466 Couple Therapy Final Par

    In the counseling room, Roger was shell-shocked, his eyes wide.

    "Rubie chose me... and not Kiba!"

    He repeated these words in a loop.

    Minutes passed, after which he lifted his head to look at Gerrell Windsor. The counselor has his eyes shut with a serene expression on his face.

    And why wouldn't he have such an expression?

    Rubie was serving him under the desk. She bobbed up and down his cock while rubbing her soaked panties. Her musky scent of arousal was like a sweet, spicy scent... making him really happy.

    Roger didn't know that. He mistook the serene expression as the confidence of the counselor.

    "He does have reason to be confident."

    Roger thought of everything the counselor has said... and realized the counselor has been right all along. It didn't matter if it was about his hidden fears or about Ruby having an ideal situation!

    As a woman, Rubie has far more advantages than him, even in finding a life partner. It was almost always men who need to ask for a date, impress women, carry the burden of entire courting.

    "That's the eternal truth of the world," Roger bitterly mused.

    And with the lustful figure Rubie has gained in the gym, men were sure to hound her for affections.

    "But what about me?"

    He felt he was fairly good-looking, but he then thought how women would react knowing he was tossed aside by Rubie... for Kiba.

    Would the women think he was inferior in bed?

    At this exact moment, a small smile appeared on Kiba's face.

    He quickly hid it and said, "Mr. Shine, the negative aspect of having a thought process is that our mind tries to think of the worse. Judging by your appearance, you are being negatively influenced, but as I said before, you are the winner! No negative thoughts can change that!"

    Roger's expression changed and color returned to his face.

    Right! Rubie has chosen me despite the options she had! She loves me! And I also love her, truly love her! Otherwise, her actions wouldn't have hurt me!

    Roger relaxed.

    Meanwhile, under the desk, as Rubie sucked Kiba's cock and rubbed her soaked panties, she thought:

    "Why was I so worried and desperate?! As Kiba said, I have all the cards! I love Roger, but if he would be a dick, I can also get angry!"

    Relieved, and with new confidence, she wrapped her tongue around the hard flesh as she sucked Kiba. She wanted to let him know just how much she appreciated his words!

    Kiba was also appreciative of Rubie's newfound enthusiasm. His cock was really in heaven!

    If thought logically, the arguments he used to change Roger's perspective were flawed, no matter how convincing they sounded. After all, besides sexual gratification, an individual desires emotional intimacy; something that could be only given by romantic interest.

    But Kiba wasn't worried. He knew it far better than anyone on how the mind functioned.

    In testing times, the mind tries to consider the worst. This was despite the fact that on an instinctual level, a living being searches for silver lining and hope.

    This behavior of the brain, plus the present situation, worked for Kiba to achieve the desired effect.

    After all, he was trying to paint a positive image, and not negative!

    [[It is the elementary use of psychology.]]

    Claudia noted.

    Through the sensors in the room, she has observed everything, including Kiba vilifying himself! She let out an inaudible sigh and remarked to herself:

    [[This was the only time master was honest about himself.]]

    She then examined Roger.

    [[Master has established a sympathetic bond, implanted ideas of forgiveness and true love, made the wife a victim, and changed the perspective of husband. The stage for the final step of therapy is ready.]]

    Despite her not caring about anyone but her master, she felt pity for Roger.

    In the meantime, Kiba tapped the pen on the desk a few times before focusing on Roger.

    "Mr. Shine, you have three choices," Kiba informed him.

    "Three choices?"

    Roger was surprised. He thought the only choices were divorce or reconciling with his wife.

    "Yes, Mr. Shine, three."

    Kiba nodded before continuing.

    "The first is the obvious choice of divorce. You can be free of a wife who loves you and is begging to stay with you," Kiba continued. "The second choice is reconciliation and having things return back to they were before the affair."

    Roger already knew these two choices.

    With the counseling so far, his decision has changed from the first choice to the second. He wanted to give his wife another chance... because he did love her and has found forgiveness in his heart!

    "The third choice is also reconciliation but having things far better than they ever were!" Kiba said in a high pitch, his voice inspiring.

    "Better!?" Roger looked at him. "How?"

    "By owning your wife!" Kiba answered, his professional smile radiating.

    "I don't understand," Roger said with a bewildered look.

    "Well, I can explain, but please do know, my words might sound crude and offensive."

    Kiba cautioned out of goodwill.

    "So, please think if you want to learn the third choice of having a life far better than you ever had. This option would make you happy that the affair happened. In fact, you will be like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes, far stronger than before!"

