484 Value of Time

    In one of the cloning labs.

    There was a row of hundred large stasis pods; filled with sticky liquid to the brim. The newly created Dark Beasts hibernated inside, their vitals stable.

    Over ten researchers studied the body vitals of the Dark Beasts through digital consoles.

    ~beep~ beep ~

    Suddenly, the vital signs were knocked up by hundreds and the sound of warning filled the lab.


    The researchers tensed up. Before they could take action, the hibernating Dark Beasts inside the pods opened their eyes, looking extremely eerie.

    When the researchers saw the beast eyes, they saw them clouded with a murderous glint.

    One after another, crack lines appeared on the pods and sticky liquid splashed out.  The claws flickered, shooting out beams of black energy that pierced right through the stunned researchers, making blood splatter.

    Throughout the second floor, on all the labs, similar scenes played out. The beasts didn't stop at attacking humans for they attacked each other... it was like everyone was their enemy.


    The walls crumbled, the high-tech equipment collapsed, and the floor underneath cracked as the beasts collided with each other.

    In the command center.

    Joshua shouted commands at his subordinates.

    "Stop them!"

    The scene of carnage made his distraught. The death of researchers and beast trainers along with the valuable loss of lab items put considerable strain on his elderly body.

    "We are unable to!" Loqua informed as the brain stats of the beasts continued to fall in danger line, further amplifying their aggressiveness.


    "No idea... but it is almost like something is assaulting them, making them aggressive."

    "No choice then but to use...." Joshua stopped as he sensed something from the floor underneath.

    On the second floor, the beasts continued to roar but suddenly, they lost their vocal capabilities and the blasts died in an instant.


    A powerful voice swept through the research facility like the clap of thunder. Everyone felt repressed, their bodies cowering in fear.

    The berserk Dark Beasts stopped in their tracks, their muddy eyes losing all signs of aggressiveness.

    At the same time, high in the sky, hidden between the clouds, a transparent drone floated. It emitted incorporeal ripples filled with genetic energy on the Sky Fiend Group headquarters. The ripples were not only incorporeal but undetectable for they were similar to sound waves; of frequency that was never used for communication or attack... thus passing undetected and unhindered.

    Now, as the powerful voice swept out, the drone ruptured and stopped emitting energy. It smashed on the ground.

    "Using the principle of resonance to trigger my slaves... how ingenious!"

    The voice from before said before fading in the dark recess of the underground facility.

    For a long time, no words came out of anyone's throat. The entire command room turned as silent as a graveyard with everyone trying to make sense of great Titan's words.

    The screen in front of them buzzed with the statistics of the ruptured drone and revealed a biological serum that was converted to genetic ripples.


    Just like how bats resonate with specific sound frequency, the Dark Beasts resonated, but not with sound frequency but a biological matter!

    "How was that even possible?!"

    Loqua's heart thumped.

    He could guess advanced genetics tech was used, but having access to technology would hardly justify the effect. Otherwise, Sky Fiend Group would be already invincible with the alien technology it has.

    Technology could only show its full usefulness in the hands of an expert... in this case a scientist!

    "To create an effect of such nature and that too on such a scale... the mastermind must be at least a Rank VIII scientist!"

    Loqua felt like his brain had been slammed by a hammer.

    Rank VIII!

    In the entire World Government, there were barely 2 or 3 scientists with Rank VIII expertise! As for Sky Fiend Group or even the state where Delta City was located, there were none!

    That's how scarce genius scientists of such rank were! They were the cream of cream!

    Any faction would bend for having access to a great scientist of such rank! Their treatment would be far better than those served to the heirs of the Nine Families!

    In fact, their status was equal to the all-powerful Alphas!

    "It must be a Rank VIII scientist from the World Government!"

    Loqua's body froze as he reached the conclusion with great horror.

    When Joshua heard the conclusion of his subordinate, he looked uglier than crying.

