473 Sudden Changes!

    Inside the office room, the owners of SBC News - Sarah and Daniel - sat. Months ago, their love for each other was tested due to the involvement of a third party, but now, their relationship was strong than ever. There was no mistrust, hatred, or any negative emotion between the loving couple.

    Daniel looked at his wife and felt like the luckiest man in the world. He has everything he ever desired. A good business, great children and an amazing wife who has supported him in everything.

    "I nearly lost everything back then."

    He thought as he recalled the most embarrassing episode of his life.

    Sarah felt her husband's gaze and looked at him. She smiled by the love she felt from him. And she was happy by how things played out after the big setback they suffered months ago.

    "I love you!" Sarah said.

    "I love you too!" Daniel replied.

    As the loving couple expressed their love verbally, the office door opened.

    "My my! Isn't this the Good Husband of the year?"

    A voice from behind shocked the couple to the core.

    Daniel flinched as he remembered the day when he became the Good Husband. He was confined in a hotel room where he watched the live feed of his wife **ed by the owner of this voice. Engaged but also aroused, he pleasured himself at the sight of his wife being hammered. This resulted in him being conferred the holy title of Good Husband.

    Sarah's back turned cold and a chill ran through her body. She knew what her husband did and also knew when the secret was exposed to her, he got a stroke. It was far too embarrassing for him.

    Afraid of him getting another stroke, she grabbed his arm and said, "Love, you are the best husband a woman could have. Please don't think of the past."

    Daniel nodded. He could feel her concern and knew their relationship was stronger than ever.

    Sarah then turned and locked her eyes on Kiba. She clenched her teeth, offended by his words.

    In response, Kiba smiled. He turned towards Lager who has a confused look.

    "Lager, could you get me something really sweet?"


    Lager was surprised but nodded. He ordered staff to bring out a sweet drink.

    Unknown to him and Daniel, when Sarah heard the word sweet, her pupils constricted. She swallowed hard and remembered the last time Kiba said sweet.

    It was after the embarrassing incident. She has decided to rebuild the trust and become the best wife but then Kiba arrived to ** her. Her husband was next door, and during the intense **ing, he even met her... not knowing her ass was being plowed by Kiba! In fact, it was due to Daniel's arrival that Kiba got to enjoy her 'sweet' ass.

    The memory of that day made Sarah's anal ring wriggle.

    "No! I swore that day I would never cheat on Daniel again!" Sarah pacified her rapidly beating heart. "And I promised... Daniel would never know about it!"

    Meanwhile, a staff handed Kiba a drink made of blueberries. He took it and sat down on a free chair.

    Daniel and Sarah looked at him but he didn't return their gaze. He was fixated on the drink as he savored it slowly.

    "It is really sweet and delicious," Kiba remarked with a look of reminiscence on his face. "But not as much as..."

    Kiba sighed.

    "Not as much as what?" Lager asked as he took the host chair.

    Sarah waited nervously. She prayed he wouldn't disclose her secret to her oblivious husband.

    "A forbidden fruit," Kiba answered with a smile.

    Lager and Daniel were bewildered by his answer. Sarah flinched at the mention of forbidden but was relieved nevertheless.

    "I really hope to get my hands on that fruit," Kiba placed the drink on the desk. "Please pray for my success."


    Lager was confused but nodded. Daniel was similarly confused, but nevertheless he was happy that Kiba didn't say anything related to the embarrassing incident that nearly broke his family.

    To thank him for that, Daniel replied, "Sure, I will pray for you to get that fruit again."

    Kiba smiled and then looked at Sarah. She was stunned by what her husband prayed for.

    "Even your husband is praying for me... what about you?" Kiba asked.

    Sarah swallowed hard. She knew her husband was clueless so she couldn't blame him. It took her a few seconds to calm down and reply, "Sure, I will pray for that as well."

    "Thanks!" Kiba thanked Daniel and Sarah. "I'm sure as long as I have your blessing, I would definitely succeed!"

    "What a strange guy!" Lager thought. He cleared his thoughts and changed the topic.

    "Let's discuss how we will handle the pageant."



