465 Couple Therapy Part II/III

    Kiba obviously knew Roger's decision was still firm. The first step of therapy - forming a sympathetic bond - has two uses: making Roger feel he was understood and along with it, planting the ideas of true love and forgiveness.

    Under the desk, Rubie pumped the head of Kiba's cock with her hands while her tongue licked down the shaft, covering every inch.

    Her tongue was slow, gentle, and slippery... the combinations of which made his cock twitch from excitement.

    And as she arrived on his balls, she pulled her tongue back, and rolled it out again, teasing him.

    Kiba was impressed by her service. He was also proud that she has become such an expert cock licker and sucker after being trained by his cock.

    "Mr. Shine, there is something you want to say," Kiba said.

    He hasn't forgotten his duty as the counselor, so he further added, "Please say."

    Roger looked around the room, checking out every piece of item, before saying, "I have seen Kiba... you know, in action... not with my wife but..."

    He was hesitant to continue. His face showed a mixture of anger and despair.

    "Mr. Shine, please explain what you mean."

    Kiba was curious. He didn't think he has seen Roger before except on files.

    "There was this party in a club I was visiting... a group of women was hosting a bachelorette party for some gorgeous bride-to-be. The party was full of music, dance, drugs, alcohol... well, you get the idea."

    Roger clenched his jaw before continuing.

    "Kiba was also at that party, as the only man! He danced with the bride-to-be and her friends on the bar! That dance was anything but appropriate... those women ripped his clothes away! And when he lost his clothes and his naked figure was revealed, the bride-to-be's eyes turned big and wide... and her jaws dropped. The same went for the other women... they all blushed and turned breathless, with the literal OMG expression!! Those **ing sluts were salivating from desire!!!"

    Roger grabbed a glass of water and emptied it in one gulp. He could only imagine how his own wife would have reacted when she undressed Kiba.

    "And that bastard **ed bride-to-be! It was like he was some gymnast or body trainer in the art of screwing! He **ed that slut standing, sitting, lying, and in god know's how many positions!

    "I can still hear that slut moaning, crying, and screaming when he screwed her in front of her friends! What's worse, he wasn't satisfied with the bride-to-be alone! He moved on her friends... and made them cry and moan in similar ways! Every **ing of them!!

    "And then, he just slept there as if he has collapsed after sacrificing for some noble cause!"

    Roger trembled as he continued, saying something he dreaded to say.

    "I don't want to admit it, but he is blessed... you know, really blessed down there..."

    Roger couldn't continue any longer as fear wrapped his guts. He could only guess how many innocent men suffered because Kiba decided to share his blessing with women.

    "I see," Kiba was a bit surprised that Roger has witnessed one of those orgies.

    He didn't know which party Roger was referring to though. Because one of his companies - Naughty Bunny Corporation - hosted such parties throughout the city so that a bride-to-be could have the best time before she tied knots and lost her freedom.

    "If it doesn't offend you, I'm going to share a hypothesis on you," Kiba looked at Roger. "I will only do it if you give me your permission."

    "Sure," Roger told him to proceed.

    "One of the main reasons you don't want to be married any longer...is that you are afraid," Kiba paused for a moment before continuing, "Afraid that you are incapable of satisfying your wife."

    Rage erupted inside Roger and his entire face turned red. His rage was so strong that veins bulged throughout his body, on verge of snapping.

    This hypothesis hurt him the most because it was the truth. Ever since he learned about Rubie having a lover, and that too the infamous Kiba... he lost all confidence in his sexual powers. He knew, even if he hasn't witnessed that party in the club, his condition would have been the same, more or less.

    "Mr. Shine, there is nothing to be embarrassed about."

    Kiba let out a sigh before continuing.

    "What you are experiencing is nothing unique. When a spouse cheat, the other spouse wonders if he/she is lacking between sheets. It doesn't matter if it is a man or woman, such thoughts are natural.

    "In the case of men, they become self-conscious of their body image and start doubting their ability to satisfy a woman. These doubts turn into fear and then into a psychological block which ultimately affects their sex drive. In rare cases, the effects include erectile dysfunction as sexual performance depends more on the mind,"

    Roger lost all his anger and collapsed, his face ashen. He looked at the counselor in shock and disbelief. Everything the counselor said was true... all his worst fears were out.

