453 Return to Delta City Final Par

    The distant parts of the core region consisted of starting points like the wasteland Kiba and Ashlyn first appeared. These starting points ended with a misty wall that would transfer one back to the forest as long as one touches it.

    In a starting zone that resembled a desert, a group of mutants walked between what were formerly sand dunes. The group consisted of Sophia, Verna, Jenina, Divya, Aileen, and a few more mutants.

    "The desert has almost disappeared," Sophia commented. "Seems like that endless explosion enveloped this area as well."

    The depth of sand was barely half a meter. Others noticed it as well, but they were far too gloomy to speak.

    The nanite explosion and the close call with death have shaken their souls. They have lost all their strength and confidence.

    And how could they not after seeing the death of two thousand contestants in front of their eyes, and that too, in the blink of an eye?

    If not for their luck and the fact that the legendary treasure vault was open, they knew they be dead just like other contestants.

    They were sure more life forms must have died as not even half were in the trial zone. After all, based on previous records, most would try their luck in these starting points or areas near the trial zone.

    Even by optimistic estimation, the number of survivors wouldn't be over thirty including them.

    Perhaps, the only other people who survived the calamity would be those who left earlier... but given the desires and the fact that there were a few days remaining for the core region to close, such people would be in minority.

    "So many talented youngsters, powerful mutants, and old-timers died. Factions around the globe would be shocked by this tragedy... the revolutionaries would have to pay the price of blood!"

    Aileen thought.

    She then looked at the back of her young miss and recalled her actions. She wasn't proud of how she escaped without trying to help Sophia.

    With a barely audible sigh, she closed the distance and walked alongside Sophia.

    "Miss, I'm really sorry for my conduct," Aileen apologized. "I will take any punishment you deem fit."

    The sight of the nanite explosion has overpowered her sense of duty and loyalty.

    Sophia glanced at her and then looked straight.

    "I don't blame you," Sophia responded with a faint smile. "If anything, I'm grateful."

    "Grateful?" Aileen was startled.

    "Yes," Sophia nodded. "Mom told me in a crisis, you could only rely on yourself and no one else. I didn't really understand what she meant as you and others were always there to protect me."

    "....." Aileen grimly smiled.

    She concluded her young miss now knew a bit about the working of the world. She then reasoned, perhaps this was the major reason why young miss' parents sent her here... to witness bloodshed.

    Still, Aileen was relieved that her young miss was the same. Her personality hasn't been affected.

    "Mistress has nurtured young miss well," Aileen thought to herself.

    As she was lost in thoughts, Jenina took quick steps and arrived next to Sophia.

    "Zed would be safe, right?" Jenina asked the question that was bugging her for a long time. He has been separated when they had just arrived in the palace, so she was worried that he would have been consumed by the nanite explosion just like others. After all, in front of nanites, strength didn't matter.

    "I don't know," Sophia replied while thinking she was not a seer. "But I believe, he would be able to pull a miracle..."

    "You are right," Jenina agreed as she remembered the so many impossible things he has achieved.

    "Gods wouldn't let a kind-hearted man like him die," Verna added from behind.

    "Yes, they wouldn't," Sophia nodded.

    She was also worried but she didn't want to think about it. Just the thought would make her heart sank and her guts twist.


    Suddenly, she felt something and raised her head to look at a distant point in the sky. A black hovercraft rushed through the sky before disappearing on the horizon.

    Her eyes lit up and her face brightened.

    "He is alive!"

    She clapped her hands happily.


    The others around her were bewildered.

    Far away, high in the sky, Kiba levitated with his eyes on Sophia.

    "Young pervert, take care."

    He muttered under his breath before turning around and flying away.

    A minute ago, he used his psychic powers on her so that she would see the unique hovercraft owned by Zed...

    In the desert, Sophia was finally free of worries. She then thought something and a frown appeared on her cute face.

    "What about that shameless villain?"

    Sophia placed a hand on her chin and pondered.

