470 Titan Awakens

    On the king-size bed, Kiba laid on his back and held Eva as she rested her head on his chest. Their breathing calmed down as the sense of sexual gratification receded.

    "Nothing makes you as mentally fresh as sex!" Kiba remarked.

    Eva smiled and didn't bother reminding him about the exhaustion. Of course, she also agreed that sex was far really a great way to get refreshed mentally and lose worries.

    "How has been your fiancee Richard?" Kiba asked.

    "Have you forgotten that I broke the engagement?" Eva reminded him of the Hypocrite News episode.

    "Ah! Right!" Kiba exclaimed. "Still, he must be trying to regain your favor right?"

    Eva only grinned in response.

    "You're evil!"

    Kiba said as he thought of the image she has built. Everyone, including her ex-fiancee, believed her to be conservative, shy and reserved... someone who was strictly even against a chaste kiss before marriage!

    "To be honest, I do miss being engaged with Richard," Eva said.


    Eva nodded. She remembered an episode in which she was being **ed by Kiba while Richard patiently waited outside, oblivious. That episode of sneaky sex made her wet.

    So, how could she not miss being engaged?

    "I repeat, you're evil!" Kiba smiled and kissed her. He obviously knew her personality and knew she has no interest in Richard... it just gave her jollies to fool Richard.

    Their kiss broke after a few moments and they laid down on the bed. Kiba looked at her and studied her face in detail.

    "Something troubling you?" Kiba asked.

    "Yes and no," Eva answered with a sigh. She paused for a few seconds before continuing, "After you left for the forest, White Angel Corporation has been busy with preparations... I'm sure you know why."

    Kiba's expression changed and he nodded.

    "So, Hank hasn't given up," Kiba said; recalling Hank's desire to extend his lifespan.

    "Yeah, Father is hellbent," Eva pushed a strand of hair from her face before continuing, "Things are going to turn bad when father makes a move on that group."

    He nodded before replying, "If what I felt back then was not wrong... things will not turn just bad, but worse."

    Eva's expression fell. Her father's actions concerned the fate of the entire White Angel Corporation including her.

    Kiba noticed her expression and let out another sigh as he thought of the entity that held White Angel Corporation's fate.

    "Sky Fiend Group."

    He took her in arms and said, "Walk away when things change."

    "I will!" Eva reassured him.


    Seventy kilometers away, the headquarters of Sky Fiend Group was located, in the form of a business park.

    In an underground facility unknown to the world.

    Floor: (-) 7. The top-secret facility consisted of technology that could put the World Government to shame.

    Presently, dozens of researchers and scientists hurriedly worked on digital screens and read data coming from the enormous stasis capsule, stretching over a hundred feet.

    Joshua - the leader of Sky Fiend Group - gripped his walking stick tightly. His elderly face moved between nervousness and excitement.

    "It is happening!"

    Joshua muttered as his subordinates completed the steps that have taken almost two months.


    Suddenly, violent fluctuations swept from the stasis capsule. The fluctuations rippled through the entire facility and the floor began to tremble. A stifling pressure superimposed everything.


    Electronic gadgets and instruments short-circuited and exploded on their own. Cracks snaked through the computers and the walls began to crumble.

    The scientists and researchers collapsed down, cowering in fear. Some of the weaker ones even exploded into blood mist.

    Those scientists were the best Sky Fiend Group had, but Joshua wasn't least bit sad by their death. In fact, he was happy. He tossed his walking stick and kneeled down.

    The capsule in front of him completely cracked apart, and a vast red hand stretched out, covered in crystalline liquid.

    It has shiny scales all over, protruding with what appeared to be spikes. One glance was enough to know that the hand belonged to a species unknown to Earth.

    As the hand fully came out, more violent fluctuations erupted, creating another earthquake.

    "Esteemed Titan, we have been waiting for you."

    Joshua respectfully said as another hand swept out. The floor disintegrated and more scientists died, but Joshua continued to kneel even as ceiling fragments collapsed on him.


    Soon, a head emerged from the broken capsule. The head has two enormous horns stretching from its forehead. Down the forehead, there was a set of four hideous eyes and a monstrous mouth that resembled a decayed corpse's.

    One of the four eyes opened up, and terrifying energy blasted outwards, completely disintegrating almost half the underground facility.

    Joshua didn't make a single move even as destruction enveloped him. Everyone died, but he survived, just as he knew he would... he has faith.

    The enormous open eye focused on him.

    "Esteemed Titan, this lowly servant has succeeded in awakening you," Joshua said.

    The eye moved away and looked up. Its gaze moved through layers of restrictions and traps before arriving on the night sky that overlooked Earth. Then, its vision range expanded and swept out of the city, and arrived on a meteorite that people usually called BSE79.

    "Thousands of years have passed since the calamity..."

    A language unknown to Earth emerged from the monstrous mouth of the titan.

    "But I, Hyperion, lived."

    The titan known as Hyperion brought his opened eye back on Joshua.

    "Conquer the World Fragment and bring me the source wielding Power Cosmic!"


    At the same time, Paradox Dimension.

    Inside the throne room of the floating castle, Cosmic Emperor tapped his fingers on the throne of darkness before retracing his vision from Delta City.

    In the corner of the room, the powerful, alien skeletons trembled. Unlike other times, they didn't dare make any comment or speak despite the hatred they carried. Even though they were dead, presently, they feared to radiate their hatred and risking the ire of the darkness that formed the throne. Because they could feel... the master of the darkness wasn't in a pleasant mood!

    "The third onslaught of reality is near."

    Cosmic Emperor closed his eyes.


    In the morning.

    Dream Rise House.

    Kiba woke with a smile on his face. He quickly refreshed and sat down for a healthy breakfast.

    It has been four days since he returned from the forest, and he couldn't be happier. He has saved a marriage and contributed to the well-being of a few women.

    And today, he planned to check the preparations of Miss Delta Pageant!

    "Too many responsibilities on my young shoulders!"

    Kiba said as he ate his breakfast.

    Claudia observed him and wondered if she should make a witty reply.Refer Chapter 212
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