479 First Conflict With Sky Fiend Group

    "Don't worry about erasing your tracks. I would do that for you."

    Barely fifteen miles from Dream Rise Home, the group of four mutants froze as the cold voice ringed out.

    "Who is there?!"

    The group looked all around and noticed nothing but the silent road and the scarce vegetation.

    Just as they wondered if the voice was their collective imagination, the space in front of them warped with a dazzling flash of white light.

    "Teleportation portal?!"

    A mutant named Tuffnut muttered.

    From the teleportation portal, an incredible presence surged out, making the group of mutants step back.

    They looked in amazement as alongside the powerful presence, a golden-haired man slowly stepped out of the portal.


    "What's the meaning of this?!"

    A female mutant named Carrie was taken aback.


    Kiba nodded in greeting.

    Delta City was large but almost all the rich and powerful knew about each other. Kiba has worked as a mercenary of sort for White Angel Corporation, thanks to which he became acquainted with the few Beta-rank mutants of the city.

    "Did White Angel Corporation sent you to intercept us?!"

    A mutant named Kami asked.

    Kiba didn't answer and lifted a hand. Telekinetic energy rippled out and enveloped the digital tablet within Kami's hands. Before Kami could react, the tablet was pulled away, flying right into Kiba's waiting hand.

    The tablet was encrypted with an advanced mechanism. He wasn't concerned though.

    All he has to do was to generate and interpret digital signals through his powers, a child's play for him.

    On the tip of his fingers, digital circuit engravings erupted. These circuits extended to the tablet and enveloped them fully.


    The screen of the tablet flashed with multiple sets of data as if a virus was hacking its security, bypassing all enhanced encryption.

    "Sky Fiend Group headquarters... Dark Beasts' biological imprint... BSE79 map... attack on the city."

    Kiba began to perceive everything recorded in the tablet.

    Barely three seconds has passed, and in that time, Kami opened a scroll upon which a dinosaur was drawn.


    Kami ran a hand over the scroll. The dinosaur in the scroll opened its eyes and literally crawled out, rapidly expanding in size.

    It turned huge, heavy, and radiated an imposing presence. Its large talons emitted a sharpness that could penetrate anything and tear everything to shreds.

    "Kami, don't!" Carrie shouted.

    She has met Kiba in passing but has heard enough about him to know he was one of the strongest mutants in the city. She didn't want to start a battle that would delay them from carrying out their task.

    Kami ignored her request and commanded his creation to attack while the enemy was still busy studying the data on the tablet.


    The enormous size and weight of the dinosaur didn't hinder its speed. The dinosaur erupted with explosive speed and raised a foot before bringing it down to smash Kiba to a bloody pulp.

    "!" Carrie flinched.

    The simple act of smashing down the foot carried the entire strength of the dinosaur, and knowing how quickly it acted, the fate of Kiba couldn't be more obvious. He was caught off-guard, having no time to escape!

    As the foot slammed down, the pressure emanating from the sharp tendons made the winds howl, air screech and the road sank down in the shape of a footprint.


    A tremendous force blew out in the form of visible shockwaves, and everyone was violently pushed back.

    Dust stirred up in the air, turning into a storm, making others not able to see anything ahead. In the dust storm, a hue of blood appeared.

    "Ah!" Carrie grunted as she realized Kiba has burst into bloody pieces, mixing with the storm.

    Tuffnut placed an arm around Kami, and with a grin, remarked, "You simply overkilled!"

    The remaining mutant named Lanky joined in by added, "Wait till the cuckolds of the city learn about it. You will become the hero of the city!"

    Both Tuffnut and Lanky began laughing and expected Kami to do the same.

    "Hey?" Tuffnut felt something amiss. As his arm was around Kami, he felt the latter's shoulders sweaty and cold.

    A few steps away, through the dust, Carrie noticed Kami's expression. It was pale with no traces of blood, almost as if he has seen a ghost in broad light.

    An eerie feeling squirmed through her and she forced herself to look in the front just as a loud bang rose up.


    The dust storm ripped apart and faded, exposing the dinosaur and its victim. The victim stood in the middle of an enormous crater that was in the shape of a dinosaur's foot. His eyes still on the digital tablet...

    "No way!" Carrie stumbled back, a look of shock planted on her face.

    "You gotta be kidding!" Tuffnut rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing it right.

    Kiba stood with not a single cut on his body. Yet there was a hue of blood in the dust storm earlier...

    Tuffnut swallowed his saliva and lifted his head to look at the dinosaur. It was an animation but no different than a living existence. It was alive but half its raised leg was missing. Looking at the dripping blood and flesh, it was like the leg burst apart when the foot smashed down.

    What was supposed to be the fate of Kiba became the fate of the leg...

    "Just what the hell happened?!"

    Lanky was confident of his powers, but seeing an overpowered animation suffering such a fate, his back turned cold.

    Carrie has an ability related to spatial energy. She could detect the flow of energy and noticed a thin sheet of circular energy floating horizontally above Kiba.

    "The tendons must have slammed on that circular shield!"

    Carrie guessed.

    "But he shouldn't be having such an ability...! He should be a teleporter with strong physical strength!"

    Everything took a long while to describe but it has barely been 30 seconds since the dinosaur attacked.

    Losing half its leg, the animated creation boiled in fury. Its gigantic tail snapped and surged out violent winds that uprooted trees. The tail moved forward with rage, ready to burst Kiba to a shower of blood.

    Without emitting any sound or fluctuation, the energy shield above his head twirled and arrived before him.


    The tail smashed on the shield, creating explosive shockwaves, before bursting into blood and gore.

    Even before the dinosaur could feel the pain, strands of gravitational force erupted from the surface of the crater and pulled the dinosaur down.


    The entire body of the dinosaur crashed down in a series of blurs and disintegrated... the sight of which was from the depths of hell.


    Carrie and others reeled from shock.

    While shock engulfed them, Kami trembled as the backlash of having his animation destroyed swept into him.


    Blood burst out of his mouth and numbness crawled over his skin.

    "I have to create more animation and retreat!"

    He suppressed the backlash and pulled two more scrolls. The scrolls barely opened up to reveal two mechas and he ran a hand over them.

    While trying to animate the mechas, he looked in front just in time to see Kiba flicking a finger out from his free hand.

    Kami's eyes constricted as a burst of energy struck his guts, ripping right through the scrolls. The mechas have barely animated into incorporeal forms, but the burst of energy destroyed them to ashes.


    Kami let out a blood-wrenching scream.

    It was like he was smashed by a world-shattering hammer, and his body exploded back. He flew through the air under the explosive force for over two miles before knocking on a three-storied building.

    When he knocked down, the only thing denoting his existence was a crumbling skeleton...

    Carrie and others only felt a strong gust of wind brushing past them and nothing else.

    Ahead, the digital circuits on Kiba's fingers faded as he completed studying everything recorded in the tablet.

    He transferred the tablet into his storage dimension and lowered his head before looking at the group of three.

    He then slowly stepped forward.

    His steps were light but the sound from them was like the eruption of a raging volcano. The surviving mutants of Sky Fiend Group felt lava locking them.

    "Now that introductions are over," Kiba said, his voice plain. "We should move to the topic of what you guys are doing here."

    Carrie has a feeling he wouldn't like the details...
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