    "Scoundrels like him have nine lives! Even if by some chance he died, he would shamelessly revive back by conning Yama!"


    Kiba stopped in mid-air after he arrived before the boundary wall.

    "It is time, Enchantia."

    Kiba said as he took out the black band she gave him. He no longer needed it.

    [[It is.]]

    Her voice entered his mind while the band started fading from existence.

    "I really pray that humans continue to amuse you in other World Fragments..."


    Kiba placed a hand on the wall and spatial force surged out. The force enveloped him completely. As he teleported away, his final words rang through the air.

    "And that you continue to get your jollies from human conflicts."


    Enchantia was left speechless by the innuendo implying sexual arousal.


    Desolate Blood Forest.

    Hundreds of mutants were waiting outside the meteorite for their companions to return. They were ready for any possible conflict that would result from human greed. The battle tanks, rocket launchers, and other vehicles were in stand by, ready to engage.

    Presently, many of the waiting people were engaged in a conflict with two identical twins.

    So, when Kiba appeared outside the forest, he saw a scene from a war: fire, smoke, wooden shards, and dust filling the air. Broken trees, craters, and destroyed vehicles lying around. Missiles, grenades, laser beams flying through the hazy air while mutants grunting in pain.

    He heard leaders passing orders as their destructive attacks were repelled back.

    "So they were here... having fun."

    Kiba didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    The twins noticed his presence despite the smoke and dust. They greeted him with an innocent smile that a child displays when caught doing something she shouldn't.


    The mutants, in the meantime, tried to take advantage of the distraction. They launched more attacks on the twins.

    "Don't attack us!" Madison stomped on the ground. "Otherwise, daddy wouldn't forgive you!"

    Alongside, hundreds of crimson ring conjured around the attackers, much to their horror. She clenched a hand, and the rings flashed forward. Before the attackers could do anything, the crimson rings penetrated their bodies and devoured every droplet of blood.


    Lillian appeared before him like a phantom. She hugged him tightly, and then begged with tears in her eyes, "We only appeared here to make you proud! So please, don't punish us!"


    Madison also appeared and hugged him from behind. She rubbed her breasts against his back tightly before saying, "And if you want to punish us... please don't slap our tight, little ass!"


    Kiba smiled before grabbing Lillian's ass and slapping on it. She lifted her head to look at him in eyes, and just then, he pressed his lips against her... even as he continued to playfully slap her tight ass.

    "Daddy! That's not fair! I can't let sis take all the punishment!" Madison twirled her tongue on his earlobe before leaning forward.

    Kiba freed a hand and moved it on her ass. She gasped as he fondled it roughly.

    "Ah!" Madison soon found her lips locked by his. As she lost herself in the kiss and contrasting sensation from her ass, she was really proud of her daddy. He was completely fair!

    A minute later, the three began to kiss each other, sharing warmth and passion.

    "Daddy! This is enough punishment for now!"

    Lillian remarked with her face flushed. She jumped back with Madison. The latter lifted a finger, and a plethora of crimson rings enveloped them. A dazzling crimson flash erupted.

    "Goodbye, daddy!"

    Madison's voice came from the crimson flash.

    "Our little family would reunite soon!" Lillian added, her voice filled with sadness. "But for now, we have to leave!"

    "So that we can make you proud," Madison said as the flash disappeared. "Love you!"

    Kiba smiled and waved a hand. He was expecting this from the start. Still smiling, he turned into a beam of golden light and shot off.


    Miles away, a cave existed inside a mountain, hidden by natural greenery. Red Tiger and her cubs stood at the mouth of the cave, looking at the horizon which was splashed with orange as the sun began to descend.

    It has been almost a week since Red Tiger returned from the core region, without getting anything due to the nature of her leave. She didn't mind it though. Leaving was a request made by her savior.

    As the night took over, she grabbed her cubs in an embrace. Every moment in the forest was a matter of life and death, and surviving was very difficult.

