461 Stop The Divorce!

    As the car speeded on the road, Suzane continued to speak to him through the video conference.

    "Rubie's husband has learned of her infidelity and is now divorcing her!" She said with worry flashing through her face.

    "Divorce?" Kiba's eyes narrowed.

    "Yes! You have to help her!" Suzane requested.

    Kiba looked at her projection and nodded.

    "You can rest assured," Kiba knew of her possible worries. "Rubie would never disclose about you."

    "I know," Suzane replied. "She told me she wasn't the type to rat out, and I believe her. That's why I want you to help her."

    Kiba let out a breath of air before asking, "What does she want?"

    "No divorce," Suzane answered. "She loves her husband and wants to stay with him."

    Kiba couldn't help but smile at what Rubie wanted.

    Not all husbands were open-minded with the qualities of Good Husbands like Ryan, Daniel, etc.

    In fact, the number of close-minded husbands was far more. They were Bad Husbands who would break the marriage and divorce their wives. Unlike Good Husbands, they wouldn't want to reconcile with their lovely wives at any cost.

    "It is going to be difficult," Kiba said with a heavy look. "But I would ensure she gets what she wants."

    "Thank you!" Suzane's face brightened and her worry disappeared. "She would be relieved."

    Kiba examined her facial changes and added, "I will meet her."

    "Ok," Suzane guessed he would need to meet Rubie to discuss a strategy. She then extended the conversation by talking about unrelated subjects before ending the call.

    By now, the car has arrived at Dream Rise House's premises. Being a luxury sports car, the door opened up vertically.

    Kiba didn't get out though. He sat inside with a complicated look on his face, something which Claudia studied in detail.

    "Jealous husbands, emotional wives, angry children, and annoying divorce sharks. Wife pleasuring business is so damn troublesome!"


    "And people think my life is full of roses! No one understands the struggles and troubles I face!"

    Kiba had a rare outburst.

    "I should have been born in ancient times instead of the 21st century! Everything would have been so easy!"

    [[But you love the struggles and troubles for they make seduction exciting for you. So the modern era is far better for you.]]

    Kiba couldn't refute that. In fact, if he wanted everything to be easy, he could have used his powers to make women fall in line and seduce them with a snap of fingers.

    But he didn't like such means.

    After all, what type of man needs to rely on magical powers to conquer a woman!? Only an inferior one who has no confidence in seduction skills!

    Of course, he also knew there was fun in conquering through sheer power, like in case of wars. Maybe, in the future, he would try the old-fashioned ways, but for now, he wanted to focus on true seduction.

    And for him, it meant to charm, exploit defenses, and use mental capabilities.

    "You are right," Kiba agreed with her and continued. "But this divorce is troublesome for more than one reason."

    [[Indeed. If the divorce succeed, based on Suzane's voice and body language, you might lose her.]]

    "Yeah, I can conquer Suzane back easily, but that's not the point."

    Every cheating spouse was afraid of being discovered and the possible consequences. Suzane was the same, despite knowing such probability was nearly zero. But since it wasn't absolute zero, a part of her consciousness was nervous.

    So, that part of consciousness needed a guarantee... a guarantee that in the worst-case scenario, things wouldn't turn as ugly as she fears.

    By asking him to save Rubie's marriage, Suzane was unconsciously trying to assure herself that if things turned worse for her, Kiba would be able to protect her marriage. If he failed, she would lose hope and the fear might result in her trying to end the affair. Of course, given Kiba's talent, the affair wouldn't end, but it would still be somewhat embarrassing.

    "Had she been aware of our trump card - Olly - she wouldn't have to worry at all."


    If Claudia has a human form, she would have rolled her eyes at this statement.

    "Olly is almost a trojan horse. Doing everything for the well being of his mother."

    Kiba got out of the car. He stretched his hands and looked at the afternoon sky... lost in thoughts.

    The car, in the meantime, rushed into the garage to park itself. Claudia sent a droid to him with a refreshing drink.

    Kiba grabbed the drink and drank it.

    [[Which strategy would you like to use to stop the divorce?]]

    Claudia asked through the droid.

    By his earlier reaction, it might seem it was the first time he has faced this trouble, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

    Ever since he founded Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd, he has been prepared to give support to needy wives in the midst of divorces.

    A unit of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. offered legal help to such wives and helped them get the best deals in divorces. Even by modest counts, most divorces went in such a way that the husbands went out of the court crying while the wives were set free with a big cheque in their pockets.

    This resulted in a huge financial burden on Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

    After all, good lawyers weren't cheap, especially those who could take on high and mighty of Delta City. Then there was the dirt that needed to be collected on the husbands so that it can be used as a leverage to ensure husbands would bend.

    At times, there was even a need for bribing judges and enemy lawyers through indirect means; such as luxury holidays, gifts, and so on to get favorable judgments.

    "Tell me, how much loss we are suffering?" Kiba asked.

    He didn't care about financial loss because all his companies were non-profit. They existed to serve the society, especially women. In a way, it could be said he was a true feminist. Doing so much for the happiness of women!

    [[Wife Pleasuring Service is in $110 million debt, Maiden's Love Circle in $22 million, Mistress Massage Center in $28 million, Naughty Bunny...]]

    Claudia gave him the details of his six companies' financial loss. The total financial burden left him stunned.

    "Philanthropy sure isn't cheap!"


    "No wonder the richest in the society are reluctant to share their wealth."

    Money didn't grow on trees and it takes a lot of hard work to earn; at least for most people.

    So it was no wonder that many people treasured their wealth far more than their wives and children; something Kiba truly appreciated. He especially loved men who focused so much on gaining wealth that they forget their wives and daughters.

    "Oh well, prepare a schedule so that we can clear this financial mess."

    Kiba commanded her.

    He didn't want over 100 employees employed by his companies to be worried about possible job cuts given the financial crisis.

    In fact, he wanted them to be relaxed and give them a fat bonus now he has succeeded in curing Felicity.

    The movies and ads always said one should share their happiness with those less fortunate. So, he wanted to do the same now that Desolate Blood Forest's episode was behind him.


    Claudia has no pity for the rich and powerful, but she did felt a bit bad for them. In just a matter of days, they would feel their pockets turning light, again.

    Maybe, if the concept of karma was real, they would have a good ending in the afterlife for contributing to the welfare of so many employees. Though, she has a feeling they wouldn't agree with her point of view.

    "Now, let's go to your original question... which strategy to stop divorce?"

    Just like how he and Claudia have cooked dozens of schemes for seducing married women, depending on the types of marriage, they also had prepared strategies to face possible fall out.

    Those fallouts were usually an end of a relationship, like marriage. While most times, they only have to help in divorce, there were times when the wife desperately wanted to stay with their husbands...

    Kiba teleported to one of the bedrooms and sat down in front of a study desk. He tapped on the desk and a digital screen flashed out.

    Soon, information on Rubie and her husband Roger Shine appeared. This information was from multiple sources, including Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt. Ltd and Golden Fitness Center.

    "The devil is in the detail!"

    A smile appeared on his lips.

    "Let's meet Rubie!"

    A devilish glint flashed in his eyes.
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