    "Mr. Shine, what you need to know is that people cheat for many reasons," Kiba tried to relax his client, "You will be surprised to learn that sexual gratification is not the most popular reason, despite what your fears and internet made you believe."

    "I-it is not?"

    Roger was now like a man drowning in the stormy sea. For him, even the support of a staw could make all the difference.

    "Yes," Kiba nodded.

    He then shared the various reasons for cheating: falling out of love, situational forces, boredom, feeling neglected, etc. He explained them in simple words rather than using psychological terms.

    "If I have to guess, based on your wife's profile, her reason is that you were busy, too involved in your business... and she got bored," Kiba mixed the truth with fiction to convince Roger.

    "Like hell! Even if I was busy and she got bored, that isn't a reason to cheat!" Roger shouted. He refused to believe any justification, no matter how convincing the reasons sounded.

    "Of course not," Kiba agreed. "What I'm telling you is that... your wife is a victim like you."


    Roger was dumbfounded. She was the villain in the story... so how she be the victim?! The only victim was him.

    Rubie has pressed her lips against Kiba's cock to give it a wet kiss, but when she heard him calling her a victim, even she was dumbstruck.

    Still, she didn't forget the important job she has. So, her glossy lips kissed the thick cock, giving it the love it deserved.

    "Yes, Mr. Shine. Both you and your wife are victims," Kiba explained with a bitter smile. "And the antagonist is Kiba."


    Roger agreed with Kiba being the antagonist, but still, he didn't want to believe his wife was the victim.

    "Mr. Roger, do you know any married woman who has escaped Kiba's charm? Do you know any married woman who was able to resist his seduction?"

    Kiba asked.

    Roger turned silent. He has researched about Kiba a lot in the recent weeks. So, he knew the answers to the two questions... no such woman existed!

    Below the desk, Rubie was stunned. She couldn't believe Kiba was taking such unfair blame, despite him giving her the orgasmic happiness that made her feel she was in heaven!

    Something, that neither love nor wealth could give...

    Roger let out a no to the questions.

    "Mr. Shine, one of the reasons that man succeed is that he is able to remind women of their carefree days and make them forget about the responsibilities that had become a natural part of their lives."

    Kiba took a long pause for Roger to contemplate before concluding, "Are you understanding what I'm trying to say?"

    "...." Roger shook his head. He wasn't able to understand what the counselor wanted to imply.

    Kiba let out a sigh before explaining in simple terms:

    "Mr. Shine, Kiba is a master manipulator."

    He felt bad for vilifying his honest persona, but he has no choice if he wanted to get results in such a short time. With the pageant near, he didn't have much time to spare...

    "Kiba knows how to break through married women's defense, exploit their weakness, and seduce them when they are the most vulnerable. You can say, he is a ruthless businessman with lots of business experience. He gets what he wants, no matter the means."

    "Ah!" Roger's eyes flashed in understanding as the counselor concluded. The invisible pressure he was feeling disappeared and the frustration inside him drastically reduced.

    He felt better mentally knowing he wasn't at fault for his wife being seduced.

    The fault was Kiba's!

    This thought helped him in getting his mental strength back. He no longer felt that inadequate and useless in bed. His broken ego began recovering!

    "Counselor, thank you!"

    Roger was really grateful to the honorable judge for appointing this great counselor.

    "Mr. Shine, please, don't embarrass me," Kiba waved his hand. "I'm only doing my job, and you don't have to thank me for that."

    "Still, thank you!" Roger said.

    Kiba nodded and responded with a faint smile. Now, that the two parts of the therapy were done, he took a short break.

    Meanwhile, even as the conversation was going on, Rubie hasn't stopped. She grabbed his thighs tightly while moving her mouth down his cock, making almost half of it disappear between her open lips. She then shut them tight, and moved her head up and down, trying to take him as much as she could in the deepest of her mouth.


    A pleasing sensation erupted between her legs as she further glistened his cock with her saliva. With every movement of her head, her soft lips enjoyed the feel of hard flesh sliding up and down, sending a current of ecstasy down her spine.

