticed more monsters jumping at him.

    "Watch out!" She warned in fear.

    Kiba didn't let go of her hand. With his other hand, he used the monster he has grabbed as a baseball bat, and slammed it on the incoming monsters.

    The monster felt its internal organs and bones mashing up as it collided against its comrades, one after another.

    Ivey was astonished. She saw the poor monster helplessly growling as its body was practically used as a weapon to toss away the other monsters.

    What dumbfounded her further was that the other monsters were similarly helpless. Their attacks didn't make a single difference against the monster bat. They all were sent flying through the air and crashed on the walls, without any strength to crawl up!

    Kiba freed the monster, and it sank on the floor.

    "So powerful!"

    Ivey thought as she finally got on her feet. He looked at her but then quickly shut his eyes and turned around.

    "I'm sorry."

    Ivey was startled by his actions.

    Why was a powerful man like him so nervous?

    She then lowered her body and noticed how most of her dress was torn apart; exposing most of her body. Since was living alone for years, she has forgotten the importance of clothes.

    "...Please, you aren't at fault."

    She was relieved that he didn't try to take any advantage despite his strength. And equally, she was impressed by his character.

    "But I don't have any clothes," She completed.

    "I have spare clothes," Kiba didn't turn around and retrieved a few clothes.

    He tossed them towards her and walked out by saying, "I will wait outside."

    "Thank you!" She thanked him loudly and sighed in relief.

    The clothes he gave her was a checked shirt and pants, and when she wore them, she found them tight, really tight.

    Her chest and nipples were almost poking out of the shirt. She was afraid her shirt will burst at any moment and reveal her breast.

    "They are his clothes so obviously they wouldn't fit me. It is not like he would be carrying women's wardrobe!"

    A few minutes later, she stepped out of the area and entered into a corridor. He was standing against a wall with his eyes shut.

    Now that she has calmed enough and was in no danger, she finally checked him out in full details. He was fit, with a body to die for, and a face that could be only described as devilishly handsome.

    "How could a man be so attractive?"

    She mused as she stared at him.

    "Is everything all right?" Kiba opened his eyes and looked at her.

    "...Yes!" Ivey secretly chided herself for her behavior.

    She walked next to him just as he asked about her...


    In another area of the space shuttle.

    Myiesha and Harith walked through a vast chamber. Myiesha has a smile across her face, but suddenly, she flinched. Her left eye began blinking rapidly.

    "What's going on?" Myiesha was startled.

    She didn't believe in superstition or bad omens, but now, she felt a crisis.

    It was like someone she loved was in danger.

    "Why am I feeling mom is in danger!?"


    A few minutes later, in the area where Kiba and Ivey were standing.

    "You are a mother?!" Kiba's face was filled with disbelief as she completed her sad story.

    "...Yes," She replied.

    "And you were separated from your children for years?!" Kiba's eyes turned misty.

    Ivey nodded her head. The separation was like a sword stabbing her heart.

    Kiba wrapped his arms around Ivey and hugged her tightly. The latter was surprised by his sudden hug, and then shocked when she felt his tears dripping down on her back.

    His entire body radiated sadness!

    "I'm so sorry that you suffered in such a manner," Kiba's voice was hoarse as he sobbed. "A mother doesn't deserve this."

    He continued to shed tears. Tears filled with genuine sadness!

    "He must be a very emotional person!" Ivey thought, surprised by the depth of emotions she felt from him. "With a soft heart for mothers."

    She wasn't wrong.

    Kiba was a really emotional individual with a soft heart for mothers like her. He felt bad she suffered so much.

    How could his heart take her that she was alone for so long?

    Just the thought of her loneliness made him tear up.

    As he hugged her tightly, her breasts pressed against him, and simultaneously, he began sobbing loudly.

    His tears carried immense sorrow.

    How could he be not sad?!

    These lovely, wonderful breasts were not given any care for years! They weren't cupped, kissed, fondled, and treated as they rightly deserved!

    What's worse, her vulnerable nipples weren't sucked!

    Can anything be sadder than this?!

    He just couldn't help himself from breaking down at this thought.

    And just then, he remembered something, and Ivey felt his demeanor turning gloomy.

    "I'm really sorry," Kiba muttered as he thought of her love cave below, hidden between delicate fleshly foldings. "You must have been lonely and cold down here."

    "I was," Ivey confessed with deep emotions.

    Kiba could feel her loneliness. He could imagine how her love cave was untreated for a long time. It deserved intense warmth in a manner she has never received in her entire life.

    "It is my fault," Kiba continued.

    "No, you aren't to be blamed," Ivey rubbed his back as he hugged her. "You couldn't have known I was in need."

    "No, I'm to be blamed!" Kiba persisted with tears. "You were here, suffering from loneliness, and yet, I was having a luxurious lifestyle in a city."

    He knew he was at a fault, and he wouldn't back down from taking responsibility. He has taken a vow to ensure no beauty suffered from loneliness and coldness, regardless of age, but he has failed.

