477 Dark Beasts At Dream Rise House III

    Among the ashes of the destroyed pool house, fragments of dark slime crawled through. These slime fragments gathered together and began to intertwine with each other, rising through the ashes.

    Barely forty meters away, Zed sensed an odd aura. He turned towards the fusing slime.


    He lifted a hand and aimed at the rising slime. A fireball flew out of his hand, leaving behind a trail of flames.


    Before the fireball could smash the slime, a Dark Beast appeared and destroyed the fireball with a movement of a claw.

    "Damn! That beast rushed past!"

    Felicity said.

    A movement ago, she was facing this Dark Beast, and now it bought valuable time to give chance to one of its species to revive.

    The slime began gaining shape in the form of a Dark Beast. A corruptive aura boomed out, making the ashes and mud in the vicinity twirl.


    A savage roar erupted as the slime fully transformed into the Dark Beast.

    "This sure is an overpowering ability!"

    Olly muttered in shock.

    He has thought the beast facing Zed was incinerated, and now seeing it revived... his body turned cold from horror.

    In the true sense, only one beast was knocked out... the one affected by Jessica's ability. That beast has turned unconscious but it hardly gave any joy to Olly seeing this absurd ability to revive.

    "Just what on Earth are these beasts?!"

    Not only Olly, but the others were similarly astonished. How were they supposed to face beasts with such reviving ability?!

    "An Immortal-class species!" Zed's eyes narrowed.


    Jessica and others looked at him in bewilderment.

    "Living organisms of this species are almost impossible to kill... they could revive again and again."

    Zed explained while amassing a vast amount of spiraling flames around his body.

    "The only way to kill them is by destroying all traces of their existence... if even a blood drop remains, they can revive."

    Years ago, during his expedition to BSE-79, he has freed living organisms of Immortal-class species to distract Castor Damon and escape.

    Just as he completed his explanation, the beasts pounced on him and others. The one attacking him was the recently revived best, and based on its savage attacks, the experience of being incinerated wasn't at all pleasant.

    Propelled by flames, Zed jumped up high in the air and shot out a spirling column of fire at the beast.

    Meanwhile, Felicity and others found the strength of the beasts far greater than they experienced before.

    "Were they holding back till now?!"

    Loren wondered as she used psionic ripples to slow the beast attacking her and retreat.

    "They must be toying with us!"

    Felicity guessed as hundreds of vines stretched out of her hands to pierce the beast rushing at her. The beast's body flashed with black energy and slammed against the vines.


    The vines ripped apart, and through the ripped pieces, the beast pounced forward.

    Felicity's eyes glowed with an emerald light and she backed away.


    As the beast closed in, the ground around her rumbled and dust rose up.

    Through the dust, hundreds of sharp roots shot out like spears and stabbed the Dark Beast. But against the scale-covered body, the sharp roots proved completely useless. They were like eggs smashing against a steel wall...

    The beast retaliated by slashing out, and an energy projection of enormous claws swept forward. But much to the surprise of the Dark Beast, the claw projection slashed nothing but thin air.

    Felicity was nowhere in sight!

    Startled, the beast looked down at the ground and noticed a deep hole in which a few roots retreated. The beast guessed a few roots took the female human into the ground.

    Just then, from a distance, a cold, feminine voice rang out:


    The moment the word was spoken, hundreds of thick vines ruptured out of the ground.

    The Dark Beast was startled. Not by the appearance of the extraordinarily thick vines, but by the sudden burst of wood element energy in the area.

    All around, there was nothing but a whirling barrage of flora! They whirled like carnivorous plants... waiting to derive healthy nutrients from the beast.

    There were strange plants, enormous trees, soul-stirring orchids, mutated cactus, and hundred more varieties of flora!

    The Dark Beast felt as if it was transferred into an ominously dense forest!

    Shocked, the beast jumped back to retreat, but much to its horror, it couldn't. The vines whipped in the air and formed a barricade, preventing it from leaving.

    If given a few seconds of time, the beast could destroy the barricade, but there was no time with the sudden onslaught of the flora.


    The Dark Beast opened its mouth and let out a terrifying roar. Cold winds erupted and black energy swirled out, slicing the incoming flora.


    The beast released more energy which turned into a black storm. The storm swept through the sea of fauna, surging with ferocious blades of black energy. Wooden trees sliced up, vines shredded to fragments, and flowers turned to dust.

    Throughout the terrifying storm, the disintegrated pieces of vegetation rolled up in the air...

    But to the horror of Dark Beast, there was no end of flora. Plant matter has the most extraordinary regeneration ability out of all living beings in existence, and the resilient flora showed this ability to the terrified beast.

    Through the black storm, the fauna stretched out, emitting extraordinary physical powers. The weight and the size of the fauna ripped through the storm, wiping out the black energy.


    The Dark Beast was shocked by the result. The female human was physically weak, but she has the means to overpower through the number.


    Angered and desperate, the beast lashed out with its sharp claws, dicing hundreds of plants that have no end. The more flora the beast sliced with its claws, the stronger the attack of the field of flora turned.

    The thick vines crawled on its body like venomous snakes, slowing down its movement. From sides, man-eating plants opened up and sprayed out a toxic green liquid that began to corrode the scales.


    From above, tree trunks viciously slammed down!


    Grains of pollen spread out, emitting a delicious fragrant that dulled the senses. Every action of the fauna was to overpower the beast!

    In less than a minute, the beast found its body pulled down by vines to the ground, into a field of emerald.


    The beast let out a desperate roar as the process continued. Out of the struggling vines, needle-thin vines emerged out like branches in a tree. Without any warning, they rushed into the orifices of the Dark Beast!


    Its body trembled as it detected the actions of the vines inside its body. They spread around and opened up to implant glowing seeds!


    A painful grunt escaped the beast's mouth and its eyes shut as the seeds in its eyesockets began germinating.

    Soon, countless flowers bloomed out, radiating powerful vitality. The sight of flowers of myriad colors was beautiful, mesmerizing to the soul, but equally terrifying.

    "Eternal Rest!"

    The cold voice from before ringed out.

    Simultaneous to the voice, the field of flora enveloped the Dark Beast in the shape of a casket.

    Inside the casket, as the vitality of beautiful flowers turned stronger, the beast's aura turned weak. All its energy flew into the flora that made up the casket, making its body rapidly decay.

    Fifty meters away, Felicity collapsed near the empty pool. Her face turned pale from exhaustion and she made a final hand movement.

    Simultaneously, the vines began to absorb the body parts of the beast to completely assimilate it.

    "This was more taxing than I thought!"

    Felicity thought as blood leaked out of her orifices...


    Thirty-five miles away.

    A group of mutants rushed through the gaps between the buildings, trying to find clues of the missing Dark Beasts. Suddenly, one of them stopped and looked at an energy detection device.

    "A Dark Beast has died!"

    The others in the group were stunned.

    "That should be impossible!"

    "Have you forgotten the reviving ability of Dark Beasts?! No one here would know about it!"

    "Just like he said! As long as even a cell remains, the beast would remain alive!"

    "So, there is no way the beast could have died!"

    The others in the group refused to believe it. Even if someone destroyed the body of the Dark Beast, it was bound to be impossible to wipe out every single cell! That was what it meant to be an Immortal-class species!

    Alas, they didn't consider the possibility of the Dark Beast being used as a living fertilizer...


    Dream Rise House.

    Claudia observed everything through the sensors. As the destruction caused by the Dark Beasts spread, she turned angry.

    Everything here was hers as much as it was her master's. Now, her home was being ravaged by uncivilized beasts. She had enough of it...Chapter 264
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