483 Small Payback


    Kiba woke with a fresh perspective of life. He would pursue his dreams but wouldn't stop his heart from developing feelings.

    "If there is love... I want to experience it!"

    Kiba mused as he took a shower. He quickly freshened up and stepped into the dressing room.

    On one side, there were rows of shelves upon which a couple of hundred pairs of shoes were placed. On the other side, there were multiple closets, displaying hundreds of worth-dying-for-clothes, suiting both Kiba and Zed.

    He chose an inspiring 3 piece suit. While dressing up, a virtual screen popped up in the center of the room, projecting a synthesis report of the Dark Beasts' sample Claudia collected.

    [[As you expected, those beasts were enhanced to sense power Cosmic. They were sensitive enough to sense the residual traces of the burst of power Cosmic in the house... something that happens when you transform.]]

    Kiba nodded while clasping a stylish watch on his left wrist.

    [[Using their DNA, I was able to replicate that ability and wipe out the residual traces. Furthermore, I have enhanced the house to kill the traces of your power whenever you transform.]]


    [[There is no need to thank me, sir.]]


    [[As the worst-case precaution, please don't transform outside unless you have no choice.]]

    "Don't worry."

    Kiba assured her before focusing on the virtual screen. He scrolled a set of genetic data before pressing on a genetic strand of the assimilated Dark Beast. The genetic strand occupied the entire screen, showing the genetic structure in detail.

    He studied the DNA major and minor grooves before focusing on antisense sequences. Compared to sequences of a natural living organism, the sequences on the screen seemed different yet the same. The difference was negligible, just like art and its expert forged copy.

    Kiba instantly realized what it signified.

    "The beasts were clones?"

    He was surprised but then after some thinking, it made sense. Only that could explain how so many beasts appeared in the city.

    While many species of Celestial Elysian Plane survived and were present in the World Fragments, the mass scale migration of them to Earth would be noticed by the World Government and other factions.

    "Sky Fiend Group certainly has access to high-tech in order to create clones of an alien species."

    [[It would seem so.]] Claudia agreed before adding. [[Thankfully, the clones were independent and not connected to a foreign consciousness.]]

    "Yeah, we lucked out," Kiba agreed.

    It was possible to make the consciousness of clones linked to the main body. Of course, linking consciousness has both advantages and disadvantages.

    The major disadvantage would be clear in wide-scale cloning like the present case...  the host body would have the burden of many consciousnesses connected to it... transferring countless sets of data.


    Suddenly, as Kiba studied the data on the screen, his eyes flashed with a devilish glint.

    "Claudia... are you interested in some payback?"


    She was not the type to forgive those daring to invade her home.

    "Well, it would ruin my plans for today, but it would be worth it..."

    Teleportation force erupted under his feet and he teleported to the lab. The cryogenic pods sank into the floor, and in their places, incubator-like pods rose up, containing various genetic matters and samples.

    If any scientist saw these samples, they would be shell-shocked, their jaws dropping to the floor. The samples contained organs of alien species. There were hearts, lungs, brains, and even organs that no scientist would be able to identify.

    So much data, so many possibilities... the samples alone were every researcher's wet dream. The entire lab was a sea of knowledge.

    [[Intelligence is superior to knowledge. People often say beauty is dangerous, but it is intelligence that is lethal.]]

    "Well, yes, but Castor Damon used to say - Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

    [[I'm aware. What you did in BSE79 would have proved how intelligent you are to him, but I'm sure he would cough up blood if he was alive and knew your ambition."

    Kiba only smiled in response.

    Ten digital screens appeared, projecting data from the samples.

    [[We are ready for mental simulation based on the alien samples.]]

    Kiba nodded before stepping in front of the pod containing the sample of assimilated Dark Beasts. From the ceiling, two tubes stretched out, coursing with crimson minerals. These tubes joined the pod from either side.

    Near him, a floating board arrived, carrying multiple chemicals in glass vials. Most of the chemicals were synthesized to stabilize biological activities.

    "The first step is bonding the sample with... And the second is forming a reverse clone link."

    Kiba stretched his hands out and started. He prepared serums with careful precision before injecting them in the tubes.

    Alongside this, his powers enveloped the sample to amplify the task rate.


    Sky Fiend Group.

    Underground research facilities.

    The seventh underground floor has been rebuilt and the other damaged areas repaired.

    Presently, on the third floor, in the command center.

    Joshua grinned from ear to ear while checking the report of the recent beast attack.

    The Dark Beasts caught the different factions by surprise and did enough damage to invoke the interest of the World Government and others. The damage was negligible and almost 90% of the Dark Beasts in the attack died, but that was enough to make factions wary.

    Furthermore, given the loss of human life especially innocents, the government would have no choice but to act. This made Joshua further grin from satisfaction.

    "Fufufu, we have got double benefits in our first phase itself," Joshua said while placing down the report.

    If things continued as he wished, the day he will rule the world wasn't far away.

    "Indeed, sir," A male officer replied. "The stupid government would send powerful mutants and we will succeed in phase two."

    Joshua turned to the male officer and retorted, "Loqua, it is a sign of foolishness to consider the enemy as stupid."

    "I apologize, sir," Loqua quickly bowed down. "I wouldn't dare underestimate anyone."

    "Good," Joshua replied while bringing his attention to the command screen. "Any development on the death of those Dark Beasts?"

    "No, sir," Loqua answered with a grim expression. "We only know what Carrie informed us and that isn't much."

    Joshua's face constricted in anger but he didn't say much. The strange disappearance of the five Dark Beasts and the death of three mutants was the only setback he faced. While it didn't hamper his mood, it did give the victory a bitter taste.

    "Make another team for the exploration of BSE79," Joshua commanded. "We have to complete the task the esteemed existence conferred upon us."

    "Understood, sir," Loqua assured this time everything would work out. "I will get Dark Beasts ready for exploration."

    Just then, the lights in the room changed from white to red and the sound of alarm rang out.

    "Emergency protocols?! Has the World Government attacked!?"

    Joshua's elderly figure winced and he jumped to his feet in shock.

    Meanwhile, the screen flashed with the video feed from second floor.

    "Second floor!" Loqua was alarmed.

    It was where multiple cloning labs were located alongside the training zone of Dark Beasts. As such, it was one of the most important regions for the Sky Fiend Group.

    Now, seeing the alarms reverberating so loudly, Loqua's guts twisted. If anything happened on those floors... the Sky Fiend Group would suffer.

    "What are the Dark Beasts doing?!"

    Joshua cried as he looked at the screen in dismay.

    There were hundreds of Dark Beasts, and presently, every single one of them has turned berserk.


    A Dark Beast ripped through the experiment pod containing it. As broken glass split everywhere, the claw of the beast connected with a researcher standing nearby. His head was shredded to pieces, and the Dark Beast jumped out.

    Another beast roared thunderously, emitting a dreadful shot of black energy that blasted apart half the lab it was in.

    In the training zone, the human trainers were dumbstruck as the Dark Beasts pounced on them, without any warning. Most humans were caught off guard and lost their lives without any struggles.

    Blood splashed throughout the floor like a waterfall, dyeing the floor red.

    "What the hell is going on?!"

    Joshua was aghast. The Dark Beasts were loyal slaves of the almighty Titan, so how could they do such a thing?

    Loqua typed a few commands and the brain scans of the beasts came on the screen. The dorsal and ventral prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the angular gyrus sections throbbed red, emitting readings that were far higher than the healthy range.


    His face fell and heart sank.

    "They are the areas responsible for aggressiveness! Why would the chemical activity in those areas be so out of control?!"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings - Salvador Dali
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