455 Fun In The Kitchen!

    In the kitchen, as Suzane hummed a tune while chopping vegetables, a pair of hands wrapped her from behind.

    "I can smell something truly delicious here."

    A very familiar voice entered her ears... A voice she hasn't heard over two months, but the one she constantly imagined playing in her fantasies.


    Suzane's face flushed and her heart stirred.

    "You have returned?!"

    Suzane felt she was in a dream.

    "Yes," Kiba replied. "And came here the moment I saw your messages."

    Suzane felt a chill crawling her spine as she thought of the messages she has sent.

    "Anyways, let's forget that stuff," Kiba checked her clothing. "You look sexy in this skirt and apron."

    His one hand rubbed her flat belly through the fabric of her clothes while his other hand slipped between her legs.

    His lips pressed on the side of her neck for a gentle kiss.

    "And you taste delicious!"

    Kiba took the soft skin of her neck between his lips and nibbled down on it. At the same time, two fingers traced the outside of her pussy, making her squirm.

    She let out a suppressed moan as she felt his hardon pushing against her ass.

    The indirect touches and the lips on her neck made her desire for pleasure erupt. She knew the ecstasy he could give to her.

    As the lust began to take over, a spark of rationality flashed through her mind.

    "We can't do this now!" Suzane freed herself from his hands and turned towards him.

    His refined, handsome facial features made her body again erupt in desires. It took everything in her to not jump on him like a wild cat and tear his clothes so that she could have his huge cock jammed into her waiting cunt.

    "My husband and son are outside! They are waiting for dinner!" Suzane tried to reason with him.

    She was worried. Her husband or son could come at any moment, and she would have no excuse to defend herself.

    "Let them wait," Kiba took her chin in his hand and lifted it up. His eyes landed on hers, making her shiver in excitement.

    She opened her mouth to reason again, but he placed a finger over her lips.

    "Relax," His finger gently rubbed against her red lips. "As long as we don't scream, the tv sound would save us. Besides, when men watch sports, they almost turn into idiots who only care about the match and nothing else, not even their hot wives. So, don't worry."

    She visibly relaxed, trying to believe his reasoning over hers. Her relaxation was partly due to how they **ed in a restaurant washroom and in a hospital while her husband and son were nearby, without arousing any suspicion.

    Soon, his lips zoomed in with hers and they started making out.

    They kissed like a pair of teenagers; eagerly sharing saliva and exploring each other's mouth. Their tongues twirled into each other, engaging in a battle of lust...

    Suzane has the biggest set of natural breasts Kiba has ever explored, and as their tongues fought with each other, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest.

    His hands slid into the sides of the apron and moved up.

    Suzane gasped in the middle of kissing as she felt his hands on her blouse. He held her breasts and squeezed them.

    Their soft but firm sensation against his hands made his fingers burn with desires. He began fondling them eagerly.

    Suzane pressed her lips more tightly against his as he continued his onslaught on her breasts. She could feel them swelling and her nipples hardening.

    His lips freed from hers, and moved down on her body before she could lock her lips again.

    From her rosy lips to her beautiful chin to her throat; he planted every portion of her exposed skin with warm kisses.

    He stopped after he arrived on her wonderfully rounded breasts. They were on brink of ripping out of the blouse and apron.

    "You have the best breasts out there!" Kiba praised while squeezing them against each other.

    "This is the reason you always return, right?" Suzane asked, her breathing uneven. She knew he was a player with god knows how many women at his disposal, both young and mature. For him to return, despite the choice of so many stunning women, she felt it must be due to her breasts.

    "No," Kiba shook his head while looking at her face. "I return because you are a beautiful woman, from head to toe, and it would be stupid to not come back for more."

    Suzane blushed at the compliment.

    Kiba let out a small grin. Her apron magically fell down and he bent his face forward, kissing on the swells of her breasts.

    Her blouse and bra did little to hinder his passionate kisses.

    Suzan felt a current running through her body. This current turned stronger as his lips explored every fiber of her breasts, gently tracing over her hardened nipples.

    She couldn't take the teasing any longer. She wanted his direct kisses, not over her clothes.

    Quickly, she unclipped her blouse and bra. They both collapsed on the floor, and his lips now made direct contact with her milky white breasts.

    "They are gorgeous!"

    He kissed across her breasts, his warm lips wandering from her right to left. As he kissed over her left breasts, she guided her nipple to his lips.

    Kiba opened his lips, and she felt his breath over her nipple. She gasped in expectation of him sucking her nipple, but he flicked his tongue on her nipple, making her groan from the unexpected.

    His tongue traced the circle around her nipple before rolling on her nipple. After teasing her for a long time, he finally took her nipple between his lips to suck it passionately.

    His one hand moved on her back to press her close to him while his other hand pinched her free nipple.

    As this continued, his cock stirred in his pants. It turned harder and pulsated with a desire to shove it deep into her pussy.

    Suzane arched her head back and shut her eyes. She lost herself in the mesmerizing sensation her body was in. The strain and the dissatisfaction she has been holding for weeks melted under this mesmerization sensation.

