460 Remember Rubie?

    "Zed didn't save me so that I would remember it forever or owe him... He did what he did because that was the obvious thing to do given our relationship."

    Felicity looked at her parents and continued.

    "And our relationship isn't so weak that it survives on gratitude and contributions."

    She was happy to be alive. And knew Zed's role in it.

    This was why she would never thank him nor she would remember it till the end of her life.

    After all, does a relationship change because one person gives an extraordinary contribution?

    She didn't believe so, not with regard to Zed, and she was sure the same went for him. If the roles were reversed, she was confident he wouldn't thank her or owe her anything.

    He would go on like nothing has changed...because that was the truth. Their relationship hasn't changed.

    Kyla observed her daughter for a long time. Finally, she nodded in understanding as she realized what existed between Zed and Felicity.

    Neither of them needed gratitude or remembering contribution forever. This was the beauty of their relationship. Something truly rare in this era.

    Jessica thought of everything she has seen between Zed and Felicity. She smiled as she knew Felicity was right.

    "Both of you are lucky to have each other," Patrick remarked.

    Felicity let out a smile and then turned towards Jessica.

    "Should we check out some exciting places?"


    Jessica began sweating as she remembered the last exciting place Felicity made her visit. It was a fun ride in which they were thrown over ten miles high in the sky, without any support.

    "I'm getting late for the classes," Jessica grabbed her bag and waved at Felicity. "See you in the evening."

    She quickly fled out of the room even as Felicity called out.

    "Haah~" Felicity could only sigh.

    Patrick smiled in relief as he saw his daughter back, without any changes. He then thought of her recovery and his face sank.

    "If others learn of her complete recovery... they would definitely be interested in how she recovered."

    Patrick knew about the greedy hearts of men, especially those at the top of the food chain. What Zed pulled off was a miracle in science, and those at the top would want his knowledge for their own benefits.

    Knowledge was power.

    Especially the knowledge on curing genetic defects like the one suffered by Felicity.

    "Nine Families, senate, revolutionaries... everyone would want a piece of Zed."

    While a few would try to get the knowledge and make Zed into a subordinate, the others would try to silence him.  Those at the top cared the most about stability and maintaining the status quo. After all, a minor development could create a butterfly effect and change things for worse.

    "I have to think of a way to explain her recovery without letting out Zed's role."

    The tiles under his feet erupted with wooden vines. They crawled up his body and covered him completely like a wooden cocoon. The cocoon made of vines retracted into the tile and vanished, without making a single crack.

    Kyla knew what he has to do so she wasn't surprised. She sat beside her daughter and told her what must be done.

    "You will have to lie a little."

    At the same time, as Jessica left the house, she was startled. The road in front of her suddenly sprouted with a seed that quickly germinated to stretch wooden vines. From the vines, Patrick came out.

    "Sir Patrick?" Jessica looked at him in amazement.

    "There is something you must do," Patrick started.


    On a highway, a white car speeded through. Inside, Zed let go of the controls and arched the seat back to lie down. He shut his eyes and sighed.

    Claudia took over the controls and started auto-pilot mode. From the sensors inside the car and the bracelet, she noticed the changes in his mood.

    [[Now that you have succeeded, you are feeling guilty for what you had to do in the core region.]] Claudia stated.

    "...No, I'm not feeling guilty, and that's the troubling part."

    Zed wryly replied.

    "I guess my caretaker - Red Fox- was right. I'm really cold-hearted."


    "The question is whether I'm as cold as my mother, which the caretaker accused me of."

    Zed was a bit amused by the question.

    [[Sir, you did what has to be done. There was nothing wrong or right in it. Nor there was good or evil. So, the question of being cold doesn't even come in the picture.]]

    Someone's trash was someone else's treasure. The same applied for right and wrong and the subjective good and evil.

    Beast slavery or hunting was not evil by human standards, but from beasts' perspective, it was evil. The same went for when animals preyed on humans for that was just a part of the food cycle, but humans would consider it as an evil act and retaliate by eradicating the entire beast family.

    In the end, the right or wrong depended on what side one was.

    "I know that."

    Zed opened his eyes. He grabbed the steering and took back controls.