    Kiba was having a hard time controlling himself. She has been blowing for a long time, and his hard flesh couldn't stand against her soft, delicious lips. This was especially true with her husband nearby, looking at him with gratitude.

    Bobbing up and down on his lap, Rubie continued to suck him. She felt him throbbing violently and knew he was close. She massaged his balls with her fingertips and felt them tightening, and this feeling further made her sure of her guess.

    Feeling adventurous, she pressed her mouth forward and tried to swallow his cock far more than she ever had in her life.

    Her breathing paused as he plunged into her throat. She made light noises as he began to boil for the orgasm.

    Kiba could almost hear her shouting - "I'm ready for the load!"

    And knowing what she wanted, his cock sprayed down waves of cum deep into her throat, much to her pleasure. She let out a silent moan and swallowed every drop of cum...

    Kiba could only join in her silence, enjoying the climax.

    A few minutes later, Roger took another deep breath and broke the silence.

    "Kiba might be the villain, but that doesn't forgive my cheating wife! She cheated on me, willingly!" Roger continued, his expression twisted, "So, I still want to divorce her."

    "Your perspective is wrong, Mr. Shine," Kiba told him.

    Now that his wife has given him such a good climax, he felt a duty to be more patient.

    "Perspective?" Roger looked at Kiba in confusion.

    His wife has cheated, on her own, without being forced. And she has been **ed by Kiba god knows how many times and in what ways.

    So, what was wrong with his perspective?!

    "Yes, you are looking at everything with a negative perspective even though you are the winner in the events which are going in your life."

    Kiba said.

    "Counselor, my wife put horns on me! That **er Kiba screwed my wife in ways I could only imagine! So how the hell am I a winner?!"

    Roger was no longer thankful. He was now both angry and offended.

    Kiba allowed his patient to vent his frustration and calm down.

    After Roger completed, Kiba replied, "Realistically speaking, if the divorce proceeds and your wife contest the terms, she would get half of everything you have earned. Am I right?"

    Roger was startled by the sudden change in topic. Still, he answered, "Yes. Those senate bastards have made divorce hell for men by having such unfair divorce laws... No matter the reason for divorce, the wife takes at least half. You could only avoid this fate if you are one of those godly mutants."

    He wished it was ancient times when the women had very few rights and were at mercy of men. Now, this modern era has screwed up everything in the name of equality and civil rights.

    Kiba could guess the types of thoughts running in Roger's mind. They were rather pretty common thoughts for a man undergoing a divorce. Something he knew given he has indirectly caused hundreds of divorces.

    As a hardcore feminist... someone who has fought for women's rights all his life, he didn't agree with such outdated views, but now was not the time to correct them.

    In the meantime, Ruby rubbed her hands against his cock.

    Soon, it turned hard and erect, with all the glory she has known. She took him in her mouth and slipped a hand between her legs. Gently, she rubbed her wet folds, feeling an electrifying sensation deep within her.


    She wanted him between those folds, filling her cunt...

    "Now, Mr. Shine, you agree that your wife would get at least half of your present resources," Kiba continued in a professional tone, "So, if the divorce happens, from a certain point of view, she would come as a winner, right?"

    Roger thought for a few moments and answered:

    "Yeah, that's right. That bitch could ** around all her life with the money she would get from the settlement."

    Even though he called her a bitch, he wasn't that angry with her. The counseling has made him realize the importance of true love, and now knowing she was a victim... he couldn't hate her either.

    Kiba tapped the pen in his hand on the table and said, "Yet, she isn't doing that. She has been avoiding a divorce that is practically a good opportunity for her."

    Roger wanted to cut in and disagree, but Kiba didn't give him the chance.

    "Now, just think... by divorcing, she could go back to Kiba or anyone... someone whom you fear would be far better than you in bed. But she is giving up all those opportunities to have you."

    Roger was surprised by this point.

    "You know for a fact, that Kiba gives your wife the best orgasms she ever had."

    Kiba continued in a strictly professional demeanor.

    "You know for a fact, that Kiba has been far more blessed than you, down there as you said. Yet, despite everything... she chose YOU! Not KIBA!"

    Roger froze. His pupils dilated and his ears numbed.

    "She chose me and not Kiba!"

    If he wasn't sitting, he would have lost footing and collapsed. It was like the world he knew has changed.
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