    After returning to the city, Zed has not attended a single session at Royal Heart Academy. News of his return has spread through, and seeing him not coming today, Felicity decided to visit him.

    She was accompanied by Jessica, Loren, and even Olly. The last two came here by chance.

    A few hours ago, they were at Felicity's house along with their parents - Morgan and Suzane. They had paid her a courtesy visit as Felicity has recovered, and when she stated her intention of going to Zed's place, Morgan told his children to do the same.

    Morgan has a very good impression of Zed. And why wouldn't he? Zed was an ideal youngster without any character flaws. Furthermore, despite his achievements, he was neither arrogant nor overly proud, unlike a certain golden-haired man.

    The group of four arrived at Dream Rise House...

    The villa has a large pool and pool house with dramatic lighting. The rest of the open space was an astounding garden, featuring vivid colors. Its perimeter fenced by tiny plants, hedges, and wooden accessories to make it more welcoming and relaxing.

    The stress-free environment of the villa was the perfect place to relax and unwind.

    Presently, Zed lounged under the pool house with a digital tablet in his hands. Now that he was free, he worked on a project close to his heart: a physical body for Claudia.

    He continuously swiped on the tablet screen, creating new designs and analyzing them.

    "It is more difficult than I thought."

    Despite his vast knowledge of genetics and machines, it was a challenging task to create a body that could suit advanced Artificial Intelligence.

    "There you are!"

    Felicity said as she stepped into the pool house.


    Zed lifted his head and was surprised to see the visitors, especially Loren and Olly.

    "Please have a seat."

    As was his nature, he politely requested them to sit. Felicity jumped on a lounger next to him and laid down. She then looked at him, and with a smile, said, "I'm happy to be alive and kicking"

    "So am I," Zed responded with a warm smile.

    Jessica and Loren sat on another lounger. Olly, on the other hand, sat across a table and looked around with awe in his eyes.

    He was awestruck by the grand and luxurious design of the villa. So far, he has only seen the outside of the villa and was more than amazed. He looked at the villa entrance and wondered how grand the insides were.

    Looking at the waterfall upon which the villa was partly built, he has a feeling the interior was bound to be more than stunning.

    "Just how rich is he to make such a villa?!"

    Olly wondered while glancing at Zed. He knew Zed was rich when he visited Sweet Love Club but not to such an extent where he could spend money like water to satisfy vanity!

    At the same time, at the back yard of the villa.

    Red Tiger and her cubs played with each other. Claudia has told them about the visitors and as such, they arrived at the back yard. None of them mind it though as not once were they treated as pets or slaves...

    Suddenly, Red Tiger's face fell and she sniffed the air. She felt the smell of freshness being replaced by a corrosive smell.

    Her innate sense of smell was powerful enough to identify Zed and Kiba as one and the same.

    Now, even though no one noticed the changes, she did, even before the sensors embedded outside the villa parameters.

    She sniffed the corrosive smell again and felt a dense monstrous aura.

    Red Tiger got on her guards and looked pensive. She growled to warn Claudia. The moment she warned, Claudia also noticed the changes through the sensors, but by then, it was too late.

    Zed engaged his visitors in a conversation and handed them energy drinks. Suddenly, from the corners of his eyes, he noticed multiple dark figures rushing through the hedges. By the time he noticed, one of the dark figures raised a beastly claw and slashed out.

    Enormous light claw marks surged out, ripping through the air.

    An ominous aura filled the area and rattling sound numbed the eardrums.

    The light claws rapidly closed to Zed, slicing through the tables and cushions in between. Quickly, he enveloped his hands with flames and stretched them out. A blast of hot air rippled out, turning into a heat blast.


    The light claws slammed into the heat blast, and heatwaves crashed out. Felicity and others jumped away to escape the range of heatwaves.

    As the air exploded, the counterforce pushed Zed to the back wall of the pool house.

    The heatwaves and smoke cleared to show five beastly figures standing at the edge of the pool.

    Their grotesque appearance and their monstrous aura didn't match any species of Earth...Chapter 74Chapter 77In Chapter 89, Kiba took Sarah's virgin ass. Daniel unknowingly helped him.
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