    "Just which old codger took action?"

    Joshua wondered angrily.


    Guest Room, Miss Delta Pageant Building.

    While the echelons of the Sky Fiend Group cursed the scientist responsible for their mess, the scientist sat on a chair with his eyes shut, a delightful expression on his face. Those who might only know his mastery in science would mistake his delightful expression as some sort of scientistic enlightenment.

    But if they moved from his face to his lap, they would almost die from a heart attack... because they would realize how wrong they were for misunderstanding his look.

    A woman's face bobbed up and down on his lap, emitting the soul-stirring sound of sucking and licking.

    "You suck in blow job," Kiba grabbed the sparkling amber hair of the woman and started **ing her mouth.

    The woman whimpered appreciatively.


    Half an hour later, outside.

    The seventy-years-old Lager stepped towards the guest room, accompanied by his blonde trophy wife.

    Five hours ago, Kiba has arrived and Lager introduced him to most of his family members. Afterward, Kiba said he wished to rest in the guest room and left.

    Now, the first round of pageant was about to begin, and Kiba still hasn't left the guest room. He has sent messages and seeing no positive response, he decided to bring Kiba.

    "Every second is precious!" Lager said to his trophy wife, Sandra. "But that man knows no value of time!"

    "It would seem so!" Sandra agreed as they arrived before the room.

    The door was locked but Lager carried the digital card which gave him access to every room. He didn't bother to knock for there was no reason to and stepped right into the room.

    The moment he stepped in, he froze and stumbled back.

    Some distance away, on a table, a naked woman laid with her legs spread. Between the legs, Kiba stood, pounding her tight cunt.

    The woman moaned and screamed with profanities.

    "Stretch my married pussy with that fat cock!"

    She shouted while wriggling in deep pleasure. Kiba pounded her with powerful thrusts, and the sound of his balls slapping against her flesh ringed out.

    "Oh **! This feels so good! If only I wasn't married to my tiny dick husband, I could feel this every day!" The woman cried.

    Lager's face twisted as he felt like his heart has been struck with a knife. He wouldn't mind the profanities nor a woman screwed here, but now he did... because the woman **ed was the wife of his elder son!

    She was not only cheating but also calling his son a tiny dick!

    "No...way! This couldn't be real!"

    Lager's throat turned dry and despite the rage he felt, he couldn't utter a single word. Spellbound, he stared at the scene of his daughter-in-law dripping with juices and her breasts swaying with every thrust of Kiba's cock.

    "How could she do such a thing?! She used to be so silent, loving, and submissive to my son!"

    Lager asked himself.

    "And I introduced Kiba to her only a few hours ago! Damn bitch! She left by saying she has to get something!"

    Lager snapped his teeth while observing the scene in silence.

    Sandra was mesmerized as she watched the wet trail Kiba's cock left as he slipped in and out. She could see his extraordinary grith and thickness, and that made her swallow.

    "He is enormous!" Sandra muttered to herself.

    "Give me your big load!" The woman exclaimed as Kiba banged her tight pussy. "Fill my fertile cunt with your potent seed!"

    "Katy!" Sandra called out in surprise. She was sure Lager wouldn't appreciate his daughter-in-law getting filled with cum.


    Katy was shocked but the building climax was too powerful for her to care about anything. She only focused on heavenly pleasure and moaned.

    Kiba noticed the newly arrived visitors, so, he grabbed the hips of Katy before turning towards Lager.

    "Lager, give me a minute!" Kiba requested while banging the former's daughter-in-law.

    Lager was dumbstruck, his jaw dropped to the floor.

    He is requesting for a minute... to give my slutty daughter-in-law what she wants?!

    "Honey, I think he knows the value of time!" Sandra remarked as Kiba violently thrust into Katy and gave her a mind-blowing climax. "He completed right in a minute!"


    Lager was aghast. That wasn't what he meant when he said Kiba didn't know the meaning of time.
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