    Roger was dumbstruck.

    The third choice was so overwhelmingly powerful?!

    So, what was there to think of?!

    He definitely wanted to be the phoenix rising from the ashes!

    "I want to know about this choice!" Roger voiced out his decision, his eyes full of expectations. "So, please, sir, guide me, without any worries!"

    Kiba tossed the pen away and tapped his fingers on the desk with a pondering expression on his face.

    Under the desk, Rubie continued to massage him with her tongue and mouth. Every time she moved up and down his shaft, strands of saliva and precum stretched out from her tongue and lips...

    "Ok, then," Kiba gave a slight nod before continuing, "Lay down on the chaise lounge, close your eyes, and try to clear your mind of distracting thoughts... in a way, I want you to be in mediating as I guide you."

    Rogers listened to the instructions carefully. He then removed his shoes, lay down on the chaise lounge, and closed his eyes.

    "Meditate...clear my mind of distracting thoughts!"

    He repeated the instructions and proceeded to carry out them.

    At the same time, Kiba slipped a hand behind Rubie's head to grab her long hair and pull her up. Rubie was surprised as he made her leave the desk and rise on her feet. She turned around and noticed her husband, barely five steps away.

    "If he saw me like this, all efforts would be wasted!"

    Rubie thought as she wiped the strands of saliva and precum from her lips.

    She didn't get much time to be worried though.

    "I need more than your mouth," Kiba muttered in her left ear as he pushed her on the desk, "And I'm sure the same goes for you."

    "Yes!" Rubie let out an inaudible yes. She was so aroused that even her panties were wet.

    Kiba has a guess on that, and when he slid the end of her sequin dress up, his guess was bound to be confirmed.

    His eyes moved from the rosy hue of her ass cheeks to below... a place that he loved the most in the whole world.

    "Whenever I doubt God's existence, this place clears it all!"

    Kiba thought as he observed her delicious pussy, hidden by the white satin of her panties, highlighted from the wetness. Her panties were practically see-through, giving him the much-needed sight and confirm the existence of the god again.


    Rubie shut her lips tight and let out a suppressed gasp as she felt his fingers probing her panties. His touch carried current and she shivered from excitement.

    "No time to waste!"

    Kiba smirked as he moved from probing her panties to dragging them over her hips. There was no need to pull them out completely or remove her dress.

    The outline of her figure and her milky ass was more than arousing for him.

    "God! I can't believe I'm doing this, so close to my loving husband!"

    Rubie begged forgiveness in her heart and promised this would be the last time she was cheating. Her conviction didn't remain for long as Kiba grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her soaking entrance.

    Rubie was truly worried she would scream and disturb her mediating husband. So, she put the edge of her left hand between her mouth, just as Kiba slipped into her.

    He was gentle with his first thrust, and as he filled her hungry cunt completely, he stopped, giving her ample time to relax. She was relieved and pleasured at the same time, enjoying the convulsions of her pussy around his cock.

    At the same time, Kiba didn't forget his duty as the counselor.

    "Mr. Shine, conquer your wife."

    Kiba said as he started hammering his hard cock down the sloppy cunt.

    "Make her realize who is the owner of that tight pussy!"

    Roger was astonished by the words used by the counselor. For a moment, he even doubted he was hearing it right.

    "Counselor! How dare you use such words for my wife?!" Roger was offended. Still, despite his anger, he tried to calm down and didn't break out of the meditation state.

    "Mr. Shine, I'm guiding you to the third choice!"

    Kiba reminded him as he tugged the hair of his wife and slammed deep into her warm pussy.

    Rubie's breathing lowered as the pleasure she has never known erupted. She began shivering uncontrollably and collapsed on the desk with an orgasmic glow on her face. She climaxed! That's how turned on she was!

    "The choice is unconventional, but everything that leads to greatness is unconventional! That's how the emperors were born!" Kiba continued to guide Roger while stopping his thrusts into his client's wife.

    Kiba just stayed inside her, enjoying the sensation of her pussy trying to squeeze his cock as she continued to tremble from the climax.

    Roger became silent as he thought of what the counselor said.

    "Mr. Shine, to live a life you have never lived, you have to think differently!"

    Kiba said as his hands traced Rubie's back. Her dress proved no hindrance for him to feel her smooth back. Slowly, he moved to the curves of her breasts, savoring their softness and firmness.

    "So meditate, clear all your thoughts, and don't let mental demons affect you!"

