456 Mouth-watering Balls!

    Kiba kissed the back of her left thig and moved up. Suzane caught her breath as she felt Kiba's lips moving dangerously close to her pussy.

    Wanting his lips on her fleshly foldings, she lowered down, planting her pussy right between his mouth.

    "You really smell delicious!"

    Her scent of arousal made Kiba push his tongue out. He couldn't stand it any longer as well, and this was clear as his tongue ran around her pussy lips.

    "Please! Stop teasing! Eat me!" Suzane wanted him to lick and eat her pussy.

    Kiba couldn't turn down a request of a woman, especially one who was a Good Wife and Good Mother.  His tongue moved from the sides of her pussy lips to between them. He gave it a slow, but long lick, from the start to end, stopping on her clit.


    Suzane softly moaned as his tongue parted her foldings and thrust into her sopping pussy. His tongue swirled in and out of her pussy, rapidly, licking her sweet juices. With every thrust, his tongue moved deeper into her soaking pussy.


    Her pussy convulsed and she began to shake. Knowing what it implied, he sucked the flesh between her foldings in his mouth and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

    She erupted with juices as the waves of orgasmic pleasure hit her.

    Kiba jumped on his feet, his mouth covered with her juices. She was trembling with her eyes glaze from the climax, but when she noticed him, she leaned her face on him, wiping her juices with her lips.

    "You taste really good," Kiba smiled as she cleaned his mouth of her juices.

    "I know something that tastes far better!" Suzane pushed him against the table and kneeled down. She unzipped and unhooked his pants, and then slid them down.

    "It makes me sound like a slut, but god, I have been waiting for it for too long!"

    She thought as his cock sprang on her face.

    It stood straight, proudly, defying gravity despite the extraordinary length and thickness.

    "How can a woman go back to plain, vanilla sex after being hammered by this monster?"

    Her cheeks turned a shade of darker as the warmth and pulsation from the erect cock radiated. She wrapped both her hands at the end of his shaft and began to stroke him.

    "My turn to give you pleasure!"

    The pulsating heat made her shove her tongue out. She closed her lips against the tip of his cock and licked it.

    Her hands continued to rub along the length of his cock, stroking him, while her tongue licked the tip then the entire mushroom head.

    Suzane smiled as she felt his excitement by the pre-cum oozing out.

    Pleased, she guided his cock to her lips. She opened them and took him into her mouth.

    As his cock slid further into her mouth, she closed her lips around it. Almost half of his shaft was inside her, reaching the end of her throat.

    She then started bobbing up and down his cock. Her eyes wandered on his face, and noticed his lustful look. It made her pussy wet again, and she increased the pace of sucking his cock.

    A minute later, her pace slowed once again. Kiba wanted the pace to be faster, so he said, "Let me help you."

    She wondered what he meant when she felt him grabbing the back of her head. He took control from her, and began slamming her mouth with long strokes.

    She shivered as he **ed her mouth. He was treating her mouth like a hole to **, and the treatment made her further wet.

    A few minutes later, she gasped for breath as he rammed till the end of her throat, making her deep throat him.

    Finally, satisfied, she was able to let his cock slip out of her mouth. She took a deep breath and then kissed the back of the shaft while looking him into his eyes.

    "You certainly have improved," Kiba praised her honestly.

    Suzane grinned at the praise. Before she joined the gym, she was repulsed by the thought of giving oral sex, but then meeting him changed everything.

    His praise signifying her improvement made her happy. Eager to show her happiness, she licked every inch of his shaft before slipping down on his balls.

    Kiba trembled in pure ecstasy as her tongue swirled around his balls. Slowly, she took them between her lips...

    Meanwhile, in the living room.

    Morgan felt thirsty after eating popcorn. He glanced at the water bottle on the dining table and noticed it was empty.

    "I will get water," Morgan rose to his feet.

    Olly was both shocked and afraid. He jumped and said, "N-no, dad. I will get it."

    Morgan was startled by his son's reaction. He then remembered how his wife told him that he was always strict on Olly. He realized the negative effect of his strict behavior and that softened his heart.

    "No need, son," Morgan placed a hand on Olly's shoulder and said. "You enjoy the match."


    Olly never got the chance to continue as his father left.

    "Oh God!"

    Olly slumped down on the chair. He could imagine how angry his father would become and come back with a fierce appearance, ready to kill.

    "God, I know you hate me! But please, don't punish me like this! Let my father remain oblivious to the green hat he is wearing!"

