464 Couple Therapy! Part I

    (A/N: The therapy chapters are a bit evil and twisted, even psychologically. Please read at your own risk!)

    Kiba, disguised as Gerrell Windsor, welcomed the couple.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Shine, please, have a seat."

    Kiba pointed to the loveseat sofa, but Roger didn't sit there. He wanted to sit alone and not with his cheating wife, so he took one of the chairs next to the sofa.

    Rubie, on the other hand, sat down on the sofa while checking out the room. Her eyes paused on the chaise lounge, and she thought it must be used be for solo counseling and not for joint counseling.

    She then brought her eyes to the counselor who appeared to be a middle-aged man, but extremely handsome. He was sitting with a pen in his hand and tapping it on the top of the large desk.

    "He should be working for Kiba, right?"

    She asked herself, desperately hoping for the answer to be positive. The fate of her marriage relied on him though she also knew very few marriages survived by court-ordered counseling.

    "Whatever happens here is strictly confidential."

    Kiba started by explaining the counselor-client privilege.

    "That means, I won't disclose anything you share with me. Neither with the court nor with anyone, not even your spouse if either of you goes for solo counseling."

    Roger's heart wasn't in counseling for he has already made a decision, and he wasn't going to change it. Still, when the counselor explained the privacy privilege, he nodded.

    No reputed counselor would ever disclose client information. Unless he wants to lose the fame and status along with the counseling license.

    "I have checked the court papers."

    Kiba scrolled through a virtual screen floating horizontally over the desk and continued.

    "And if I'm not reading it wrong, Mr. Shine wants a divorce because Mrs. Shine cheated. Mrs. Shine though wants to save the marriage and is hoping for a chance... Furthermore, based on the judge's remarks, she loves you, Mr. Shine."

    Roger scoffed and replied, "Just not enough to keep her legs closed for that pussy hound Kiba!"

    Before the counselor could respond, Rubie broke in tears.

    "I'm sorry."

    She pulled a tissue from the tissue box. The effects of the emotion-inducing pill were still active, giving her the acting powers of a top actress.

    Wiping her tears, she looked at her husband and said, "I really love you... and I'm sorry for cheating on you. I didn't know what I was thinking..."

    Roger snarled and shouted, "You were thinking of that bastard's cock!"

    He has tried to calm his anger, but he couldn't... not for even five minutes after entering here. He has too much to vent; something only a betrayed husband could understand.

    Kiba might be Gerrell Windsor now, but he still felt bad to see a lady treated such a way. Still, he knew, he couldn't be angry or afford to anger Roger.

    After all, to save the marriage, he has no choice, but to follow the four steps of therapy:

    Making a bond, Executing mental demons, Change perspective, and...

    He suppressed a grin as he thought of the fourth step.

    "Mr. Shine, please, mind your language," Kiba requested in a strictly professional tone, "She is your wife."

    "Like hell! I don't even want to be married to her!" Roger lashed out. "If not for that **ing judge, I wouldn't be even here. All I want is that bitch to be out of my life!"

    Rubie wept and buried her face in her hands.

    "Mrs. Shine, I think it would be for best that if your husband has solo counseling today," Kiba walked to her, and said, "You can come tomorrow for counseling."

    Rubie didn't know what to say. She could only nod and rose to her feet.

    At the same time, Kiba turned towards Roger, and said, "Mr. Shine, please lie down on the chaise lounge and close your eyes so that you can calm a bit."


    Roger was annoyed, but he still did as asked. His lawyer has advised him to not make a mess with the counselor as otherwise, the court might increase the number of counseling sessions.

    Kiba opened the door and guided Rubie out. She looked at the counselor and said, "Please take care of my husband."

    "I will," Kiba placed a hand on his chin and then moved it up.

    "!!" Rubie's eyes constricted in shock. She saw the counselor's face distorts into that of Kiba's.

    She stumbled back in shock, but he quickly supported her. His lips arrived close to her right ear, and he said, "Do you want to listen to the counseling between me and your husband?"

    Still shocked, Rubie nodded. She wanted to know everything, so, she didn't need to think much.

    Kiba kissed her ear and playfully licked her ear lobe before adding, "Then crawl on the floor and hide under the desk while I distract your husband."

    Rubie's entire body tingled from the tantalizing action of his mouth on her ear. She gasped before replying, "Yes."

    A part of her did wonder if he was breaking the counselor-client privilege...

    Kiba put back on the mask. He then moved back to his chair while checking Roger.

    "Mr. Shine, please shut your eyes for a minute," Kiba requested. "And take a deep breath."

    Roger snorted but still followed the request.

    Meanwhile, Rubie crawled on all her fours, slowly moving towards the desk, trying not to make any sound.

