471 Checking The Preparations

    Dream Rise House.

    "Too many responsibilities on my young shoulders!" Kiba said as he ate his breakfast.

    Claudia observed him and wondered if she should make a witty retort. Ultimately, she decided to go easy on him and ignore his shameless behavior.

    Kiba took a piece of Baby Spinach Arugula Salad when a digital screen popped in front of him.

    [[Sir, I have wiped out your traces on the internet.]]

    Claudia informed him.

    "Oh! Thanks!" Kiba ate the salad piece.

    A few days ago, when the jet arrived him to take away from the forest, he has commanded Claudia to make it difficult for others to search him on the internet. With the troubles he has created in the forest, there were bound to be people interested in him, including his Zed persona, so removing digital traces was important.

    Of course, even for an advanced Artificial Intelligence like Claudia, it was impossible to completely erase data from the internet. To overcome that, Claudia created thousands of fake pages and used bot search so that genuine information about Zed or Kiba would be almost impossible to find among the mess she has created.

    "This would save us a lot of troubles," Kiba noted.

    [[Why are you pretending you did this to avoid troubles?]]

    "...What's there to pretend? I'm being honest! We wouldn't have to face some crazy mercenary or greedy fools!" Kiba rationalized his decision.

    [[Sir, please don't lie. You asked me to wipe digital traces because you knew it would be advantageous to you in seducing women and cuckolding husbands.]]

    Claudia was sure.

    She reasoned the tags of Wife Hunter, rake, and playboy wouldn't serve him any good when he left Delta City and targetted other places. So he made a smart choice of wiping his tracks and start with a clean slate. It wouldn't do him any good in this city, but other cities and states were a different matter.

    [[You planned for the future.]]

    The reason for her confidence was his additional request. He has asked her to ensure out of fake pages on the internet, there would be certain pages to nullify or reduce the infamy name Kiba carried. This would mean he would come out as a gray character instead of evil.

    Kiba placed down the fork in his hand and sighed.

    "Claudia, I can't believe you will doubt my honest intentions."

    He was disappointed by the lack of trust she showed in him.

    [[Sir, I could never doubt your honest intentions of helping humankind by spreading orgasmic happiness.]]


    Kiba took a deep breath.

    "Do you really believe all I care about is **ing and cuckolding?" He asked, his voice high.

    [[Yes.]] Claudia answered without hesitation.


    At the end of the hall, the cubs were playing under the waterfall. They looked at their savior and observed a strange look on his face. Something they never noticed.

    Was it an expression of loss? The cubs wondered.

    Kiba rose and left the table. Teleportation force erupted under his feet and he disappeared in a blinding flash.


    Central District.

    In the richest area of the city, a three-storied building stood out among the skyscrapers. Hundreds of men and women stood outside with yearning expressions. Their eyes locked on huge screens on the building; flashing images of stunning women and a countdown of days for the event that everyone in the city was waiting for.

    Miss Delta Pageant!

    Inside the building, on the first floor.

    Lager Kestone - being the chief sponsor of the event - supervised the preparations. He might be in his early seventies but he was completely active in his role.

    Presently, he sat in the seating area through which a catwalk passed through. The catwalk was obviously for the ramp walk, and on his signal, the spotlights on the ceiling lit up.

    Alongside this, a piece of slow but powerful background music started.

    A few seconds later, a woman appeared at the start of the catwalk. Dressed in a seductive swimsuit, she slowly walked down the catwalk.

    Lager analyzed her walk, poise, sense of ease, and the effect of the spotlight on her body. These combined factors showed not only how a model conducted herself, but also the effective design of the catwalk.

    "Teresa," Lager called out the model as she arrived at the end of the ramp. She placed her hands on her waist and gave a pose while looking at Lager.

    "Make your walk more sultry and more comfortable," Lager commanded her. "Only then I could know the ease with which a model could use the ramp."

    Teresa smiled and turned around to begin the sultry walk. Internally, she cursed the old leecher for satisfying his perverted desires.

    She was a model working for Kestone Fashion Company and not a participant in the upcoming pageant. Her duty was checking the stage, ramp, and hosting when the event began. Now, she added satisfying the perverted desires of an ugly man as her additional duty.

    Sadly, that was the nature of the fashion industry...

    As she began walking back, her gorgeous ass stood out. Lager was fixated on that instead of the ease and comfort.

    "Old man, that walk is wasted on you," A voice came from a row behind. "Why stare at that milky ass when you couldn't even get an erection?"

    Startled, Lager turned around and saw Kiba sitting with his legs resting on another seat. He was shocked by the latter's sudden presence.

    On the ramp, Teresa almost stumbled as Kiba's voice ringed out. It took her a few seconds to get her bearings and stand properly.

    "Did I hear it right?" Teresa didn't dare believe what she heard. Those words were not only insensitive and insulting, but they were directed at the most powerful fashion tycoon!

    Stunned, she looked back to see Kiba looking back at her with a devilish glint in his eyes. The glint made her sizzling hot body squeal and shudder from an erotic feeling she couldn't describe. It made her weak in the knees and wet between the area hidden by the two triangles of fabric.

    "You are firing up the ramp," Kiba observed with an appreciative smile. "Don't let my presence disturb you."Introduced in Chapter 18 and last appearance in Chapter 19
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