457 The Lone Hero Spreading Happiness!

    In the kitchen, as Morgan left, Suzane swirled her tongue around Kiba's balls for a long time. She tongued, licked, and made love with them through her lips.

    Then, she started licking his cock, slowly, from the base to the tip and back. She felt more drops of pre-cum oozing out, and it made her tremble from excitement. She flung at the tip, wiping more drops of pre-cum.

    "Oh god! I love this cock!"

    She thought as she opened her mouth wide and took him to the end of her throat.  Closing her seductive lips around his shaft, she took him into her open mouth, sucking him fast and hard.

    Her mouth moved up and down, and Kiba's breath lowered. He loved her mouth and the way she sucked him. She was practically worshipping with her mouth, blowing his cock.

    A few minutes later, she slipped him out of her mouth and wiped her lips. She then raised her head and looked at Kiba.

    "That was a close call!"

    Suzane said as she recalled how her husband almost caught her.

    "Had you not noticed, we would have been caught!"

    She sighed in relief as she recalled how shocked she was when he mentioned her husband was coming. She was at a complete loss, but not him.

    He didn't panic at all!

    He dressed her and then hide behind a refrigerator door! Everything in less than a minute!

    Such a speedy response was at an impossible level.

    It was like he has mastered the art of dressing a naked woman and hiding!

    Then there was him taking advantage of her while her husband remained clueless, despite everything happening right before his eyes! It was such a thrilling situation that she had a mini-climax from the risk of being caught!

    "I told you, there was nothing to worry about."

    Kiba helped her get on her feet. He quickly tossed out her apron and other distracting clothes, and then feasted his eyes on her naked body.

    Looking at those stunning breasts, he couldn't help but squeeze them. They felt wonderful.

    Suzane gasped before grabbing his cock and saying, "I need this hard cock inside me, right now!"

    "Who am I to refuse?" Kiba left her breasts and turned her around.

    He bent her over the platform near the sink and rubbed her vaginal foldings with his fingers. Glistening wetness greeted him, and he smiled as he thought of how turned she was on after that close call with her husband. The same went for him, he was rock-hard.

    "I'm ready!"

    Suzane rested on her hands and waited for him to penetrate her. Kiba didn't make her wait long. He gripped her waist and guided his erection into her entrance. Slowly, he rubbed it against her wet slit, teasing her.

    "Don't make me wait!"

    She wanted him inside.


    Her eyes turned wide as he finally pushed his mushroom head into her.


    With every inch slipping into her, her vision darkened and she felt firecrackers exploding before her eyes. She momentarily lost in the euphoric sensation of her cunt having full; something she hasn't had in a long while.

    "This is what I have been waiting for!"

    Suzane moaned in pleasure as he started hammering in and out of her hungry cunt. His thrusts were slow and long, making her appreciate every inch of cock till the end of her pussy.


    As she moaned, she heard the sound of his balls slapping against her flesh. It followed the rhythm of his **ing; slow but amazing and tantalizing.

    She gasped and arched her back. The experience of her pussy walls stretched was the best sensation she ever had in her life. She felt grateful...

    Kiba moved his hands from her waist to her breasts. He pressed them between his hands and pumped his cock deep into her, increasing the pace.

    Suzane could see his reflection on the platform. His well-defined chest muscles were clearly visible as he shoved into her, with long, powerful thrusts, without any mercy.

    "Fuck! This is wonderful!"

    He muttered as her pussy muscles squeezed his cock. Lost in this wonderful sensation, he burrowed his face on her back, kissing her soft, white skin.

    Suzane shivered from another round of excitement. She could now feel his cock pushing into her cervix. She party turned her face, puffing, and said, "I want to see you when you make me orgasm!"

    Kiba grabbed her by the waist, and almost magically spun her around, without letting his cock slip out of her.

    "I love this!"

    She wrapped her legs around his torso and entwined her hands into his hair. He cupped her ass cheeks as his hips moved forward to slam deep into her.

    Her hard nipples pressed tightly against his muscular chest with every thrust.


    She writhed and twitched as he reached to her deepest depths, with every thrust. She lost all her worries and moaned without any care.

    "Don't scream so loudly!"

    Kiba warned while **ing her fiercely.

    "Otherwise, your husband will notice!"

    Suzane yelped with her head arched.

    The mention of her husband, and the thought of him catching her getting this brutal but loving **ing from Kiba pushed her to the edge.

    Her pussy rippled with vibrations and moistened his cock with more slippery juices.

    "I'm close!"

    She wriggled in incredible pleasure as the crest of orgasm crashed over her. With her mouth close to his face, she began to scream as she experienced the most mind-blowing orgasm...

    In the living room, the father-son duo continued to watch the match.

    "That enemy guy is scoring really well!"

    Morgan remarked angrily as he saw the football kicked by the player he mentioned. The ball was going towards the goalpost. It seemed obvious to the goalkeeper that the ball was coming at him.

    At the same time, in the kitchen, Suzane screamed.


    The cheering sound and the commentary from the tv overpowered her voice to a large extent, but she screamed so loudly, that Morgan heard the last word.

    "Coming?" Morgan realized she must be shouting at the goalkeeper. He looked at the tv and saw the goalkeeper failing. It was a goal!


