472 Proud Patriarch

    "You are firing up the ramp," Kiba observed with an appreciative smile. "Don't let my presence disturb you."

    On the stage, Teresa felt tantalized by his gaze and his devilishly handsome face. She felt as if her swimsuit disappeared in thin air and her skin making direct contact with his body. Her nipples hardened and the wet sensation between her thighs turned stronger.

    "What was that?!"

    Teresa was surprised by the arousal she felt. The more she looked at him, the stronger the sensation she felt turned.

    His presence alone was a source of arousal. It wasn't due to his powers or his body features that would put even Gods to shame.

    No, it was due to his disposition and the charm he gained from hundreds of successful conquests.

    His body radiated an aura of an expert seducer and only a woman could feel it, experience what he was capable of in the bed.

    In a way, this was similar to how a person killing countless people would carry killing intent. That intent would make others feel dread and afraid for their lives. Both the killing intent and seductive intent were proofs of an individual's capability to kill and seduce...

    In the seating area, Lager Kestone's expression cramped as he saw Teresa entering a trance, and the outline of her nipples becoming clear against the fabric that covered her breasts.

    "Teresa!" He called out her. "Continue your walk."

    "Ah! Yes!"

    Teresa turned around and resumed her sultry walk. As a model, she has plenty of handling herself in unexpected scenarios. This was rather important in tackling wardrobe malfunction and other situations a model might face. Something frequently tested in a pageant.

    Kiba looked at her retracing figure. As a judge of the upcoming pageant, he felt it his moral responsibility to ensure not only the contestants but even the host model was treated right.

    At the same time, Lager was no longer in the mood to stare at Teresa. Her glistening, soft ass cheeks were seductive, but when he looked at them, he remembered what Kiba said a few minutes ago.

    "Why stare at that milky ass when you couldn't even get an erection?"

    That question stung him like a hornet since it was false. The reason was simple. He was the chief organizer of the pageant and the most influential fashion tycoon, and yet, he was insulted.

    As he was thinking, Kiba teleported to the chair next to him. Kiba stretched his legs and placed them on the chair in front of him.

    "Old man, it has been a while," Kiba finally greeted him.

    "...Yes, it has," Lager replied, not letting his anger show.

    The last meeting was still fresh in his mind... it was at a party hosted by White Angel Corporation where he invited Kiba to judge the pageant. Alas, in that meeting, he was insulted in a far worse way, that too, in front of a sizable audience.

    If not for the plan he has in mind, he wouldn't have taken these slights from this carefree rake with a warm smile on his face.

    Kiba studied his expression and smiled. He knew psychology and understood more than he let on.

    "Old man, can I enquire something important?" Kiba's voice turned heavy.


    Lager looked at Kiba and noticed a serious look on his face. He wondered what was so important for this mannerless mutant to have such an expression.

    "Do you have a wife?"

    Kiba asked the most important question.


    Lager rubbed his ears to ensure he was hearing right. He then looked at Kiba and seeing the same serious expression, he knew he didn't hear wrong.

    Bewildered, he answered, "Obviously yes. I have a wife."

    He might be over seventy, but people of his status had a lot of women and that included a wife.

    "I see," Kiba nodded, and then in the same heavy tone, he further said, "You know, we are going to cooperate in the pageant and work together. And till now, you didn't even introduce me to your family."

    It was common for professional partners to become personally acquainted. This included meeting with families to establish a strong bond.

    Lager was surprised by Kiba's interest in forming a deep bond. Pleased, he thought this golden-haired mutant wasn't truly a gone case in conducting business.

    With a smile, Lager took out a cellphone from his pocket and tapped on its screen. A few seconds later, a holographic projection streamed out, displaying a family photo.

    In the photo, Lager was at the center. Next to him was a woman in the late twenties. By the closeness and body language, it was evident she was his wife.

    And then there were his children, most of them in the late forties, sitting alongside their spouses and their own children; some of them even married with kids of their own.

    As the proud patriarch of Kestone family, Lager started introducing his family members, declaring their individual achievements.

    Kiba ignored the introduction. He was fixated on the image of Lager's wife. She was a blonde with gorgeous features, suiting the picture of an ideal trophy wife.

    "God, thank you!"

    Kiba was truly happy to know Lager's wife was a young attractive woman and not a granny. Then again, given Lager's standing in the modeling industry, it was to be expected.

    Kiba then checked Lager's daughters and daughters-in-law, and he was further impressed.

    "This old codger's previous wives and mistresses must be stunners!"

    Kiba thought as he checked Lager's daughters. They were gorgeous and he more than happy to appreciate their features even if for now it was just a holographic picture.

    Meanwhile, Lager continued to introduce each family member by their achievements. While doing so, he looked at Kiba and noticed his earlier serious expression melting into awe.

    "Haha! As I expected, he is impressed!" Lager thought. He was obviously proud of his family and their achievements. Sure, there were a few black ships, but most of his children have done very well.

    Kiba moved his eyes from the holographic projection to Lager. With a smile, he put an arm around Lager, and said, "Old man, we started off on the wrong foot. Let us forget the bitterness of the past and restart our relationship with respect."

    Lager was stunned. As far as he has known, Kiba has never been the type to respect or say something like this, no matter the status of the opposite party.

    "I guess he isn't truly brain dead!" Lager noted in his heart.

    Again pleased, he replied, "I would like that."

    "Great!" Kiba put his free hand forward for a handshake.

    Lager stretched his hand out and they had a formal handshake.

    As they did, Kiba said, "Lager, from now on, I will consider your family as mine!"

    "I would like that!" Lager laughed happily.

    He reasoned it was just a general statement, something often said with no real intent. Still, he was proud. No other businessman was able to make Kiba say such a thing!

    "I'm sure you would like it," Kiba patted him and smiled. "I'm sure."

    A few minutes later, they left the ramp walk hall. Lager's mood has not been any better, and he happily guided Kiba to various parts of the building. He made Kiba familiar with areas where the pageant rounds would be held.

    "You have spent a lot of money," Kiba remarked. The entire building radiated luxury and money, suiting the vanity of the fashion industry.

    "Of course," Lager smiled proudly.

    "Well, I look forward to seeing the pageant."

    Kiba then noticed various staff, including professional models, helping in preliminary audition and other preparations such as makeup, wardrobe, conducting, and so on. All over, the preparations were going strong, and it didn't look like he needed to contribute anything for now.

    Half an hour later, they stepped into an elevator which took them to the third floor.

    "I have a meeting with our broadcasting partners," Lager informed as they stepped out of the elevator. His office was at the end of the floor where the meeting would take place.

    "Broadcasting partners?"

    "Yes," Lager nodded. "Miss Delta Pageant's broadcasting rights have been sold to SBC News' and its sister channels."

    SBC News?!

    Kiba's lips spread into a grin as he looked at the office room. The room was closed, and even without his powers, he knew he was going to meet acquaintances.

    "Let me acquaint you with our partners," Lager said.

    "Sure," Kiba replied.

    The clueless cuckold-to-be guided Kiba to the office room to meet a man who was already a cuckold...
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