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    For Jessica, the last six months were a mixture of the best and worse in her life of nineteen years.

    As a scholarship student studying in the #1 academy of Delta City, she was bullied for her inferior background. Just as the claws of despair were about to rip her, she found hope and broke through the claws.

    That hope was Zed.

    The one who helped her understand the only person who could help her was only her... and no one else, not him nor even the gods.

    The meeting with him was just the start of her happiness. Alongside him, she became a friend of Felicity. Another person she really liked and respected... someone who never cared about her background.

    There were still financial troubles and other mundane obstacles, but she felt her life couldn't be any better.

    And then the tragedy struck...

    Felicity was injured in a cowardly explosion set by the terrorists.

    The despair engulfed Jessica back, and just like before, Zed once again stood out as hope. He didn't let Felicity die and promised to heal her fully before letting her regain consciousness.

    For this, Jessica was grateful.

    She knew how much Felicity loved adventures and thrills... awakening her before she healed fully would be no less than making her life hell. For someone like her, death would be a far better option than living the life of a handicap.

    So, to find a cure, he left.

    For Jessica, it was a bittersweet moment. She missed him just as much as she missed the adventurous Felicity.

    She hated herself for not being able to help. Her healing ability wasn't strong enough to cure Felicity...

    But she didn't allow it to affect her negatively. Whenever she felt weak and useless, she would remind herself of the words he spoke to her before he left.

    "There are times when even the strongest men find themselves helpless. So, there is no reason to blame yourself when you have just started the journey to evolution. With time and practice, your ability would evolve further and maybe someday, even the strongest would need your help."

    These words became her source of motivation. Every day, she would train and try to find ways to use her ability for purposes it wasn't made to... trying to defy nature to achieve the impossible.

    And every day, she would visit Felicity twice; in the early morning and in the late evening.

    Today, in the morning, as she stepped into Felicity's room, she was dumbfounded.

    Medical droids were quickly moving through the room, the digital screens were continuously flashing genetic data, and Felicity's parents were standing in a corner.

    The reason for her shock was not them, but rather a handsome youth sitting next to the bed.


    Jessica rubbed her eyes to confirm. She saw the familiar black hair, striking blue eyes, and refined facial features.

    His frame was crystal clear in her eyes as he injected a serum in Felicity's bloodstream. He handed the empty syringe to a waiting droid and then injected another serum after examing the data on a monitor.

    Completing this, as if feeling her gaze, he turned towards her.

    "It has been a while," He continued with a smile. "How have you been?"

    Jessica bit her lower lip as tears formed in her eyes. Her vision misty, she rushed forward and hugged him.

    Zed was surprised. Lately, both he and his alter ego were getting a lot of hugs and making lot of women cry. He was not his alter ego, so, he placed a hand on the back of her head, and let her cry.

    After a few seconds, she calmed enough.

    "I'm sorry," Jessica was embarrassed by her actions.

    Before today, she didn't have any guts to establish a single body contact with him, but now, she didn't know what got over her for her to hug him like this and make a joke of her.

    "There is nothing to be sorry about," Zed said with a reassuring smile. "It is not every day a gorgeous lady hugs me."

    Hot crimson blood flushed her cheeks. She blushed even though she felt he was saying out of kindness.

    Due to her poor background, she has often met people from the opposite gender trying to take advantage of her due to her beauty. The female students in the academy would bully her for the same reason.

    But not Zed.

    He treated her like a normal human being...

    Her silky blonde hair was messed up from the hug. He pulled them behind her neck and then gave her a handkerchief.

    Jessica took the handkerchief and prayed no one would not hear her thumping heart. Her heart was beating too loudly by his actions, and her blood flow speeded in excitement.

    She tried to suppress her excitement by reminding herself that he was always kind and gracious with others.


    A loud beeping from a piece of medical equipment brought her to reality. She focused on Felicity and was pleasantly surprised to see the latter's eyelids quivering.

    Kyla and Patrick quickly arrived next to Felicity, waiting for her to awaken. They grabbed each other's hands tightly and prayed in their hearts.

    Even though Zed has assured everything would be fine, the doubts remained. After all, not even the scientists belonging to Nine Aristocrat Families could help recover from the damage done by nanites.

    So the chances were low...very low.

    While they have witnessed Zed's capabilities and trusted his skills, but believing him to be capable of fully healing their daughter was an entirely different matter.

    So, they looked at their daughter...praying for a miracle.

    Felicity's fingers curled up and her eyes slowly opened up.


    Felicity was startled as she regained consciousness. She saw four sets of eyes staring at her.

    "Why are you all staring?"

    Felicity asked, surprised by their expressions. As she waited for an answer, memories before she fell asleep flooded her consciousness.