    A beast never knew when life might end. So, she appreciated every moment she was in the presence of her children.

    Slowly, she rose up and took the cubs to the inside of the cave. She has hunted before and gave the cubs their favorite meat.

    As the cubs devoured the meat, she couldn't help but remember the night when her savior had dinner here with a woman companion. Her eyes sparkled at the memory.

    She blinked, and when her eyes opened, she saw the familiar figure sitting next to her cubs! Red Tiger was astonished and she jumped on him.

    "Haha, I missed you as well!" Kiba said as she began to lick him. The cubs were similarly surprised and jumped on his lap.

    "As much as I appreciate the welcome, I think my stomach is in need of food," Kiba rubbed their heads.

    Red Tiger nodded and quickly went out to hunt...


    Half an hour later, the smell of barbecued meat came out of the cave. Kiba feasted on a chicken leg while looking at the tiger and her cubs.

    "I'm going back to my home," Kiba said. "In the morning."

    Red Tiger was shocked and sadness swelled in her heart. She lowered her head and the cubs did the same.

    They didn't want to be separated...not this soon.

    "Would you like to come with me?" Kiba asked.

    Red Tiger instantly lifted her head and then lowered it to nod.

    "Are you sure?" Kiba didn't want her to make a decision in a hurry.

    She quickly nodded and the cubs also agreed.

    "Well, then let's pack!"

    Kiba jumped on his feet and looked at them with a warm smile.


    Sunlight cut through the night sky and fell on the exterior of Desolate Blood Forest. Dewdrops glinted under the morning sunlight and birds chirped.

    Suddenly, a whistling sound reverberated through the woods and airwaves swept out. The birds flew away from their nests while looking in the sky.

    A jet was rapidly approaching the ground! The moment it landed, dust stirred and rose up in the air.

    Some distance away, Kiba stood with a digital tablet in his hand. The tablet flashed a dot marking the private jet in front of him.

    Now that he was on the exterior of the forest, he could communicate and send signals. Claudia has parked the jet in some desolate island nearby, so, when he sent the signal, it took the jet only an hour to arrive.

    The tiger family stood next to him, amazed by the jet and its appearance. They flinched in shock when the door opened up on its own and airstair came out.

    [[Master...]] Claudia sent her voice out.

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    "Don't worry," Kiba could feel her concern in her feminine mechanical voice. "


    have succeeded."

    [[That's great.]]

    She knew he was giving her credit, but she wasn't concerned about that. All she wanted was her master to be happy. That's all mattered.

    Through the sensors embedded in the jet, she sensed the presence of the tiger family.

    [[They are?]]

    "Friends like family," Kiba answered.


    The cargo door of the jet opened up. The earlier door wasn't big enough for Red Tiger to step through.

    "Let's go," Kiba helped the tiger and her cubs enter the door. Nervously, the tiger family sat on the plane. They were worried about harming anything in the plane and creating trouble for their host.

    "Consider it as your own property," Kiba knew their worry. "Besides, even if you destroyed something by mistake, it wouldn't cost me."

    Red Tiger's eyes flashed.

    She remembered him mentioning generous people who would share precious resources with him, without expecting anything in return. Of course, she didn't know his definition of sharing meant robbing for others.

    If we destroyed something, those generous people would undo the damage...

    Red Tiger thought naively.

    Now, without any worry, the tiger and the cubs made themselves completely comfortable on the plane. Kiba walked into the living area to sit down on a chair near a window.

    A few minutes later, the boosters emanated out blue light and the jet took off. It shot through layers of clouds...


    Thirteen hours later.

    The jet flew 35 thousand feet above a giant body of water. Kiba glanced out and saw water mirroring reflections of familiar, tall buildings. His lips spread to form a smile.



    In a game parlor.

    Olly was playing a virtual reality game with his friends. Suddenly, a tingling sensation crawled through his skin and his hairs stood up.

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