463 Gerrell Windsor

    The emergence of mutants and supernatural abilities didn't lead to global chaos thanks to the all-powerful World Government. The over 60% mutants populace has to follow the laws just like the rest of the populace which consisted of ordinary humans; resulting in a stable world and development that gave further rise to technological advancement. The only exception being the forbidden regions and Lizenea where the government didn't have its hold.

    In civil society though, there were strict rules on what type of mutant could use their abilities in what place and situation; with certain exceptions like defending oneself and so on. The rules weren't overly strict nor there were too many restrictions that ensured mutants weren't frustrated and give rise to thoughts of rebellion.

    So, in short, the iron-clad law & order situation ensured that mutants didn't use their abilities as they please and thus, saving civil society from chaos.

    It was also a truth that powerful mutants - which were in minority - had more freedom and extra rights. But then again, in every era, even before the present evolution started, the royalty and governments of the past gave special preference to selected communities, whether it was nobles or businessman. Of course, in the present era, it was more subtle to make sure that the populace didn't believe the government was spreading inequality.

    The combination of everything meant that more than 95% population have to follow the police, courts, etc. Or risk punishment...

    Presently, in Delta City Civil Court, Roger Shine cursed the world order and the system. If not for the World Government, he wouldn't silently listen to old judge passing order without lashing out at him.

    "Mr. Shine, the court's duty is to dissolve the holy bond of marriage only as a last resort."

    The honorable judge continued.

    "This court has seen the remorse shown by your wife and her efforts to save the marriage. Now, she isn't even trying to contest the divorce terms because that's how much she loves you, which I must say, is a stupid thing to do.  So, it is clear, she wants best for you, even if it means giving you everything, including a divorce. While you have the right to divorce her, it should be only if reconciliation fails."

    Rubie listened to the judge's words while giggling in her heart. She was really happy that she changed her instructions to her lawyer and told him to not contest the unfair divorce terms.

    "Kiba truly knows the best for me!"

    Rubie could still feel the effect of the intense **ing she got from him just before she came here. He has made her orgasm multiple times, and knowing she would be meeting her husband in the court, she was really turned on by the illicit fun.

    And now, she was sure that not only Kiba knew how to ** a woman senseless, but also knew how to help her out in courts!

    "He is truly the best!"

    She thanked him in her heart. Knowing that she can't seem complacent, she showed a remorseful but hopeful expression.

    Roger, on the other hand, clenched his fists.

    "That's why, this court is directing you, Mr. Shine, to attend counseling," The judge passed the order. "Your wife will also attend. And to ensure there is no delay or fights in choosing a counselor, this court is appointing Mr. Gerrell Windsor as the counselor."

    The judge then left the courtroom through the reserved door.

    "Roger, this is good news," Roger's lawyer tried to show him a silver lining. "If you attend all the court-mandated sessions, and the counselor says there is no hope in saving your marriage, the divorce will succeed."


    "And we are lucky. The court has given us a male counselor!"

    The lawyer was sly, and despite failing,  he showed losing as winning.

    "Male counselor would be sympathetic to you! Not your wife!"

    Roger could only grudgingly accept the order. He instructed the lawyer to get the counseling session as soon as possible so that he could be done with it.

    At the same time, Rubie arrived in front of him with a guilty look.

    "I really hope we succeed in counseling and can continue to be married," She gave him a kiss despite his reluctance. "I love you."

    After saying this, she turned around and left.

    Roger's lawyer noticed emotions erupting in her eyes as she quickly rushed out of the courtroom.

    "She really loves you... so much that she can't let you see her tears," He said with a complicated look.

    Roger noticed it as well.

    His anger slightly calmed down but his decision to divorce remained the same.

    What Roger and his lawyer didn't know was that Rubie left quickly because she didn't want to show them the proof of her recent adultery. Her lover has recently deposited his cum inside her, and when she walked to Roger now, some of it trickled down her thighs... so she had no choice, but to leave.

    After all, she didn't want to lose the chance of reconciliation with her husband just because she couldn't contain her lover's cum.

    "I really love Roger!"

    Rubie thought as she entered into a washroom and wiped the trail of cum with a finger. She licked the cum and swallowed it down.

    "So tasty! No wonder I can't get enough of it!"

    Psychologically, for many cheating spouses, adultery was about the illicit thrill from **ing someone other than their spouse... doing something they shouldn't.

    But for Rubie and other wives in Delta City, adultery was never about the thrill of illicit situation. It was about addiction to having the best man as their lover... cheating on their husbands was just an additional illicit thrill.


    The old judge slowly stepped towards his private chambers. The automatic door opened up after confirming his presence, and he walked right into. As he entered, he wasn't least bit surprised to find a golden-haired man standing next to a window, glossing over a magazine.

    "You have barely returned and asked me for such a strange favor."

    The judge removed his coat and sat down.

    "So, you must be having some plans for that wife, huh?"

    Who could he be speaking to, if not Kiba?

    "Not really," Kiba answered. "She wants to stay married so I'm helping her out."

    "Really?" The judge wasn't convinced.

    "Well, she is also a good **," Kiba added.

    "Now you are speaking the truth!" The judge laughed. "Every time it is the same reason!"

    Kiba tossed the magazine away and sat across the judge.

    "I owe you," Kiba said with a relaxed smile. "And like before, you could ask for a favor."

    The judge nodded.

    As long as desires existed in human beings, corruption would exist. Whether it was a judge or the president, everyone wanted more than what their jobs could provide.

    The same went for mutants adventuring in forbidden regions like Desolate Blood Forest... the greed for more would lead to betraying friends and murdering companions.

    "I'm getting old," The judge replied with a sigh. "The chances of being promoted are less... and honestly, I don't want to be promoted. And my powers as a mutant aren't anything great... but I want to advance."

