475 Dark Beasts At Dream Rise House I

    From the perimeter of Dream Rise House, around twenty insects flew out of bushes, plants, and trees. These insects were small, radiating life vitality, but they weren't living. In fact, they were artificially created with nano-size mechanical implants.

    The insects spread of the villa range for reconnaissance.

    There were hidden cameras and motion sensors in the vicinity, but thanks to the speed of the Dark Beasts, Claudia didn't sense the presence of the invaders until it was too late.

    The villa did have a state of art defense mechanism where the sensors were far more advanced. They could detect the faintest moment in real-time and stop them, but this system was only for the main property.

    The other properties of the villa didn't have such an advanced mechanism. It was to ensure no enemy noticed anything suspicious or become wary of the state of art. In a way, this resulted in the present crisis...

    Presently, at the underground facilities. Floor: (-) 2.

    In the Claudia's chambers.

    Over twenty new virtual screens flashed out, showing the data collected by the insects. Alongside, new digital screens appeared, showcasing news headlines.

    Surprisingly, a few news headlines were regarding attacks of Dark Beast in different locations of the city. No news mentioned how these beasts appeared or why they attacked.

    Claudia studied the pattern and was startled by what she noticed.

    [[The beasts have attacked the power centers of the city. Mayor, City's Chief Supervising Officer, military base, and important corporates. In these strategic locations, it is almost like a horde of Dark Beasts have attacked...]]

    [[But why will they attack our house and only with five?]]

    Claudia hoped the surveillance insects could confirm there were no more beasts in the vicinity or at least, no one was spying the villa. If not, she would have to use one of the plans she made years ago to handle such type of situation.


    Sky Fiend Group's headquarters.

    In the command room, Joshua observed hundreds of virtual screens upon which the attack of Dark Beasts was projected.

    "Hehe, this is just a warm-up to make them afraid."

    Joshua smirked.

    Suddenly, an officer dashed to him with a pale face.

    "What's wrong?!" Joshua's squinted his eyes and looked at the officer. Based on the latter's face, he knew something bad has happened.

    "Sir, as you know, we sent a specific unit of Dark Beasts and our top force to BSE-79," The officer started.

    "I know so don't waste my time and answer me what's wrong!" Joshua barked.

    "Well, sir, we don't know why... but just before reaching BSE-79, five Dark Beasts turned berserk and left..."


    Joshua almost stumbled. He refused to believe the beasts could betray. They were slaves lent to him by the reverend titan... betrayal wasn't in their blood.

    "Wait. That special unit was sent for a specific mission to BSE-79... if five of them left... could it mean?!"

    Joshua thought of something and commanded the officer.

    "Be quick and track those beasts! Help them if are in need! I don't want any excuses!"


    Dream Rise House.

    Above the glass pool house, the whip of flames hurtled at the Dark Beast rushing at Zed. The beast leaped high in the air to dodge the tempestuous fire energy bombarded by the whip.

    At the same time, in mid-air, the beast opened its mouth. A ball of black energy flashed out and shot at Zed.

    A circle of fire imploded under Zed's feet and the resulting force increased his agility and helped him jump back. The moment he jumped, the ball of energy crashed on the glass panel he was previously standing.

    The energy ball dispersed into a stream of corrosive mist. Even though the glass panel was more durable than steel, it corroded and molten glass began to drip down.

    By now, the beast has landed back on the glass ceiling, eyeing Zed. The beast sinisterly shrieked and then turned into a series of blurs, rapidly rushing at him.

    Zed swept the whip to slam on the beast, but its senses were extremely sharp and its speed terrifying. It evaded the whip by a hairbreadth, and at the same time, opened its mouth to launch another black energy ball. Alongside this, it rushed forward, making Zed face multiple attacks at such close range.

    Zed aimed his free hand at the incoming black energy ball and projected out a fireball.


    They collided and intertwined into each other in the air. A burst of strange energy crashed outward.

    Meanwhile, the beast closed the gap. Just as the beast lowered its forelegs to rip him to shreds, Zed jumped to the side and rolled on the glass panels. As he rolled, sparks cascaded out of him and fell on the glass panels.


    The beast neither lacked in flexibility nor experience. In mid-attack, the beast changed its direction and pounced on Zed who was in the middle of rising to his feet.

    "You are not the only one who knows a thing or two about battles."

    As the beast swiped its claws, from the glass panels, the sparks on the glass rushed at the beast's eyes, like iron bolts to a magnet.

    Even before the beast could detect them, the sparks imploded into dazzling flames. Zed wasn't expecting the sparks to prove anything more than a distraction. They could at least obscure the vision of the beast, even if it was for a moment.

    It was difficult to use the whip of flames at such a close range for a killing move.

    So, ever since he rolled on the ground, he has started concentrating high-density fire energy in his free hand. It converged into a sharp knife which he now swiped forward to stab in the beast's head.


    The beast might have lost its vision for a moment but its other senses remained. As the knife arrived, the air rustled with exploding heat, and the beast sensed it. Before the knife could stab, the beast twirled its body to avoid a fatal stab.


