469 A Strange Feeling R-18

    With her hands on his face and her legs wrapped around his torso, Eva smiled as the ice cubes she placed on his lips started melting.

    Without wasting any time, she pressed her red, glossy lips on the melting ice cubes from the other end. Under their combined passion, the cubes melted and misty icy water droplets trickled down their lips, like jewels.

    Kiba kissed her wet, cold lips for a brief moment before moving his lips down. He kissed her chin from where the icy water streamed down and fell on her breasts that were smashed against his chest.

    Eva put her arms around his neck and arched her head back as his lips moved further down. His icy lips planted kisses on her soft neck, and as the cold, but passionate lips touched her neck, she felt a bolt of current striking her.

    At the same time, his hands slipped from her waist to her ass. Her curvaceous ass cheeks were smooth, feeling amazing in his hands.

    He cupped them gently while kissing across her neck and moving up to nibble down on her ears. Eva didn't realize his lips did more than just kiss... they caressed her delicate skin.

    She might not have realized it, but her body did. Her nipples hardened and their outline became visible.

    "He really knows me!"

    Eva thought as she leaned her head down to make his lips break from her neck. As his lips freed, her lips sought his for a tight kiss, and they started making out. She stretched her tongue into his mouth, and intertwined with his.

    Lost in the delightful kiss, Kiba moved further into the bedroom. Still joined together, they jumped on the bed, with Kiba on top.

    His tongue moved into her mouth for exploration while his hands moved down her back to pull down the zipper of her dress. He tossed the dress away and didn't look down as he unhooked her bra.

    At the same time, Eva undid his shirt buttons and stretched her hands down to open his pants. Their mouths remained joined, their kisses intensified.

    She felt his raging erection throbbing against her as they kissed and the familiar warmth made her wet from desires.

    Eva broke the kiss, and with a grin, said, "I now believe you... you really missed me!"

    As she said it, she rubbed her hands against his hardon, feeling the pulsing heat. The sheer thickness and grith made her know just how much he missed her.

    "See? I don't lie!"

    Kiba smiled before slipping down. He tweaked her nipples between his fingers and noticed goosebumps on her skin as pleasure swept over her.

    Then, like a hungry teenager, he sucked her nipples, moving from one nipple to another, back and forth. Her breasts swayed with his mouth and she squealed in delight.

    He could feel intense heat erupting out of her mound and knew she missed him just as much. Not wasting any second, he slid further down and lined his mouth against her pink flesh, hidden between two puffy lips.

    He placed a middle finger against her wet slit and pressed his lips against her hard clit. Then, simultaneously, he inserted the finger and kissed the clit with gentle probing of his tongue.


    Eva let out a soft moan and slipped her hands between his golden hair.

    Kiba started with a gentle lick from the clit to the base of her slit and then up. Alongside, his finger moved in and out of her slit, feeling her insides writhing in ecstatic contractions.

    Slowly, he pulled his finger out and plowed down on her pink flesh with his tongue. He was like a man thirsty for years as his tongue licked her wet flesh, up and down, slow and fast.

    Eva felt an intense wave of orgasm erupting deep inside her. Her puffy lips swelled and spasmed while juices secreted out right on his waiting mouth. He sucked them and held her body tight as the wave of orgasm ran through her.

    A minute later, she took a long intake of air, and said,  "I definitely missed you!"

    "I already know that!"

    Kiba moved up and kissed her right on lips, allowing her to taste her juices of arousal. She gripped his face and broke the kiss. She looked him into the eyes, and their vision met.

    A spark exploded between them and they instantly knew what they wanted.

    Something that overpowered animalistic lust. Something that had emotions that no raw sex could provide...

    Eva grasped his cock and guided it to her entrance. Kiba rubbed against her slit, moistening his tip with her juices, and then invaded her waiting pussy. He slipped fully inside and stopped.

    Both of them savored the moment.

    Kiba enjoyed the heavenly warmth; a sensation that was far more delightful than any other sensation. Eva enjoyed the marvelous feeling of being filled, a feeling that could not be described by words alone.

    Slowly, in the missionary position, he began to thrust in and out with long, gentle strokes.  She slipped her hands around his neck and moaned.

    Their eyes didn't move from each other, and they both knew what they were doing was not just sex. There was an intimacy that was more than physical.

    She lifted her knees up, giving him more access. He hammered deep into her, and along with the heavenly feeling from his cock filling her pussy, she felt an emotional sensation that put her on the edge. She has a feeling it was the same for him...

    At other times, she could have lasted for long, but now she felt another orgasm on brink of explosion. The crest of orgasm was ready to sweep her.

    "Cum with me! Now!"

    Eva whispered between her yelps of pleasure.

    His reply was kissing her and increasing the pace of his strokes. His hips thrust down, pleasuring her.


    With her mouth sealed by his, she let out a suppressed moan as an explosion of ecstasy erupted deep into her pussy. It was like a dam of pleasure has broken, and the waves of orgasmic pleasure spread throughout her.

    Eva's eyes rolled back as the simple sex gave her an intense orgasm like never before. She held Kiba tightly before shutting her eyes.

    Kiba grunted as her pussy spasmed around his cock, throbbing with delightful vibrations. He didn't resist and allowed himself to erupt. Showers of warm cum sprayed out...

    He kissed her once again before collapsing next to her.

    "What was that?"

    Kiba wondered. They had started with passionate, wild lust, but midways it changed, much to his shock.

    Till now, he never had such simple sex that gave him gratification to this extent. He then thought of what couples often describe as 'love-making', and wondered if it was that, or at least close to it.

    "I'm not in love with her!" Kiba reminded himself. "And neither is she!"

    They had sex with no strings attached, and that was what it made pleasurable for them. They could explore each other's body, have toe-curling sex without any worry.

    He let out a soft sigh and looked at her face. She noticed his gaze and turned towards him.

    "That was different," Eva said with a grin. "Guess we really missed each other to feel such a thing."

    Kiba responded with a grin as well, and said, "Only one way to find out."

    Soon, their bodies joined each other and a session of wild sex started. This time, the feeling from before was missing, but the sex was as delightful, if not more. They tried a variety of positions for a long time before climaxing again.

    An hour later.

    Eva wrapped herself with a white blanket and moved out of the bed. She cleaned herself before filling two glasses with whiskey and returning to the bed.

    She handed one glass to Kiba and then sat down on the bed.

    Kiba quickly drank the whiskey and placed the glass on a table next to the bed. In a complaining tone, he said, "No drink in the world can intoxicate me as you can."

    Eva was rather amused by his words. She took a sip of whiskey in her mouth and kissed him. He greedily sucked on her lips and tongue as if they were truly the best intoxicant in this world.

    "Too much of intoxicants can kill you!"

    Eva rested her head on his chest and smiled. Kiba looked down into her eyes as if he was contemplating something.

    "What are you thinking?" Eva asked.

    "About our future," Kiba answered.

    "Hmm?" Eva was rather surprised.

    "I meant those words I told you back then!"

    Kiba held her in his arms and spun around, bringing himself on the top.

    "Hey! Don't speak those cheesy lines again!"

    Eva knew better than to trust this cheeky rascal.

    If Rhea - the Holy Seer of Atlantis - was here and witness this scene, she would have a sense of deja-vu.

    This present scenario was one of the scenes she witnessed when she tried to see the future!Refer to Chapter 35.Chapter 55
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