462 Cheaters Handbook!

    Kiba swiped away the digital screen and left the desk. Rays of white light emerged from his body and began to envelop him, surging with teleportation power.

    [[Sir, before you go, there is something you must know.]]

    "Hmm?" Kiba stopped himself from teleporting.

    [[Miss Delta Pagent is less than 10 days away. Lager Kestone has just sent an official invitation, by an email, for you to judge the pageant.]]

    Kiba's eyes lit up.

    "Accept the invitation."

    He said, his expression nonchalant.

    "As a resident of Delta City, it is my duty to help the city in picking the best woman who could represent us in Miss World."

    [[I did that, sir.]]

    Claudia replied.

    [[After all, who can know better than me on how eager you are to help the city?]]

    The corners of his mouth twitched and he teleported away.


    Hotel Close Horizon.

    Rubie, dressed in a stunning black sequin, sat in one of the posh restaurants in the hotel. The restaurant has an open sea view, letting the patrons enjoy a beautiful sight.

    She wasn't in any mood to enjoy the sight though nor eat anything. She just sat, without doing anything, sporting a gloomy expression. She looked around and saw no one else... the gloom on her face worsened.

    "That look doesn't suit your face."

    Kiba stepped from behind and sat in a chair opposite hers.

    She was waiting for him, but his sudden appearance surprised her. She wasn't worried about being seen with him though, as the area was private and exclusive, suiting the privacy of a five-star place.

    Kiba swept a glance at the table and noticed the glass of orange juice in front of her was untouched.

    "You should drink that," He said, his eyes focused on her face.

    "I'm not thirsty," Rubie replied, her voice gloomy. She looked at him, having so many things to say, but not knowing how to word them out.

    Kiba grabbed the glass and sipped a mouthful of the juice. Rubie's eyes turned wide as she saw his figure vanishing in a puff of smoke. She turned around to check where he has gone, and when she turned towards her left, her lips brushed against his.

    She was dumbstruck.

    His lips pressed tightly against her for a wet kiss, and before she could think of resisting his kiss, a hand slipped into the end of her dress, tracing the inner of her left thigh.

    The touch was tantalizing and she gasped, opening her lips. Freshly-squeezed orange juice flew into her mouth, something she devoured without much thought.

    And then she felt his mouth freeing hers, moving away.

    "Would you like to drink the rest of the juice like this as well?" Kiba asked, sitting next to her, a carefree look on his face.

    Rubie was amazed and didn't know what to say. She knew he was bold, but she didn't expect him to do this, at least, not in a restaurant where they were meeting for a sensitive topic about her marriage.

    "I..." Rubie loved the taste of the drink now, and she felt the credit didn't go to the oranges. He has made swapping the mouthful of juice so sensual that for a moment, she has forgotten her worries.

    "I will drink it!"

    Rubie drank the entire glass. As much as she desired a more sensual drink, she wanted to be focused on the task at hand.

    "A minute ago, you weren't in the mood to drink," Kiba observed as she emptied the glass.


    "Anyways, let's talk," Kiba said. He did what he did so far to relax her a little, in his ways.

    "How did your husband Roger learn about us?" Kiba asked.

    He was sure he left no clues.

    "I was stupid," Rubie replied, her eyes turning misty.

    "I was at a girl's night out... you know how those nights are. Discussing stupid stuff, gossips, etc while drinking and dancing... you know, having a good time," Rubie stammered and broke in between as she continued, "The topic moved to you since at that time you weren't seen for weeks though there were rumors you were here and there. Umm...well, there was a lot of discussion about you... and when others bragged about having slept with you, I did the same. My luck was bad though... my husband has came to find me and heard what I said."

    Kiba looked at her and then told her to proceed.

    "We had a fight after we returned... and since I was drunk, I confessed that I have slept with you for weeks and more," Rubie continued with her head low. "And then he served me with divorce papers. Today is the day of hearing!"

    Kiba could only sigh.

    "You didn't follow Cheater's Handbook properly," Kiba observed.