    Kiba concluded for now as he wanted to resume banging his client's wife. But she was still sensitive, and he needed to be slow and attentive.

    So, he pulled his cock till the tip was between her pussy lips. Then, he leaned forward and kissed her neck. He felt more goosebumps on her soft skin, and knew she was sensitive, but also ready.

    Slowly, he rammed his cock down her slippery passage while continuing to kiss her neck. They both were considerate enough to not make any sound so that her husband could think in silence.


    Rubie was having a hard time maintaining the silence though. Her little, tight pussy was continuously stretched, giving her ecstatic pleasure. She wanted to moan without any constraints and voice out her pleasure.

    "What should I do?" Roger enquired.

    Kiba leaned back, and grabbed Rubie's waist. He controlled his breathing and hammered deep into her before answering, "As I said, own that pussy! Conquer her tonight, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and forever!"

    "I don't understand," Roger replied in confusion.

    Kiba let out a sigh and said, "Mr. Roger, you have to let her and the world know that you are different than what they think! And how could you do it?! By surpassing Kiba!"

    Alongside, he pushed hard into Rubie and felt her ripping around his cock.

    "Surpass Kiba?!"

    Roger was astonished. His face glowed excitedly at the prospect though. He could imagine how great it would feel.

    "Yes! And you can achieve that easily!"

    Kiba cupped Rubie's breasts and increased the power of his strokes.

    "All you have to do is conquer your wife repeatedly!"

    "But how?!" Roger asked. "And what does conquering her mean?!"

    The fabric of Rubie's dress didn't stop Kiba from cupping or squeezing her firm tits. He felt them, appreciated them!

    "By cleaning her pussy after she is **ed by Kiba!"

    Kiba explained. His breathing slowed down by the heavenly sensation of her pussy and breasts.

    "WHAT?!" Roger was shocked.

    "Relax, Mr. Shine," Kiba brought back his professional voice and continued. "Everything isn't as simple or cheap as it sounds! Just think of what you concluded about Kiba and your wife?!"

    Roger paused and thought for a long time.

    "That bastard is well-endowed and knows how to **! But despite everything, my wife came crawling to me! I won!"

    Roger's closed eyes trembled as he voiced out the conclusion.

    "Yes! Being **ed by him didn't make a single difference! Love won over sex!"

    Kiba said, his voice becoming strained as he increased the pacing of his strokes.

    "So, just think of how great it would feel to win not once, but countless times! You will be cleaning him out every time out of your wife's system! How will that playboy feel knowing you get to enjoy Rubie despite everything?"

    Roger was astonished beyond words. The thought of Kiba **ing his wife again made him tremble from rage, but a part of also felt excited. He had a slight boner from the thought alone.

    "Mr. Shine, this is against what you have known, so you will have mental demons by the elements of this choice."

    Kiba explained while **ing Rubie with long, powerful strokes.

    "But just think... your wife knows you own her to such an extent that you don't mind her giving to another man before conquering her again! She will know you are a fearless man who dreads nothing! Not even a well-endowed man!

    "Consider... no matter the orgasms your wife gets from Kiba... the one she would be waiting for is from you!"

    "And Kiba... well, he would be so helpless that he could only clench his fists in anger! Think just how weak he would feel knowing he couldn't separate a couple in love, despite being so blessed!"

    Roger thought of the number of divorces and separations Kiba was responsible was. The number was far too big!

    And he then thought of Rubie... she was begging him to take her back! She was weeping uncontrollably just from the thought of divorce!

    "Of course, society would be shocked by your choice, but you don't have to tell them! The confidence of living this choice would automatically show up in your life!

    "Happiness from surpassing Kiba and conquering your wife would make you more successful! You will achieve what you couldn't until now! Happiness, confidence, pleasure, and self-satisfaction!!"

    Partly, Kiba was both implanting thoughts of becoming cuckold and justifying the excitement from that thought.

    After all, no man wants to accept that he was turned on by the prospect of his wife **ed by another man, especially a man who has just tried to divorce her for the same reason!

    Roger contemplated everything said so far. In his mind, graphic scenes of Kiba **ing his wife flashed one after another. He even imagined Kiba receiving a blow job, something he never got!

    Those scenes made him burn from rage, but he also felt blood excitedly flowing to one part of his body.

    The contrasting feelings confused him.

    At the same time, as Kiba continued to pound Rubie, she was no longer able to remain silent. She snapped her head back and moaned.


    Both of them froze...
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