474 Attack of Dark Beasts

    Felicity, Jessica, Loren, and Olly were shocked by the sudden turn of the events. A few seconds ago, they were lounging under the pool house and now, out of nowhere, an attack aimed at Zed bombarded everything.

    Thankfully, most of the villa property was prepared with enhanced and durable materials to survive against supernatural battles. So, even though the tables and other amenities shattered, the pool house remained.

    "What are they?!"

    Olly felt repressed as he looked at the five beastly, monstrous figures with complete dark bodies.

    They were on their fours, like savage beasts, but their bodies were far too extraordinary. Shiny scales enveloped their vitals like a protective armor and their claws sparkled with corrosive energy. The scariest parts were their squinting eyes, emitting an eerie glow that made Olly and others feel as if they were stuck in an abyss.

    "It is not the time to be shocked!" Felicity got over her shock and reminded everyone. She didn't know what was going on, but there was no doubt the five intruders had no good intentions.

    Green energy seeped out of her palms and wrapped her body. The energy turned into emerald vines, protruding with sharp thorns.

    "You are right!" Loren placed a hand on her forehead and stretched the other. From the center of her stretched hand, psionic ripples surged out, distorting the air.

    Jessica nodded in agreement. She lifted her arms and her hands cascaded out a dazzling glow; radiating a strange healing power.

    An energy chain manifested in Olly's hands and he twirled it.

    At the end of the pool house, Zed locked his senses on the five monsters and studied their corrosive yet savage aura.

    "Dark Beasts!"

    Zed identified them based on his knowledge of Celestial Elysian Plane. From what he knew, they belonged to a monstrous species enslaved by mighty figures of that plane.

    "Why would they appear here?"

    Just as he wondered, one of the Dark Beasts pounced at him. The beast was extremely agile, and as it rushed forward, its body was a blur, arriving in front of Zed in less a second.

    The remaining Dark Beasts rushed at Felicity and others...

    The previous time, Zed was caught off guard by the attack out of blue. Not now though.

    A vast quantity of burning-hot energy surged out of him, instantly turning into a sea of fire. Just as the Dark Beast sliced out with its claws, the sea of fire violently slammed on to it. Blistering heat mass washed over the beast, and a deep growl came from its throat. The beast was pushed by a couple of steps, but despite the burning heat, its body remained unscathed.

    Zed didn't really expect the Dark Beast to be harmed. Still, he was able to confirm the beasts here were very weak though it gave him no joy. Because the weakness was with reference to his alter ego's powers and not Zed; something rather expected given the beasts' background.

    He got no more time to think as he felt a surge of wind. The beast's claw sliced through the sea of fire.

    Zed retraced the remaining sea of fire onto his body, amassing the fire around him. He aimed his hands at the floor, and as the claw neared him, two streams of fire shot out of his palms. Using them as a propelling force, similar to a jet, he flew up.

    "Claudia, open the ceiling!"

    The glass ceiling of the pool house opened up and he flew out. The ceiling closed the next moment, and just as he thought he got an opportunity to sneak into the villa to transform, a series of dark slime-like substance seeped through the closed glass ceiling.

    Just like how wisps of smoke seep out of closed-door, the slime-like substance did the same. After arriving above the pool house, the slime fused together to turn into the Dark Beast.

    "Haah~ Seems like a fight is unavoidable!"

    Zed landed above the glass ceiling. He lifted a hand and strands of fire energy streamed out. They concentrated to converge into a whip of dazzling flames.

    "Claudia, you know what to do."

    Claudia made a silent acknowledgment. She wouldn't interfere or use the defensive system of the villa unless she has made a few confirmations. And till she did, he couldn't afford to transform outside the villa.

    The Dark Beast pounced forward and Zed waved the whip out. It drew a full moon and ripples of flames blasted outward...

    Under the pool house, battles similarly raged between mutants and the Dark Beasts.

    Felicity opened her arms and rows of vines spread out.

    As a Dark Beast rushed at her, the vines closed into it from all directions. The beast found itself entrapped by the vines. It was like a cocoon of emerald vines has caged the beast, and the inside of it stabbed the beast with horrifying sharp thorns.

    Felicity's expression remained serious and she clenched her fists. The vines around the beast contracted, shutting tightly to increase the pressure.

    Suddenly, her eyes flickered and she jumped back. The very next moment, a column of black energy exploded out of the vine cocoon, creating a destructive storm. The extremely durable floor toppled and the vines crumbled to pieces.

    "This is going to be fun!"

    Felicity's eyes sparkled. She wanted to experience a proper battle without any restraints where stakes were high. Something she couldn't get in the city, until now.

    On her serious face, a smile appeared and her battle intent surged.

    Some distance away, Olly found himself to be the target of bad luck.

    He has just lashed at the beast attacking him with a chain when the shockwaves from the black column of energy crashed into him. He toppled back and coughed up a mouthful of black blood.

    "Damn! I had great luck for the last two months... but ever since that pussy hound returned, my luck has once again turned bad!"

    Olly wanted to cry but had no tears to shed...
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