    "I realize that," Rubie replied.

    Cheater's Handbook was a special book written by Kiba so that wives could learn about how to be not caught and enjoy the unadulterated pleasure of infidelity without any worries. Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt. Ltd would give this handbook to its special customers like her, for free.

    "Men often brag about their conquests... though in most cases, they are only lying to sound cool. In women's case... women don't often brag because they are afraid of being labeled as sluts.

    "Of course, I said often and not always since women too are humans and they have the same desires and emotions as men. So, they also share their affairs with their friends. In your case, the alcohol and the peer pressure made you commit one of the most stupid mistake... something that was specifically pointed out in Cheater's Handbook's page 115, third paragraph."

    Rubie nodded sadly.

    "I love Roger and despite cheating on him, I had ensured he was the luckiest man alive," She brought the main subject. "And I told him, I will be the best wife if he could forgive me... but his pride doesn't allow him to!"

    "Well, that was another mistake," Kiba sighed again. "The handbook has specific instructions on how to talk with your husband if you are caught."

    Ruby's eyes turned listless. She obviously knew the instructions, but she was far too shocked after being caught to remember and follow the instructions.

    "Anyways, don't worry," Kiba lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. "You are not getting divorced."

    Her face instantly brightened. She could hear the confidence in his voice and it lifted her spirits.

    "The court hearing is today, right?" Kiba asked.

    "Yes, It would be held in around four hours," Rubie answered. She then explained in detail her strategy, "I have instructed my lawyer to resist every attempt by Roger for a divorce. The lawyer assured me we will succeed for today by using assets and other means."

    "That won't do," Kiba rose to his feet and looked at the sea. "Tell your lawyer, to not resist or block Roger's petition for divorce."


    Rubie jumped up in shock.

    Kiba enjoyed the sea for a few moments before turning towards her. Her expression was a mix of shock and bewilderment, unable to believe what he has said.

    Kiba took her face in his hands and then leaned down. She was stupified as she found herself being kissed again.

    "Trust me, by doing what I asked you to, you will get everything you have wanted."

    Kiba said after he broke the kiss.

    She was dazed. She remembered how he seduced Suzane by using her, and the reward she got... that was one of the things she wanted the most.

    "What I have wanted..."

    She knew, despite how much she loved her husband, she loved **ing Kiba the more. She craved his giant cock and wanted him to stuff it in her wet cunt.

    She desperately missed how good her body felt when he grabbed her ass and hammered into her... giving her one orgasm after another.

    "Ahh!" Rubie felt weak in her knees as she remembered the exercises... and the incentives he offered for her to succeed!

    This was why she didn't resist what he has done now, despite her being nervous about divorce... she knew meeting him here would result in something.

    "God! How can I be so selfish!?" She wondered in her heart. "I love cheating far more than I love Roger!"

    So, getting everything she wanted would mean having her cake and getting to eat it too! The best of both worlds!

    "H-how would you do it?" She asked.

    Kiba pinned her against a wall and lifted her left leg. Started, she placed her hands on his shoulders for support.

    "You will see it soon," Kiba then proceeded to make out with her, exploring her body as if he owned it. He kissed her lips, nibbled down on her ears and neck, fondled her breasts.


    She arched her head back.

    Two waitresses, having received a good amount of cash before, began to shut the doors of the restaurant. The restaurant manager was more than happy to cooperate. An hour ago, the entire restaurant was reserved. So, why would he care if the restaurant was temporarily closed by the one who reserved it?

    "Rich people waste money like it is water!" One of the waitresses mused as she shut the door. The last thing she saw was Kiba dragging down the panties.

    As the restaurant closed, Rubie received an exercise session she has desperately missed for months...


    A few hours later, in the court.

    Roger was surprised to see his wife's lawyer not creating any obstacle.

    "That cheating slut! So, she is giving up on our marriage!?"

    Roger cursed in his heart when the judge passed the order. The moment he heard the judgment, Roger was shocked.

    "What the hell?!"
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