467 Another Happy Couple!

    From behind, Kiba squeezed Rubie's breasts and slammed into her with such force that the sound of his balls slapping against her flesh rang out. Leaning over the desk, Rubie was no longer able to control herself. Her mouth let out a moan that could be only formed from the intense **ing.


    The moment she moaned, both she and Kiba froze in shock. He was still inside her, the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix, but he didn't make any movement.

    Rubie was the same, though her pussy clenched his cock tightly as the fear of being discovered took over.

    Their bodies were in a strange euphoria that couldn't be described with words alone. It was a pleasure that could be only felt from sneaky sex situations like theirs.

    Slowly, they moved their eyes on Roger.

    Roger was still on the chaise lounge. Rage erupted on his face and veins bulged throughout his body.

    He was angry like never before!

    But strangely, his eyes were shut tight.

    Slowly, he parted his lips, and said, "Counselor?"

    Even though Kiba was **ing Rubie, he was still disguised as Gerrell Windsor. Trying to control his breathing, he replied, "Yes?"

    "You were right."

    "What do you mean?" Kiba enquired in a professional tone while resuming the **ing he was giving to Rubie.

    After arriving at this stage... there was no need to stop... was there? Even if he wanted to stop, his cock wouldn't, and the tight pussy wouldn't let him.

    "The third choice," Roger answered, his voice filled with fury.

    Rubie's breath caught in her mouth. Her pussy trembled and drenched Kiba's cock with more slippery juices.

    "God! I'm done for! Why can't I stop?!"

    She could feel every fiber of her pussy squeezing and twisting on his raging cock. Despite the situation, she was far more aroused and pleasured. Even her previous blissful orgasms couldn't compare to this.

    "Please explain," Kiba requested as his cock completed a slow, gentle stroke.

    "Just like you said," Roger clawed the fabric of the chaise lounge and continued, "The thoughts of the third choice gave me mental demons! I imagined that bastard Kiba screwing my wife! What's worse, not only I had mental images, I even heard the sound of her moaning as he hammered her slutty pussy!"

    Kiba: "........"

    Rubie: "......."

    "God! That slut has never moaned like that with me!" Roger continued with venom in his voice. "I know that was just my imagination, and she isn't being screwed by him, but it still makes my blood boil!"

    Rubie was too shocked and dumbstruck. The thought of her husband imagining her being **ed by Kiba while being really screwed made her orgasm instantly. She squealed and snapped her head back as a current passed through every cell of her existence.

    Her hips jerked and she collapsed on the desk again, with the hard cock jammed deep into her.


    Her pussy muscles quivered as if an earthquake was passing through them, and her eyes glazed over from the pleasure.

    She has never been so happy...

    "Fuck!" Kiba suppressed a grunt

    The violent contrasts of her pussy were like waves of pleasure on his cock. He tried his best to not shoot his seed in her married pussy.

    "Not only moan but now I even heard her the sounds from her climaxing!" Roger shouted. He was having a hard time maintaining this mediation state despite knowing his wife would never cheat on him.

    "Is that so?" Kiba asked as he held himself from cumming.

    "Yes! Counselor," Roger noticed something and asked, "Why is your voice so strained?!"

    "That's because your wife's tight pussy is squeezing my cock! And I'm having a hard time not cumming in that fertile cunt!"

    That would be the honest answer, but speaking truth wasn't always right. So, he tried to bring his voice to normal, and reply, "Your mental fears is making me troubled. I don't think you are cut for the third choice."

    "Counselor, don't say that," Roger took a deep breath for the hundredth time. He thought of the client privilege and said, "I'm angry, but I also like what I imagined!"

    "Ah! That's really good to know! And it means you have the potential for greatness!"

    Kiba sighed in relief and slipped his cock out of Rubie. He pulled his pants out and kicked them away, and at the same time, grabbed Rubie and put her on the sofa chair.

    Rubie looked at him through her glazed vision, and muttered, "I don't think I could handle another round!"

    "Don't sell yourself short!" Kiba was confident in the training he has given her.  So, with a smile, he dragged her panties down her legs and feet.

    Rubie was astonished by what he did with the white, silky panties. Her lips were partly open, and he stuffed the panties right into them.

    "You don't have to be worried about moaning any longer!"

    Kiba was a considerate lover and counselor to the couple.

    Rubie opened her mouth to speak but he used that opportunity to push the panties further. She chocked in the scent of her arousal, and a rosy hue appeared on her face.

    At the same time, he pulled her legs up onto his chest and positioned himself against her quivering, wet flesh.

    "Mr. Shine, you need to conquer your fears! You need to surpass your anger!"

    Kiba said as he slid inside Rubie in one steady motion.

    "And you could only do that after facing your fears and the source of your anger! That's how great people have achieved success! By facing challenges, head-on!"

    "... I understand!" Roger's complexion was complex at the thought of allowing Kiba to ** his wife.

    Meanwhile, Kiba began hammering in and out of Rubie.


    Rubie gasped from the sensation of having her climaxed passage jammed. She was full, content, and sensitive, but her hips automatically responded to the strokes.

    "Why can't I get enough?!"

    Rubie thought as she slowly pulled out the thick straps of her dress to free her breasts. She wanted to give his eyes a pleasureful sight.