    "You are sweet!" Ivy also wrapped her arms around him. "But don't blame yourself."

    She has never known there were men like him who were righteous to such an extent.

    He was not only righteous, but also chivalrous, kind-hearted, and had a strong sense of morality. She was sure, that as long as men like him existed, the ancient concept of knights wouldn't die!

    "Maybe he is the last of his kind," Ivey thought as she consoled him.


    In another area.

    "Why is the sense of danger turning stronger?!" Myiesha was terrified. Not daring any chance, she and her brother rushed forward at full speed.

    They have gadgets to help them in their task. And thanks to the nanite explosion, most of their troubles were solved.


    Kiba and Ivey continued to hug each other. For Ivey, this was the first time she was in the company of a human in years.

    It has been too long that she has forgotten what warmth felt like. The hug and protective embrace of a man swelled her body with an unknown sensation...

    As the hug continued, she didn't know why or how, but at some time, their lips brushed against each other. Maybe it was due to the outburst of emotions, but when their lips touched each other, they didn't want to be separated.

    Two pairs of lips sealed in a passionate embrace. A finger traced the back of her neck while the warmth in kiss amplified.

    Ivey's breathing turned heavy and her face blushed. She felt her heart beating rapidly as the kiss turned more passionate, with him taking her lower lips between his lips.

    A current passed through her spine as he gently nibbled on her lip. Just as she lost in the delicious sensation, he left her lip and broke the kiss.

    "I'm sorry," Kiba stepped back. "I don't know what came over me."

    Ivey was surprised and she looked at him in a mixture of shock and anger. But her expression softened when she saw guilt on his face.

    "He thinks he took advantage of me!" She reasoned in her heart.

    By now, she has calmed enough and thought of her strange behavior. She has been so taken over by emotions and the loss of years that she began to make out with a man she has met...

    She could accept that, but what astonished her was that she loved every moment of it.

    "What's wrong with me?!"

    Ivey questioned herself.

    As she tried to find an answer, the sounds of steps disturbed her thoughts. She turned her head and was left dumbstruck by what she saw.

    Myiesha and Harith.

    They have grown, their appearance has changed with age, and her daughter has covered her face...but she was completely sure of their identity.

    Her flesh and blood.

    Her children.

    Tears began to drip down her eyes. No words were spoken, and before she knew it, her children threw themselves into her arms.

    In a corner, Kiba looked at the reunion. He had a feeling she was "Dark Star" Myiesha's mother when he heard her story.

    After all, he was there when Myiesha and a woman named Zelda has an argument with a few villagers in Guardian Spirit Village.

    The topic of the argument was Myiesha's parents...

    "So much drama," Kiba thought as the three continued to hug and cry. "And so many interesting stuff."

    He has an idea that this was related to Guardian Spirit. At least, that could explain Myiesha's strength despite being born in a village. Still, there were many puzzling things, but he didn't care enough to find answers.

    Regardless, the only thing he cared about has failed.


    Kiba let out a breath of air in disappointment.

    He broke the kiss and didn't allow things to heat up because he felt the presence of Myiesha and Harith. Had he wanted, he could have delayed the reunion by taking Ivey elsewhere while making out, but he didn't.

    "All things come to those who wait!"

    Kiba mused while eyeing Ivey and Myiesha. He turned around and started walking out.

    "Wait!" Ivey shouted from behind.

    "Yes?" Kiba turned towards her.

    "I never got the chance to thank you..." Ivey stammered. Her mind was confused with the reunion and what happened between them a few minutes ago.

    "There is no need," Kiba replied with a smile. "Helping those in need is a humane thing to do."


    "If you feel obliged," Kiba continued without letting her reply. "Then help another person in need."

    Ivey was stunned, but she nodded. Myiesha, on the other hand, was dumbfounded. She wondered if her ears were working fine or not.

    "He is that Kiba, right?" Myiesha remembered how he robbed auction house, created a riot, and destroyed everything in his path.

    But the Kiba in front of her was so different...

    "Please take this," Myiesha retrieved a crystal card and tossed it to him. "If you need any help, please contact me... Neither I nor my brother are ungrateful people."

    Harith let out a grunt in agreement.

    Kiba read the card and nodded. The card has her contact details including the city she lived in.

    "So easy," Kiba suppressed a smile and put the card in his storage dimension.

    Without waiting for Ivey or others to say anything further, he enveloped himself with a column of golden light and rushed out.

    Ivey looked on as he disappeared and smiled. She would forever remember him.

    Myiesha turned towards her and asked, "Mom...tell me how you were locked...and where is father?"


    Outside, Kiba appeared high above the ground.

    "Fourth law of seduction would come in handy."

    Kiba took out Myisha's contact card and smiled. He didn't get to know her well in the forest or here, but life was big. There was all the time he needed to get what he wanted.

    "Time to get out!"

    He flew away...In Chapter 372, Myiesha's parents were first mentioned. As for Guardian Spirit, check Chapter 370-371. In short, the Guardian Spirit no longer cares about the villagers...
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