    The knife made of fire energy stabbed into one of the hind-legs. The energy stored inside the knife erupted, and at the portion where it stabbed, the flesh and blood exploded. Half of the leg rolled through the air while the other half remained with the beast.


    The beast growled and a menacing aura seeped out of its body. Zed retrieved the whip and reduced its size to slice the beast.

    Just then, the fine hair on the back of his neck stood up. Without wasting any time, he crouched down.

    At the same time, from behind, the exploded half-leg of the beast rustled through the air. With its claw in the front, the leg flew just an inch above Zed.

    "Well, I could have expected high-speed regeneration but not prehensile limbs."

    Zed thought as the exploded leg portion returned to the Dark Beast and joined back with the missing portion. Ghastly flesh popped up between the two joints, connecting the two portions. Then, a crackling sound erupted and in a moment, the leg returned to its original condition.

    Meanwhile, under the ceiling, in the pool house.

    Jessica somersaulted through the air and avoided a fatal stab from a Dark Beast. Since she was a healing-type mutant, she learned martial arts to make up for the defect as much as she could.

    The moment she landed on her feet, the beast's mouth closed on to her. It gnashed its teeth and eyed her sinisterly.

    So far, this human girl seemed the weakest of the humans here. All she knew was jump here and there. She kicked but her legs had no weight to make any difference.

    Jessica while afraid, didn't panic at the closeness of the beast. Soft white light erupted from her and washed over the beast's face.


    The beat was startled. For a second, it thought the light would be destructive, but as it landed, the beast felt a pleasing sensation.

    Due to its vast battle experience and long life, it has gained many hidden injuries and ailments. They weren't fatal or dangerous, but they did prove painful.

    It was similar to normal humans having back pain or joint pain.

    Now, as the white light washed over the beast's face, the injuries and ailments began to disappear. The pain faded and the beast felt relief like never before. It was like its face was massaged by the soft, white light.

    This human girl must be crazy to heal an enemy! Or maybe she is tempting me with the benefits she could provide in exchange for her life! The beast reasoned.

    Regardless of the reason, the beast wasn't about to stop her.

    Let this stupid girl think she could live!

    The beast mused as the healing light continue to enter its face. Since the beast offered no resistance, the healing light passed through its skin and entered into depth.

    A few minor cracks on its jaw filled up and the beast growled in happiness. Its face returned to the state of child-birth, with no defects.

    The healing power continued to seep inside. Now, as there were no more defects to cure, the healing power mixed with the skin cells and blood cells.

    In the body, every component needed to be in a stable range for it to function properly. It didn't matter if it was sugar, salt, blood pressure, vitamins, or anything. If the range was below the stable range, the body would have negative effects, and if it was greater than the range, there would be negative effects.

    Since the cells reached the top, natural performance state, the healing power started trying to advance them further... the result of which broke the balanced state and did the opposite.

    Suddenly, the pupils of the beast dilated and its body turned cold. Just like how cancer tumor grows up, every cell in its face multiplied and evolved at a speed that was simply incredible.

    In the blink of an eye, the beast's face swelled like a balloon.


    The beast growled violently.

    For Jessica, the simple growl was no less a punch in her guts. A punch that was so violent that it sent her flying back.


    She slammed against a wall on the edge of the pool wall... resulting in a raging pain throughout her body.


    She grunted in pain, but a smile appeared on her face.

    "Felicity was right... no one expects me to create any danger and that's my strength!"

    Wiping the blood off her mouth, she looked in front.

    The beast has turned berserk! The cancerous cells occupied its entire face, including eyes and nose, and now, it began stumbling here and there.

    "Watch out!"

    Felicity shouted to Loren as this Dark Beast rushed in her direction. Loren evaded and others similarly backed away. Before the other Dark Beasts could stop this beast, the beast violently rushed at a wall and slammed on to it.

    The beast has terrifying strength and now that is slammed in berserk state, powerful strength coursed out, resulting in the spreading of web-like shockwaves to the base of the pool house.

    These shockwaves joined the pressure from the battles so far, including Felicity's, and the accumulated force entered the foundation.


    The foundation blocks of the pool house began to tremble. A crack line erupted in one foundation block and spread to others like roots.

    On the floor, everyone felt violent tremors from the ground. The Dark Beasts sensed it first and they leaped out of the house.

    Felicity arrived before Jessica and grabbed her with vines.

    "We have to leave!"

    The vines on her body stretched out and wrapped around a tree. The vines pulled her and Jessica, and they left the pool house in a flicker of second.


    Above the ceiling, as Zed and Dark Beast battled, an intense rumbling sound ringed out from below.

    For a second, they both paused and looked through the sturdy, transparent glass panels to see below: Everyone leaving the pool house.

    The Dark Beast and Zed didn't need to be genius to know why. Just as they decided to follow the suit of those below, the glass ceiling sank and then instantly collapsed.
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