    Kiba sat down on his recliner seat and looked at her raised ass, barely hidden by the black sequin. If he wanted, he could have teleported her directly, but he didn't.

    After all, if he had, then where would he see her move like this?

    "Counselor?" Roger began opening his eyes.

    "Yes?" Kiba almost forgot his client. With a professional smile, he spun the chair and looked at Roger.

    "I don't want to be married to that cheating slut!" Roger said as he opened his eyes completely.

    Had he opened them a few seconds earlier, he would have seen the milky-white ass of his wife and her black panties displayed in the air as she crawled under the desk in front of the counselor.

    That sight would have truly made him rethink his decision of divorce... of course, the truth would also have made him insane with rage.

    "Mr. Shine, we are not here because your wife cheated," Kiba replied in a professional tone, "We are here because we want to save your marriage."

    Under the desk, Rubie smiled.

    Yes, we are here to save the marriage!

    As she thought, Kiba's chair came close to her, his crotch just a few centimeters away from her. She swallowed down as she saw the outline of his flaccid cock in those black pants...

    "Mr. Shine, we know your wife made a mistake, a very big mistake," Kiba said, his voice a bit sad, "But every human makes mistake... the true test of our character is forgiving."

    Roger clenched his teeth and sat down on the chaise lounge. With a voice full of anger, he shouted, "It is easy for you to preach! Do you even know the pain of your lover making such a mistake?!"

    He expected that since the counselor was male, he would be more understanding and sympathetic. So far, he hasn't seen either understanding or sympathy.

    Kiba looked down, under the desk, and sighed. Rubie looked back, and felt worried that he might lose cool.


    Her eyes lit up as an idea flashed in her mind. She gently moved her hands up his thighs and brought them on his crotch.

    "It is so thick and long despite being flaccid!"

    No matter how many times she felt him, she was always amazed.  And she knew, how her eyes would bulge out when she sees him in all glory... the sight of him never got old!

    "This would relive him!"

    She thought as she massaged his cock through the pants.

    "Why are you silent?! And you think looking under your desk would kill my question?" Roger angrily asked.

    "No, Mr. Shine, I don't think it would kill your question," Kiba answered with a sad smile. "I was looking at the darkness under the desk... and remembering the bitter times."

    "Bitter times?" Roger was startled.


    Kiba answered as Rubie continued to rub the outline of his cock. He was growing longer and harder.

    "You see, Mr. Roger, my wife made the same mistake as your wife."

    Kiba said while raising a hand to show a wedding ring. The first step of therapy has started.

    "Your wife cheated?!" Roger was shocked. He didn't expect Gerrell Windsor to have suffered what he had.

    Instantly, a part of him sympathized with him. It was sympathy that only people who have shared common disaster could feel.

    "Yes," Kiba nodded.

    Roger looked on as the counselor lowered his hand. He couldn't see the wedding ring any longer due to the desk, but based on how he saw the counselor's shoulder and neck moving, he was sure the counselor has made an additional moment with his hand.

    "He must be clenching his hand!" Roger thought while Kiba used his hand to grab Rubie's head and pull her mouth closer to his crotch.

    Rubie gasped in shock as she realized what he wanted.

    Butterflies ran in her belly while a wet sensation unfolded between her legs. Two contrasting feelings swept her senses, and ultimately, one overpowered the other.

    The winner of the two made her unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down.

    "Oh god! I can't believe I'm doing this!"

    She was afraid but also excited as she pulled his cock.

    "Roger would definitely divorce me if he sees this!"

    She thought as she saw the huge, long and thick cock right in front of her eyes, close to her lips. Her breathing turned heavy as the warmth pulsated from the fat cock.

    Not hesitant any longer, she wrapped her hands around the enormous shaft and began to stroke it up and down.

    "Mr. Shine, I know your pain, I really do."

    Kiba's face twisted a bit by the wonderful strokes his cock was getting through those soft, pleasant hands.

    "Then why are you advising me to reconcile?" Roger asked.

    "Because, Mr. Shine, that's what true love is," Kiba answered with a content smile, "True love is not something that could be wiped out or poisoned by a mistake, no matter how big."

    Roger wanted to speak, but Kiba stopped him and requested him to let him complete.

    "Mr. Shine, my wife loved me, really loved me. In a moment of weakness, she committed that little mistake," Kiba continued as Roger's wife pumped his cock in her hands, "If you think about it, sex occupies the least time of our entire life... So, the question before me was... forgiving my wife for a mistake that didn't occupy a moment of our life...or kill the love that occupied the great part of my life. It was hard, but I chose the former."

    Kiba pressed his lower lip under his teeth.

    Between his legs, Rubie swept her tongue out as she saw precum shooting out of the tip of his cock. She licked it off and rolled her tongue back, swallowing the precum completely.