    The boring party hosted by the mayor, waiters exploding in a mass of blue, the explosion cloud trying to engulf her, a silver barrier, and leaping from the twentieth floor.

    As the memories resurfaced, her expression changed. She looked at her right wrist and noticed a silver bracelet.

    She clearly remembered the bracelet erupting with streams of energy that formed a silver barrier around her...protecting her.

    And how could she not remember the bracelet?

    She hated jewelry but she agreed to clad it because it was a memento of friendship!

    Felicity lifted her head and brought her eyes on Zed.

    "I had a strange dream."

    Felicity said, her eyes flashing.

    "In that dream, my annoying friend swore he would never lie to me! He only swore that after being caught lying multiple times! And now, I learned he lied again. What should I do?"

    Zed: "....."

    Jessica: "...."

    Patrick and Kyla: "....."

    The room fell into an awkward silence, and it was broken by a medical droid that emitted Claudia's voice.

    [[You shouldn't forgive the liar otherwise he would continue to lie. Only punishment as a price can be a solution.]]

    Zed: "...."

    Claudia, whose side are you on?!

    [[That's what psychology says.]] Claudia added as clarification.

    "Makes sense!"

    Felicity nodded and jumped out of the bed. Her body was transparent and quick, and she landed in front of Zed.

    At the same, Patrick and Kyla gasped seeing her on her feet.

    "She has truly healed!"

    They both hugged her tightly.

    "You are not feeling any discomfort, right?" Kyla asked while crying from happiness.

    "No, mom."

    Felicity was bewildered.

    Heal? Discomfort?

    The last she recalled, she has landed on the road and lost consciousness from expending all her strength. She wasn't harmed, at least as far as she could remember.


    "Mom, what happened?"

    Felicity asked as her parents wept from sheer joy. She was further amazed to see Jessica similarly crying.

    Kyla wiped her tears and gave a short explanation.

    "!" Felicity's eyes flickered. She contemplated for a minute in silence before saying, "So I have been in sleep for almost three months?"

    "Yes," Kyla replied.

    "Well, for me, it is like everything happened yesterday."

    Felicity smiled and then turned towards Zed.

    "Where were we? As per Claudia...." Felicity was saying when Zed cut her in between.

    "I gave the bracelet long before I swore I won't lie!" Zed reminded her, his expression brave. "Besides, Claudia is equally responsible. Remember it was her who said it was a gift by her!"

    Claudia: [[...]]

    "....." Felicity raised a eyebrow and let out a sigh.

    She felt she has lost a good excuse to take him to a fun trip. But just as quick, she smiled again. She didn't need excuses!

    "This long sleep has made me confused about something so obvious!" Felicity thought as she made a mental note to look for new fun places.


    Zed's senses warned him of something sinister.

    "I will be back shortly!"

    He made an excuse by adding he has to get a few medicines.


    In the room, there was absolute silence until Jessica stepped in front to hug Felicity.

    "I'm glad you are back!" Jessica's voice was full of raw emotions. Felicity patted her and smiled.

    She then sat down on the bed and drank a glass of water... A minute later, she took a tablet from a drawer to explore the internet so that she could know what has happened in the last three months.

    The others in the room looked at her.

    Kyla observed her daughter for a long time before saying, "Felicity."

    "Yes, mom?" Felicity lowered the tablet and looked at her.

    "You should thank Zed!" Kyla continued, her voice gentle. "He saved you, so, it is very necessary that you express your gratitude!"

    "I agree," Patrick joined in. "Not even the great families could achieve what he did. We have to be forever grateful to him, especially you. You might be close, but expressing gratitude is very important!"

    Felicity listened to their words. After they completed, she shook her head, and replied, "Why do you want me to slap him?"

    Kyla was startled. Thinking her daughter has misheard or misunderstood due to side effects of long sleep, she said, "No, what I meant is thanking him! Show that you are grateful!"

    Felicity sighed. She tossed the tablet away and looked out of the window. She saw Zed standing in front of his car.

    He felt her eyes, and looked back at her. For a moment, their gazes met and they both smiled. He waved her goodbye and she did the same.

    As he entered his car, Felicity turned towards her mom and dad. They were looking at her back, trying to make her understand their point.

    "I would be humiliating him in the worst possible way if I ever thank him for something like saving my life," Felicity said.

    She closed her eyes and thought of the moments they have shared together.

    "As for being forever grateful... I'm not grateful for even a moment, much less forever."

    Felicity opened her eyes and looked at her father. He was bewildered, not able to understand her. The same went for her mother and Jessica.

    Felicity let out a breath of air before explaining.

    "Zed didn't save me so that I would remember it forever or owe him..."
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