    Olly clapped his hands tightly to pray.

    "At least, don't let him know my role in putting the green hat!"

    Morgan entered the kitchen and stopped in shock. He expected his wife to be cooking.

    "What are you doing?!"

    Morgan asked as he saw Suzane on her knees, in front of the big refrigerator with its door opened. She was clad back in her apron and skirt, though her bra and other items were missing, not as he would notice.

    The door of the refrigerator was a heaven-sent gift for him. It made impossible for him to see something that would have given him a heart attack.

    Kiba, with his erect cock, pointed at Suzane's face. Saliva dripping down from his glistening balls...

    "What am I doing?" Suzane thought of Kiba's balls she has taken between her lips, like a hungry slut. "Before you disturbed me, I was tasting mouth-watering balls."

    "Balls? You mean meatballs?!" Morgan asked.

    "Ah... isn't that obvious!?" Suzane nodded while eyeing Kiba's balls.

    "I guess so," Morgan agreed. He was only bewildered by the pleased tone she earlier used to refer to meatballs.

    Still, there was no need for her to be kneeling on the floor though, especially with the refrigerator door open.

    He then thought of the food positions. There were special dishes which should be tasted in special ways to enjoy them to the fullest; just like how there was a certain way of drinking tea in ancient times.

    Could kneeling like that be the best position for tasting those mouth-watering meatballs she mentioned!? And could she be hiding the balls behind the refrigerator door because she didn't want to share it with anyone?! Or she needs cool air...

    As Morgan lost in thoughts, Kiba used the chance to pull Suzane's face onto his cock. The refrigerator door hid a part of her face, giving him enough opportunities to shove his balls onto her closed lips.

    Suzane was shocked. Her husband was barely twenty meters away, looking in her direction. Yet in front of him, her lips were sealed against another man's balls!

    The illicit situation made her salivate and her pussy quiver from excitement.

    Not wasting any time, she parted her lips and took one of Kiba's balls in her mouth. Inside her mouth, she sucked his ball, and swirled her tongue around.

    The combined sensation of her mouth and tongue serving him were amazing and heavenly, not only for him, but for her, as well.

    "Suzane?" Morgan finally broke out of his thoughts.

    Suzane freed her mouth and leaned back. She licked her lips to suck the remnant presence of Kiba's balls on her lips, and said, "Oh god! They are delicious!"

    "You like them that much?" Morgan asked; surprised that she was tasting the balls even now.

    He was happy though. He was finally getting a chance to engage in a conversation with her. Unlike before, she was in a good mood, even if it was due to those balls she mentioned.

    "Yes!" Suzane looked at Kiba's cock and balls, and salivated again from desire.

    She then thought of how they would pump out white juice to fill her pussy and mouth. So, she truthfully added, "They are going to fill me soon!"

    "Wow~ Those meatballs must be extraordinary!?"

    Morgan was stunned by these balls' capacity to satisfy her appetite.

    "Yes! They are the ultimate creation of God!"

    Suzane replied as the warm sensation between her legs turned stronger. She could feel the pleasure she was about to receive from them, and it made her further wet from expectations.

    Morgan was further amazed by the praise she was showering on these balls. He wondered what type of meat they were made of...

    "What do you want?" Suzane didn't want to wait any longer so she asked, annoyed.

    "I...well, a water bottle," Morgan stepped towards the refrigerator to take it on his own.

    "No need," Suzane said.

    Kiba leisurely grabbed a water bottle from the freezer compartment and handed it to her. She then tossed it to her husband.

    "Honey, I'm going to be busy," Suzane glanced at him and said, "Enjoy your match."

    "O-ok," Morgan got the clue and left.


    Olly was shivering on his chair. He was waiting for hell to lose, and his father to become a demon; thirsting for the blood of his unfilial son and cheating wife.

    He heard stepping sound and raised his head. What he saw left him shocked.

    His father was returning but with a pleasing look! He seemed happy and relieved!

    "Your mother is tasting meatballs."

    Morgan said as he sat down.

    "And based on her euphoric tone, I think she loves them!"

    Olly sighed in relief as he concluded his cuckold father was still clueless. And as he thought of meatballs, he visualized a graphic scene of his mother licking Kiba's balls. A scene that made him tremble.

    Morgan unmuted the tv and remarked, "I must be clueless of her tastes!"

    "Dad, you have no idea how right you are!"
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