    Her hips gyrated on their own violation and goosebump erupted all over the body. She shivered, yelped, and hold his head tightly as a feeling she has been missing for weeks finally swept over her senses.


    Much to Kiba's surprise, she orgasmed intensely from foreplay. His mouth separated from her breasts and moved up.


    As Suzane basked in the delightful sensation of orgasm, she felt her mouth sealed again. She responded by kissing back, her eyes still closed.

    Their kiss finally ended a minute later as she the orgasmic feeling calmed down.

    "I really needed that!" Suzane opened her eyes and looked at him. "Thank you."

    Kiba smiled and said, "You must be under a lot of stress to orgasm so easily."

    "Yeah, I haven't climaxed from months until a few minutes ago!"

    Suzane squeezed her tits and leaned down to give him a show. She rubbed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and then licked them.

    "Well, as your trainer, it is my duty to keep you fit and give you all the orgasms you need," Kiba stepped behind her and pressed her against a table.

    "I know," Suzane bent over the table and placed her hands on it.

    She knew the motto of the gym he ran: Fucking is the best medicine.

    He pushed a strand of hair on the side of her neck and kissed on it. His hands then moved down her back, tracing over it.

    Slowly, he undid her skirt and tugged her white panties down. Her ass was gorgeous, smooth and round.

    "I will have this ass someday!" Kiba cupped her ass cheeks, holding them tightly.

    "You can have it anytime!" Suzane replied.

    The prospect of giving her anal cherry to her lover instead of her husband turned on her. She couldn't believe how she was changing ever since that fateful day in the gym...

    "Well, not today," Kiba said while licking his lips. "Now, I want to feast on this sweet pussy."

    He sank down on his feet and noticed the sides of her pussy glistening with moisture.

    She was wet and emitting warmth...

    It was a sign of his determination and control that he didn't shove his tongue right down her pussy and sucked her clit.

    He wanted to enjoy her, but slowly and at his own pace.

    He ran his fingers through the insides of her thighs and arrived near her swelled flesh. Gently, like fleeting wind, his fingertips made circles around her pussy.


    Her breathing turned heavy as his fingers barely touched the top of her pussy lips. He was teasing her, building arousal in her post-orgasmic pussy.


    On the dining table, the father and son duo were enjoying the game on the tv. Their favorite team was playing good so far. There was a great chance of the team scoring to victory.

    "Olly, ask your mom how long it would take for dinner," Morgan commanded with his focus on the tv. "And bring some popcorn as well."

    "Ok, dad."

    Olly left his chair and happily walked towards the kitchen. His steps were slow and his face was bright.

    He has finally gotten over his paranoia!

    With lit eyes, he turned towards the kitchen and opened his lips to ask his mom about dinner. But no one words came out of his mouth...

    His body trembled while his face turned ashen. Barely thirty meters away, his beautiful mother has bent over a circular kitchen table, resting on her elbows. Her white panties were pulled down and her breasts exposed.

    A head was between her legs, kissing the inside of her smooth thighs.

    Olly felt every drop of blood inside his body being sucked away. He couldn't see the face of the person close to his mother's sacred region due to the direction, but seeing the golden-hair, he knew the identity.

    No, even without the hair, he would know who it was.


    He collapsed as if the floor under his feet was pulled away.

    "No! I must be imagining this! My paranoia has returned! It is showing me something I fear the most!"

    Hopeful, he lifted his head and looked in front. The sound of uneven breathing and faint moans couldn't be any clearer nor the appearance of lips planting gentle kisses.

    Olly's heart squeezed as he unblinkingly stared and realized the scene in front of him wasn't his imagination. It was real!

    The pussy hound has returned!

    As Olly came to this conclusion, Kiba freed his lips of Suzane's thighs and turned his head towards Olly.

    Without saying anything, he gave Olly a thumbs-up and smiled brightly. It was like a secret signal between two trusted companions! Almost as if saying - 'everything is fine here, you do your part and we will succeed!'

    "Kiba, don't tease me!" Suzane was waiting for him to eat her. She couldn't handle this prolonged teasing of him taking a big break.

    Having sent the signal, Kiba got back between her thighs. He let out a soft breath from his lips and blew it across over her fleshly foldings.


    She gasped in joy.

    Then, he slid a finger between her fleshly folding, making her shudder...

    Olly, in the meantime, was barely clinging to his life. He got on his feet, not knowing what to do. Just then, a bowl of popcorn flew towards him. The bowl stopped after coming near his chest.


    Olly shed bitter tears in his heart. He has been in enough situations to know what Kiba wanted.

    Cursing the gods and Kiba alike, he took the popcorn and returned to his father. Thankfully, his father was busy looking at the tv and didn't notice Olly's cramped face.

    "What did your mom say about dinner?" Morgan didn't turn around and took the popcorn bowl.

    Olly recalled what he has just witnessed. Trying to answer logically, he replied, "It would take a while... a very long while!"

    "Oh! Your mom must be preparing something delicious for it to take so long!" Morgan was pleased.

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