    "He always tastes so fresh and good!" Rubie thought.

    At the same time, Roger noticed Kiba biting his lip. He could only imagine how painful it must have been for him to make such a decision.

    "Mr. Shine, I don't expect you to follow my decision," Kiba started again. "Because our lives are different. I knew for sure that my wife loved me... I also knew she was the type who learned from her mistakes. So, I wasn't afraid of giving her a second chance."

    The words Roger was about to say died in his throat. He thought of Rubie, the love she had for him, the way she acted in the court and here.

    After taking a breath, he answered, "I know my wife also loves me... And I know, after what happened, she would never cheat on me."

    Under the desk, Rubie was in the middle of licking the base of the enormous cock, and when her husband's words entered her ears, she paused.

    "I wouldn't cheat on you, love!" Rubie promised in her heart. "This is the last time! I swear! You can trust me!"

    Her tongue then licked the throbbing cock, from base to the head. As she arrived on the head, her tongue licked in circles, making Kiba shudder in ecstasy.

    Kiba observed Roger for a few moments before continuing, "Mr. Shine, you need to ask yourself logically, without any anger... does her cheating changes the love she has for you?"

    His question was rephrase and repetitive but it was important.

    "...No," Roger answered though he didn't felt like it. Fidelity was important to him and part of love.

    "Then ask yourself, has her cheating affected you other than your sense of betrayal? Has she taken anything from you because she had a lover? Has she been less attentive to you?" Kiba bombarded him with questions.

    Roger thought for a long time before answering, "No."

    As he thought, he realized her having a lover didn't affect him when he was oblivious to her affair. She was the attentive loving wife, and now that he thought, she was even extra loving. Perhaps that was out of guilt or to avoid suspicion.

    "Now, ask yourself... does her having sex with another man really meant taking anything from you? Were you denied sex?"

    "...No," Roger recalled.

    He contemplated everything and lost himself in thoughts. A few minutes later, he looked at the therapist and said, "But I can't take her back!"

    He continued, his eyes red with fury. "So, I will definitely divorce her!"

    Kiba wasn't surprised. Still, he has to show it on his face, though it was a bit hard with the pleasure Roger's wife was giving him.

    "Why?" Kiba asked.

    "I can't get her **ing images out of my head!" Roger replied.

    "Images?" Kiba was truly surprised. He wondered if Roger has hired a private detective to catch his wife cheating.

    "Yeah, I don't know what she did with Kiba," Roger said, his face red. "But I imagine so many things... things she wouldn't do with me!"

    "Oh!" Kiba sighed in relief. At the same time, Rubie opened her glossy lips and took the fat head of his cock in her mouth. She started sucking him in and out.

    "What things?" Kiba asked, curiously.

    Roger didn't reply for a long time. He then thought of the counselor-client privilege, and decided to share his fears.

    "We have been married for seven years... and in all this time, she never has gone down on me, not once!" Roger clenched his fists tightly before continuing, "She has never given me a single blow job!"

    By now, Rubie has taken almost half of Kiba's cock down her throat. As her husband's words rang out, she froze with Kiba's cock continuing to enjoy the warmth of her mouth.

    "And I wonder if she kisses that pussy hound's cock and licks it... and god forbid... give him a proper blowjob!" Roger concluded.

    Kiba grabbed the back of Rubie's head and pressed it forward. Still sitting and hidden by the desk, he pumped his hips into her face, **ing her face.

    Rubie was caught off guard as he began to treat her mouth like her pussy, **ing it with fast strokes.

    Meanwhile, as he stroked in and out of her mouth, Kiba said, "Mr. Roger, you watch too many porn movies. Many women, especially wives, don't give blowjobs."

    Mentally, he added, "to their husbands."

    "Really?" Roger looked expectantly.

    "Of course, there is no reason for me to lie," Kiba replied, his tone changing from that of a marital therapist to a sex therapist.

    At the same time, Rubie pressed her hands on his thighs as he gave her control, allowing her to bob up and down his cock. She pumped and stroked him through her mouth and lips, giving him a pleasure few men were destined to achieve.

    "You see, Mr. Shine, a good number of women find oral sex repulsive," Kiba explained, trying his best to sound professional, "It is just that the internet has made oral sex seem the norm. If you don't believe me, you can check the surveys and books."

    Rubie agreed with him as she sucked him. She did love giving Kiba blow jobs because his cock demanded it.  And she knew, he had every right!

    This cock was a gift of God, and it deserved to be worshiped in every possible way.

    "So, Mr. Shine, please, rest assured..." Kiba continued with a smile. "I can judge a person by their body language, and from what I can tell of your wife, she isn't the type to give oral sex."

    Roger's face brightened but he was still adamant in his decision. He wouldn't forgive his wife nor take her back!
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