454 Something Delicious

    Dream Rise House was located in a quiet, private neighborhood. Spanning for an area of over 50 thousand sq. feet, the modern villa dazzled in luxury. With the panoramical view of lush greenery that surrounded the villa and the waterfall upon which it was partly built, the villa was no less than the private resorts used by the rich for a tropical retreat.

    This ideal holiday space was Zed's home.

    Presently, hundreds of meters underground, the jet parked in Section III. As Kiba stepped out, he was greeted with the sight of Agatha.

    "Welcome back," Agatha said.

    "Thanks!" Kiba glanced at her belly and smiled. "I'm not late."

    "You are not," Agatha agreed. She was due more than a month later.

    Behind, Red Tiger and her cubs leaped out of the jet. They nervously looked around, awestruck by the sight.

    Kiba felt their emotions and sighed. He knew the change in the environment... from a jungle to a tech run world would be hard for them to adapt.

    Agatha walked towards the tiger family with a warm smile on her face. Claudia has told her about them so she wasn't surprised by their appearance.

    Red Tiger opened her mouth to roar as Agatha stepped towards her. She didn't trust humans, but just as she was about to roar, she sensed something from Agatha.

    She locked her senses on Agatha's belly from where she felt a presence similar to her savior.

    "Introductions are in order," Agatha said, using a voice translator. "I'm Agatha... a temporary guest here."

    At the same time, as Agatha and the tiger family introduced each other, Kiba walked out of Section III and arrived in Section I - the lab.

    A floating board appeared in front of him and he placed a hand on it. Rays of white light erupted from his palm to turn into multiple items.

    Stardust Mushroom, Iceblood Flower, Vermilion Moon Fruit, Seven-petal Golden Rose, Level V Three-headed Cobra's gall.

    The board took the items away to examine them.

    [[The main component?]]

    Claudia's voice came from the hidden speakers embedded throughout the lab.

    Kiba lifted his right hand and a flash of light appeared to conjure into a crystalline container.

    The gleaming droplets inside dazzled like a bright sun, making the container flash. The silver bracelet and the ring on his hand shimmered under the flash.

    "It wasn't hard to get," Kiba handed the container to a medical droid.

    [[I guessed so.]] Claudia replied in a matter of factly tone. [[You must have had a blast there.]]

    "... Yeah," Kiba said with a sheepish smile as he recalled the things he has done.

    [[If the sensors in the bracelet have not read your body signals wrong, I believe you must have helped unhappy couples, and shared warmth with a lot of lonely women.]]

    "......." Kiba was caught off-guard.

    He has forgotten the sensors in the bracelet were programmed to read his heartbeats, blood flow, brainwaves, and other biological activities. Now that he was back, the sensors have sent the report to Claudia.

    [[So, I was right.]] Claudia said as if it was very obvious. [[You are such an inspiration, sir. Even continuing your city job in a dangerous land.]]


    [[Other humans are such a disgrace. They always try to avoid work by making one excuse or another. But not you, sir.]]


    [[World Government should hire you as their ambassador to promote work ethics.]]


    Kiba's lips twitched from her praise. He made a coughing sound and changed the subject, "Run virtual simulation after the cure is prepared. And test it on our remaining guinea pig."

    He glanced at the furthest corner of the lab where a revolutionary was confined to a table. The other revolutionaries died in research experiments he conducted before leaving for the forest.

    [[Understood, sir.]]

    She has enough data to prepare the cure now that both the main and side components were available.

    On the virtual screens around the lab, genetic data flashed as the droids and gadgets began working.

    [[Will you be visiting her?]]

    Claudia asked while materializing a digital screen in front of him. The screen projected a live feed from Felicity's room. She was still in the medical slumber... sleeping with a peaceful smile.

    "No," Kiba shook his head. "I will go after the cure is ready."

    He swept the screen away.

    [[I understand.]]

    Claudia knew he couldn't stand to see her like that.

    Kiba lay down on the examination table which was a motorized platform.

    "Run a detailed full-body scan," He said as he shut his eyes.

    Claudia did as he asked. The motorized platform moved under the high-tech scan machine, and multicolored beams emitted from all sides, enveloping his body.

    [[The scan should complete in an hour.]]



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    Suzane put on an apron and began preparing food. There were gadgets to help her in most tasks, but she still has to do quite a lot.

    Adjoining kitchen, there was a vast drawing-room, and at the end of the drawing-room, there were the doors connecting to three bedrooms.

    The ending portion of the drawing-room was used for dining as well. The brown dining table was there, with five chairs. On the host chair, Morgan sat watching tv, while next to him, Olly sat. The latter has an uncomfortable look on his face which no one noticed, at least not his father...

    "Where is Loren?" Morgan absentmindedly asked while enjoying the game of soccer playing on tv.

    "She is out with Jessica," Olly answered. "Most likely, at Felicity's house."

    "Ok," Morgan didn't ask anything further and focused on the game. He wanted his favorite player to score well.

    While his father cheered for the game, Olly buried his face in his hands.

    The time for dinner was near, but with every second, the twisting sensation in his guts intensified further. His heart was sinking deeper and butterflies ran through his stomach.

    "I'm getting paranoid for no reason!" Olly reassured himself and gulped down an entire glass of water.

    In the kitchen, Suzane hummed her favorite song as she chopped vegetables.


    As she hummed, a pair of hands suddenly wrapped her from behind.

    "I can smell something truly delicious here."

    A very familiar voice entered her ears, making her tremble from excitement...
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