    The evolution powers of mankind could be best represented by a pyramid.

    The base of the pyramid occupied the most space, and similarly, most mutants occupied the bottom of the evolution scale. These mutants have barely awakened their powers... so either they didn't deserve to be labeled as even Level I, or had barely surpassed the threshold to be called Level I or Level II mutants.

    As one moved up the evolution pyramid, the numbers of mutants having greater powers drastically reduced.

    So, it wouldn't be wrong to say, over 85% of the mutant populace could be considered as Gamma-rank. The rest of the mutant populace was Beta-rank.

    As for Alpha, well, out of 10 billion-plus humans, they weren't even 1000... so they didn't even deserve to be counted in the populace, despite their godly might.

    "If that's what you want, then why not?" Kiba understood what the judge wanted. He retrieved a medical pill from his storage dimension and tossed it to him.

    "I'm grateful," The judge knew the value of the pill. "I will handle the next five cases as you see fit."

    Kiba nodded.

    As long as it was within the power of the judge, he would try to give a favorable judgment. Of course, it has to be legal and not overly biased otherwise the decision would be overruled in upper courts and might even result in disciplinary actions against the judge.

    "Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. would also thank you for your help," Kiba said as he left the chair.

    "Well, I look forward to it!"

    The judge grinned. It has been a while since he went to the luxury retreats hosted by Kiba's company.

    "Goodbye," Kiba said as the teleportation force began to surge out of him.

    "You know," The judge looked at Kiba and said, "I'm really grateful that I'm old."

    "?" Kiba didn't teleport yet. He looked back at the judge with a bewildered expression.

    Old aged signified less vitality, very low or no sexual drive, and close to death. So, what was there to be grateful?

    The judge knew he has made Kiba curious. So, with a smirk, he explained.

    "I don't have to be worried that you would bang my wife... She has been dead for years. Even if she was alive, I doubt you would be interested in **ing a 70 years old woman."


    "And God has been more than kind to me!" The judge continued, "You only appeared four years ago... long after I turned old!"


    "Otherwise, I would be another cuckold at your mercy! Hahaha!"

    The judge broke into laughter.

    Kiba let out a sigh.

    "You have a weird sense of humor."

    Rays of white light erupted and the teleportation force enveloped him completely.

    As Kiba began to teleport away, the judge remarked:

    "Well, you need to find humor in old age or you turn senile. Something a young man like you wouldn't understand."

    "...Maybe not," Kiba's voice rang in the chambers as he disappeared.


    10 PM.

    Roger's lawyer was able to book an appointment for counseling on the same day. The schedule was for 10:15 PM, and Roger arrived at the marriage counselor's office fifteen minutes earlier.

    When he stepped in the waiting lounge, he saw his nervous wife sitting on a chair. She felt his presence and glanced at him before turning away.

    He noticed the mixture of guilt, worry, fear, and hope on her face before she turned away; something which made him pleased.

    "Bitch! There is no way I'm going to reconcile with you!"

    Roger thought coldly and sat down, waiting for the counselor to call him.


    The marriage counselor's room was vast and spacious with a modern look. For the counselor, there was a recliner sofa seat accompanied by a large desk. For the attending couple or individual, there were chaise lounge, loveseat sofa, and two additional chairs.

    In between, there was a glass table upon which a tissue box was placed along with two glasses of water, covered with lids.

    Throughout the room, the lightings were comfortable, radiating soft glow. Along with the color combination and the relics in the room, the lighting proved to be every psychologist's ideal location for counseling.

    Presently, on the recliner, Kiba sat with a virtual screen floating in front of him. Behind him, a robotic droid cut his hair short and dyed them a combination of white and black.

    Kiba ignored the droid, with his full attention on the virtual screen.

    "This is fun."

    The screen projected live feed from the waiting lounge.

    "She should have been an actress instead of a bored housewife."

    Kiba mused as he studied Rubie's performance. Of course, the credit also went to him as he has given her an emotion-inducing pill. Still, he wasn't stingy in praises when a woman was involved.

    Kiba then glanced at the nameplate - Gerrell Windsor.

    If Sarah - Daniel's wife - was here, she would be stunned by the family name Windsor. It was the same surname she saw on the gravestone belonging to Kiba's mother.

    Rose Windsor!

    "Rose Windsor... Gerrell Windsor... star-crossed lovers separated by death!"

    Kiba smiled and retrieved a black mask.

    By now, the droid has completed its job so Kiba slipped the mask on his face. It melded with his skin and his face began to twist.

    A few seconds later, his facial features transformed completely. With the change in his hair length and color, he was now a completely different person.

    He was Gerrell Windsor!

    Kiba looked at his reflection on a mirror and saw a middle-aged man. The new he was still handsome though there was no resemblance to the former him.

    "It has been a while, Gerrell."

    The mask was something he created based on holographic technology. It has the ability to change both facial features and voice.

    "I should learn shapeshifting," Kiba thought. "It would be far more useful."

    When he thought of shapeshifting, he recalled a story from Greek mythology, something which originated long before the era of evolution.

    The story has Zeus as the central character. To seduce one of the most beautiful mortal woman - Alcmene - he shapeshifted into her husband - Amphitryon. He spent three nights with her and made her pregnant with a child that would be known as Heracles.

    "Gods have had it too easy when it came to seduction."

    Kiba knew how beneficial shapeshifting could be, but he wasn't sure if he really wanted to use it as a substitute for the seduction process.

    Hs smiled and cleared his thoughts. He snapped his fingers and the door leading to the waiting lounge opened up.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Shine, please enter."

    He looked forward to saving the holy bond of marriage. His determination to do was such that his cock stirred when Rubie stepped in.

    "Well, I should not only save the holy bond, but also reinforce it."

    And he has the right tool for it...
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