    And she quickly felt the effects of her actions. His fat cock rapidly pulsated inside her wet cunt.

    Kiba pushed aside her legs from his chest and lowered his hands. He cupped her firm breasts and felt her wonderful nipples. They were hard and erect, and as his hands came in contact, they swelled.

    With fierceness she has never known, he hammered her pussy with fast, powerful strokes and squeezed her breasts.


    Rubie grabbed the armrest of the chair as his hips moved in a series of blurs while his cock moved back and fro inside her slippery cunt.


    She moaned but thankfully, the panties stopped the sound.

    "Counselor, I'm still imagining those scenes of Kiba pounding my wife!" Roger said from a few steps away. "But I think it is no longer that bad."

    "What do you mean?"

    Kiba's breathing was heavy as he asked. He realized counseling and **ing at the same time was a hard task, even for him.

    "I no longer hear her moaning or squealing!" Roger proudly answered. He found new confidence in surpassing his worst fears and becoming the man he was destined to.

    "That's really good....!!!"

    Kiba trailed off in between as Rubie put her arms around his neck. She brought his body close to her as she erupted with another orgasm.

    "Oh god!"

    Kiba felt her pussy contracting around him. This time, he couldn't overpower the pleasuring sensation and released cum deep into her.

    Rubie clutched him tightly as his hard flesh melted inside her. Her body shivered and his physical presence gave her the warmth it desired.

    Kiba nibbled her ears and neck before pulling the panties from her mouth...

    Meanwhile, Roger continued to maintain his meditative state. He didn't let his fears disturb him and break this attentive state.

    So far, despite everything, he wasn't sure if he wanted to accept the third choice.

    "Besides, Rubie would be hesitant... no, she would never have sex with that pussy hound again!"

    Roger thought as he recalled her earlier reactions. By the emotions alone, he was sure she would never even come close to Kiba.

    "But I can make her..."

    He lost himself in thoughts of the possibilities...

    A minute later, Kiba quickly dressed and teleported Rubie to the temporary house she was staying at.

    "I have to return back," Kiba said as he dropped her.

    "I know," Rubie said before kissing him on the cheek. "Thank you for the best night of my life."

    Kiba smiled and teleported back.

    Rubie looked at the spot where he was just a moment ago and broke out into a smile. The recent experience left her no doubt on she was going to continue overstepping the boundaries.

    No, even before this, she knew.

    "I have always enjoyed being **ed by him!"

    She mused with a blissful smile.

    "And now I love cheating as well!"

    She jumped on the bed and wondered what choice her husband would make.

    "It doesn't really matter! Every choice works for me!"

    She was no longer concerned about the divorce because she was confident...


    In the counseling room, Kiba sat down on the chair. The entire teleportation journey hasn't taken over a minute so there was nothing to be worried about.

    "Life is good!"

    Kiba thought before focusing back on Roger.

    "Mr. Shine, you can now open your eyes and rise," Kiba said.

    Roger opened his eyes and sat down.

    "Mr. Shine, this was the first counseling session," Kiba continued in a professional tone. "So, there is no reason for you to hurry and make a decision quickly."

    Roger nodded before replying, "I'm aware but I have made a decision."


    An hour later, at Rubie's house.

    Rubie, clad in a white nightgown, arrived at the main entrance. The gate automatically opened up and her husband stepped in.


    Rubie looked in front.


    He looked back at his wife.

    "I'm so sorry!" Roger took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

    Rubie was surprised by his apology. After all, he was right to file for divorce.

    "That counselor made me realize what a fool I was! We both love each other, and a mistake couldn't change that!"

    Roger continued as he hugged her more tightly.

    "I almost threw you away because of my ego!"

    Rubie was astonished by his words. She didn't knew the counseling was so powerful, but then she recalled she was busy sucking Kiba so she missed most of the content.

    She smiled and tears emerged in her eyes.

    "I'm sorry as well! And I love you!" Rubie melted under his embrace. "You can trust me, I would never cheat on you!"

    "About that..." Roger trailed off in between.

    "?" Rubie looked at him in confusion.

    "Nothing! Just that we need to stop the divorce proceeding!"

    Roger then kissed her.

    Internally, he decided he would wait for some time before bringing the third choice. For now, he didn't want to freak her out by the extraordinary life prospect the choice offered...


    A mile away, on an almost desolate street.

    Kiba paid a street vendor for a strange combination of fishcake and chocolate cappuccino. He then sat on a bench nearby.

    "Another happy couple."

    Kiba remarked as he observed Roger and Rubie reuniting.

    "My job is done."

    It always made him happy to see couples reuniting and forming a bond stronger than before. After all, for over four years, he has lived for the happiness of others, especially couples.

    He grabbed his smartphone and opened the Fitness Goals app. Swiping over trainee's list, he tapped on Suzane's name and a chat box opened up.

    [Divorce canceled.]

    He typed the message and sent it.

    At the same time, far away, a circular shadow crawled through the walls of buildings. Hidden by the night sky, it quickly rushed through.

    A few minutes later, the shadow stopped after it arrived in front of the bench Kiba was sitting on.


    From the center of the shadow, a feminine figure rose up.

    Kiba placed down the cappuccino and lifted his head.

    "I have missed you."

    His lips spread to form a smile...
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