468 Eva!

    As the circular shadow neared the bench, a feminine figure rose up from it. The figure resembled a silhouette, carrying grace and charm.

    Slowly, it transformed into a woman with a fair complexion and an exceedingly gorgeous appearance.

    "I have missed you."

    Kiba said as he feasted on her stunning figure comprising of brown hair, beautiful eyes radiating innocence, and the sweetest smile possible that signified a charm, naive personality.

    She was Evangelina "Eva" Webley.

    "I'm pretty sure you say that to every woman you sleep with."

    Eva replied as she sat next to him.

    "Or want to sleep with."

    Despite the innocence her demeanor carried, she was anything but that. It was a different matter that the world wasn't aware of her true personality.

    Eva looked at the night sky and the empty streets in front. Kiba did the same, and for the next few minutes, no words were spoken.

    "Thank you."

    Kiba broke the silence with a brief thank you.

    Eva turned towards him and smiled.

    It has been a little over two months since they last had any contact, but she didn't need to ask why he was thanking her out of blue.

    "I'm glad you succeeded," Eva said.

    Kiba nodded and let out another word of thanks.

    It was Eva who told him about nanites' possible connection with Desolate Blood Forest. If not for this information, he would be hard-pressed for a cure and would have no choice but to rely on the only option he didn't want to: Section III - the eternal shrine of Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose.

    "It hasn't been even a day since you cured her," Eva brushed her soft hair before continuing, "And yet, there has been no credit for Zed at all. Instead, the Eleanor Family is getting all the praise. Surprising isn't it?"

    Kiba was startled. He has cured Felicity in the morning and then got busy with the divorce case. It occupied most of his day so he wasn't aware of the details.

    "Eleanor Family?"

    Kiba remembered what Felicity's brother - Cleo - disclosed under torture.

    As one of the nine aristocrat families and the founding members of the World Government, Eleanor Family was a powerful faction on Earth. The head members of the family had been looking for a legendary treasure known as Everlasting Crown, an item from Celestial Elysian Plane.

    Years ago, Felicity's father - Senator Patrick - has found one of the jewels that donned this crown. He gave it to the higher-ups of Eleanor Family, and in return, got their support and promise to take one of his descendants into the Eleanor Family along with other priceless benefits.

    "Well, it is not really surprising," Kiba replied.

    As a senator, Patrick obviously knew about the workings of the world, so, he must have done it to protect Zed. Most likely, Patrick used a favor from Eleanor Family to hide Zed's role.

    Kiba didn't really care.

    Claudia has already prepared contingency plans in case anyone took interest in Zed. In fact, those plans have been ready ever since she was created. It was just that, originally they were formed to save him in case his role in BSE79 mining expedition ever leaked out.

    "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst," Kiba mused.

    Meanwhile, Eva grabbed his chocolate cappuccino and took a sip. Her expression changed as she noticed the taste and quality weren't to her standards.

    Kiba observed her expression with a smile.

    "I know a place where we can get something you really like," Kiba said.

    "Really?" Eva asked.


    Kiba placed a hand around her. Teleportation force surged out and they both disappeared in a blinding flash...


    In the inner circle of Delta City, White Angel Corporation occupied a hundred storied building. On the seventy-fourth floor, there was a luxurious penthouse.

    Presently, in the bedroom of the penthouse, rays of white light appeared out of nowhere and began to converge into Kiba and Eva.

    "Ah! I should have known!" Eva said as she found herself in her bedroom. She looked at the corner of the bedroom where a large bar cabinet was placed, showcasing fine liquor.

    Kiba made a grabbing motion, and simultaneously, a bottle of whiskey flew out. It arrived in his raised hand.

    The seal opened up and Kiba directly drank from the bottle's mouth. Eva grinned and jumped on him just as he lowered the bottle.

    Like a charming apsara, she wrapped her legs around his torso and placed her hands on either side of his face. Her hands were soft, but warm, igniting passion deep into him.

    Kiba dropped the whiskey bottle and moved his hands up her slender waist.

    "I want to try the ancient method of sharing!"

    Eva said as she leaned her face closer to his.

    Her eyes locked onto his before her lips pressed against his. Their lips joined like pieces of a puzzle, completely melting into each other.

    Both of them shut their eyes, savoring the delightful passion of their lips.


    The fiery warmth in her lips passed all his defenses and his mouth opened. The soft ambered colored whiskey swirled and she twirled her tongue into his mouth. She tasted aromatic, rich toasted oak blended with floral flavors, and instantly found it to her liking.

    Kiba's hands wandered up on her back as the open-mouth kiss continued. She sucked the whiskey into her mouth and a tantalizing sensation invaded their bodies.

    It was like the current one feels in their first kiss. They both had kissed unknown times, but the passion never fell. If anything, with time, it grew...

    Kiba retaliated and began to fight for the remaining amount of whiskey. Their tongues clashed against each other, exhilarated from the battle of lust.

    Eva's fingers lingered in his long hair and she turned the kiss fierier. Her cheeks flushed and warmblood flooded his face.

    Minutes passed and they turned breathless. Their eyes opened and their mouths parted with their breaths shallow.

    "You were right!" Eva said with a grin. "I like this!"

    Alongside, she freed a hand and stretched it out. Dark shadows swept through the floor and grabbed a bucket of ice. Then, the shadows returned back. They crawled up to raise the bucket high in the air.

    With her body still locked with his, she took two ice cubes in her soft hand, and said, "I like my drink chilled though."

    She placed the cubes on his lips and smiled as they began to melt from the fiery passion...
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