    Morgan heard her voice again. It sounded strained, but knowing how the enemy player succeeded in scoring a goal, it was obvious why.

    "Neither could I!" Morgan added. "But he sure knows how to play!"

    "YESSSSS! GOD YES!!!!"

    Suzane collapsed on her knees; tasting waves of orgasm like never before. The waves of pleasure cut through every cell, making her experience euphoria... she was in heaven!

    From her glazed, dreamy vision, she looked in front and saw Kiba's cock twitching.

    "Give it to me!"

    She knew he was going to erupt. She opened her lips and took the starting portion into her mouth just as he pumped out gobs of cum.


    Her mouth felt full as he continued to shoot out thick ropes of cum deep into her... adding pleasure to her rolling orgasm.

    "Haa~" Kiba sat down with his back against the wall. Suzane placed her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She savored the orgasmic current coursing through her.

    Kiba wrapped his arms around her, and said, "You were terrific."

    She smiled... lost in the heavenly sensation.

    Fifteen minutes later.

    As the climax began to fade, Suzane realized the situation she was in. Her husband and son were waiting for dinner, but she hasn't cooked a single dish.

    "I didn't prepare any food!" Suzane said.

    It has been over forty minutes since they started, and now there was no time to prepare any dish.

    "Don't worry," Kiba raised a hand and a column of light splashed out. They concentrated on the table and transformed into 7 dishes.

    Before coming here, Claudia has prepared dinner and he took these dishes in case Suzane might need it.

    Suzane looked at him with an odd look. Kiba grabbed his pants and then kissed her on the cheek.

    "Give my regards to Morgan," Kiba said as rays of white light erupted under his feet. "Good night!"

    Suzane wished him the same as he disappeared into a white flash of light.

    Slowly, her lips curled up to form a smile as she thought, "He really takes care of everything."

    Clearing her thoughts, she quickly dressed up and wiped out every trace of extramarital activity. She checked the dishes he has left, and then thought of her recent behavior with her loving husband.

    "I can't believe I used to be so angry."

    She knew her behavior change was mostly due to her not getting her rocks off. Now that she has, she felt free and unfettered.

    She was happy... and she wanted to keep her family happy!


    In the living room.

    Suzane walked with the dishes. The sound of her steps brought the attention of her husband and son from tv to her.

    Olly was startled, especially when he smelled a delightful aroma.

    "Mom must have a doppelganger!" Olly thought in his heart. He has a hard time believing she has enough time or strength left to prepare so many dishes.

    The dishes were appetizing just from appearance and aroma alone.

    Morgan was equally surprised when the dishes were placed down on the table.

    "You must have spent a lot of effort for this!" Morgan commented while looking at her. She has a dreamy look on her face; her cheeks flushed and breathing uneven. There were even sweat droplets tickling down, and he noticed her legs were quivering. She was exhausted!


    Suzane nodded as she recalled the intense **ing.

    Kissing, fondling, caressing, blow job, and the long, powerful strokes that shook her world and filled her with cum.

    "But it was all worth it!" Suzane said with a beautiful, soul-stirring smile.

    Morgan was dazed by her smile and the euphoric sensation he felt from her. His eyes moistened as he thought of the extent she cared for her family... doing so much for only cooking dinner, and still smiling.

    She didn't complain despite being exhausted to such an extent!

    He felt like an ungrateful bastard when he remembered how he has complained when she gave him a burned toast.

    "I'm sorry, dear," Morgan apologized, shocking Suzane.

    She quickly got over her shock and approached him for a hug.

    "No, it should be me who should apologize," Suzane said. "For the last few weeks, I have been a bitch."

    Mentally, she added to herself, "in heat."

    "We both were wrong," Morgan agreed and smiled. He was relieved that his sweet wife has returned.

    Olly heard the conversation between his mother and father in disbelief.

    "Just what is going on?!"

    Olly was having a hard time believing the scene playing in front of his eyes. His eyes turned wide and jaw dropped as the scene continued... His mother and father began kissing each other, passionately.

    "Dear, you got your branded lipstick back?" Morgan asked as the passionate kiss broke.

    Suzane smiled and gave a slight nod. She then kissed him back, eager to let her husband know his good wife was back.

    Olly: ".................."


    On the terrace of a thirty storied building, Kiba appeared. He stepped on the steel railings and moved his eyes on a glazed window leading to the living room of Morgan and Suzane.

    They were happy with a look of pure bliss on their faces.

    "A happy couple is the foundation of a happy family."

    A gust of wind passed by, making his hair float just as he lifted his head to gaze into the night sky.

    The sky was dark if not for the stars which basked his face with their radiance, brightening his refined face.

    In the darkness and solitude, Kiba stood with nothing.


    As the starlight continued to fall on his desolate body, an extraordinary, pure aura erupted out of him.

    The aura was like that of a divine sage burdened with the responsibilities of the entire world.

    Just like a sage, the only possession he has was good karma. Something he earned by helping countless families.

    "The world could neither understand nor appreciate the importance of the job I do."

    Kiba sighed.

    Unlike sages, he didn't care about appreciation or fame.

    He was a secret hero, on a lonely path of spreading happiness, without ever getting any credit... But that was a sacrifice he was willing to make.
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