    "But occasionally, I do have the right to be melancholic."


    A few minutes later, he took a turn and drove the car to the road leading to his home.


    A beep sound rang out and alongside, a notification screen popped up on the windshield.

    [[Suzane is requesting to have a conversation with Kiba.]]

    "?" Zed was startled.

    His alter ego has been with her just two or three nights ago. As much as he enjoyed **ing her, he was a busy man and has other clients to satisfy. In his line of business, he couldn't afford to be partial... that would be against his business ethics.

    Still, he wouldn't deny the request of a stunning MILF like her. The car glasses turned opaque and energy surged out from the center of his chest.


    Rays of golden light enveloped him, and in a few seconds, he transformed into Kiba.

    The screen in front of him started the video chat feature and Suzane appeared. She was dressed in a red minidress, showing the swells of her breasts.

    Kiba rested his head on a hand and checked her out.

    "Well, the minidress looks good on you."

    Kiba observed.

    "But you look the best when you are naked."

    Suzane was about to greet him and say hello, but his opening remark caught her completely off-guard.

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    "So, why waste money on unnecessary items of clothing?" Kiba asked.

    He would love to see those perfect tits free instead of being confined by a dress that didn't deserve to touch her.


    Suzane was left speechless by his observation and the question that followed. After a few moments of silence, she replied, "My husband isn't as open-minded and smart as you on these things. Otherwise, our finances would be a lot stronger with all the money I could have saved from these clothes."

    Kiba agreed with her statement on Morgan.

    "His son is far more open-minded," Kiba thought while recalling all the valuable help Olly has given for the happiness of his loving mother.

    Suzane wasn't aware of his thoughts nor her son's role in her happiness. Completing her earlier statement, she continued, "Anyways, I called you not for me, but for Rubie."


    For a second, his expression turned sad as he thought of his lovely slave Ruby. She was fun until she died from the nanite explosion... something he was partly responsible for.

    "Haah. I should have tried to find a way to save her... instead of letting her die."

    Kiba mused though he knew it was impossible to help her given the setting.

    He quickly suppressed these thoughts as he knew Suzane wasn't talking about Ruby but Rubie. The names sounded similar but they were different.

    He placed a hand over his chin and remembered Rubie. She was a wife of some reputed businessman and a "fitness enthusiast."


    "The woman with whom you shared the starting few weeks of the gym?" Kiba asked to confirm.

    "Yes," Suzane nodded her head. "The one who unknowingly introduced me to the best way to stay fit.."

    "Hmm... I remember her fully," Kiba said as Rubie's healthy, slender figure flashed in his mind.

    Half the contribution for her healthy and slender figure was his. This was because, for weeks, he made her sweat and burn calories by making her exercise in time-tested ways.

    Like for strengthening her abdomen, he recommended sit-up. But since it was hard to be dedicated to such an exercise, he provided her enough motivation.

    Every time she lifted her torso up as close to her thighs, she would get a chance to suck his cock for a few seconds. This worked like magic and she was able to do over a hundred sit-ups on the first day itself!

    Then there were squats.

    To help her, he lied down on his back and she kept her feet shoulder-width apart by placing them on either side of her waist. So when she bent her knees and sat down, like trying to sit on an imaginary seat, her pussy actually got the chance to envelop his cock and ride it for a few seconds! She loved squats so much that she completed four sets!

    Her dedication to exercise also showed in weight training, yoga, and other fitness methods.

    Kiba was actually proud to have such an enthusiastic student. Of course, after she got fit, she rarely got a chance to learn from him as he was busy with new students.

    And when she got the chances, she appreciated them like no one else.

    Kiba remembered how he offered her a chance in return for ensuring Suzane would be attracted to the best form of exercise...



    "She is a valuable customer of Golden Fitness Center," Kiba recalled.

    "... I can imagine," Suzane gave a wry smile before continuing. "And it is for that reason that she is in trouble."

    "Trouble?" Kiba was surprised.

    "Yes! Her husband has learned of her infidelity and is now divorcing her!"


    "You have to help her!"


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    Rubie was first introduced in Chapter 91. She helped Kiba in seducing Suzane
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